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The Smallvillian Patient 3/3 
19th-Feb-2009 09:04 pm
Title: The Smallvillian Patient
Sequel to: "When Rosalie Met Chloe" and "Meet The Cullens"
Fandoms: Smallville/Twilight
Pairing: Chloe/Edward
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Twilight
Summary:When Chloe dies again Edward and Alice hurry to Smallville to take care of her despite her desperate attempts to convince them that dying really isn't that big a deal for her. And how is she supposed to get better if she and Edward are always arguing?


In retrospect, Chloe was grateful that she’d been unconscious by the time Alice and Lois had returned from the kitchen with what she was almost certain was supposed to be beef---something-or-the-other.

Alice couldn’t cook, Lois sure as hell couldn’t cook, and while they’d done so out of the goodness of their hearts what was supposed to be a protein-filled, delicious meal came off as unappetizing at best---deadly if she were to be honest.

Chloe poked the thing (which Alice had graciously reheated once the blonde had awakened) with her fork cautiously, just in case it jumped up at her or something.

Something that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle came from Edward, who was slumped over the 200-something pound loveseat he’d picked up from the livingroom and brought to the room as if it weighed nothing. The vampire had apparently been sleeping when she woke up, and while Chloe vaguely remembered Rosalie once telling her that vampires didn’t sleep, Edward’s mind was completely blank, so maybe she’d misunderstood the statuesque blonde.

He must be tired from having stayed up by my side all this time. Chloe pushed away the disaster Alice and Lois had cooked and instead turned her attention on Edward. I really didn’t expect him to go to all of that trouble. I was only dead for crying out loud, it’s not like something big happened.

Edward snorted in his sleep, shifting positions on the loveseat.

You know… She observed him with a little grin on her face. For being such an annoying guy, he’s actually kinda cute.

The sound of Clair de lune distracted her, and as she reached for her cellular on the bedside table she missed the subtle curving of Edward’s lips. The blonde took in a deep breath when she saw the caller I.D. and flipped open the lid of her phone, bringing it to her ear. “Hi Lana, I see you got my voice message.”

“What do you mean you’re going on indefinite leave?” Lana Lang-Luthor’s voice was soft and troubled. “What happened? Why are you leaving? You know I don’t trust anyone else with the reins of the foundation!”

“Yes, I know.” Chloe sighed, leaning back against the headrest. “And this isn’t exactly my first choice either, but I got a message from our friend and was advised to leave the state for a couple of months.”

There was a moment’s pause as the news sunk in. “Oh.” If there was one thing Lana Lang-Luthor enjoyed the most, it was thwarting her ex husband in any way possible. “I see… Then there’s nothing more to it, you’re just going to have to find someone trustworthy to take over your duties in Isis for a couple of months.”

“Thanks for the permission.” Chloe snorted, rolling her eyes at the brunette. “I—I actually have someone in mind already. I contacted said person and while it took some convincing and pulling of favors, he agreed to do so.”

“Ooh, you make this sound so mysterious.” Lana giggled. “Who is he?”

“His name is Victor Stone---I think you met him once or twice.” Victor would have been in India with the rest of the League if he hadn’t had a complete meltdown computer-wise, making him completely useless until the parts Oliver had ordered for him arrived. The handsome caramel skinned hero had been stuck in Clocktower bored and in a bad mood, and it truly hadn’t taken much convincing to get him to help her out.

“Victor Stone?” There was a pause. “Didn’t I run him over once or something?”

Edward chuckled, proving that he wasn’t as unconscious as he would like her to think.

Chloe tried to keep her laughter within. “Uh, yes, I think you very well might have.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you and he were friends.” And she sounded hurt for not knowing, but that was just how Lana was, so Chloe didn’t feel too guilty.

“Yes, well, I met him, we kept in contact, he knows enough about these sorts of things and is agreeing to keep an eye on Isis for me.” Chloe announced as if it weren’t of importance. She didn’t want Lana digging into it any further because while Clark was with her and had finally told her about his powers, he had yet to tell her about the Justice League or their true identities.

Is that miss ‘Vampire-Sorority’? Edward’s amused voice asked as he finally opened his eyes and ceased his pretense of sleep.

Yes, this is Lana, now stop distracting me. Chloe mock-glared at him, missing what Lana had just said. “Huh?”

“I said,” Lana stressed the second word. “That if I didn’t have such important duties here I would have come and taken over Isis while you are gone, but I have to keep an eye on things on this end.”

I know.” Chloe shook head, sighing. “That’s why I didn’t ask you to come Lana, I know you’re busy.”

“Does Clark know about this?”

