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Visiting The Oracles 6/6 
3rd-Mar-2009 04:54 pm

Title: Visiting The Oracles
Sequel to: Weekend in Stanford
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, Lois/Wesley,
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville, Angel or Supernatural.
Summary: When Clark trades his powers for Lana's life, Chloe is the only one left with powers, and she's having problems with Sam. Now Lois, Clark and Chloe must travel to L.A. to FINALLY meet Wesley and go visit the Oracles.


Chloe had so jinxed herself.

She should have realized that life would change drastically after her visit to L.A., but she’d somehow naively believed that it would be the same as always. The blonde had been sure that they’d return to high school, fight the meteor freaks who were obsessed with Lana Lang, and the rare ghost and/or demon. She’d thought that maybe in the future after graduating from high school begin the true duty of champion.

She’d been kidding herself.

From the moment she’d returned to high school things had been different. Boys who’d never given her a second glance were suddenly asking her for permission to take her books for her, asking for her phone number, and dropping by the Torch during their free periods.

Even a teacher had made a pass at her.

Chloe had always kinda envied Lana’s popularity with the male sex, but that’d been while she was singleNow Chloe just found the attention from the boys and men of Smallville completely annoying.

And the phoenix in her not only seemed to attract the opposite sex, but now meteor freaks everywhere had decided they needed a change from Lana Lang.

As stated before, Chloe had so jinxed herself.

Of course, that didn’t even begin to describe the situation they’d found themselves in now. There’d been some unexplained murders/deaths in Smallville and after a lot of investigation and help from Sam and the L.A. gang Chloe, Lois and Clark had realized that they were dealing with something called a shape-shifter.

Having dealt with Tina Greer hadn’t really prepared them for the difference in a supernatural shifter from a meteor freak shifter, and Chloe had had to admit that it’d had her fooled until ‘Lois’ had pushed her against the wall and begun to kiss her.

She’d managed to push the shape shifter off of her and demand to know where her cousin was, with the creature refusing to answer, saying something about not liking being in that body anyway, contemplating Clark’s instead.

It’d escaped into the shadows of the alley outside and Chloe had called Clark, warned him about the shape shifter the same time he’d stumbled upon the creature’s hideout in the sewers of Smallville and found Lois.

Thankfully Lois hadn’t been killed yet, only knocked out and untied, and Clark was able to free her and bring the girl back to where Chloe was at the Kent’s, her father safely there as well. Now that they knew their parents were aware of their extracurricular activities they were more open with them, and their parents tried to help them any way they could.

That was when Lana sped up in her beat up truck, Whitney Fordman in the passenger seat, coming to a stop with a screech.

Clark’s eyes widened when he saw them. “What are they doing here?”

Lana had gotten back with her quarterback boyfriend after what’d happened with Clark, and wouldn’t even look in Clark’s direction, so it was surprising to see them here.

Lois, who was now awake and suffering from a major headache, growled as she held a cold piece of steak to the large bump on her aching head. “They probably saw the shape shifter and Little Miss Muffet knew it’d be safer for them around us.”

Sure enough, Lana and Whitney hurried up to the Kent’s door and knocked wildly, looking around them in fear. Martha opened the door and let them, both stumbling in fear.

“Are you guys okay?” Chloe asked, going towards them and extending her hands, helping them both up.

“There---there was something out there!” Lana cried as Martha quickly closed the door behind her and locked it.

Jonathan went to the window, looking through the thin curtains at the dark night around them, shotgun loaded and ready.

Gabe concentrated on Lois’ bump as he pulled the steak from her forehead and examined it with concern.

“It attacked us!” Whitney was shaky as well, pale, but still remarkably calm compared to Lana, who was trembling in terror. “We thought it was Pete, but then---.”

Pete?” Clark whispered, eyes wide, horrified.

“Oh no.” Chloe threw open the door and hurried outside, looking around, terrified, Clark hurrying down to her side. “You need to go back---Pete might still be---.”

Laughter came from the darkness to the side of the barn and suddenly Pete’s body walked out into the moonlight.

Chloe.” Clark whispered.

“Go.” She ordered, voice low. “I can handle this until you get back.”

Clark hesitated, but this was their friend Pete they were talking about, so he finally nodded and ran towards his parent’s truck.

Chloe took a couple of steps towards the shifter. “You picked the wrong people to impersonate. This is gettingpersonal.”

The shifter wearing Pete’s skin smirked and turned, running into the darkness.

Chloe, knowing that it was a trap, hurried after. As she ran she opened her palm and a ball of green fire appeared, lighting the darkness around her and giving her an advantage as she trailed after the shifter knowing that if she let him go he’d go after someone else, and if he did he might kill the next person---like he had so many others.

