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Potential Threats 2/7 
4th-Mar-2009 05:53 pm
Title: Potential Threats
Sequel to: "Visiting The Oracles"
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Supernatural/Angel
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, Lois/Wesley
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Smallville, Buffy, Supernatural or Angel.
Summary: Graduation is now behind them and so much has happened since their visit to L.A. Chloe is so close to her finally fulfilling her and Sam's dream of going to be with him in Stanford---and yet never so far away. And finally those vague predictions about Lois'  future are about to come true...


“A slayer?” Sam asked later as they were curled up together on the sofa, shoes kicked off and an afghan covering them.

“Yep.” Chloe nodded, breathing in his scent happily. They were alone in the house since her father had returned to the fertilizer plant, and she still couldn’t believe Sam was there with her in Smallville.

“Lois with superpowers.” Sam shook his head and hugged her closer. “Scary.”

“I know.” Chloe laughed. “I feel so sorry for Wesley.” She then paused, holding him tighter. “You---you never told mewhy you came to Smallville. I’m not complaining at all, I’m just curious.” She frowned. “I didn’t forget your birthday or any other important date, did I?”

Her head was already racing with the possibility.

“No, I came because---.” Sam sighed and moved away slightly, causing Chloe to sit up and turn to him in worry. “Chloe.” His blue/green eyes stared at her intently as he sat up as well. “I don’t want you to come to Stanford.”

And her world stopped on its axis. “What?”

Sam reached over and enveloped her small, trembling hands into his larger one. “I don’t want you coming to Stanford.”

Why not?” She whispered, eyes wide, shocked. Never in a million years had she thought she’d hear those words coming from Sam’s lips. “Did I do something wrong? Did I--?”

“What? God no! You’re misunderstanding me!” Sam was quick to clear that, sliding closer towards her, rubbing his thumb over her skin. “Chloe, I’m not breaking up with you!”

And she relaxed, somewhat. “Then what are you saying? You want us to be together but you don’t want me in Stanford?”

“Exactly.” Sam nodded, reaching out with his free hand and cupping the side of her face tenderly. “I’m moving here.”

Chloe’s eyes widened, once again shocked out of her senses. “What?”

Sam was serious, frowning slightly. “Chloe, I—I haven’t been a hundred percent truthful with you.” He sighed and looked down at their joined hands. “I—I’ve been having these dreams lately…”



He could not be talking about---.

“Do you remember some months ago? The ghost who possessed Mrs. Kent and nearly killed Lois with the butcher’s knife?” Sam asked, gaze not leaving their hands.

“Of course I remember.” Chloe made a face at the memory. “I got in the middle and got stabbed with that nightmarish thing but I healed up in a couple of hours after they’d gotten the ghost out of Mrs. Kent.”

“I---I dreamt about it before it happened.” Sam whispered, voice low and guilty. “I thought it was only a recurring nightmare---god knows I have nightmares about what you must be doing every night! And then you called me and I realized that it was what I’d dreamt.”

Chloe leaned closer to him in surprise.

Sam had dreamt of it before it’d happened?

“I thought it was a fluke, but then I kept dreaming about a meteor freak who blew a old flower shop and made you lose an eye when the glass flew into your face.” Sam finally looked up at her, eyes so guilty. “And I still didn’t want to believe it, but then one day Lois answered your phone and told me all about the same thing I’d been dreaming happening to you and that you were resting as your body healed back up.”

Chloe’s hand went to the eye she’d lost and re-grown all in one day.

Sam recaptured that hand and brought it to his lips, giving it a kiss that was so tender it was saddening. “This last month I’ve been having another dream, and because of that dream I can’t let you come to Stanford.”

The blonde was touched by his obvious concern but still a little confused. “It can’t be that bad, Sam. I’m immortal, remember? No matter what happened to me in your dream I would have come back alive---give or take a couple of hours.”

“Chloe, you didn’t die in my dream.” Sam whispered, looking at her, eyes dark. “You were captured and being tortured over and over again, your powers of healing being used against you so you wouldn’t die but be in constant agony. And I couldn’t help youNo one could.

Shivering at the conviction in his voice, Chloe looked deep into his face. “You don’t need to rearrange your whole life for me, Sam.”

