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Weekend In Stanford 1/3 
21st-Feb-2009 06:16 pm
chlam---questioning looks

Title: Weekend In Stanford
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, mentioned Clark/Lana, Lois/mystery
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary: When Chloe, Clark and Lois hunt down a Zoner to the Stanford campus in California, their paths cross with new arrival Sam Winchester. Attraction blooms strong but Chloe tries to fight it since Sam doesn't know she's only 16.
2nd Note: This is a part of my REQUESTED SERIES, and was Requested by CamFan4Ever.


Phoenix, come in Phoenix.” The voice called urgently from her earpiece, but Chloe was a little busy training her gun on the stranger to answer. “Phoenix! Boy Wonder has made contact with the hostile. They are three blocks from your current location. If you can hear me get there immediately, he’s in need of backup.”

Chloe would have liked nothing better than to go and help Clark round up the newest and rowdiest prisoner to have escaped from the Phantom Zone so far, but right now she was faced off with a handsome yet armed brunet glaring at her and training his sawed off at her.

The blonde really didn’t have a clear recollection of how the tall brunet and her had ended up in this situation. All she knew was that she, Clark and Lois had followed the Zoner up to where he had possessed a student from Stanford, and a fight had ensued. Somehow she’d gotten separated from Clark, and had ended up running into this guy, realized he was armed the same time he realized she was armed---and had pulled their guns out at the same time.

“Aren’t you a little young to be carrying that around?” The man asked, voice wary, eyes narrowed.

“Young? I’m just short.” Chloe deadpanned, inside wary and more than a little annoyed. The guy was a giant. He was even taller than Clark! And that was saying something.

Christo.” Those eyes, which she couldn’t decide whether were green or blue, widened in surprise and he slackened the hold on his gun slightly.

Phoenix! Boy Wonder is down! I repeat. Boy Wonder is DOWN!” Lois’ voice called from her earpiece. “Why the hell aren’t you moving? You’re needed, stat!”

“Look, I don’t have time for this, so just don’t take this personally.” Subtly, Chloe opened the palm of her free hand and concentrated, drawing the power for the heat to form, yet not making it intense enough to burst into flames. With a flick of her wrist she sent the blast of scalding air towards him, catching the young man off guard and sending him flying against the closest wall.

The blonde turned and ran, pressing the button on her earpiece as she hurried in the direction Lois, their All-Seeing-Eye had told her to. “What’s the stat on Boy Wonder?”

PhoenixWhere have you been?” Lois’ voice was urgent. “The Zoner’s stronger than we anticipated---and Boy Wonder’s lost the crystal during the scuffle.”


There were only two ways to get rid of a Zoner. One was to use the Crystal of EL to draw him or her out of the human body being possessed and cleanly sending him or her back to the Phantom Zone, but things hardly ever went smoothly for them. That was where the crystal bullets came in. They were crystalline bullets the young adults had carved themselves from special crystals in the Arctic Fortress.

The bullets from those crystals didn’t send Zoners to the Phantom Zone---they killed the Zoner’s spirits, and injured the possessed---that was why Clark usually refused to use them even if he was in a situation like this one.

Chloe, through many near-death experiences at the hands of Zoners, had learnt to feel otherwise, and to think with her head in situations like these instead of her heart.

“You disappoint me, Kal-El.” The zoner possessing a young eighteen-year-old blonde female announced, sneer on face, voice deep and disturbingly male. “I thought that when I murdered Jor-El’s only son he’d have given me more of a fight. You’re pathetic.”

Clark’s face was mixture of worry and pain as he was suspended in the air by the skinny blonde’s deadly grip around his throat as she began to choke him with the force of the Zoner within.

DO SOMETHING YOU IDIOT!” Lois’ voice screamed in Chloe’s ear, and the blonde wasn’t sure who the brunette was talking to, though it was clarified seconds later. “Lana’s gonna find someone else if you just DIE and I’LL HELP HER!”

Clark renewed his struggles, looking around, gasping for air, trying to figure out what to do without hurting the body the Zoner was possessing.

“Hey, you.” Chloe called out, finger on the trigger as the blonde turned, swinging Clark around as well as an ugly sneer appeared on her pretty face.

