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Potential Threats 4/7 
5th-Mar-2009 09:32 pm
Title: Potential Threats
Sequel to: "Visiting The Oracles"
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Supernatural/Angel
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, Lois/Wesley
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Smallville, Buffy, Supernatural or Angel.
Summary: Graduation is now behind them and so much has happened since their visit to L.A. Chloe is so close to her finally fulfilling her and Sam's dream of going to be with him in Stanford---and yet never so far away. And finally those vague predictions about Lois'  future are about to come true...


“Dean.” Something in Sam’s voice hardened slightly as he moved forwards and placed an arm around Chloe’s shoulder. “What are you doing here? How did you even know that I was here?”

Dean Winchester didn’t lose his grin for a second---instead the grin grew slightly sheepish. “Well, I might have gone to visit you the other night in your apartment in Stanford only to find new tenants. Really glad they ended up being friends of yours and didn’t call the cops about the whole breaking and entering thing when they found out I was your big brother.”

Chloe bit her lip to keep from laughing.

“God, you never change.” Sam sighed, shaking his head slightly. “What did you want?”

“Aw Sammy, does an older brother need a reason to check up on his baby brother?” Dean asked in all innocence, but seeing the raised eyebrow his brother sent his way he sighed. “Okay, you caught me. Dad had been missing for a while and I was worried, thought something had happened to him, so I’d gone to you to ask you to come with me to go look for him. But after I was halfway to Kansas after being given directions by your friends, I got a call from dad and found out that he was still alive and kicking.” His grin grew confident again. “So I decided to just continue on and see what you were doing.”

“Your dad’s okay?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah.” Dean looked at her silently for a minute. “You know what we do, right?” He motioned around them at the dead creatures. “If Sam hasn’t told you with all of this---.”

“She knows.” Sam interrupted, still tense.

“He told me the first day we met.” Chloe admitted.

“The first day?” Dean frowned at Sam. “What happened our number one rule? The one that says: ‘Don’t tell anyone about what we do’?”

“When you meet someone who is hunting down escaped alien convicts, my past seemed like something outtaStepford.” Sam replied.

Dean snorted. “Please. Aliens do not exist.” Seeing the look passed between Sam and Chloe his eyes widened. “Wait, are you serious? Little green men with antennae exist?”

“Well, actually most aliens I know could pass for human supermodels.” Chloe admitted, grinning at his wide-eyed shock.

Dean managed to close his mouth and grinned at her. “So you an alien then, gorgeous?”

Chloe raised an eyebrow at Sam’s brother in amusement.

Sam, on the other hand, was far from amused. He tightened his hold on Chloe. “Dude. She’s my girlfriend. Enough already.”

Still touchy I see.” Dean muttered to himself before smiling at his brother. “Let me do the big brother thing and lay it on you in a brutally honest way, my little geeky brother, she is way out of your league.”

Sam closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, obviously trying to calm himself.

Chloe, though, could see the truth of the matter. Dean just really liked getting a reaction out of Sam. “So you came here to check up on your brother and spent the time watching him from the corner of the room, the darkest corner of the room, eating pie.”

Dean blinked in surprise before grinning. “You noticed me.”

Chloe ignored that. “You weren’t going to let Sam know you were here, were you?” She smiled at him. Deep down inside, Dean Winchester was a big softie looking out for his little brother. “You just wanted to make sure he was okay and then you were going to go.”

That smile had wiped off Dean’s face. “That another one of your weird little abilities? Mind reading?”

“No, I’m just observant.” Chloe replied.

“How are you, Dean?” Sam’s question would seem late for many people, but Chloe knew the difficult history between Sam and his family, and was proud of him for making the effort.

Dean looked shocked for a second before covering it up with that ever-present, cocky smile of his. “I’m fine. Living the life. Hunting, saving damsels, eating pie.” He turned to Chloe. “Changing the subject...You mind explaining how you lit up like a bonfire?”

