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The Smallvillian Patient 2/3 
17th-Feb-2009 08:41 pm
Title: The Smallvillian Patient
Sequel to: "When Rosalie Met Chloe" and "Meet The Cullens"
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Pairing: Chloe/Edward
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Twilight
Summary:When Chloe dies again Edward and Alice hurry to Smallville to take care of her despite her desperate attempts to convince them that dying really isn't that big a deal for her. And how is she supposed to get better if she and Edward are always arguing?
Note: Should be a three.

The fact that Lois didn’t barge into Chloe’s bedroom immediately upon entering the Sullivan residence didn’t do anything help the blonde’s nervousness, on the contrary, it only served to heighten the experience. She tried to use the precious seconds of Lois-less-ness to come up with a good enough excuse for not only standing her cousin up at a bar but for the presence of her two friends, but if Edward’s scoffs had anything to say all of the excuses were lame and ridiculous.

     Then the bedroom door flew open and Lois Lane strode into the room, Alice sauntering in behind her with a grin, as the tall, statuesque brunette headed towards Chloe and before the blonde could sputter out some hurried apology she was enveloped in her cousin’s warm, urgent embrace.

     “You idiot!” Lois’s voice was half angry and half scared as she hugged Chloe tighter. “Why didn’t you call me?”

     Chloe’s eyes were wide and surprised. She tried asking Alice with her eyes what in the world the vampiress had told her cousin, but the tiny brunette only grinned back.

     “Of course, you were dead so calling would be impossible.” Lois was growling to herself, pulling away from Chloe, hazel eyes scanning her pale face worriedly. “Times like these are when my idea of tattooing ‘if dead, please call Lois Lane’ on you doesn’t sound half as insane, does it?”

     Chloe nodded because she had no idea what Alice had said and she didn’t want to say anything that might contradict the vampiress’ story.

     Lois turned to Edward, who jolted straight when her eyes landed on him. “You. How long was she out?”

     “A day and a half.” He answered slowly, cautiously.

     “Around normal then.” Lois was now speaking to herself before she shook her head and glared at Chloe. “What are you doing out of bed? You know the day of rebirth is like hell! If you don’t lay down your muscles won’t be able to keep you up on their own for long and you’ll---.”

     Just as Lois was saying that Chloe winced as she felt her muscles, still weak from being dead and then brutally revived, gave out on her. The blonde’s whole world titled and she grabbed for the blinds in the window to try and keep upright, but her weight dragged her down, tearing the blinds off as she fell. The only reason she didn’t crumble to the ground was because Edward had moved quickly and grabbed her, pulling her up into his arms bridal-style.

     Chloe groaned, her body killing her for having abused it so soon after rebirth, and she leaned her cheek against Edward’s chest, the coldness of his body battling the heat in her forehead as it throbbed in pain. And the bright light shining in the room from the torn blinds wasn’t helping.

     Green orbs suddenly flew open in horror.

     Bright sunlight­----.

     She looked up at Edward and saw that indeed the bright sunlight was shining on his skin, lighting it up like millions of diamonds.


     “Wow.” Lois whistled.

     Chloe’s eyes widened in horror as she tore her gaze from Edward’s skin and turned her head to look at her cousin, trying desperately to find some excuse---to try and---.

     “That’s some mutation for you.” Lois announced, shaking her head as she looked from a sparkling Edward to a sparkling Alice. “So which meteor shower were you two caught in? The first or the second? Or were you mutated by exposure like Chloe?”

     “We believe it is exposure.” Alice announced calmly from where she was sitting Indian Style on Chloe’s bed. “Our family has been to Smallville before and we all ended up with that mutation, so it has to be exposure.”

     All of you turn into Girl’s Best Friend when in direct sunlight?” Lois raised an eyebrow. “That’s gotta suck for you. How do you live like that?”

     “We live in Forks, Washington, so it really doesn’t matter.” Alice replied, throwing herself back into a laying position. “It’s gotta be the dreariest place in the world, there’s never any sunlight and it’s always rainy or cloudy.”