Chloe winced, knowing that the question was going to come up sooner or later into the conversation. “No, I haven’t been able to get through to him on his phone to tell him, so wherever he is he’s got to be out of reception.”

“The places the DP sends him to do reports.” Lana shook her head, ignorant to the fact that Clark was in India with the Justice League wrapping up having destroyed another of her husband’s many 33.1 facilities. “I’ve tried calling him ever since I heard your email and haven’t gotten through to him either.”

“Well, he’ll probably call you first when he gets reception again, so you’ll have to tell him for me.” And Chloe tried her best not to feel a stab of resentment at the truth in that statement. It was a well known fact that Lana Lang wouldalways come first for Clark Kent, and it was high time Chloe got used to that.

“Sure, no problem.” Lana sounded like she was nodding. “When do you think you’ll be leaving?”

“Not sure.” Plus they didn’t know if the line was being bugged so it made sense to be as vague as possible.

“He’s not going to like it if you are gone by the time he gets there.” Lana sighed.

“He’ll just have to get over it.” Chloe snorted.

“Is it that bad?” Lana’s voice was softer than usual.

Chloe smiled slightly, knowing that Lana was truly worried about her situation. “Our friend seems to think so, but you know me, I always bounce back.”

“Just---just be careful, alright? I—I gotta go, but we’ll talk later and more explicitly when I’m sure our line isn’t being tapped.” Lana sounded tired. “Take care of yourself, okay Chloe?”

“You too.” Hanging up, Chloe turned to Edward. “Hey.”

“Hello.” He smiled back at her.

“Have you talked to Carlisle?” She wanted to know, feeling uncomfortable alone with him for some reason. “I can still stay here if he doesn’t feel comfort---.”

“No, he thought it was a splendid idea.” And Esme is excited as ever, she really likes this woman. Edward shook his head. “They want us to get on the flight tonight.” But I don’t think she’s strong enough for that.

Chloe narrowed her eyes at him. “Excuse me, but what ever gave you the mistaken impression that I was weak?”

You know, for being such an annoying woman, you’re actually kinda cute when you get angry. Edward’s grin was mischievous and on her.

Chloe’s eyes widened and a blush fought its way onto her cheeks as she realized that the vampire had heard her earlier thoughts and was now throwing them back at her.

Edward’s grin only grew with her flustering.

“Bite me.” She grounded out, hating herself for blushing like a schoolgirl.

“Dangerous words when you’re talking to a vampire.” Edward leaned forwards in the loveseat, gaze intense and on her neck where only months ago she’d been sporting a crescent bite mark from a meeting gone wrong with a newly turned Pete. “There’s no trace of it.”

Chloe’s hand went to her neck on impulse, knowing what he was referring to. “Took long enough to heal though, two whole months!” She rubbed the skin self-consciously, remembering the months of wearing turtlenecks to try and cover the ugly scar. “Only good thing other than not dying, of course, is that vampire poison is ineffective to me. My system recognizes it as poison and immediately dilutes it into nothingness thus I don’t feel the pain I’ve heard is gut-wrenching.”

Edward winced, remembering when Carlisle had turned him to save him from dying. The pain had been constant and so horrible you wished you were dead instead---and it’d lasted for three days.

That horrible? Chloe blinked, seeing the emotions flashing over his face as he remembered.

Edward’s gaze shifted towards her once more as he was pulled from his memories. It’s indescribable.

Why did Carlisle---what were you dying from? Chloe had hesitated a moment, wondering if it was too invasive a question.

Edward was surprised, realizing that she’d read more of his thoughts than he’d previously thought. Spanish Influenza.He looked down at his hands, not understanding why he was suddenly nervous. I was born and grew up in Chicago Illinois, and in 1918 there was the epidemic. My mother and I came down with it and Carlisle was our doctor---he did the best he could to save us but we were too far gone.

Chloe sat straighter in bed, face emotionless.

Edward took in a deep breath. My mother died but before she drew her last breath she begged Carlisle to save me any way he could, and so he did. The vampire closed his eyes for a moment, recalling the moment Carlisle stole him away form the hospital and bit him. He’d never done it before and wasn’t exactly sure how to turn another human, so he bit me as many times as he could---what’d happened to him when he’d been turned. He later found out that that’d been unnecessary and caused me more pain than usual turnings since I had an overdose of venom in my system, but it worked and after three days of agony I became---this.

You always talk so disparagingly about yourself. Chloe sighed and leaned back once more.

I’m a monster. Edward narrowed his eyes at her, daring her to contradict him.