“I’m the phoenix.” Chloe admitted in a very straightforward way. She didn’t see why she had to keep anything secret from Sam’s brother. If she had her way he’d be her brother soon enough.

“Yeah, I recognized the costume.” Dean’s gaze went from her to Sam and back.

“No, she means she’s the phoenix.” Sam shook his head, realizing that his brother just wasn’t getting it.

Dean blinked, frowning slightly. “You mean like the bird?” He turned to Sam. “Dude. You’re dating a bird?”

Hurried footsteps caught their attention and they turned to see Lois, Wesley, Whitney and Clark appear in the alley, all breathless and covered in blood.

“Everyone okay here?” Whitney asked, voice tired and hoarse.

“Who’s he?” Clark asked as they finally noticed Dean.

“And where can get one?” Lois murmured, blushing when she realized that she’d said it out loud.

Wesley’s eyes narrowed on her.

Honey, I was only admiring.” Lois hurriedly tried to repair the damage. “He’s only eye candy---made to be looked at and not touched. But you? You’re touchable! Very touchable! I like touching you. A lot!”

Wesley didn’t look appeased.

“That would be my cousin, Lois, earning herself a night on the sofa.” Chloe told Dean, who looked amused with the whole situation. “Wesley’s her partner, and by them are our two friends Whitney and Clark.” She turned to the others. “Everyone, this is Dean Winchester, Sam’s big brother.”

Wesley sighed and took off his glasses, trying to clean them with his shirt—but his shirt was just as dirty as the rest of him so there really wasn’t much difference when he put them back on. “Why don’t we finish this conversation in Lois and my apartment? Everyone can have a bath and change their clothes.”


Sam had gotten an apartment in the same complex that Wesley and Lois had, so they were essentially neighbors. The males had announced that they’d thought it’d be a good idea since Chloe and Lois had lived with each other since they were young girls and they hadn’t wanted to separated them. The girls knew though that Wesley had made sure Sam got an apartment next to him and Lois because he needed to have male moral support close by.

It wasn’t easy living with Lois, it was something even she admitted to.

Poor Wes.

While Lois, Wesley and the boys went to their apartment to wash up and change clothes (Clark and Whitney had some extra cloths there from when they’d go to Wesley and Lois’ to practice with Wes), Sam and Chloe took Dean to their apartment. That way they could all wash up and Dean could borrow some of Sam’s clothes.

Chloe had been allowed to shower first (one of the privileges when you were a woman), and when she’d finished Sam offered the shower and a clean pair of clothes to his brother. Dean had looked at the sweats and shrugged, heading to the bathroom to get rid of the monster blood and guts all over him.

“How’ya doing?” Chloe asked Sam as she ran the comb through her wet hair.

Sam sighed from where he stood on the wood floor. “Not sure. He’s my brother and I love him, but I can’t help but feel uneasy that he’s here now.”

“He was worried about you, Sam.” Chloe sighed, putting down the comb and looking at her boyfriend. “You know he loves you, and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

“Intentionally.” Sam agreed in his own way, looking around the apartment. “I can’t believe he drove all the way toKansas.”

“I’d do the same for Lo, and she for me.” Chloe responded, sitting down on the sofa’s armrest. “It’s what families do.”

“Family.” Sam sighed, going to the mantelpiece and picking up the only picture he had of his family together. It’d been taken the day of his sixth month of life, the day before his mother had been murdered. The picture was faded but shone with the love in the faces of Mary and John Winchester, holding their young sons in a tight, tender and protective hold and smiling into the camera.

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded. “Family.”

They were silent after that and when Dean emerged from the bathroom, wearing one of Sam’s t-shirts and rolling up the waist of the sweat pants so the legs wouldn’t be so long on him, Sam nodded at his brother and went to bathe.

Dean threw himself down on the sofa whose armrest Chloe was still sitting on, looking around the apartment in appreciation. “Nice place you two have here.”

“I know.” Chloe agreed. “Lana will never forgive me for moving in here, but it’s not like we talk much anyway.”