“You think that human weapon can hurt me? Mortal?” The Zoner within the female sneered darker.

“Oh, I know it’ll hurt you.” Chloe promised, eyes narrowing. “Do you know how many of the escapees I’ve sent to hell with this baby?”

Slight worry crossed those beautiful features.

“Now put my friend down.” Chloe ordered, glare unwavering.

“You wouldn’t hurt the body of an innocent.” The Zoner seemed to be speaking to himself more than Chloe.

“Oh, try me, I’m begging you.” Chloe cocked the gun, ready and willing.

“Regno terrae cantate Deo, soli te Domino, pre fertum super celum... tribute virtutem deo...exorcizamus te...spiritus (admissi) satanica potestas 
admissi curgio infernalis adversali et omnis letio 
omnis congregatio et secta(tio)…”

A little distracted by that voice next to her, Chloe’s green gaze slide in surprise to see the giant towering over her, blue/green (she still wasn’t sure which) eyes narrowed and on the Zoner.

The possessed girl blinked, tilting her head slightly at the man, before throwing her head back and laughing in a deep male’s voice. “Are you trying to exorcise me?”

Chloe blinked. Was that what those strange words were supposed to do?

Clark continued to gasp for air, trying to pry her hands from around his neck.

..perditiones venenam propinare 
Vade satana inventor et magister omnis ... invocato at nomi santo et tribali nomine quem inferi tremant. 
A mercedes diavoli libera nos domine, ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facies. 
libertate servire te rogamus audi nos…” The young man continued on without breaking stride, reciting the odd words by heart, gaze dark and on the girl/Zoner.

Phoenix? What the hell is going on out there?” Lois sounded completely worried. “Screw me being Eyes-Only! I’m coming!

Radio connection was broken before Chloe could tell her cousin to stay the hell where she was.

…santé ecclesiae te rogamos audi nos In nominis deus…sanctuario tuus…exert tua virtute et fortitudinem levi sue benedectis deus Gloria patri.”

“Whatever the hell you’re doing, it isn’t working.” Chloe was about to pull the trigger when the Zoner suddenly let go of Clark and collapsed to her knees, moaning, hand on her head.

Stop it!” The Zoner growled, as the stranger started the chant all over again, this time with more strength and conviction. “STOP IT!” The possessed stood and made as if to superspeed towards them when Lois could be seen hurrying towards them, the Zoner turning to her, sneer lethal.

Eyes wide, realizing that Lois was in danger, Chloe didn’t hesitated before pulling the trigger again and again and again, the bullets racing out of her barrel and striking the possessed girl in her shoulder, arm and thigh.

Usually Kryptonians were faster than speeding bullets, but once they possessed human vessels they lost some of that speed, and once the crystals were trained on a Zoner it seemed to follow the Zoner like a heat-seeking missile.

The blonde’s brown eyes flashed yellow, as if explosions were happening within her body, an inhuman screech escaped her lips, and then she crumbled to the ground.

“Chloe!” Clark gasped in horror, bending towards the unconscious girl as the tall brunet with the penchant for Latin hurried forwards, making sure that she was alive. “You didn’t have to shoot her!”

“Mul-ZE was going to go after Lois, and she isn’t indestructible, Clark!” Chloe hissed, turning to Lois, who looked shocked and guilty. “I thought I told you never to come out if we’re in a hostile situation? You aren’t indestructible or self-healing Lo!”

Usually Lois would snap back something, but it was true, she was very mortal compared to Chloe and Clark, who both had powers on their side and she did not.

“She’s alive.” The stranger spoke, pulling the injured girl up into his arms. “We need to take her to the hospital. They need to get the bullets out before---.”

“They’re not going to find any bullets.” Chloe turned to him, eyeing him oddly. Now that they weren’t in a life and death situation with a crazed and deadly Zoner on their hands she took a good look at him, and was surprised at how handsome he actually was. “They melted the moment they pierced her and all trace of them will have gone with the Zoner.”

Chloe.” Lois gasped, obviously surprised that Chloe was letting out so much information.

Usually Chloe was a lot more closed mouth about what it was that kept them busy during and after school hours, but this guy had been spouting out Latin exorcism rites as if reciting the ABC’s, and not only that, the incantation had bothered the Zoner. She wanted to know that incantation but she doubted he’d impart any information just out of the goodness of his heart.

