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Weekend In Stanford 2/3 
23rd-Feb-2009 10:19 pm
chlam---questioning looks

Title: Weekend In Stanford
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, mentioned Clark/Lana, Lois/mystery
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary: When Chloe, Clark and Lois hunt down a Zoner to the Stanford campus in California, their paths cross with new arrival Sam Winchester. Attraction blooms strong but Chloe tries to fight it since Sam doesn't know she's only 16.
2nd Note: This is a part of my REQUESTED SERIES, and was Requested by CamFan4Ever.

Thanks to her healing powers it was hard for Chloe to get drunk. Not impossible, mind you, but hard nonetheless. Still, she’d done all in her power to try and drink herself into a stupor and thus sleep away the odd sensations that wracked her body while around Sam Winchester, but her mutation just wasn’t helping her.

If anything the fact that she was only a slightly bit tipsy helped her open up more with the handsome brunet, and made her a complete flirt---which really wasn’t helping her situation one bit.

And it wasn’t as if Lois and Clark were running much interference for her. Lois was skunk drunk singing loud and off-key Scottish bar songs, and Clark was busy trying to keep her from disrupting the peace by either starting random fights with the college students and/or vomiting over everything.

“You’re an amazing heavyweight despite how tiny you are.” Sam chuckled in awe as he sat back and watched Chloe throw back another shot. “You’re only slightly tipsy but you’ve drunk more than I think legal.”

She smiled sheepishly at him before motioning for the waiter for one last one. “It’s my mutation. It seems to think that alcohol is some sort of poison and breaks it up immediately, so it goes through my system harmlessly. Unless I have ingested an insane amount, this has the same effects as drinking sparkling grape juice.”

He was silent, both ignoring Clark and Lois as the alien got up and hurriedly helped the girl towards the bathrooms before she blew a load all over the table and/or innocent bystanders.

“What?” Chloe asked, smile shy as she pulled a strand of blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear. “Is there something on my face? You stare at it a lot, you know.”

And that was the slightly tipsy version of her being bluntly truthful.

Sam had the grace to blush and ducked his gaze. “No---I was just thinking. All my life I’ve resented the lifestyle my father had forced on my brother and I, I wanted to play football or do other normal things instead of hunting. My father nor Dean couldn’t ever understand that though, they still don’t, hunting is their life.” He played with his half-empty can of beer. “The moment I got the scholarship to come here I did. My----dad and I got into a huge argument when he found out. He told me that I was just selfishly abandoning them and ‘our’ crusade, and that if I walked out of that door never to come back.”

If she’d been fully functional she’d have realized the dangers in it, but Chloe wasn’t thinking straight and was reacting to the pain she could clearly distinguish in every word. The blonde reached forwards and placed her hand over Sam’s, tightening her hold on that massive, calloused hand and rubbing her thumb over his skin in a soothing manner.

Sam froze, eyes going to their joined hands, before he turned his hand slightly and gripped hers back.

Color flushed deep on her white skin as his calloused thumb raked over her soft skin, sending shivers through her body, jolts of electricity down her spine, and causing the hair on her arms to raise.


Her body trembled in ways she’d never known it could.

And she really didn’t want it to stop---no matter how dangerous this was getting.

“I came all the way to California to escape the weirdness that was my life, and you came all the way to California to chase the weirdness in your life.” His voice was lower than it’d been minutes later. “I’ve always resented how my life was different from others---but you seem to like how different you are.”

She suddenly wondered if she wasn’t some abnormal freak in his eyes, and tried to tug her hand out of his but his grip tightened, trapping her hand within his but not painfully so.

“I admire you.” Sam’s beautiful eyes rose to hers finally, and they were dark and filled with an emotion she’d never once seen directed towards her before and wasn’t exactly sure what it was.

Clark arguing with a drunkenly laughing Lois broke the moment and both pulled their hands away from the other, turning to look at Clark, who seemed irritated enough to strangle Lois into unconsciousness as the brunette cackled hysterically and patted his chest as if telling him to lighten up.

“It was not funny!” Clark glared, cheeks red from embarrassment as he helped Lois slide into the seat next to Chloe and sat next to Sam. “You threw up on a total stranger!”

“He was stuffy and British, Smallville, he needed something to liven up this experience!” Lois reasoned, tilting dangerously in the seat, giggling uncontrollably.