“Lana?” Dean asked.

“Old high school acquaintance.” Chloe explained, still working on the tangles in her hair. “This used to be an old theatre her parents met in and bought to commemorate their love. They were killed in the meteor shower and her aunt Nell used it as a flower shop, but the building was falling to pieces and during a fight the gang and I had a couple of months ago with the freak of the week, the place kinda blew up.”

“Blew up.” Dean echoed, grinning at how she worded that so carelessly.

Kaboom.” Chloe emphasized, shaking her head and wincing when she managed to pull at her hair. “Well, Lana was devastated, she kinda had the place as a shrine to her parents. And then Lex Luthor, the resident billionaire bad-boy turned responsible role-citizen offers to buy the remains of it from her Aunt Nell to build apartments.”

Dean motioned around him with his hand.

“Exactly.” Chloe finished detangling her shoulder-length hair and put the comb down on her lap. “So from what I’ve been told, Lana tried her best to convince Lex to rebuild the Talon---the name of the theater—and return it to its former glory. How I hear it, Lex scolded her about sentimentality and challenged her to change his mind. She couldn’t. The next week Bulldozers had torn down the remains of the Talon and this apartment complex was built in its stead.”

“Poor girl.” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah.” Chloe replied without much conviction as the bathroom door opened and Sam emerged from the steam like a god---a shirtless god---a shirtless god with a six pack.

She was staring, she knew she was staring, but Chloe just couldn’t stop.

Where had Sam been hiding those muscles all these years?

The brunette looked up and smiled sheepishly at her. “Forgot to take in a shirt.”

She was not complaining. “Oh.” Was that squeak her voice?

The blonde nearly fell off of the armrest as she leaned back to not lose sight of that marvelous figure when Sam went to the bedroom.

Dean snickered.

She returned her attention to him, blushing madly, having forgotten that the other brother was there. “What?”

“You’re really in love with my brother, aren’t you?” Dean asked, smiling at her.

“Yeah.” Chloe smiled right back at him, warming at the topic. “He’s a great guy, the best I know.” She pointed to the promise ring she never took off. “He slaved for two weeks to buy this for my seventeenth birthday, and I thought he was having an affaire with this girl, and broke up with him—wouldn’t talk to him to let him explain.”

“Ouch.” Dean winced.

“I know.” She always felt guilty every time she remembered that time in her life. “So Sam comes to Smallville to talk to me---but I’d gone to L.A. to help a friend. With my dad’s help Sam figures out where I am and goes to L.A., and corners me and everything comes out.”

Dean was silent, observing her.

“I can’t tell you how shocked I was when he gave it to me.” Chloe admitted, twisting the ring on her finger with a soft smile. “It was the happiest day in my life. Not only did I find out that he hadn’t found someone else, but hecommitted to me.”

“We should probably get over to Wes and Lo’s.” Sam’s voice said from behind them, and both on the sofa turned to see in surprise that Sam was leaning against the bedroom door, arms folded over his chest, smiling at them.

“Just a minute.” Chloe stood, going to the bedroom to grab her cellular. Dialing the number despite how late it was, Chloe closed the bedroom door and listened to the ringing.

“This better be important.” A voice groaned on the other side of the line when it was finally answered. “Its three in the morning!”

“Lorne.” Chloe spoke, feeling guilty and a little nervous. “It’s me, Chloe.”

Apple pie?” Lorne was surprised and suddenly completely awake. “It’s been forever since we saw each other last. How are you doing? What am I saying? You’re calling at three in the morning, something must have happened. Do you need me to call Angel?”

“No.” Chloe was quick to clarify. “I need to talk to you.” She sat down on the bed and told the green empathy demon about all that’d happened since last they’d spoken. She told him about her dreams, of Sam’s dreams, and of the visions. “How good are you at doing readings over phones?” She finished. “I was planning on driving over with Sam, but his brother appeared and they haven’t seen each other in forever and I don’t want to be the reason their reunion is short-lived.”