So are Metahumans. She surprised him by narrowing her eyes back at him. But you don’t see me moaning and groaning about it---and that’s that I’d spent most of my life uncovering and sending Metahumans to jail or mental institutions before I found out I was one.

Edward frowned slightly, intrigued and surprised by that confession.

Chloe met his gaze easily.

“Why are you two just staring at each other in silence this long?” Rosalie’s confused and slightly annoyed voice asked from the doorway. “It’s unnerving.”

“Quiet?” Chloe turned to her friend in surprise before realizing that the conversation she and Edward had just had had been a mental one, and to any outsider it would seem as if they’d just been staring intently at each other.

“Yes.” Rosalie nodded before turning to Edward, hands on her hips. “You’re dominating my Chloe-time. Get out.”

He snorted, getting up. “Of course, Rose.”

Rosalie grinned, obviously pleased for having gotten her way so easily. “Carlisle called Emmett. He booked us all tickets for the Red Eye flight tonight from Metropolis. Well, he booked you, Chloe, Emmett and I tickets, Alice and Jasper are going to drive back home with the carcass so he can examine it.”

Carcass? Chloe narrowed her eyes and turned to Edward suspiciously. What carcass?

Edward sighed, raising an eyebrow. We need to know what to expect if this person sends more of those things for you in Forks.

Green orbs widened. You have one of those creatures’ bodies in the back of your rental car? Are you insane? What if someone steals it?

Who would want to steal the soon-to-begin decomposing body of a disfigured monster? Edward nearly laughed at that thought.

Her eyes narrowed further. I meant the car, genius.

Weren’t you once a journalist or something? You should have articulated better. Came the humored jibe.

When I’m strong enough to kick your ass I will do so without mercy or hesitation. She promised him.

An amused smirk broke out on his face as he ducked his gaze to try and hide the mirth dancing in those golden depths. Is that a promise?

Chloe blinked, annoyance gone and replaced by surprise and confusion, not exactly sure how to take that.

“You’re doing it again!” Rosalie accused in a whine, pointing a finger between them. “What exactly is going on here?”

Oh, right. They hadn’t told anyone else about their Vulcan mind-weld.

Vulcan mind weld? Edward’s face was pure confusion.

You’re telling me you went through all these years without watching one episode of Star Trek? The blonde blinked in shock.

Star…Trek? Edward’s voice in her head was slow and confused.

Chloe laughed out loud, unable to believe it. What exactly have you been doing all this time?

“That’s it!” Rosalie threw her hands in the air and stomped out of the room, crying out at the top of her voice. “EMMETT! WHERE ARE YOU? SOMETHING FISHY’S GOING ON HERE!”

Edward and Chloe exchanged glances and laughed.


Since the plans had been made rapidly and at the last minute, Chloe had only had a second to call Lois to let her know of her travel plans---only to get her cousin’s voicemail. She felt bad for telling Lois that she was leaving this way, but tired and weak as she was (not that she’d ever admit it or even think it incase Edward was tuning into her thoughts) Carlisle thought that it was better and safer for her to leave immediately and she had learnt through trial and error that Carlisle Cullen was usually always right.

That was why she was surprised when twenty minutes before boarding the Red Eye out of Metropolis she heard her name being called loudly and turned (with the rest of the passengers in the waiting lounge) to see her cousin rushing towards her with Jimmy Olsen trying his best to keep up.

“Lois!” Chloe stood up, doing her best to keep her knees lock and not have them crumble beneath her.

Despite her valiant effort to keep this out of her thoughts Edward must have seen the way her body trembled slightly because he stood as well, placing a subtly hand under her arm, helping her stay standing and keep her dignity.

Chloe!” Lois was suddenly in her arms again, hugging her. “You’re leaving? And you tell me in a voicemail?” She pulled away enough to look in her cousin’s face, distraught. “Was my beefsteak that bad?”

Chloe laughed, feeling like she wanted to cry. God, of all the people she was going to miss from Smallville it was Lois whom it was breaking her heart to leave behind. “No Lo, your food wasn’t the reason. I—I just have to go, and it was decided suddenly. It’s for my own safety, and I promise to come back the minute everything’s better.”

Lois nodded, looking torn and as if she wanted to say something but kept it silent as she took in a deep breath and busied herself by zipping up Chloe’s jacket for her, hazel eyes suspiciously moist. “Call me when your plane lands, and keep me informed on how you’re doing. I—I’ll--.”

“I’ll miss you too.” Chloe whispered and the cousin’s gazes met once more before they were suddenly in each other’s embraces once again, holding the other tightly.