“Give her over to Clark.” Chloe ordered, used to being in control of the group. While Clark was the strongest of the three teenaged vigilantes he wasn’t the best at making decisions in tough times, and Lois didn’t want the position, so Chloe was their unofficial leader.

The stranger hesitated, untrusting.

“Believe me, she’ll get to the hospital quicker if you give her to him.” As if to prove that they weren’t about to do any more damage, Chloe put away her Kerh 9mms.

There was distrust in those eyes, but the tall male hesitantly passed the unconscious female into Clark’s arms----and openly gasped in surprise when Clark promptly went into superspeed and apparently disappeared. “W---what?”

“You know of any good bars around here?” Lois wanted to know. She might have only been seventeen, but she was already well versed in all things alcoholic and whenever she felt that there would be a tense situation in the future she’d immediately direct everyone involved towards the nearest bar.

The man looked between the young girls before slowly nodding. “Yes.”

“Good, take us there. You’ll need a drink after we’re done.” Lois announced, putting the gun she’d been sporting in the waist of her pants and pulling her shirt out over it.

“What about your friend?” The man eyes, completely wary.

“He’ll find us.” Chloe sighed. “Just take us somewhere we can sit.”


The moment they’d found a table in the darkest corner of the impossible sunny college bar Lois had flashed the fake I.D. Chloe had had commissioned for the three vigilantes and ordered vodka on the rocks and after slyly slipping Chloe her gun, had gone to where a couple of college boys were playing pool. The blonde had watched her cousin saunter towards the males while shaking her head. Her cousin was going to sucker those frats out of their money in no time.

Chloe turned to the stranger sitting across for her and took a sip of her beer before placing it down on the table. “Okay, this is going to go this way. I’ll ask a question, you ask a question. We both have to answer truthfully. How is that?”

He hesitated a second before nodded. “Sounds fair.”

“As a show of faith, I’ll let you go first.” Chloe announced before taking another sip of the liquid.

“That wasn’t a demon, or a spirit.” The man announced, looking around him nervously before leaning across the table. “What exactly was it?”

“A Zoner.” Chloe had anticipated this question and had already formulated her answer. “Zoners are, believe it or not, aliens who have escaped a prison in space in which their spirits were stripped from their bodies and kept there for certain crimes.”

His eyes were wide. “Aliens?”

“You thought it was a demon or spirit, why does aliens surprise you so much?” Chloe laughed softly, intrigued.

“Well, I’ve dealt with monsters and demons and spirits before, but I’ve always been taught that aliens were pure mythology.” The man leaned back against the plush seat, shaking his head of silky brown hair. “Aliens. I can’t believe it.”

“So you’ve dealt with monsters, demons and spirits before.” Chloe quoted, eyeing him over her cooled can of Coors. “Why exactly would a nice young guy like you have dealt with all those things in his young span of life and know---by heart—an exorcism rite in Latin?”

“Why would a group of ‘young people’ like yourselves play space cops to escaped alien convicts?” He hedged.

“Uh-uh. I asked a question and you have to answer it.” Chloe sing-songed.

He was immediately uncomfortable, shifting in his seat. “My—my mother was murdered by something supernatural when I was 6 months old, and my father has dedicated by his life and those of my brother’s and mine to trying to find what killed her. My brother Dean and I grew up fighting and slaying monsters any other kid our age was told didn’t exist---and some no one else have even heard of.”

Chloe was silent, wanting to tell him she was sorry for what’d happened to his mother but feeling that he wouldn’t appreciate any show of sympathy.

“Answer my question now.” He shook his head, as if trying to get whatever memories he was reliving out of his head, turning his (green? Blue?) eyes on her. “Why are you guys going after these alien convicts?”

Chloe paused for a split second, trying to find a way of saying this in which it wouldn’t give away Clark’s secret. “Because we’re the only ones who know what’s happening.” She traced the mouth of her drink with her thumb. “We accidentally opened the doors to this space jail without knowing what it was we were doing, and by the time we realized what'd happened we let out a lot of these freaks...so it’s our responsibility to fix our mistake.”

There was silence.

“What’s your name?”