“I completely understand.” Lorne responded. “And I wouldn’t want you around here at this time either, it’s sostressful. So many things have happened here, and they have Angelcake in a tiffy. And Spike’s being here isn’t helping at all.”

“Spike?” Chloe frowned, in confusion. “I thought he died saving the world?”

“He did.” Lorne responded. “And now he’s here in ghost-form. The big-guy’s about to go insane with Spike around.”

“A vampire-ghost.” Chloe shook her head. “Our lives are never boring, huh?”

“Amen and hallelujah.” Lorne sighed. “So, put on Sammykins so I can try reading him.”

“Thanks Lorne.” Chloe placed her hand over the receiver and called out. “Sam? Can you come in here a minute?”

“Coming!” Sam called out, hurrying to the room and entering it, closing the door behind him. “What’s wrong?”

“Sing for Lorne.” The blonde ordered, thrusting the phone in his direction.

Sam raised an eyebrow at her before taking the phone and clearing his throat. “Hello Lorne, how are you doing? … Sorry to hear that. … Yeah, I have, but the vision is a new thing. … It hurt like hell.” Taking in a deep breath Sam nodded and then turned his back to Chloe as he began a shaky rendition of a song Chloe had never heard before.

When he was finally finished he turned to face Chloe once more, face red from embarrassment, listening intently to what Lorne was saying. “Uhuh…” He shook his head, going to sit next to his girlfriend, mostly silent, only making sounds of acknowledgement when needed. “Yes, thank you, it was nice talking to you too Lorne.” He then passed the phone back to Chloe.

“Lorne?” Chloe asked when Sam refused to say anything.

“Oh my sugarplum, the good news is that you found your connection.” Lorne replied. “Bad news? There’s some big ugly connected to the both of you and it will be causing some trouble for you in the near future. You two need to get closer because something is going to happen soon.”

“Big ugly how? Like what?” Chloe asked, standing, sharing a look with Sam.

“I don’t know---it’s something connected to both his past and that of his brother’s.” Lorne replied, shivering. “All I got was a case of the heebee-jeebees and glowing yellow eyes.”

Yellow eyes?

Why did that sound familiar?

“He’d do good to make peace with his dad and brother too.” Lorne added. “You’ll be needing their help to defeat this thing, whatever it is.”

“Thanks, Lorne.” Chloe smiled. “If it ever gets too much for you at Evil Inc. remember you have a place here.”

“Oh, you’re always so sweet.” Lorne chuckled with tender regard. “Now get some rest cinnamon-bun, okay? We both need our beauty rest. And call again soon, I miss talking to you. Just---call during the day next time.”

Chloe smiled. “Will do. Bye.” Hanging up, Chloe turned to Sam, face serious. “Can you think of anything with yellow eyes in your past? A demon you failed to get rid of and has a grudge, or a monster, or something?”

“No.” Sam shook his head. “Ever since Lorne told me about that I’ve been trying to go over a list of things of what it could be but I can’t come up with anything. I’ll ask Dean later if he remembers anything with that description.”

“I’ll talk to Wesley as well.” Chloe nodded. “What I don’t get is how it can be connected to us both.”

They were silent before Sam sighed. “We should go, everyone’s waiting on us.”

“Okay.” Chloe nodded, before grinning. “I wonder if Wesley’s forgiven Lo yet.”


“So let me get this straight.” Dean Winchester said slowly, looking at the members of the ragtag team. “You’re aSlayer who’s going out with an ex-watcher.” He pointed from Lois to Wesley before turning to Whitney and Clark. “You are a meteor freak and you are an alien.” He then turned to Chloe and Sam. “You are a Phoenix and Sam is your connection to these Powers That Be…” He paused. “Is that everything or am I forgetting something?”

“No, that’s about it.” Whitney responded, looking amused with Dean’s shock. “We’re weird, huh?”

“I grew up killing monsters.” Dean answered, still shaking his head in amazement. “Who am I to judge?”