Clark groaned and shook his head. “This is why you shouldn’t drink so much! You always end up doing something like this! Maybe you should listen to Lana and get some help.”

“Help is for alcoholics.” Lois frowned at him, looking more sober now than she had before, which made Chloe wonder if she’d been putting on some kind of act---but when Lois then promptly passed out and collapsed on the blonde Chloe realized that her cousin truly was as drunk as she seemed.

Clark looked at Lois and then groaned as he leaned his forehead against the surface of the table in exhaustion. “Thank God. I thought she’d never pass out.”

The corners of Sam’s lips twitched erratically as he was obviously bravely trying to fight the grin desperate to curve his lips.

Chloe watched the battle with slight awe and annoyance. How could a man have such kissable lips? It should be illegal!

Clark’s cellular began to ring and he moaned a complaint as he reached down into his pants’ pocket to grab it, pressing ‘talk’ and bringing the small device to his ear. “Clark Kent.” He sat up immediately. “She is? Thank you. Yes. We’ll be there soon.” Pressing ‘end’ he turned to the others. “The girl who was possessed by the Zoner is awake and wants to talk to us.”

Chloe winced. “Hopefully she didn’t recuperate her memory of what happened.”

Clark’s look echoed her words.

“What are we going to do with Lois?” Sam wanted to know, motioning to the brunette who was still passed out on her cousin’s shoulder, drooling slightly.

Chloe paused. Lois was a problem at the moment.

“I’ll go do it, you two can get her to the apartment.” Clark finally sighed, pulling out something plastic from his pocket. “I gotta give this back to the girl anyway.”

Chloe snatched the plastic card and realized that it was the victim’s Driver’s License. “Hmmm. Her name is Jessica Lee Moore and this license is good for cars and----buses? Why would she need to drive buses?”

Sam leaned forwards and looked at it. “You know, I think I’ve seen this girl around campus before.”

“Well, she is a student here.” Chloe responded dryly, not understanding the flash of jealousy she felt.

Sam looked up at her with a raised eyebrow before suddenly grinning and leaning back against the seat.

Chloe’s eyes widened and she blushed, not liking the knowledge in those eyes.

“Well, I’m going to the hospital.” Clark got up.

Sam did as well. “Wait, I haven’t told you my address yet.”

Clark grinned sheepishly. “That’s okay, I know Chlo’s heartbeat like the back of my palm, and with that I can find her no matter where she hides.” His grin was soft and tender on Chloe, who was returning the grin. “I’d follow her to the end of the earth so it was a necessity to learn to distinguish hers.” And with a quick look around to make sure that no one was watching, he went into superspeed and disappeared.

Sam paused before sitting back down, silent.

Chloe wondered about his somber mood before shaking it off as nothing, about to get up and ask the bartender not only for the bill but for a taxi to be called.

“I thought he was with this Lana he talked about.”

Chloe paused from where she’d been trying to rest the unconscious Lois on the table and somehow get passed her and out of the corner. “Huh?”

“Clark.” Sam motioned to where the boy had been sitting mere seconds ago. “I thought he was with the girl Lana, from Smallville.”

“He is.” Chloe frowned, wondering why this had come to debate.

“But he’d follow you to the ends of the earth.”

She wasn’t exactly sure where the question was in that. “Just like I’d follow him, or we’d follow Lois.” The blonde tilted her head to the side, sat down once more, and concentrated on a silent, somber Sam. “It’s nothing romantic about it you know. Lois, Clark and I---we’re like a unit held together by superglue, where goes one goes the others. It---it’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard for us to find someone. Clark’s the only one of us so far who’s found a partner who accepts that he’s only 1/3 of himself without Lois and I.”

Sam’s somber expression was replaced by an intrigued one. “How did you three become that close?”

“Well,” Chloe leaned back against the seat. “Lois and I were always close. She—she didn’t always live with us though. When her mom was alive she lived with her dad, mom, and little sister Lucy. Then when her mom died of lung cancer her dad shipped Lucy off to some fancy boarding school abroad and gave Lois the option of either traveling with him from base to base or living with dad and I in Metropolis.”

“She chose Metropolis.” Sam assumed.

“Yep, she came to live with us and we grew up like sisters.” Chloe rubbed her cousin’s head affectionately as Lois drooled on the table. “When I was around thirteen we moved to Smallville when dad was made the manager of the Luthorcorp plant over there, and we met Clark. Lois had missed a year of schooling due to her moving up and down constantly with her father so she was in the same year as us, and somehow we hit it off easily.”