He shook his head, laughing softly, and it was a dark sound. “You don’t get it, do you, Chloe Ann Sullivan? For two years now you have become my life.”

A blush darkened her cheeks at the conviction in those words. “Sam.”

“And the decision’s made already, there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” The brunette stood and walked to the window, looking out of it, shucking his hands into his jeans’ pockets. “I already paid for an apartment here and I’m taking a sabbatical. MetU already agreed to give me a scholarship and transfer my credits whenever I want to take up my studies again.”

Chloe blinked.

He’d obviously planned everything perfectly.

And I already have a job.” Sam hurried on, turning to face her. “Wesley will need an assistant in the bookstore when it’s done in a week or two, and will trust no one else around his books.” He smiled slightly. “The pay won’t be much, but it’ll be enough to pay the rent and have food on our table.”

Our table?” Chloe whispered, picking up on the wording.

Sam’s eyes widened and a blush darkened his cheeks as he ducked his gaze, dark silk falling into his face and shadowing it slightly. “Uh, yeahright. I hadn’t gotten to that part yet.”

“This would be the part where you still want me to live with you but just not in Stanford.” Chloe guessed, smile lighting her features, sitting up straighter on the sofa in excitement. “Isn’t is?”

“In a less romantic wording than I’d previously planned? Yes.” He grinned at her sheepishly, still blushing slightly. “You’re eighteen now, you’ll be studying in MetU, and as long as I don’t ‘become a right bastard’ and ‘break your heart’ I got your father’s blessing.”

“Wesley…my father…” She didn’t know whether to laugh or frown. “How many people were in on this?”

“Just them.” He reassured quickly. “Chloe, I want us to live together. I love you and you know me better than my father and brother ever did,” he cleared his throat nervously. “I think it’s time we had that talk.”

She grinned, feeling like a perverted old man staring at bikini-clad teenaged girls. “That talk?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, blushing darker, clearing his throat once more. “That talk.”

Inner Chloe was jumping up and down screaming “YAY!” at the top of her lungs.

Outer Chloe just smirked. “When do we move in?”

Sam looked up at her and smiled. “So you’ll move in with me?”

“Sam Winchester, I’ve been waiting two years for this moment.” She laughed, getting up and sauntering towards him, going on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around her giant’s neck as he bent towards her. “Of course I’ll move in with you.”

He grinned and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, lifting her effortlessly off of the ground as he brought his lips to her as groaned at the taste of her. “We never kiss enough.” He complained softly as he moved them towards the sofa and lowered them on the softness, he resting on his back and she resting over him.

Chloe felt her body heating at such an intimate positioning, but she only laughed at what he’d said and ran her tongue over his bottom lip before sucking that luscious lip into her mouth hungrily, something she’d been wanting to do for a long time now.

Damn.” Sam hissed, his hands to going to waist as if on reflex. “Chloe…”

The sound of the front door slamming shut brought them apart immediately, both standing and fixing their hair and straightening their clothes.

“Chloster!” Whitney’s voice could be heard calling from the doorway. “Where are you? You’re needed now oh Bitch of my heart!”

“The annoying little bastard.” Chloe couldn’t help but laugh.

Sam was far from laughing. “Who is that?”

Suddenly Lois, Wesley, Whitney and Clark appeared in the doorway.

There was silence and then:

SAM!” Lois cried out in happiness as she hurried towards the newcomer and threw her arms around him, hugging the young man tightly. “It’s so good to see you! What’re you doing here in Smallville? Other than coming to see my Baby Cuz of course.”

Sam grinned at Lois and hugged her back. “Well, Chloe and I needed to talk about some important things.”

Oh.” Lois nodded, pulling away, grinning lecherous. “The eighteen-year-mark. I remember! You two want to be left alone?”

Chloe blushed and shook her head at her cousin. “Subtlety, they name is not Lois Lane.”

“Wait,” Whitney finally spoke, turning to Clark. “You’re saying that he is the dude Chloe’s dating?”

Clark nodded, eyebrow raised at the blonde. “Yeah, that’s Sam.”