     “Oh, I’d die in a place like that, but its gotta be heaven for you.” Lois smiled in a friendly way. “So how did you hear of Isis in the first place and meet Chloe?”

     “Chloe met our sister and we met her that way.” Edward finally spoke, shifting Chloe in his arms slightly, bringing her closer to him, tighter to him. “We’ve kept in contact and visited each other ever since.”

     Chloe blushed darkly, wondering if he realized that he’d just rested his chin on the crown of her head.

     Lois looked from Chloe to Edward, a small mischievous smile upturning the corners of her lips. “You don’t say.”

     Chloe didn’t like that look, she didn’t like it at all. “Edward, I think maybe you should take me back to bed.” Her eyes widened when she realized how that might sound. “I mean lay me back in bed! I mean---just put me down!”

     Edward chuckled in amusement before walking the few steps from the wall to her bed and tenderly laying her down on it, drawing the blanket around her and making sure the pillow was comfortable.

     Chloe blushed and pouted as she glared at her hands. Lois was so going to get the wrong idea about this---she probably was getting the wrong idea about it, and since Edward could read minds he’d decided to be an evil monster and encourage those mistaken ideas.

     Didn’t he know from Lois’ thoughts how much danger Chloe was in? Lois thought that most of Chloe’s problems could be done away with if the girl only got laid, frequently, and she’d dedicated her free time to trying to set Chloe up with every Tom Dick and Harry. If she even thought that Chloe might have found a love interest on her own Lois wouldn’t rest until she had physical evidence that her cousin was getting laid.

     She’s a pervert like that.

     Edward chuckled in amusement as he leaned down and evilly pressed a cold kiss to her forehead, kneeling down besides the bed and softly pulling a strand of blonde hair out of her face much like a lover would.

     I hate you---you evil evil Lois-tricking person you. Chloe tried to convey that message with as much anger as possible.

     This is payback for weeks of endless stalking from Jessica Stanley. Edward’s grin was loving and sweet as his mischievous voice echoed in her mind.

     Chloe’s eyes widened as she looked at him. Had---did you just say something?

     The smile wiped off of Edward’s face, shock written plainly on it.

     Oh my god. The blonde couldn’t tear her eyes away from the bronze-haired vampire.

     “Well, Alice,” Lois announced in a voice that was obviously supposed to be innocent. “I need some help in the kitchen. When Chloe goes through this she needs protein and vitamins. How about you help me prepare something healthy and nutritious for her?”

     “Of course Lois.” Alice announced just as horribly un-innocent. “Edward should stay here though just to make sure that nothing happens while we’re in the kitchen.”

     Exactly.” Lois nodded, grin wide, before both brunettes sauntered out of the bedroom, smiling conspiratorially at each other.

     Thankfully neither Chloe nor Edward had been paying attention to them, otherwise they would have been annoyed and embarrassed by how obvious the brunettes were being.

     Say something. Edward narrowed his eyes slightly as he glared into green orbs.

     “I didn’t realize Jessica Stanley was that much of a pain.” Chloe whispered, confirming what they’d both suspected.

     Edward blinked, standing up and backing away from the bed. “How did you---?”

     “I don’t know.” Chloe whispered, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them, voice soft and confused. “I don’t know.”




     Lois knew that rebirth took a lot out of her baby cuz, so it wasn’t surprising to find that by the time she and Alice had cooked up some beef steak for Chloe and brought it to her room the blonde was out like a bulb, sleeping soundlessly while hugging a pillow. What’d been surprising for Lois was to see the look on Edward Cullen’s face as he sat on the edge of the bed and watched her cousin sleep.

     His expression had been fascinated.

     Lois was a little ticked that Chloe hadn’t mentioned Edward to her before, but she knew Chloe, the blonde was still half in love with Clark Kent (whom Lois was more and more sure each day was a metahuman in denial) and it would take a while for her to finally see that Clark would never take his Lana-blinders off and see what a wonderful woman he was truly missing out on.

     But if there’s anyone who could make Chloe love again, it’s this Edward guy, I’m sure of it.