The blonde sighed, looking up at the ceiling, not exactly sure why she was spilling her guts to a practical stranger. “I’ve always had this ability, and so has Clark, and it only took us a couple of months to discover the other’s secret. That cemented our friendship, and Lois was our secret-keeper. She helped protect us and our secret against any one else finding out. She still has to run interference with Lana and Pete sometimes, but she does it without complaining.” Chloe turned a smile on her cousin. “Says her super-power is protecting ours.”

Sam smiled softly.

“Anyway, since we were thirteen we’ve been together and fighting Metahumans, and it’s made us a part of each other. We’ve saved each others’ lives more than we can count, we spend more time with each other than anyone else if not studying, fighting Metahumans, or prepping for a date.” Chloe grinned before sobering. “So while Lois and I aren’t exactly fans of Lana, we’re grateful that she truly cares enough about Clark to let his mysterious ways slide and to accept us and our part in his life without feeling threatened or trying to come in between us.” She paused, speaking without thinking. “And we hope we’ll one day find someone who’ll do the same for us.”

There was silence.

Chloe’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what she just said. She turned to Sam, mouth opened to try and salvage some little piece of her dignity when she found him grinning at her before motioning to a waiter and asking for the bill and for a taxi to be called.

“C’mon.” He smiled as he finally turned to Chloe, standing up. “Let’s go home.”

Sam’s apartment was small but amazingly neat for the home of a young bachelor. Chloe held back laughter as Sam (who’d been carrying Lois over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes) lowered her on the bed and she murmured a complaint against broccoli and gerbils---though Chloe had no idea how the two went together.

“She’s going to have the hangover from hell tomorrow.” Chloe snickered good-naturedly as she and Sam sneaked a last look at the snoring brunette before closing the door behind them as they went towards Sam’s little kitchenette. “The good thing about it is that she’ll take it out on Clark and not me.” Chloe grinned mischievously as she plopped down on a stool next to the kitchen counter and swiveled around playfully. “She can be scary when she has a hangover.”

Sam looked sympathetic to Clark’s future plight before going to his fridge and opening it, peering inside. “You want something to eat?”

“You mean you have more than just beer in there?” Chloe joked, jumping off of the stool and after kicking off her shoes quite comfortably, walked towards him, peering inside of the fridge and blinking in surprise at how well stocked he was. “First the apartment is neat and orderly and you have a bit of everything from the food pyramid?” She peered up at him suspiciously. “You sure you’re single?” She blinked, a thought suddenly crossing her mind. “Or straight?”

Sam turned to look at her as if she was insane, and then he burst out laughing. It was a beautiful, long sound, as his arms went around his stomach and he doubled over slightly.

“It wasn’t that funny.” She mumbled, grabbing the fridge door he’d let go before it slammed shut.

“I’m…sorry…” Sam somehow managed those words between peals of laughter. He finally pulled himself up straighter and wiped at a tear that’d formed in the corner of his eye. “I---I haven’t laughed in a while. I just moved here and things with my family are tense at best and I haven’t made any friends as yet…”

Chloe looked at him for a second and sighed, tearing her gaze from the conflict in his eyes and turning back to the fridge. “I’m hungry.” Bending she grabbed a couple of vegetables and searched the freezer for meat. “So you’re gonna eat with me.”

Sam watched her in intrigued silence.

“While I’m not Susie Homemaker, my food’s edible.” She warned as she put everything on the counter and began to search through his cupboard for the rest of the things she’d need. “Someone has to cook, and since Clark is a disaster in the kitchen and anything Lois touches ends up sending anyone foolish enough to eat it to the hospital, the chore is usually left in my hands. So we should be able to eat whatever comes out of this ventures.”

With that proclamation both busied themselves in the kitchen, Sam following Chloe’s military-like orders with surprising compliance and ease, and Chloe trying desperately to not forget anything in the recipe she’d memorized for such a time as this. As they worked in surprising harmony and coordination, they shared stories of ghost-hunting and metahuman chasing, laughing at each other’s humorous misadventures and gasping in awe at the more serious tales.

Chloe snatched a slice of cucumber Sam was chopping for the salad and nibbled on it as he told her about his first ever hunt, retelling the horror and adrenaline that’d mixed with him during the hunt and kill. She smiled softly, eyeing how his face changed emotions as he told different parts of the stories, sometimes lighting up at comical parts in which he and Dean had gotten into trouble with their dad for being mischievous, and somber when he told how he’d nearly been killed by the ghost.

