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Double Double Toil And Trouble 1/2 
11th-Mar-2009 11:27 pm
Title: Double Double Toil And Trouble
Sequel to: Potential Threats
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel/Supernatural/Buffy
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, Lois/Wesley, some Clark/Whitney
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own none of the fandoms mentioned above
Summary: They were all expecting an apocalypse...THIS really wasn't what they had in mind. For no explainable reason everyone in Smallville is acting insane...and Chloe and Clark seem to be the only ones unaffected. And what does LANA have to do with all of this?
Note: Due to the situation in this story, the characters will be VERY ooc, it's intentional. Just enjoy it. lol


Chloe took a look at the scene in front of her, stepped out of the house, and closed the door. Bringing a hand to her head she rubbed her forehead, wondering if she might be hallucinating---maybe even still be asleep—but a pinch to her arm proved that she was very much awake and now with a sore arm.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe opened the door once more and entered.

The scene hadn’t changed.

That was when she was sure that she’d woken up in a different dimension.

It was the only explanation she could find to having walked in on this.

Taking out her phone she dialed Sam, who was at Books N Mayhem, dealing with the latest order of books that had arrived.

“Hey babe.” Sam’s voice sounded cheerful. “What’s up?”

“Is it raining frogs and mice where you are?” Chloe asked, looking outside the window at the sunny day suspiciously.

“Um, is that a trick question?” Sam asked, amused.

“No silverware wooing furniture or anything like that?” Chloe pressed.

“Are you feeling alright?” By now Sam sounded worried.

“I’m not sure.” The blonde turned to the sight in front of her, checking herself for a fever. “I think I may have entered another dimension—but if I have, I’ve got great reception on this cellular.”

Sam chuckled. “What makes you think you’ve stepped into another dimension?”

“Is the sight of Mrs. Kent making out passionately with her own reflection enough?” Chloe asked, watching as Clark’s mother pulled away from the hand held mirror long enough to tell it how gorgeous it was before plastering her lips against it once more.

“Huh?” Sam choked.

“Mrs. Kent?” Chloe ignored him, taking a cautious step towards the redhead.

Martha Kent looked up at Chloe and blushed. “Chloe! It’s so good to see you! I want you to meet the love of my life!” She pointed to the mirror. “Me!”

“Did she just say that?” Sam asked, able to hear everything going on.

“Uhm, gee, Mrs. Kent.” Chloe blinked, not exactly sure how to respond to that. “That’s uh, great. But, uh, what aboutMr. Kent?”

“Jonathan?” Martha asked, waving that off. “He’s gone to live with Nell Potter. Good riddance. Now I can fill thiswhole house with mirrors. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“I’m calling Wesley.” Sam announced, hanging up on Chloe.

The blonde put away her phone, smiling weakly at Martha. “When did all of this happen?”

“This morning.” Martha announced, gaze returning dreamily to her reflection, fluffing her hair. “Don’t I look divine?”

“Celestially.” Chloe nodded, deciding that it was safer for her to just agree with the older woman. “Um, Mrs. Kent---.”

Martha, call me Martha. I’m not with Jonathan anymore.” And she said that while smiling at her reflection.

“Uhm, yeah, Martha.” Chloe cleared her throat. “Have you tried any new product lately? Cologne? Drink? Anything made in Smallville or that was suspiciously green?”

“No, nothing new.” Martha frowned, looking at a wrinkle on her face as if it’d offended her personally. “I just woke up and realized that I’d been untrue to myself all these years. Jonathan realized the same thing as well, and we parted ways. We’re both happy.”


Alternate dimensions.

Had to be.

“Did you have a reason for coming here?” Martha asked, not unfriendly.

“Um, I came for the books I left here after the meeting last night, but that’s okay. I’ll get them later.”

“Okay then.” And then Martha Kent ignored her, baby-talking herself. “Who’s the most beautiful woman? Who? Youare! Yes you are!”

Backing out of the home slowly, Chloe closed the door behind her and hurried to her car, not stopping until she’d driven towards Nell Potter’s home. She needed to see if Jonathan Kent was really there, and he was, kneeling on the porch, crying out to Nell Potter, who was peering out at him through the curtains in the window as if he were crazy.

Which, he really looked as if he were.

“Nell!” Jonathan cried, pulling at his hair. “Take me back! I love you! I never stopped!”

“Jonathan Kent! I will call your wife if you don’t stop with this nonsense!” Nell Potter called out, aggravated and a little nervous. “Or the sheriff! Whichever makes you more frightened! And my money’s on Martha!