Chloe looked up, blinking in surprise, and not exactly sure why she was so surprised about the question. “Chloe.”

He hesitated for a moment. “My name’s Sam. Sam Winchester.”

“I have one. A Winchester I mean.” Chloe ducked her gaze, wondering why she felt so shy all of a sudden. “It’s a Winchester 1200 Defender Shotgun.” She paused, grinning. “Lois’ father, my uncle Sam, he’s a general in the army and never seems to realize that every time she goes to visit him his things end up disappearing.”

Sam chuckled, taking a swig at his beer. “So, are the three of you going to college around here?”

Chloe blinked, surprised. She knew that they looked and acted older than they were (at least Lois and her did), but she was still surprised that Sam hadn’t seen them for the teenagers with great false I.D.s that they were. For a split second she opened her mouth to tell him the truth, but seeing the small grin on his face she couldn’t get it out. “No. Uh, we actually live in Kansas. We only came here to Cali because this is where the Zoner appeared.”

“You’re from Kansas?” Sam grinned. “No way. So am I.”

Green eyes widened as she laughed at the coincidence. “Really? What part?”


Liar!” Chloe grinned brightly. “We’re from Smallville, that’s only a couple of hours drive away.”

The door to the bar opened and Clark strode in, his eyes narrowed and worries, surveying the room and only relaxing once he noticed Lois scamming the frat boys at the pool table and Chloe smiling softly at him. The alien smiled back at her and walked up to the table, looking at Sam in slight suspicion before turning to Chloe. “The girl’s fine, in the hospital and awake without any memory of what happened.” He paused for a second. “Everything okay here?”

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded, raising her can of beer as if that should say it all. “Clark Kent, meet Sam Winchester. His family hunts demons.”

Clark’s eyes widened as he turned to Sam and shook his hand. “And I thought what we did was weird.”

“It is.” Sam opinioned.

Chloe bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing at that before turning to her best male friend. “Why don’t you go and get yourself something to drink for a change?” Despite Clark being impossible to get drunk---alcohol did nothing for the alien---he still didn’t like to drink.

He was that much of a good boy.

“Nah.” He shook his head, smile sheepish. “I think I’ll call Lana. We just took off without warning and she’s going to be worried.”

Chloe watched him as he turned to leave the bar before calling his girlfriend, and shook her head before returning to attention to Sam. “He’s so whipped it’s pathetic. Put him up against a Zoner he won’t back down until he’s won, but one scowl from Lana Lang sends him into a pile of shivering fears and insecurities.”

The smile disappeared slightly from Sam’s face. “About that---what did you mean when you told your cousin that she ;wasn’t indestructible or self-healing? And how can you two fight against those super-powered Zoners anyway?”

Chloe took in a deep breath. “Well, Freak History 101, Smallville is the Meteor Capital of the World. Freak History 102, said meteors have a tendency of mutating the good people of Smallville and turning them into what I call Metahumans. We Metahumans all have certain unique abilities thanks to years of exposure to the radiation of these rocks.”

Sam was silent, leaning over the table, beer forgotten.

“Some have more than one power but most only have one and use their powers for evil, it sets them crazy. Most of the other Metahumans I’ve met I’ve had to send to Belle Reeve, prison, or have ended up killing in self-defense.” She paused, eyes on her warming beer. “Lois doesn’t have an ability though, she’s completely normal.”

“What sort of abilities do Metahumans have?” Sam asked, no condemnation or disgust in his voice, pure curiosity in his eyes.

“Some have super strength, some have superspeed, some can change their appearance, while others can, believe it or not, suck the body fat out of others.” She chuckled softly to herself, shaking her head. “Me?” She looked around to make sure no one was looking before curving her fist into an open crescent, concentrating and hiding the green flame of fire that materialized in her palm. “I’m hot.”

Sam’s eyes widened and before she could warn him he reached forwards and sliced his fingers through the ball of fire, cringing and muttering a curse as it burnt him and he retrieved his hand immediately.

“Sorry.” Extinguishing the ball of fire, Chloe reached over the table and took his burnt fingers in her hand, closing her fist over them despite his hiss of pain, feeling her hand heat up as her healing power kicked in. “You should know better than to play with fire.”

Sam didn’t answer, and when Chloe looked at his face in curiosity she blushed when she realized that his gaze was on her, silent and intense.