“So, are you planning on staying long?” Clark asked curiously.

Dean paused for a second before shaking his head. “Nah. I’m a man of the open road. There’s still a lot out there that I have to hunt, more damsels in need of saving.” He grinned in Chloe and Sam’s direction. “Since I met Chloe here I can go in peace knowing that she’ll keep my brother safe and sound.”

Sam sighed.

Dean frowned. “Plus, I have to meet up with dad and see if he knows anything about this yellow eye guy Sam’s friend was talking about.” He made a face. “Not that I trust anything a demon says.”

“There are good and bad demons in this world.” Lois narrowed her eyes at Dean. “You’re just going to have to get that in your head. Lorne is one of the good ones. We trust him.”

“And that’s your deal. I never met a demon who didn’t need exorcising or a monster that didn’t need killing.” Dean pressed his point.

“Getting back to the topic.” Wesley pushed his glasses up his nose. “I’m most intrigued by this description. ‘Yellow eyes and heebee-jeebees.’ It’s not much to go on, but I’ll go through my texts as well and see if I can find anything. I’ll call Rupert too, maybe he has heard of something similar.”

“If there’s anyone who’ll find it it’ll be you baby.” Lois gushed. She’d been kissing up to Wesley desperately the whole night, trying to redeem herself for that comment in the alley. “You’re the smartest guy I know.”

“Yes, I remember.” Wesley commented in a flat voice. “’Demon-hunting nerd’ was the term she used, right Sam?”

Lois flinched.

Sam had no compassion at all on Lois. “Yeah. Those were her words exactly.”

“While I would enjoy nothing better than watching Lane squirm after all she’s put me through the last couple of days,” Whitney started as he stood and winced slightly in pain. “I have work to get to tomorrow and it’s already five in the morning, which means I have only two hour of sleep.”

The blonde winced, his body still sore from the excess use of his powers. “Damn. I forgot I drove Lane and Wes’s car for them.”

Clark looked up, standing up as well. “I’ll take you home. I came in the pickup, and I should be getting home anyway. I have to do stuff around the farm later.”

Whitney eyed Clark suspiciously before snorting and accepting the offer. “Okay. Let’s get out of here.” He made a step towards the door and nearly toppled over, only managing to keep standing through his strong self-will. “Dammit, my body’s gone cold.” Which meant that he was feeling all the aches and pains from the strain of forcing his powers.

Clark was by his side, worried, hand on his back. “Dammit Whit, you shouldn’t have forced your powers so much tonight. You knew you’d be like this.” He looked so annoyed with the blonde. “Maybe you shouldn’t go to work tomorrow. Stay in bed and take it easy, I’ll call Mister Miller and let him know you---.”

“Will you stop it already Kent?” Whitney snapped, shaking off Clark’s hand. “I am not Lana. I don’t need to be protected and coddled and reassured and looked after every single minute of the day! I am not weak, and I’m notyour girlfriend, so stop acting as if I were!” He glared dangerously at the taller boy. “Honestly, I could electrocute you sometimes! You’re so damned annoying!” And with that the young blonde stalked away, banging the door closed behind him.

Clark looked after him in confusion. “What does Lana have to do with anything?” He seemed to ask himself as he shook his head, waved goodbye to the others, and hurried out after the other male.

“Are those two…?” Dean asked, looking after them.

“No.” Wesley shook his head. “But sometimes they make one wonder.”

“Is it me, or was that the first time Whitney has ever said anything negative-sounding about Lana?” Lois wanted to know.

“Clark didn’t exactly defend her either.” Chloe was just as shocked.

“As fascinating as those observations might be, we should be going to bed too.” Sam got up, pulling a groaning Chloe with him. “See you guys later.”

They returned to their apartment and after making sure that Dean was comfortable on the sofa (which was also a pull-out bed), Sam and Chloe went to their bedroom. Chloe was nervous as hell as she changed into a large shirt, although she doubted either of them would do anything with Dean right outside.