Lois finally pulled away, quickly sweeping her thumb under her eyes and clearing her throat, smile forced. “Well, I should be going. Jimmy and I aren’t exactly supposed to be here, but we somehow got passed security.”

“That sounds like you.” Chloe laughed, the sound choked and tearful. “Go, before you and Jimmy get into any trouble.”

Lois nodded before turning to Jimmy, who’d stayed back to give the cousins some privacy, both walking back together in silence.

She really loves you. Edward’s voice was humbled for some reason.

And I really love her. Chloe closed her eyes tightly to keep the tears at bay as Edward’s arm went around her to support her once more now that Lois was gone and her knees were trembling slightly.

Maybe she can come visit you in Forks once you’ve settled down. He offered as they continued to watch Lois and Jimmy walk away.

No, I can’t endanger you and your family’s secret like that. Chloe sniffled, running her hand under her eyes when a few rebellious tears fell. It’ll do her some good to put all her efforts into her work and not be constantly worried about me.

I doubt you being so far away is going to make her worry less. The vampire replied.

You’re horrible at this consoling thing. Chloe chuckled slightly, turning her head to smile up at him.

Sorry. We’ll have to work on that. He turned his head and smiled down at her. Now why don’t we go sit down before your knees give out on you and I have to pick you up bridal style?

You would love that, wouldn’t you? She narrowed her eyes at him as they made their way back to their seats, oblivious to the curious glances sent their direction by Emmett and Rosalie.

Edward only chuckled and helped her to her seat before sitting down next to her and pulling out an ipod, plopping in his earphones, and losing himself to whatever music he listened to.

Chloe observed him in silence for a couple of minutes before smiling and leaning back in the seat, picking up the Jane Austen book she was rereading for the fifth time. Edward kinda reminds me of Fitzwilliam Darcy, somewhat…kinda. He can be dreamy in that really annoying and insufferable way when he wants to be.

She turned to the page she’d dog-eared, not noticing Edward’s amused grin as his eyes rested on her now that her attention was elsewhere.

She was a little disappointed when Clark didn’t appear before she had to board, but she understood how important the work he was doing was for humanity. Chloe also knew that once he found out what’d happened he’d find her in Forks and she’d be able to get him up to date with what was going on.

He’s not going to be happy about this. Clark’s used to being the one who takes care of me, he’ll want me to return with him. Chloe looked up as a woman on the speakerphone called for their flight, and she and the Cullens stood, Edward helping her remain on her feet by placing his arm around her waist.

They joined the line waiting to board the last flight out and Chloe found herself leaning against her vampire friend.

Chloe sent one last look over her shoulder, eyes scanning the room for a glimpse of Clark and coming up empty. She was surprised that she wasn’t as disappointed as she’d thought she’d be.

Green orbs went to the vampire next to her, supporting her, and she found a smile tilting her lips for no good reason.

Edward handed the flight attendant their tickets and passports, and when the items were returned they were off to board the plane. During the walk he turned and looked at her, as if having sensed her gaze on his face. What? He grinned even though he sounded confused. Is there something wrong?

No. And she was surprised at how truth that statement was. Despite the fact that she was leaving all she knew and loved behind, nothing was wrong. Take me to the dreariest place in the world.

He grinned, tightening his grip around her slightly. With pleasure.



20th-Feb-2009 03:10 am (UTC)
Brilliant! ♥ Excellent job! Will there be more in this series?
20th-Feb-2009 03:42 am (UTC)
I'm not sure, my inspiration has waned, so for right now there won't be any more in this series.
20th-Feb-2009 03:36 am (UTC)
wow!! awesome fic - i honestly love how you write edward and chloe. hopefully there will be another installment?? it can't be left there - chloe has to have her time in forks! either way though, job well done - two thumbs up =)
20th-Feb-2009 03:43 am (UTC)
Thanks! I don't think there'll be another installment---at least not now, sorry! Thanks for enjoying it so much though, and maybe in the future I'll add another when inspiration hits unexpectedly---that's usually what happens to me.
20th-Feb-2009 03:55 am (UTC)
Fantastic. I got all giddy when I saw there was an update (but then I always get giddy whenever you update something). I love the thought banter that is going on between these two. There will be more right? *gives you huge soulful puppy eyes* Because I'm dying to know what happens when Chloe arrives in Forks.

Great job...as always *grins*
20th-Feb-2009 05:54 am (UTC)
lol, sorry to disappoint but for now i don't have any plans to further this---maybe in the future?
20th-Feb-2009 06:18 am (UTC)
I understand, the muse wants what it wants *grins* No worries, I know I will love whatever you post next.