Loud groans and shouted complaints from the pool table shattered the mood, and Chloe jerked her hand from around Sam’s fingers, quickly reaching for and finishing her beer with one long gulp.

What had exactly happened?

Her heart had jolted up into her throat and she’d thought she’d choke!

“They---the burn---it’s gone.”

Braving a glance in his direction, Chloe couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she saw him looking at his healed fingers in awe, even wiggling them slightly. “My code name is Phoenix. I heat up and heal, like the bird. Lois thought up the codename, swears it was brilliance on her part.”

Sam smiled.

And suddenly Chloe felt as if her heart had once more done the pole jump and lodged itself in her throat, beating vigorously as those beautiful eyes just gazed at her.

“Frat boys are so easy!” Lois laughed as she sauntered towards them and slid into the seat next to Chloe, licking her thumb as she continued to count her earnings. “No one can win against my secret technique in pool!”

Chloe smiled, both relieved and disappointed that her cousin had joined them. “The ‘flaunt as much cleavage as possible and bend in provocative and distracting positions’ secret technique?”

“That very one.” Lois grinned without any shame. “Men are pigs, why not use it against them to make some spending money?”

Chloe grinned. Life was never boring with her cousin around.

“And maybe we can get a motel room for this.” Lois announced, folding the bills and shoving them down the front of her blouse into her bra. “I’m too tired to go back to Smallville now. I just want to go somewhere and lay down.”

Chloe frowned slightly. “I don’t know Lo…”

“Why don’t you three spend the night at my place?” Sam suddenly asked, causing the cousins to turn to him in surprise. “You two can have one room, your friend the other, and I’ll spend the night on the sofa.”

Chloe opened her mouth to graciously decline the offer. She didn’t know if her heart could survive any longer in Sam Winchester’s presence.

“We could never accept that offer.” Lois beat her to the chase. “Smallville will take the sofa. You shouldn’t be forced out of your own room.”

Sam grinned. “Great.”

Chloe was both amused at the thought of Clark’s reaction when he found out Lois had kept him from sleeping in a nice bed, and nervous as hell as she realized that she’d be spending the night under the same room as Sam Winchester.

Her heart continued to beat horrendously fast.

Sam caught her gaze and his grin grew mischievous.

Chloe quickly ordered another drink.



21st-Feb-2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
great job. can not wait to readsam's reaction to finding out hoew old chloe is . will the mystery person you hook lois up with be dean ? PPMS
21st-Feb-2009 11:51 pm (UTC)
Hey! I don't know when I'll be able to post more on LJ because its giving me troubles--again! Right after I posted this chapter it went wacky---so just wanted to warn you.
21st-Feb-2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
Wicked!! I LOVE Sam/Chloe fics. This one has me very intrigued and why the hell couldn't Chloe have cool ass powers like that on the show? I can't wait to see what happens next and Sam's reaction to finding out that Chloe is only 16 *grins* Great job!
22nd-Feb-2009 12:44 am (UTC)
i kinda think they did fashion chloe's powers after a phoenix though----with the healing tears and coming back from the dead. glad you like!
22nd-Feb-2009 03:43 am (UTC)
I love her codename! ♥ Being an X-Men fan myself, I think it fits, maybe even better then it does for Jean Grey because Chloe actually heals & came back to life.

ANYWAY... Chloe/Sam ♥ You know I love you for this right? LOL. I can't wait for more!
22nd-Feb-2009 02:02 pm (UTC)
hahaha! I know Jean Grey is probably mad I stole her name, but she's dead so who cares what she'd think? *looks around carefully JUST in case she somehow revived*
Aw! Thanks!
24th-Feb-2009 05:11 am (UTC)
Love the Chlo-Lo-Clark interaction.

I'm more of Chlean shipper but I'm liking this. Had giggle about Freak History 101 and 102.
24th-Feb-2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
yay! glad youre liking despite being a chlean-shipper!
28th-Dec-2009 05:46 am (UTC)
Very nice, poor Chloe doesn't stand a chance in Sam's presence. I think it's adorable. ^___^
28th-Dec-2009 06:13 am (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you liked! Chloe/Sam is my all-time fav SPN/SV pairing.
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