     That was one of the reasons why she’d finally left the house and gotten into her RAV4, driving towards the DP, where she was meeting with Jimmy to go and investigate some unusual happenings downtown. Honestly Jimmy might have some weird theories and could be a total geek sometimes, but at least he was dependable.

     Unlike someone ELSE I know.

     Growling, Lois reached for her cellular and rung the number she was used to calling to bitch out on. As it had for the last three weeks, it just rang and rang until Clark’s voicemail picked up. It was an old voicemail that had Lana’s voice in it giggling in the background while Clark left the usual “can’t pick up right now leave a message” message.

     “Now listen here Smallville and listen good.” Lois growled, at the end of her rope. “You promised me you’d take care of Chloe, remember? You promised. So why is she still dying every Tuesday? Where the hell are you? I’m so damn pissed at this whole situation! If you’re going to promise me something know that I’ll hold it to your dying day. I—I can’t take care of Chloe on my own, I---I’m not strong enough.” And God, it hurt her to admit that. “But I trusted you to be. Seems I was wrong.”

     Hanging up, knowing she’d been unfair to Clark, Lois threw her cellular in the back of her car and drove away.




     Alice looked up the minute Rosalie and Emmett entered the house, opening the unlocked front door and closing it in a near slam.

     “Is she okay?” Rosalie asked, about to stalk to the bedroom.

     Alice slid so that she was standing in Rosalie’s way. “Yes, she’s fine, but she’s sleeping now. If you storm up in there you’re only going to wake her up and impede her healing process.”

     Rosalie glared at Alice, glanced towards Chloe’s bedroom, and then sighed, folding her arms over her chest. “What exactly happened? Why did she die?”

     “She was fighting some creatures I’ve never seen before.” Alice shivered, remembering the disfigured, disgusting monsters. “They looked created, not natural.”

     Rosalie narrowed her eyes. “Do you think they were sent by this person she won’t tell us anything about?”

     Alice nodded before looking around in curiosity. “Where’s Jasper?”

     Emmett’s gaze went to the window, it was sundown by now so they hadn’t had to wear the hoodies to keep their skin from sparkling. “There’s someone eyeing the house. He went to investigate.”

     Alice frowned, unable to believe that she or Edward hadn’t sensed that they were being watched. “Did you get a look at who it was?”

     Emmett nodded. “It’s a young guy, that’s all I know.”

     “I don’t like this.” Rosalie announced, face dark and cold. “Ever since we left you’ve been getting vision after vision of the things she’s being attacked by, and it’s been increasing these last months.”

     “Like it’s leading up to something.” Emmett agreed.

     Alice shivered. She’d thought she was the only one with that possibility in mind.

     The front door flew open and Jasper entered, dragging a struggling man by the back of his shirt’s collar. “Says he’s a friend, I wanted Chloe to confirm that.” Jasper announced, walking passed them towards Chloe’s room.

     “Let go of me! I can’t be seen in this house!” The man struggled in vain as Jasper opened the bedroom door and entered within, Alice and the others hurrying after him.

     They made it in time to see Chloe rubbing her sleepy eyes and blinking in surprise at the intruder. “Lex? What are you doing here?”





     Chloe watched as Lex jerked out from Jasper’s grasp and glare at the deceptive-frail looking blonde before straightening his shirt, taking in a deep, calming breath, before looking at her, face emotionless.

     “I was worried.” Lex Luthor narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the Cullens before returning his attention to her. “I sent you messages you never answered.”

     The blonde’s eyes widened as she suddenly realized what happened, her smile going tender as she shook her head at him. “You’re a big softie deep down inside, aren’t you?”

     He raised an eyebrow at her as if asking if she were retarded.

     Chloe just giggled because she knew Lex Luthor better than anyone else did, and knew that it was hard for him to show his emotions, especially if he thought they might make him look weak. “I’m fine, Lex. But thanks for worrying about me, makes me feel special.”

     Lex tore his gaze from hers and looked away, although his eyes did lose a little of their hardness.