“Well, dying isn’t such a big deal.” Chloe swallowed the rest of the cucumber slice and hurried to the oven when the timer went off, taking out the baking dish with their creation with her bare hands. Thanks to her power she was impervious to heat and fire. “I mean, the pain is minimal, and your body usually goes into shock and that numbs everything.”

The blonde grabbed a coaster and headed towards the table with the glass-baking dish, placing it upon the coaster and smiling proudly at it, missing the disturbed look on Sam’s face.

“You sound like you know that personally.”

Chloe turned towards the brunet and blinked when she realized that she might have forgotten to tell him one minor detail. “I do. Know what it’s like to die.” Seeing his eyes go wide she rolled hers. “What part of my codename being Phoenix didn’t you get?”

“You---you come back to life?” Sam stammered.

“Well, not in a burst of flames or anything half as dramatic,” Chloe paused, grinning at the thought. “But I have a tendency of not staying dead. It’s an advantage in my line of work.”

Sam was silent, unable to look at her.

Chloe’s heart hurt. Why wasn’t he able to look at her anymore? Had that just been too abnormal for him to take?

“Does heaven exist?”

Blinking in surprise at the soft question, Chloe was shocked at where his thoughts had gone to during that lapse of silence. “Heaven? You mean a big white fluffy place in the clouds?” Okay, she’d never been asked that question before. “Maybe, I don’t know. I’ve never been there personally, if that’s what you’re asking, but I never tend to stay dead long anyway.”

And she suddenly knew why he was asking.

His mother.

She winced. Maybe she should have lied to make him feel better. But it wasn’t like her to lie, she preferred to tell and be given the blunt truth, even if it hurt.

Their mood was more subdued now as they sat down and ate their dinner. Silence reigned on the table and amongst the two seated together.

“How many times have you died?”

She dropped her fork, the sound of it colliding against her plate resounding throughout the silent room. “Huh?”

“How many times have you died?” Sam asked, looking up from his food.

Chloe didn’t know how to read this guy. He was completely weird. The moment she thought she had him made he did or said something that left her bewildered all over again.

And dammit if that didn’t make him more attractive!

“Only three times.”

He snorted, amusement entering his green/blue eyes. “Only three times? That’s a lot for a college student to be able to boast of.”

Once again there was the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding, to tell him that she was not a college student but a high school student, but the way he was smiling at her made her throat dry up and she didn’t want him to stop looking at her that way.

“How have you died?” Sam was now openly grinning, leaning forwards on the table, looking at her in interest.

You’re weirder than I am. Chloe smiled. “Um, I’ve drowned, been electrocuted, and crushed by a giant bookshelf.”

“Crushed by a giant bookshelf.” He raised an eyebrow.

Chloe grinned. “That’s actually my favorite one---if anyone can have a favorite memory of one’s own death. I just think it’s cool to be able to say I was crushed by a bookshelf. Who else can say that?”

And like that the somber mood was completely gone and they’d returned to their laughter and jokes as they finished the dinner without a thought to Clark or where he was at the moment. As soon as they finished dinner they got all the dirty plates together and while Sam washed, Chloe dried before beginning to put the plates away.

They should have realized that this domestic atmosphere was potentially dangerous; Chloe should have known better, but somehow she was still taken by surprise when Sam came up behind her to reach over and open the cupboard door that had been just out of her reach.

The air around them seemed to heat up without Chloe having activated her powers at all, and she froze, biting down hard on her lip to keep her moan stuck in her throat as he pressed up against her from behind. The electricity between them had been building up towards this moment, and both knew it.

This was it.

The make it or break it.

Sam’s hand lowered from the now opened cupboard door and rested on her shoulder, causing her body to tingle where he touched her. Chloe whimpered, the sound escaping her now parted lips before she could even register she was making the sound. Green orbs glided closed as his hands, now on her arms, slowly traced downwards and she felt him enclosing her in his heat, leaning forwards so that his hot breath was on the curve of her neck.

“Sam…” Chloe whimpered, crying out with his lips made contact with the skin of her neck and his hands fell to her hips, pulling her back into him, consuming her. Her hands went behind her and dug their way into his dark silky hair, a hiss of pleasure and pain sounding as he pushed her forwards into the counter, trapping her.