Whitney made a face and walked up to Sam, eyebrow raised as he openly examined him top to bottom before looking at Chloe and then returning his gaze to Sam and breaking out into a grin, shaking the surprised brunette’s hand. “Like I told Wesley when I found out about him and Lane---I admire your guts. I’d be terrified to be with either Chloe or Lois, but especially Chloster. She’s a real bitch when things aren’t going her way.” And yet he was all smiles. “Istill have scars from where she burnt me out of spite because I couldn’t learn to control my powers fast enough for her.”

“It was accidental!” Chloe cried out, laughing at him. “And you’re a crybaby Whitney Fordman! Those little burns didn’t leave any scars!”

“Not physically.” The ex-footballer countered. “But emotionally? I still cringe every time you light up.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and laughed.

Sam was grinning as he shook Whitney’s hand once more and let go. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, and Chloe has no reason to burn me.” He placed an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. “She’s got me curled around her little finger and she knows it.”

“Damn straight.” Chloe grinned up at him and smiled when Sam bent to press a chaste kiss to her lips.

Whitney smiled at them.

The rest of the greetings occurred and then the gang made themselves at home in Chloe’s living room. Apparently Lois had wanted everyone present the moment she ‘awakened’, and since they were going to have to wait tillmidnight for that to happen and there were no baddies to slay at the moment, their conversation turned to a moremundane topic.

“I’m telling you, zombie footballer is outdated.” Clark announced as he returned from Chloe’s kitchen with Wesley, both carrying boxes of snacks they’d pillaged from the Sullivan’s cabinets.

Stuff it, Kent.” Whitney threw a piece of popcorn at the dark hair alien who sat down next to him. “No one asked for your opinion and yet you give it so freely.”

That’s because you’re in such desperate need of good advice.” Clark countered, actually managing to catch the piece of popcorn in his mouth and chomp on it, smirking at Whitney.

“As if, Kent.” Whiteny reached over and grabbed the chocolate bar in Clark’s hand, unwrapping it and taking a bite out of it before passing it back to the alien, who looked at the bar with a raised eyebrow.

“You can not be serious.” Clark refused to touch the bar.

“Don’t say I don’t share.” Whitney replied with a shrug, taking another bite out of the chocolate.

“It was mine to begin with.” Clark reminded, eyes narrowing.

“No, since it was in the kitchen it was Chloe’s.” Whitney said in a ‘take that’ voice before ignoring the fuming male by his side and turning to an amused-looking Wesley. “So, Wes, what are you and Lane going as to the party?”

The Brit winced, pushing his glasses higher up his nose. “I’d prefer not to say.”

Lois slugged her boyfriend playfully before grinning at Whitney. “We’re going as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.”

Wesley whimpered slightly at the reminder.

“You do realize that they don’t end up together, right?” Clark asked slowly. “Hermione ends up with Ron and Harry with---.”

Shh! Smallville!” Lois shook her hand violently. “Don’t remind me how Rowling ruined it for me!”

Oookay.” The alien snorted before turning to Sam. “Hey Sam, you going to be around this weekend?”

Sam was silent for a moment before clearing his throat. “Actually, I’m here to stay.” He looked a little uncomfortable with all the attention on him. “I already moved all my things into an apartment I’m renting downtown. Tonight will be my first night there actually.”

There was silence, and then everyone broke out in congratulations (and Lois lecherously commenting on ‘breaking the apartment’).

“So, what are we going as?” Chloe wanted to know from where she was sitting between Sam’s legs, leaning back against him.

The brunette sighed into her hair, his arms around her. “You know I hate Halloween.”

C’mon.” Chloe twisted around in his arms to see him better. “It’s going to be our first Halloween living together! We have to celebrate it!”

Sam made a face and then groaned, giving in. “Okay, okay. You pick the costumes. I’ll go as whatever you choose.”

“You might regret that.” She laughed before turning to Clark. “What about you?”

The farmboy hesitated before answering. “I don’t know, I was thinking something like Hamlet or something.”

“What is it with you and tights?” Whitney wanted to know, finishing the chocolate bar and turning to look at the other male oddly.

Now who’s giving advice when it isn’t wanted?” Clark narrowed his blue eyes at Whitney.

Whitney shook his head.

They continued to argue throughout the night as everyone talked and enjoyed themselves, and Chloe must have fallen asleep sometime before midnight because the next thing she knew there was the sound of shocked voices and a television set talking about a crater being the only left of Sunnyale thanks to the explosion of a power plant or something as insane as that.