     She watched him, a little worried. “But you shouldn’t be here. What if your father finds out?”

     Lex buried his hands in his pants pocket, still not looking at her. “He’s busy at the moment. He got a message saying that something happened to his facility in India, and he had to leave immediately.”

     Chloe broke out in a grin. They did it. Clark and them did it. “What a tragedy.”

     A grin broke out on Lex’s face as he chuckled and finally turned to look at her. “I know.”

     A low growl echoed throughout the room and Chloe really couldn’t tell who’d let out the sound. She narrowed her eyes and looked around her at the Cullens before shaking her head and turning to Lex, who was raising an eyebrow at Edward.

     “Lex, these are some friends of mine, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice. They---they came to visit me and have been taking care of me while I recover.” Despite the fact that she trusted Lex with her life she didn’t think the Cullen’s secret was hers to tell, so she kept their being vampires silent.

     Lex nodded at them before striding towards Chloe’s bed and sitting down next to her in the spot that Edward had vacated when Jasper had burst into the room earlier, dragging Lex with him. “He’s planning something, I’m no sure what it is, but it has something to do with you.”

     “When doesn’t it?” Chloe asked, turning in bed to get a better look at him.

     “I’m serious, Chloe, he’s planning something big.” Lex hesitated for a second before reaching out and placing his hand on her shoulder. “I’m not even being let into it, it’s that important for him. I think---I think you should get away from here for a little bit.” Something shifted in his face as he looked up at Edward, who was leaning against the wall in the shadows, face blank. “Where do you live?”

     “Forks.” Edward’s voice was cold.

     “Washington.” Lex mused as he turned back to Chloe. “Maybe you should go and visit your friends for a couple of months.”

     What?” Chloe gasped, unable to believe that Lex was telling her to run. “Lex---you can’t seriously believe that I would abandon Isis and turn tail to run from him!” She tried to sit up but she was so tired and painful that she was forced to remain lying on her side. “Whatever your father has planned for me I’ll face him and defeat him.”

     Father? Edward’s thoughts growled.

     Lex glared at her. “Stop taking your quasi-immortality for granted!” He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. It was odd for Lex to snap at someone, he hardly ever showed emotion, much less such strong amount. “Chloe, I don’t know if I’d be able to find where he’d hide you if he got his hands on you again.” He closed his eyes tighter. “Please.”

     And Chloe’s heart broke as Lex not only begged, but did so in front of virtual strangers.

     He’s genuinely terrified for you. Edward’s voice was soft, the cold expression on his face gone. If you won’t do the right thing for yourself, do it for him.

     Chloe’s gaze went to Edward’s before she sighed and placed her hand on top of Lex’s, causing him to open his eyes. “As soon as I’m strong enough to travel I’ll go spend some months in Forks. I need a couple of days to arrange for someone to look after Isis for me while I’m gone, but I’ll go. For you.” She looked deep into those pale, thankful blue eyes. “I’m only doing this for you.”

     A soft smile warmed those eyes as Lex leaned forwards and pressed a brotherly kiss to her forehead. “Thank you.” Getting up he strode out of the room, ignoring the Cullens, and soon the front door could be heard closing as he left the house.

     Chloe closed her eyes, sighed, before opening them and smiling at the newcomers. “Hey Rose, Em, Jazz.”

     The newcomer vampires smiled at her.

     “You stupid woman.” Rosalie announced as she went to the bed and laid down next to her. “Why did you have to go and die on us like that? We were worried.”

     “I’m so sorry Rose.” Chloe chuckled. “Next time I die I’ll make sure to tell you in advance as to not startle you as much.”

     “You don’t understand how deeply it disturbs me that she doesn’t promise to try not die in the future.” Edward mumbled as he left the room, Emmett and Jasper following him after waving to the girl on the bed.

     You’re annoying. Chloe sent his way.

     You’re unreasonable. Edward sent back her way.

     She grinned at the exasperation in his thoughts and then frowned, suddenly disturbed at how well she and the vampire were adapting to this Vulcan mind-weld.