This was going to be the first time she slept in their apartment.

Getting into bed, pulling the sheets up around her, Chloe waited until a shirtless (gulp) Sam entered the bed before turning off the light. “Good night.” She whispered before his lips touched hers in the darkness.

“Good night.” Sam whispered against her lips before they laid down.

A little embarrassed, Chloe turned her back to Sam, smiling slightly when he spooned her from behind, his arm going around her waist, keeping her pinned comfortably against him.

Welcome home.” He whispered in her ear before drifting off to sleep.

That smile grew on her face as all embarrassment left her and Chloe closed her eyes in peace.


She was home.



6th-Mar-2009 03:48 am (UTC)
Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwweeeee!!!! ♥ I absolutely adored that chapter.

Whit's rant to Clark = Love. LOL... they really do make ya wonder, lmao.

And the Chlam in this chapter was excellent... too bad Dean on on the couch :( heh^^
6th-Mar-2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
hahahahaha *burst out laughing* are you saying you wanted a Winchullivan sandwich? lol
7th-Mar-2009 01:40 am (UTC)
LOL, no, I meant that Chloe & Sam couldn't really "celebrate" with Dean being in the next room. Heh^^
6th-Mar-2009 05:29 am (UTC)
awwww the fight was awesome . loved how the talk went with all of them . i wonder if chloe will remeber that the yellowed demon was the one to take clark's powers . can not wait to see where your going next with this .
6th-Mar-2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
thanks, I'm actually a little disappointed in the fight, but I'm glad you liked it.
6th-Mar-2009 07:12 am (UTC)
Awesome update, it was the perfect reward for FINALLY finishing my paper. I hope Dean is sticking around for awhile and that John enters the story sometime soon. I'm so loving the Chlam and you know I'm looking forward to the eventual, and hopefully dirty, smut *grins*

Great job and I can't wait for the next update.
6th-Mar-2009 12:41 pm (UTC)
*you finished the paper?* YAY!
The smut--ah yes...lol
6th-Mar-2009 09:18 am (UTC)
ok, i was wondering since the first time whitney appeared but yeah, are clark and whitney going to be an item? lol

we didn't have smut, i'm a little bit disapointted but I know you'll make fireworks between chloe and sam and that's all good

great idea that papa winchester is all good, did I mention that I truly love your Lois? she's awesome lol

i'm ridiculously in love with this series lol
6th-Mar-2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
Whitney and Clark---that actually caught me by surprised. I'd planned for Clark to end up with someone else, but the banter between them is getting saucy
6th-Mar-2009 09:46 am (UTC)
*giggles* Lois is just too funny. But I can't blame her, because I too would be asking if I could my hands on a Dean. And Wesley being jealous and bring up the "demon-hunting nerd!! Those two are just hilarious.

Dean is just a sweetie looking out for his baby brother.

Sam emerged from the steam like a god---a shirtless god---a shirtless god with a six pack.

Yeah, I remember that scene when he comes out with only a towel. Yeah, yum!! Seriously, when are getting the dirty celebration???
6th-Mar-2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
I honestly love Wesley and Lois, what can I say?
6th-Mar-2009 12:07 pm (UTC)
DEAN! It was the first thing I yelled out halfway through the last chapter. It was the pie that made it stand out, lol. This chapter was full of love stuff!

OMG Whitney and Clark, yes they really do make one wonder. Is there something going on there? hmmm... --cheers--

Oh, Dean, I just wanna hug him. That last line though gave me all sorts of warm feelings, very cool.
6th-Mar-2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
haha, everyone seems to like the clitney!
28th-Dec-2009 07:51 am (UTC)
Aww Dean is going bye bye, so sad. I can't help but laugh at the fact that Chloe is having as much trouble as she did during the first part of the series when she met Sam. Not sure if I should feel sorry for her or not... Nah. Watching her blush is too funny.
28th-Dec-2009 08:05 am (UTC)
you're mean---I approve!!!!
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