Seeing the shifter turn the corner of the barn Chloe did as well and cried out as he used the momentary blind spot to jump her, pinning her to the ground, the flame in her hand dying as her breath was knocked out of her lungs, leaving her in complete darkness.

“Get off.” Kicking him off Chloe sent up a ball of fire into the sky that lit the air enough for her to see and sidestep the shifter charging soundlessly at her.

“Is that all the legendary phoenix can do?” He sneered. “I’d expected…more.”

Eyes narrowing, Chloe flung another fireball at him. The creature only managed to dodge it in the last second, the tree behind him exploding into violent flames, lighting up the night more.

The shifter looked behind him, a more impressed look on his face as he returned his gaze on her. “Better.”

“Glad you think so.” Chloe responded, not missing a beat.

And then the shifter charged, ducking and dodging the fireballs sent his way until he’d rammed his body into Chloe’s sending them both tumbling to the ground. Chloe’s back hit a rock hidden in the grass and she cried out, arching from the pain, giving the creature a second’s advantage as it pinned her to the ground, hands around her neck, squeezing it tightly and blocking off her air passage.

This was the worst time ever to die, and so Chloe fought back, kicking and scratching at the shifter’s arm, finding in horror that with her lack of air she wasn’t able to create fire. Fire did need oxygen to thrive.

Instead she tried to increase her body’s heat, not failing to notice the slight wince on Pete’s features.

And suddenly someone barreled into the shifter, causing the creature to let go of Chloe with a little squeak. Whitney Fordman stood and sent a kick to the shifter’s face, repeating the motion over and over as Chloe coughed and forced herself to stand on shaky feet, amazed that Whitney of all people had saved her.

Shouldn’t he be cowering in the Kent’s home protecting Lana?

The shifter grabbed Whitney’s foot and pulled it from out under him, causing the boy to fall, about to break it, when suddenly an inhuman screech escaped from Pete’s mouth, and the creature let go of Whitney, eyes flashing yellow as it collapsed to its knees, revealing Lois behind it, and a silver letter opener sticking out from its back.

No one knocks me out and tries to kill my cousin!” Lois growled at it as she stomped down on the letter opener, pushing it further inside of the shifter, causing the creature’s screech to grow louder, explosions happening behind its flaming eyes.

Whitney crawled back and hurried to his feet, eyes wide and horrified.

The creature tried reaching behind it, tried to reach for the letter opener, tried to get it out.

“Lois! Out of the way!” Chloe ordered, and when her cousin nodded and did as told the blonde closed her eyes, concentrating, drawing the power deep inside of her. Her eyes flew open and she sent out a burst of flames more powerful than she ever had towards the shifter, eyes widened when she saw the ball of fire transform into a fiery bird that screeched into the night before diving down onto the creature, engulfing the shifter in flames and melting the silver inside of it.

“I’M NOT THE LAST!” The shifter screamed at her. “I’M ONLY THE BEGINNING, PHOENIX! ONLY THE BEGINNING!” And with that the shifter exploded into a million pieces, covering the three young adults.

Ewww.” Lois whined after a moment’s silence, wiping her face of guts and blood. “And I just washed my hair!”

“Why can’t they all be like vampires and go up in dust?” Chloe asked herself, taking a chunk of liver out of her hair.

“What the hell just happened?” Whitney Fordman wanted to know, eyes narrowed and on them. “What was that?”

Lois and Chloe shared looks, not exactly sure they could pass this off as something meteor related.

“And why did it call you Phoenix?” Whitney asked. “And how could you do that?” He narrowed his blue eyes at them. “Start talking now ladies.”

Lois took in a deep breath. “How knowledgeable are you with the supernatural?”


Collapsing on her bed, Chloe groaned, tired. Tonight had been tiring. At least they’d found Pete alive (if not a little banged up and with no memory of how he’d ended up in the sewers), and she hadn’t died. The blonde hadn’t died since becoming the Power’s phoenix, and she wasn’t exactly jumping with excitement to see how dying and rebirth would be now that she’d been changed and modified.

Rolling onto her back Chloe looked at the ceiling, not exactly sure what to think about Whitney Fordman. He’d left Lana alone in the Kent home, had faced something he’d known wasn’t human, had saved her life---and when he’d found out what it was he hadn’t told Lana.

Somehow they’d managed to convince the girl that it was Pete all along who had been under the influence of some meteor rocks, and given the history of Smallville and the fact that Pete couldn’t remember anything the girl had believed her boyfriend immediately.