“Martha knows I love you and she is happy for me!” Jonathan was clawing at the door like a lost kitten begging for sanctuary. “And call the sheriff if loving in a sin---because I’m guilty baby!”

Nell gave a little screech of extreme irritation and closed the curtain shut. “Go to hell Jonathan Kent!”

Nell!” Jonathan wailed.

Chloe shook her head and drove away.

She wasn’t touching that one with a ten-foot pole.

Minute by minute the whole alternate dimension seemed more and more likely an answer to the situation on her hand.

Her phone rang and she was wary to answer it, but when she saw Sam’s number she did. “Is it raining frogs now?”

“Not exactly.” Sam’s voice was cautious. “But you might want to call your cousin.”

Dread filled the blonde as she stopped by the side of the road. “What? Why?”

“I just talked to Wes.” Sam began slowly. “And he’s doing his best to keep Lois trapped in the apartment before she can escape join the Sisters of the Sacred Rose.”

“Huh?” Chloe blinked.

What code was he speaking in?

And then she understood, her eyes opening. “A convent? Lois is planning on joining a convent? Of nuns?” She sputtered, horrified. “She’s not even catholic!”

“That’s not the only thing.” Sam warned. “I just saw Mr. Marx, the dude that always walks his dogs, proclaiming his undying love for them for the whole world to hear.”

“Eww.” Chloe frowned. “Sam, what the heck is going on? I just saw Jonathan Kent on his hands and knees clawing at Nell Potter’s door proclaiming his undying love. And Martha is only preoccupied with her reflection. Now Lois decides she wants to become a nun?”

“I don’t know, but more and more people are getting affected by whatever it is.” Sam sounded like he was flipping a page. “I’m going through some of the occult books Wes has here in the back section of the store, but so far I haven’t found anything on any demon or entity that’d do this.”

“Keep searching, I’ll come help in a few.” Hanging up, Chloe continued to drive further into town, the more she saw the more she noticed that people were insane.

Some were dancing in circles, an eighty-year-old woman was walking about flipping people off while wearing a punk shirt that said Fuck Life and Screw Death, and more and more insane things happened around every corner.

And then Chloe saw Clark.

Stopping the car, Chloe maneuvered around the crazies and made her way to the alien, who was looking around him in relative terror. “Clark?”

Clark looked up at her. “Chloe, what the hell is going on here?”

The fact that Clark had cursed proved just how disturbed he was.

“I was hoping you’d be able to tell me.” Chloe frowned, looking around her. “Whatever it is, it’s affecting the whole town. The only people I know of that it hasn’t affected are me, Sam and Wes.”

Clark looked terrified. “I didn’t hear Lois’ name mentioned.”

“She wants to join a convent.” Chloe responded.

Lois a nun?” Clark choked at the very thought. “But she isn’t even catholic!”

Chloe threw her hands up in a ‘tell me about it’ kinda way. She looked around her. “Have you seen Whitney? Is he okay?”

Clark’s face closed up at the mention of the electricity-controller. There’d been a lot of tension between those two lately, and Chloe sighed, wishing that they would stop acting like two-year-olds.

Then again, Clark was being somewhat unreasonable.

According to the alien Whitney had been neglecting his duties ever since he’d begun seeing Mellissa Ryan some months back, and Whitney pointed out that he was doing the same thing he always did. And Chloe had to agree with him. Whitney never put Mellissa before anything. His job at the store, his time hanging out with them, his family, his part in their gang of evil-fighters----it all came before Mellissa Ryan.

And yet Clark was being difficult about the relationship.

It’d gotten to the stage where he and Whitney had nearly come to blows the night before, with Whitney calling him resentful and jealous because Whitney had a girlfriend and Clark didn’t.

Maybe it was true because Clark had just glared angrily at Whitney at the comment and stalked away.

“I haven’t seen him.” Clark announced icily. “And who cares if he was affected or not? You know what? I hope he was! I hope he think he’s a worm or he decides he wants to live in the mud or something like that.”

“And you’re not being bitter and resentful at all.” Chloe muttered under her breath before turning her green gaze on Clark. “You can’t really wish that on Whitney. Despite your problems with each other you are friends, and I knowyou’d be worried if something happened to him.”

“Would not.” Clark growled, looking around him. “Do I look worried? No. I’m enjoying the chaos.” He frowned when he saw a couple of three year olds doing the Macarena. “Okay, that’s insane. How do three year olds even knowabout the Macarena to begin with?”

Chloe turned to the view and blinked. “They’re good.”

“And synchronized.” Clark agreed.

Chloe’s phone rang. She noticed it was Sam and answered it immediately. “Did you find anything?”