Suddenly she was turned, his lips finding and branding her immediately, stealing her breath and nearly stopping her heartbeat with the taste of him. His hands were on her ass and then she was lifted up, seated on the counter, with him between her thighs.

“God…” He moaned into her lips, hands everywhere and still yet not enough.

Chloe drew him closer by his hair, arching into him, needing more, wanting more. She wrapped her thighs around him and brought him in closer, bucking against the hardness she felt straining his jeans.

Two things then happened simultaneously.

Unfamiliar ringing filled the night loud and blaring, and there was a respectful knock on the front door.

The two broke apart, flushed, eyelids droopy, eyes darkened, and breaths pants as they looked at each other, for a second ignoring the knocking on the door and the unfamiliar ring tone coming from where Lois was probably still unconscious.

“That’s probably Clark.” Sam whispered, desire deepening his voice.

“Damn him.” Chloe chuckled softly before sliding off of the counter and onto shaky feet. “I—uh, better see what that ring tone is all about.” She rushed passed Sam and nearly ran to the room she would be sharing with Lois, closing the door quickly behind her and leaning against it, taking a deep, calming breath…which wasn’t calming her racing heart at all.

What the hell had just happened?

Lois groaned, reached into her pockets and pulled out a phone that was definitely not hers. “Why the hell are you calling me at this ungodly hour of the night---whoever you are?”

There was a moment’s silence in which Chloe could make out a frustrated male’s voice on the other end of the conversation.

“It’s not my fault you didn’t check yourself after our encounter to see if you still had your phone.” Lois mumbled, still obviously half-drunk. “You still smell like vomit?”

And that was when Chloe figured out what’d happened. Lois had stolen the cellular of the man she’d vomited on.

The nerve of this girl. Chloe grinned.

“Oh, will you stop it?” Lois grumbled. “If you’re going to insult me do it in American. It isn’t any fun if the person you’re insulting doesn’t understand you're insulting her.”

Clark’s voice could be heard talking amiably with Sam in the living room.

“Listen, I’m still drunk and you’re still insulting me in British, so how about this? I’m going to turn this phone of yours off until I sleep out my hangover.” Lois announced congenially despite the circumstance. “You call me back when this is on and scream at me then, okay?” She didn’t give him any time to answer, promptly turning off the phone and collapsing back to sleep.

Chloe smiled at her cousin, and not having the courage to go back out there and face Sam after what’d happened, kicked off her shoes and joined the snoring brunette in bed, hoping with some sleep she’d be able to think things clearly and get a hold of her hormones tomorrow.

It didn’t help that her dreams picked up where Sam and her had been interrupted.
24th-Feb-2009 05:04 am (UTC)
Yay, an update. I'm loving the sexual tension between Chloe and Sam. I'm also very curious to find out who's phone Lois stole. Great job and can't wait for the next chapter.
24th-Feb-2009 12:39 pm (UTC)
you know, the odd thing is that LJ is giving me problems so I'd thought that I wouldn't be able to update the next chapter here---and while its still giving me trouble its FF.NET that's giving me trouble and I haven't been able to update there as yet. *sighs*
Glad you liked! And you SHOULD find out whose phone she stole in the next (and last) chapter.
24th-Feb-2009 05:15 am (UTC)
I love that Chloe said that three of them would go the ends of the earth for the other.

I can honestly say that I love the sexual tension and almost relief between Chloe and Sam.
24th-Feb-2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to form a REALLY close bond between the three of them (kinda like I'd hoped would happen in Smallville). and yeah, the Sam/Chloe part was fun to write! *evil grin*
24th-Feb-2009 05:44 am (UTC)
the sexual tension between chloe and sam is HOT . loved it . i hope you do not put sam with jess i want him with chloe. PPMS this so made my night .
24th-Feb-2009 12:41 pm (UTC)
No, I wanted to give Sam a way of meeting Jess without them considering the other romantic partner material. Sam was just worried that she was okay and Jess, well, she sees Clark as having saved her and Sam as a bystander.
28th-Dec-2009 05:57 am (UTC)
Sam oh Sam, doesn't even know he's into a girl that is only sixteen. That should be fairly amusing when he finds out. I love Lois, it seems appropriate she stole the phone though. Great chapter.
28th-Dec-2009 06:16 am (UTC)
Thanks! I quite enjoyed writing this story since I was able to combine Chloe/Sam with my OTHER favorite Lois pairing :D
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