Chloe wasn’t even sure why they’d kept the fact that it was shifter from Lana. The girl had been killed by a demon, she knew there were weirder things out there, and yet there they were protecting her again.

It was somewhat irritating.

Her phone began to ring and she groaned as she got up and went to where she’d put it before going to bathe to get rid of the shifter guts covering her. “Hello?”

“Hey.” Sam sounded worried. “I got worried, you missed our session. How did things go with the shifter? Are you okay?”

Chloe yawned as she threw herself back on her bed. “Smallville is now shifter free.” She curled around her pillow and told him all about it. “I kinda feel bad about letting Pete think he attacked Lana and Whitney under the control of the meteor rocks, but somehow I think he’d accept that better than him being kidnapped and nearly killed by a shape shifter. He’s used to people doing stuff because of the meteors, not the supernatural.”

“All that matters is that you’re all okay.” Sam sighed, sounding relieved now that he knew that they were safe and unharmed. “Wesley called me half an hour ago, worried about Lois. Apparently he’d tried calling her over and over again and the number went straight to voicemail so he wanted to know if I’d heard anything about her.”

“Oh, that.” Chloe nodded. “When the shifter kidnapped her it smashed her phone. She was pissed when she found its remains in the sewers. That Samsung cost her a pretty penny.”

Sam laughed. “Trust Lois to be more angry about a smashed phone than about being kidnapped and nearly killed.”

Chloe giggled. “Yep, that’s my cousin.” They continued to talk until Chloe couldn’t take it any longer, sleepy from her hectic day. “Being a champion sucks.” She complained, eyes closed, voice thick from sleep. “No time for anything other than saving the world. It’s really affecting my beauty sleep.”

“I’m sorry you have to do all that.” Sam sighed. “And you’re only seventeen. You’re too young to have all that on your shoulders.”

“We did it for Clark.” And she wasn’t going to regret it. “Sam—I have to go. I’m tired.”

“I understand. Sleep well.”

“I will.” She promised, yawning. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He whispered before cutting off the phone.

Chloe let herself lose the battle with sleep and drift into unconsciousness, tired, sore, and completely oblivious to the fact that the shifter’s words hadn’t been an empty bluff.

It was only beginning.



3rd-Mar-2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
Wicked!! I come home from school to find that you had updated twice. I love Chloe becoming the Phoenix. Is there going to be more? Please tell me there will be more as I'm so loving this and want to see what happens when Chloe finally turns 18, hopefully it's dirty *grins*
3rd-Mar-2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
"hopefully it's dirty"


I wasn't supposed to update until tomorrow, but somehow this chapter came out sooner, I wanted to write it before i forgot something and then lamented its exclusion after updating.
3rd-Mar-2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Only the beginning of another sequel, right?!??!

Please tell me there will be at least one more?

Yay Whitney's alive! ♥ Although boo he's with Lana (although technically in this story I don't mind b/c I'd prefer Clark be free of her as well lol).

ANYWAY... excellent chapter ♥ Phoenix!Chloe kicks ass! ♥
3rd-Mar-2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
hahahahahahaha! I'm not saying! *will leave you in suspence because I am evil like that*

Yep, Whit's alive! For some reason I liked him although he was an ASS to Clark in the series.
3rd-Mar-2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
*pouts at how evil you are!*

I loved Whitney even though he was an ass... I was really sad to see him go... I also really wanted a Chloe&Whitney scene so badly... once I got over my main focus pairing (Chlark) & fell in love with others [thanks to fanfiction].
3rd-Mar-2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
awesome awesome awesome love this so much please please plase tell me you will write more of this ?
3rd-Mar-2009 11:02 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked!
3rd-Mar-2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
Oh I'm loving this,two very good updates been reading this on ffiction,nice to pick it up here tho. Carn't wait too see more.:-)
4th-Mar-2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
Hey! nice to hear from a new reader!
Will post the sequel----now!

5th-Mar-2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
Once you say nothing else can go wrong you're so jinxed!!

I agree with moonstar_sfu about Chloe turning 18 and it being totally dirty!! And I don't mean the icky dirty but the hot kind of dirty.

*goes of to read the sequel*
5th-Mar-2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
haha, I'm perverting my readers *cries dramatically* lol
Yep, NEVER jinx yourself!
28th-Dec-2009 07:09 am (UTC)
Home sweet home. Least the relationship Sam and Chloe have can't be hindered. They look good together in this story and totally plausible with how you have written this series.
30th-Mar-2011 02:32 am (UTC)
And we knew that was coming, but it was an exciting installment nonetheless.
26th-Sep-2014 05:38 pm (UTC)
Poor Chloe
What a burden it must be being a champion
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