“Chloe.” Sam’s voice sounded odd. “I love you.”

She blinked. “I love you too.”

“I love you so much.” He continued, still in that odd voice. “I want us to be together forever. I worry about our relationship.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion. “I worry too.”

“Don’t ever leave me.” Sam suddenly exclaimed, sounding heartbroken. “Don’t leave. I’ll take care of you.”

“It’s gotten to you.” Chloe was worried. “Sam, what just happened before you called me? Did you drink anything? Did you see anything? Smell anything? Is it a demon?”

“I’d kill anyone who tried to get between us.” Sam answered. “Demon or not. I’d stop the apocalypse for you if I could. And I will! Just don’t leave me!”

“Sam, I’m not leaving you.” How awkward this was becoming. “Just tell me baby, what just happened? Why are you suddenly scared that I’m going to leave you?”

But Sam just broke out crying.

Chloe was horrified.

Sam was crying.

About her leaving.

Obviously he was convinced she was going.

But why?

How had this happened?

Why was this happening?

Was this something to do with the supposed upcoming apocalypse?

She did the only thing she could think of.

She hung up.

Sam rang her.

She cut off the phone call.

He rang her again.

Praying Sam wouldn’t do anything more insane while she was gone, Chloe switched her phone off and turned to Clark. “Whatever it is, it’s gotten to Sam.”

“This is bad.” Clark muttered, grabbing Chloe’s hand. “We should find Whitney and see if he’s okay.”

Chloe smiled.

She’d known that Clark would get over his little snit and worry about Whitney once he realized how things were going.

They headed to the car and Chloe reached for Clark’s phone, ringing Wesley, praying that he at least was still normal.

Tell me you know what’s going on.” Wesley sounded desperate.

Chloe breathed out in relief. “You’re still normal.”

“Chloe?” Wesley asked in surprise. “Why are you calling from Clark’s phone?”

“Whatever is happening got to Sam, and he’s calling me nonstop about me leaving him.” She answered, driving down the street, careful not to run over anyone in his or her craziness. “How is Lois?”

“I have her locked in our room.” Wesley sounded tired. “The last time I peeked in on her she was kneeling in front of our bed saying her Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers---asking forgiveness for the sins of fornication, lust, violence and countless others even I didn’t know she was guilt of.”

“Why a nun of all things?” Chloe wanted to know, intrigued.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Wesley sounded so tired. “I—wait a second.” There was the sound of a creaking. “She escaped! How? This is a two-story apartment!”

Chloe groaned as she parked in front of the store Whitney worked at, watching as Clark exited the car and hurried into the store calling Whitney’s name.

“You go after her---and be careful. Clark and I are checking up on Whitney.”

“Okay, you guys be careful too.” And then Whitney cut off the call.

Getting out of the car, Chloe entered the store and watched as Whitney entered the store through the back door, holding a box of shoes he’d been bringing for a client.

“Whit.” Clark relaxed when he saw him. “You’re okay.”

Clark.” Whitney smiled when he saw him, going towards the tall alien. “What are you doing here?”

“There’s something going on out there.” Clark tried to explain. “People are doing the freakiest things and---.” But he couldn’t finish because Whiney had dropped the box of shoes and thrown his arms around the dark haired boy’s neck, bringing his lips to his and kissing him.

Chloe froze as she realized that the mysterious something happening to people all over Smallville had gotten to Whitney as well.

We’re too late.

And then she blinked when she realized something else.

While Clark’s eyes were wide and he was frozen in surprise---he wasn’t pushing Whitney away as the blonde boy leaned closer into him, deepening the kiss.

If only for a second, Clark’s eyes closed.

Chloe’s mouth fell open.

And then Clark’s eyes flew open and he pushed Whitney away, wiping his hand over his mouth. “What the hell, Whitney?”

Whitney smirked at Clark. “Think about it. Lana might have been right for once. Surprising.” And with that he picked up the box he’d dropped and went to tend to the customer, who was watching him with wide eyes.

Clark was watching Whitney as well with wide eyes and a blush darkening his face.

Chloe blinked.


This kinda explained Clark’s sudden dislike of Mellissa Ryan.

Did her---was her best friend beginning to have feelings for her other best friend?


Then again, maybe he’d just been in shock.

As always Lana seemed to be the only thing on his mind.

“She might have been one of the few lucky ones to be unaffected by whatever this is.” Chloe tried to comfort him, but knowing Lana’s luck she probably had an army of lunatics chasing her down at this very minute.

“No----he mentioned Lana.” Clark announced, turning to her. “I think we should find her. Maybe she knows something about what’s going on.”