The blonde groaned and looked up, surprised to see some daylight out of the window. She looked around the room, seeing that she wasn’t the only one who’d been sleeping. Whitney and Clark had both dosed off sometime apparently before midnight lying side by side on the floor, snoring slightly.

“Thank you Rupert, no, I just called to make sure that you were all able to get out in time.” Wesley was talking on his cellular in the corner of the room while Lois sat in front of the television, watching the air-shots taken form a helicopter flying over the large crater that had once been Sunnydale, California.


“Lois is fine. Yes. It happened during midnight as predicted.” Wesley sent a small smile in Lois’ direction. “Remarkably well, but that’s to be expected. There’s not a lot in this world that could upset my girl.”

Lois was oblivious to his tender regard, eyes wide and on the television as they continued to show the disaster site.

“Spike did?” Wesley seemed surprised. “I wonder if Angel and the others know about his sacrifice.” There was a pause. “I don’t speak to them either.”

Chloe was saddened by the strain in the ex-watcher’s voice at those words and she couldn’t help the resentment she felt for Angel and co. They spoke about justice and truth and all those nice words and then they take over the evil law firm they’d been battling with from the moment Angel had moved to L.A.?

No wonder their Sunnydale friends had stopped having anything to do with them!

Chloe, that’s just your hurt for Wesley talking. Her inner voice whispered. You KNOW that Angel and Cordy and everyone are REALLY good people, even if you can’t understand the decisions they’ve made.

“Hey, you’re awake.” Sam’s voice caused her to jerk her head to see him coming out of the kitchen with a tray filled with cups of coffee.

“You are my god.” She whimpered, reaching for one and taking a sip of the heavenly brew. “Remind me why I didn’t run away to live with you two years ago?”

“Because I would have been arrested for kidnapping and statutory rape?” Sam asked with a grin as he passed Lois and Wesley their cups, leaving the two for Whitney and Clark on the tray on a table.

“Oh, right, that.” Chloe made space for him on the sofa as he sat down next to her with his own cup of brew. “So, you stayed awake all night?”

Sam shook his head. “I fell asleep a little after you did. But I did get a glimpse of Lois’ powers this morning when I woke up. She accidentally crushed your dad’s mug with her bare hand when Wesley got the call, told her to turn on the TV, and she saw the crater.”

Crushed it.” Chloe repeated slowly.

Sam nodded. “Crushed.”

“Poor Wesley.” Chloe grinned as she took another sip of coffee.

“Don’t think I’m not listening to you two.” Lois laughed from where she was still sitting on the floor, eyes on the television. “I will not hurt Wesley with my new macho strength. I’ll protect him.”

“But who will protect my frail manly ego?” The Brit asked with amusement as he ended the phone call with Rupert Giles and sat down next to her, eyes turning to the television as well. “They lost a lot of the girls, but many made it out safely still. Thank god.”

“Is Buffy alive?”

“Yeah.” Wesley nodded. “Apparently Spike sacrificed himself to save the world.”

“Spike?” Chloe asked, frowning as she recognized the name. “You mean William the Bloody? Angel’s grandchilde?”

Wesley turned to her and nodded.

Why would a soulless vamp--?” Chloe’s eyes widened. “He had his soul!”

“Rupert just informed me of that little detail.” Wesley shook his head. “Apparently Spike fell in love with Buffy and went through demon trials to get his soul for her.” There was a pause. “Apparently Angel knew, but he never told any of us.”

“I can’t believe it.” Chloe whispered.

“Neither can I.” Lois suddenly burst out laughing. “Someone get me my phone! I need to take a picture of this! They’re cuddling!”

Everyone turned to where she was pointing.

To be truthful they weren’t ‘cuddling’ per se.

Whitney was hugging his old school football jersey and Clark was hugging him, both having sought for warmth in their sleep.

Lois finally got her phone and began taking pictures of them. “This is kinda like the Haley’s Comet, an opportunity like this is a once in a lifetime thing!”

Chloe and Sam exchanged looks while Wesley groaned and tried to convince Lois that blackmailing the two super-powered boys when they woke up wasn’t the smartest thing for her to do, even if she did now have abilities of her own.

Of course, he was unsuccessful.