     As the girls chatted and giggled in the bedroom, the males stood in the living, arms folded over their chests as they spoke in low voices.

     “Did you personally see the creatures she fought off?” Emmett asked, eyes narrowed, disturbed.

     Edward nodded. “I disposed of the bodies but left one in the back of the car we rented at the airport. I want to take it to Carlisle and see if he can figure out what it is.”

     “And you say she fought them off with that?” Jasper asked, pointing to a small, seemingly unimpressive metal rod lying on the sofa. “Isn’t that the same thing she used when she was attacked here when we were visiting?”

     “Yes.” Edward nodded. “I don’t see how she could have used that to kill those things, it looks rather ordinary and tiny, but when Alice and I tried to touch it the thing let off a magical anti-vampire electric charge that burnt us and took a whole day for the wound to heal. We had to take off the strap from around her to get it off.”

     “An anti-vampire weapon?” Emmett took a step back away from the thing. “Wonder where she got it.”

     “You can ask her later.” Jasper shoved that question aside, frowning. “What we need to do is call Carlisle, and let him know what we’re dealing with. How long do you think it’ll take for her to be fully healed and able to travel?”

     Edward shrugged. “I have no idea. Alice might though, she spoke to Chloe’s cousin for a while, maybe she found something out.”

     “I will ask her later.” Jasper commented to himself. “The sooner we get Chloe out of here the better. We don’t want anyone interfering and maybe changing Chloe’s mind.”

     Emmett nodded. “Or attacking while she’s weak. Whoever’s spineless enough to send five monsters after a lone girl would no doubt be capable of doing that.”

     Edward growled at the memory, eyes darkening. “Jasper, you call Carlisle. Emmett, you take first watch.” His brothers nodded and went to do as told.

     The bronze-haired vampire turned and looked in the direction of Chloe’s bedroom, hearing her laughter, before sighing.

     Get a grip of yourself, Edward Cullen. He closed his eyes and shaking his head, never realizing that a blonde metahuman had heard that thought and turned to look at her bedroom door curiously.

18th-Feb-2009 02:01 am (UTC)
wow wow wow . loved how edward and alice talked to lois and the mind reading between edward and chloe. plus that lex is a good guy in this and is trying to take care of chloe. also good for lois to bitch out clark for breaking his promise to her about taking care of chloe. PPMS
18th-Feb-2009 02:34 am (UTC)
i kinda feel bad for clark because yes he promised to take care of chloe but he does have other things to do as well, so i feel bad for making lois do that to him.
18th-Feb-2009 03:17 am (UTC)
Ooo, awesome chapter. Chloe being able to read Edward's mind was a great twist *grins* I'm looking forward seeing what happens when Chloe arrives in Forks.
18th-Feb-2009 04:31 am (UTC)
yep, now Edward will know what it feels like to have your mind bared to someone else!
18th-Feb-2009 10:05 am (UTC)
Yey, she's going to Forks. I love that the mind reading goes both ways now, serves him right!

I also love that Lex is a good guy (I have a total soft spot for Lex and I hate that he's always just the bad guy)

Lois was harsh but come on, I'm sure if Clark heard that Lana had a paper cut he'd be straight over to France to check she was ok. It wouldn't kill him to give his best friend the same consideration.

Can't wait for more, totally hooked.
18th-Feb-2009 12:09 pm (UTC)
I kinda feel similarly about Clark and his priorities----at least what he's shown in the show at least.
18th-Feb-2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
yaaay! i really like this fic - well the whole group of fics you've done based around this crossover. well done on how you played the whole lois thing - and i like how in your fic lex isn't a total a-hole. can't wait for more! so i'll employ some friendly-peer-pressure when i say pleeeease update soon!! =)
18th-Feb-2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
wow, peer pressue---havent had any of that since highschool! *blinks*
Yep, I love my Lex! *grins*

18th-Feb-2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
haha I don't think friendly-peer-pressure exists at highschool - just the classic version.
7th-Mar-2010 08:47 am (UTC)
Interesting. I'm curious as what caused the whole telepathic ability between the two.
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