It seemed like a long shot, but Chloe shrugged and decided that it was the only real lead they had. “Where do you think Lana would be during a moment like this?”

Clark frowned, obviously thinking. “I have no clue.”

“Do you still have her number?” Chloe wanted to know, thinking it a stupid question.

“No.” Clark surprised her.

“You don’t?” Chloe gasped, surprised.

“She changed it after the whole thing with Adam a couple of months back.” Clark replied, leaning against the wall of the store.

“Oh.” Chloe frowned. “I wonder if Whitney has the new number.”

Clark snorted, folding his arms over his chest. “He probably does. She’s been coming to the store lately to talk to him.”

“Really?” That was news to her. “About what? Is she trying to get back with him?”

Clark shrugged. “I don’t know.”

They watched as two lovers mimed a fight, complete with the male throwing himself at the girls’ feet and pretending to stab his heart with an imaginary knife.

Clark tilted his head to the right as he watched the two silently act out their fight, the female dramatically hurrying off while the male giving a soundless call towards her, rushing after her.

“This is like a bad musical.” Chloe made a face. She shook her head and called Wesley once more.

It rang and rang.

It cut off.

She blinked.

And called again.

It rang and rang.

And cut off.

“He’s cutting me off!” Chloe frowned, turning to Clark before dialing the number again.

It rang and rang.

And Wesley finally answered. “What do you want Chloe?”

“Have you caught up with Lois?” She asked, surprised at his harsh tone.

“She ran off to join the convent. Boo Hoo.” Wesley announced. “I’m not wasting my time on someone who wants to dedicate herself to God and such nonsense. Angel went after a girl who wanted to become a nun and his wooing made Drusilla. I will not be stuck with a Drusilla!”

And then he cut off the phone.

Chloe blinked.

“What is it?” Clark asked, warily.

Chloe sighed and turned to him. “It’s just you and me, buddy.”

“It’s got Wes as well?” Clark gasped.

Chloe nodded, worried.

Sam and Wes were the smartest of their gang, they knew whatever there was to know and where to find what they didn’t. Without the two of them on the team she was going to have to resort to doing things the old-fashioned way.

Searching things for herself.

Before she was the Research Girl of the team, but when Wes had appeared he’d slowly but surely taken that position. He was much better at it than her when it came to all things demonic, and Chloe only applied her hacking skills to the intranets and such he couldn’t get into.

But Wes and Sam were the ones with the demon knowledge---knowledge they needed.

“We should go search for Lana.” Clark spoke, pushing away from the wall. “Maybe she knows what’s going on.”

Chloe nodded.

As they walked away, unable to drive since the road was now filled with chaos, she wondered if she and Clark were the only two people in Smallville unaffected.

And if so, why?



12th-Mar-2009 05:57 am (UTC)
oh man lol. what did lana do to the town . why is sam freaking out like that is he acting that way because of the vision he had? PPMS
12th-Mar-2009 12:44 pm (UTC)
lo, sam is under a the effect of whats happening
12th-Mar-2009 09:38 am (UTC)
I don't know what is funnier: Martha loving her reflection, Lois trying to run off to become a nun, or most amazing Whitney laying one on Clark and Clark enjoying it and of course Chloe realizing that Clark enjoyed it. She will tease him merciless, right??

And what is Lana doing??
12th-Mar-2009 12:44 pm (UTC)
Glad you like! And to be truthful, I liked writing the Clark/Whitney moment more than I thought I would---I was imagining I was Chloe watching and I couldn't help but laugh. Tom Welling always has the most amusing surprised expressions...
Lana....hmmm....wait and see!

Edited at 2009-03-12 01:38 pm (UTC)
12th-Mar-2009 10:47 am (UTC)
Its early in the morning and I am so saving this to my scan disk for later read. I just go so excited seeing a new chapter, hehehe.
12th-Mar-2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
hope you like!
12th-Mar-2009 03:16 pm (UTC)
Like is not the word. More like loooooove. LoL. Not only have you got me curious about whats makin people nutters, but I just about had a heart attack with the greeting Whitney gave Clark. __giggles__

Lois joinin the convent! I could just imagine the look on poor Wes face while he listened to her conffession. lol.

Oh Sammy. Wtf.... I demand thext part.
12th-Mar-2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love that Sam icon! *drools and dies*
13th-Mar-2009 01:16 am (UTC)
Lovely ain't it? lol.
28th-Dec-2009 08:28 am (UTC)
Jeeze louise, Lana is seriously screwed up. Wonder why Clark and Chloe aren't as messed up. Well I'm sure I'll find out in the next part!
28th-Dec-2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Yep! You will! :D
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