4th-Mar-2009 11:14 pm (UTC)
*gives another basket of cookies*

You are AWESOME! ♥ Absolutely awesome! I adored this chapter - and am I sensing Clark/Whitney??? ♥

PS: Totally agree with Lois's comment about JKR & HP/HG.
5th-Mar-2009 12:33 pm (UTC)
LOL, I actually always thought Hermione would be a better match for Harry and that she was wasted on Ron----despite how much I love Ron. ANd Ginny----I'm sorry, I just never warmed up to her. At least not enough to put her with Harry. I always thought she should be with Collin, or ESPECIALLY Neville....
5th-Mar-2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
I refuse to read the last two books for the reason that Hermione ends with Ron - i don't particularly like him mostly for the reason R/Hr but I didn't really care too much about him. I could care less about Ginny - I don't particularly like her, but i'm not really against her... and I would have loved her to be with Neville, most definitely.

My fav pairings are Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Remus, Hermione/Severus, Hermione/Sirius, Hermione/James Potter, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Bill W., Hermione/Charlie, Hermione/Fred, Hermione/George, Hermione/Cedric, Hermione/Arthur [guilty pleasure], Hermione/Tom Riddle, and Harry/Luna. I also support (for the most part [secondary pairings in fics] aka I don't read them): Ginny/Neville, Ron/Luna, Ron/Lavender, Ron/Patil twins, Remus/Tonks, Ginny/Tom, and I think thats it.
4th-Mar-2009 11:33 pm (UTC)
lol loved this yay sam's living there and wants chloe to live with him . the banter between clark and whitney is funny lol. lois is cool in this story . was it the YED that sam saw hurting chloe like that? PPMS
5th-Mar-2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
Yep, Sam's come to live in Smallville! Lol, Chloe wouldn't ever allow him to do that without her moving in---what was he thinking, really in asking her? lol. t was obvious from the beginning!
5th-Mar-2009 03:03 am (UTC)
I am totally in love with this series, have I said that before? Cause I can't seem to stop thinking it. you've taken all these people and slowly but surely brought them together. Slightly away from cannon but not enough to mess it up.

I love the tension between Whitney and Clark, so cute. And yay for Lois being a Slayer!
5th-Mar-2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
The Whitney/Clark dialogue is really fun for me to write. I just can't EVER see them being best buds no matter WHAT, not with the Lana-debacle between them. *makes face at Lana* lol
5th-Mar-2009 04:54 am (UTC)
Awesome update!! Love that Sam is moving to Smallville. I'm also loving the Clark/Whitney vibes. As you already know how dirty minded I am, I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised when I say that I'm totally looking forward to Chloe and Sam "breaking in" his new apartment *grins*
5th-Mar-2009 12:36 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! You're like Lois! *grins*
Yeah, well, considering I WRITE the things your 'dirty mind' likes...what does that say about me??????? lol
5th-Mar-2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
It says you're frakkin' awesome.

Sorry about the use of frakkin', guess I've been watching too much Battlestar Galactica *grins*
5th-Mar-2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
Yay, Sam is moving to Smallville, but what makes him think that YED won't follow him??

I'm so loving the Whitney/Clark. They are so adorable and just freaking hilarious!!!

When are we getting the dirty celebration???
5th-Mar-2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
LOL, it was SUPPOSED TO be the next chapter, but certain circumstances happened.....
28th-Dec-2009 07:31 am (UTC)
Awesome chapter. Glad to see that Wesley didn't join up with Wolfram and Hart, he had much harder work, being in love with Lois Lane. Sam and Chloe are adorable, and I'm loving the visions of Sam, I just wonder if this will be permanent unlike the "special children of old yellow eyes" with visions. I find it amusing that Chloe can convince Sam to dress up.
28th-Dec-2009 07:49 am (UTC)
yep, they are permanent--the visions i mean.
30th-Mar-2011 02:52 am (UTC)
hehehe you always know how to end note a chapter. You either give us a fanastic ripper of a cliffie or you give us a hilarious mooment. :D

Loved the revelations in this and what you decided to include from canon and were you deviated.

“Shh! Smallville!” Lois shook her hand violently. “Don’t remind me how Rowling ruined it for me!” < Yay you're a Harry/Hermonie fan.
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