Since you have me in a Twilight mood, I'm going to FINALLY read "Claiming the Wolf". I've never actually read a slash fic that didn't have a woman somehow involved so this will be like a fun and porny adventure, which are so my favorite kind of adventure *smirk*
20th-Feb-2009 12:23 pm (UTC)
haha! Well, I hope you like it! I'm actually quite fond of that story for some reason *scratches head and smiles sheepishly*
20th-Feb-2009 08:15 pm (UTC)
*pouts after reading previous comments*

You're not gonna write more Chloe/Edward? (Boo!Hiss!)

Well I loved it, as you know, you've converted me to Twilight! You have this incredible gift of pairing Chloe up with the most random characters and making them seem so perfect for each other that I'm sitting there thinking 'why haven't I been shipping them all my life?'

I've got about a hundred OTP's since I found your fic and this is the newest one. Would love to see more but would be equally as happy to see more Connor or Supernatural.

*goes off to read Chloe/Lex Hogwarts!World*
20th-Feb-2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
hahaha, I feel so evil for slapping so many ships onto you! And while I don't plan on doing more of Edward/Chloe in THIS universe, who knows, maybe one day I'll do a new fic in a new universe?
28th-Aug-2009 11:50 pm (UTC) - The story teller
pleasee continue with something like this i loved it!
28th-Aug-2009 11:57 pm (UTC) - Re: The story teller
Well, I don't know about a continuation of a Chloe/Edward, sorry. I AM about to soon paste the first chapter to a Supernatural/Buffy/Smallville crossover...but nothing Smallville/Twilight. Sorry. :(
1st-Dec-2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
So I just read all the parts to this story and you've done an *amazing* job with the characters. I so adore that it's Rosalie that becomes her close friend first - I wouldn't have expected that. But to go with the most stubborn of vampires and create a connection there, pur genius!
And the whole Edward/Chloe thing going on is so sweet - I ♥ it and I'm a serious Edward/Bella fan, so that's saying something, lol.

I'm also reading your Jacob/Chloe fic, Imprinted, another amazing piece of work that I can't wait to read more of!

Your writing is just fantastic!
1st-Dec-2009 09:13 pm (UTC)
Wow....thank you so much for the comment!

When I wondered which vampire to make Chloe befriend, somehow no one other than Rosalie popped into mind. I could just see them bonding over snark and big mountain-like men with hearts of babies! :D
7th-Mar-2010 08:54 am (UTC)
Liked that last part.
7th-Mar-2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
I'm glad :D
2nd-Jun-2010 04:09 am (UTC)
hm. after you updated Vampire that made me think of all the other terrific fics of yours I love and so I re-read this series... I know you've said you're not continuing this but are you 100% sure you couldn't be persuaded? teeheehee. It's such a good universe! And I'd continue it myself in my own head haha but I don't have the imagination or the writing skill that you do - nobody can do it but you! So if you are EVER musing about Twilight or Chloe/Edward I implore you to add another fic to this series... you would have one grateful grateful reader :D :D
2nd-Jun-2010 11:30 am (UTC)
haha! You're persistent! I really don't have any plans to update this series, but I might write another Chloe/Edward soon :D
2nd-Jun-2010 11:57 am (UTC)
if by persistent you mean annoying? then yes, i imagine i am. hehe. I apologise! although in my defense if the fics weren't so good i wouldn't get addicted to them, so you know, in a round about way this is of your own doing... teehee jk. oh well... i guess i will have to make peace with this series and try my best to leave it behind. but you know, if you ever got inspired with this series, that'd be cool. i'm just saying. (apparently i'm all about delusional hope. no doubt that's super healthy for me.) :D :D
2nd-Jun-2010 12:29 pm (UTC)
NO. I mean persistent, and its actually a quality I admire, so feel admired! :D And thanks for loving it so much to persist, means a lot.
25th-Aug-2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Awesome series! I know you've stated in other replies that you don't know if/when the inspiration for another story will hit, but I hope it does. Your Edward/Chloe is wonderfully delightful to read. Vulcan mind meld... Haha. I sincerely hope you do continue because this is one of 5 stories you have that I really, really wish you would finish/write a sequel to. -SA148
10th-Sep-2010 04:14 am (UTC)
Wow! Great fic! I read first your Jacob/Chloe fic but after reading this.. Im torn! I rally like the E/C relationship. I know your not planning to continue this but I hope inspiration hits you on this. Xoxo
14th-Nov-2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
I have just reread the series again, it's awesome!
2nd-Jun-2015 10:57 pm (UTC)
Is this the last of the series? I really enjoyed it. I loved chloe's friendship with Rosalie
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