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Claiming An Angel 1/? 
23rd-May-2008 09:58 am

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters
Title: Claiming an Angel
Part: 1/?
Sequel to: Angel
Series: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Chlam, Chlean, minor Chlark
Chapter Summary:
Sam and Dean find Chloe in Smallville in time to be affected by a mysterious, strange new meteor freak with lust powers. They should fight their desire, they really should, but it's hard when you don't want to. DeanChloeSam

“Who do you think you are?”

Dean and Sam traded looks. It’d been hard finding their blonde in Smallville, and since Dean would be recognized as the Jason character he’d had to wear a baseball cap (which he hated) bigger, darker shades (which he REALLY hated) and stay in the car like a chastised kids while Sam got out to do the enquiries of the townsfolk (which he abso-fucking-lutely hated).

So, it was an understatement to say that Dean hadn’t been in the best of moods since they’d arrived in the small town the night before.

When they’d managed to sneak in the back of The Talon to get up to the room above (which had been hard because the owner, this brunette girl who just kept looking at Dean had kept a hawk’s eye on them they hadn’t expected to open the door to their apparently defenseless Angel on the ground, knee prodding dangerously into the chest of some bald young man who she had pinned to the ground.

“Now Chloe…” The man tried to reason with her.

Obviously neither had noticed the presence of Sam or Dean.

“Don’t ‘Now Chloe’ me you asshole!” Chloe Sullivan as the picture of deadly anger. “First you go all Doctor Frankenstein on me, then you have your incompetent little minions following me around, and now you just waltz into my home, uninvited, and tell me that?” She pressed down on her knee, and the guy winced and obviously hated having betrayed how discomforted he was. “You might have Lana fooled, but I know the real you.”

“Yes,” The other man whispered softly, looking up into her angered face. “You know the me no one else does. You know the real me.”

Pain flickered through her mossy green eyes before she pushed away and stood. “Get out Lex.”

He stood, looking amazingly elegant despite the fact that Dean and Sam both had seen him being beaten by a petite little thing like their Angel.

‘Lex’ turned to leave and paused, noticing them for the first time. A blush covered his pale face when he realized that they must seen what had happened and heard their little exchange.

Chloe finally noticed the Winchester brothers and her eyes widened in surprise before a blush darker than ‘Lex’s’ covered her beautiful face, a small smile lifting her lips.

Sam’s brown eyes ate Chloe up, ignoring Dean, ‘Lex’ and the terse interchange the two were having.

He couldn’t believe that he’d finally found her. He was finally standing, uninjured and quite awake, in front of the woman who’d plagued his dreams and visions since the day she’d brought him back to life with her kiss. He didn’t understand how she could do that, and what sort of creature she was, but he didn’t care. She obviously was using her powers to help people. She was a ‘good’ girl.

A good hunter.

A chosen one, like him.

And she was so beautiful.

Sam’s throat was suddenly dry as he looked her over, wishing that he had Dean’s innate charm and outgoing personality so he could tell her how beautiful she looked with her shoulder-length blonde hair tousled from the fight she’d had with this ‘Lex’ character, and that the blush on her creamy skin somehow made her eyes stand out more like two emeralds surrounded by creamy white pearls.

He would have told her that he loved the way she dressed. Like in his visions and dreams she had a mature style that without being sluttish like most women, she still pulled off being sinfully sexy in a completely confident yet oblivious way.

His eyes zeroed in on her lips and he gulped, observing that she was only wearing lip-gloss, wondering what flavor she wore and wanting more than anything to taste it.

“Well, I’m glad he didn’t realize who you look like.” Chloe’s voice was a soft husky sound as she walked passed them and closed the door the other man had just stormed through. “Thanks for the save, though I don’t know how you two got passed Lana downstairs. Dean looks so much like Jason I would have thought that even in his private-eye getup she would have recognized him.”

Sam shook his head, scolding himself for being so wrapped up in her that he’d forgotten his surroundings.

Chloe leaned her back against the door, looking them over.

Sam blushed.

Dean smirked and opened his mouth to say something that Sam had no doubt would be perverted.

Sam suddenly realized what she’d said. “You know who we are?”

Her smile was a beautiful sight to behold, blowing both Winchesters away. “Dean and Sam Winchester, son of John and Mary Winchester. Hunters.” She grinned, tilting her head to the side. “After our meeting I began to doubt that Dean was actually Jason, so I began looking things up and after an extensive search with Ollie’s and Bruce’s help I found archives on you two.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Of course, when it appeared that you two were being searched by the police Ollie wanted to bring you in, but I threatened to dye a certain leather article of clothing bright pink, so he left everything to my judgment.”

Sam had no idea what she was talking about, but her smile was infectious, so he returned it, even though his was sheepish.

“I found out about the doppelgangers and I’ve actually been in contact with Ellen Harvelle. She was a little closed off at first, but Clark and I can be pretty convincing.”

Sam blinked. Ellen had spoken to Chloe? Why hadn’t she told them?

“And I got the whole story.” Chloe’s tone was pure business, yet there was a mischievous expression in her mossy green eyes. “So, what brings you two to Smallville?” She frowned. “You aren’t tracking anything here that we should be warned about, are you?”

“Nah. Actually, sweet-cheeks, we’re here for a different--.” Dean started, giving Chloe his panty-dropping smile that’d gotten him laid too many times to count.

“Call me ‘sweet-cheeks’ again, and I’ll make sure Jason isn’t the only look alike to not leave Smallville alive,” Chloe told Dean with an innocent expression and sweet tone in her voice.

Sam’s smile grew large. “I knew I liked this girl.”

Chloe turned to Sam and giggled.

Dean shot his brother an ugly glare before returning his attention to Chloe, obviously trying to charm her, and frustrated that out of all the girls that could have been immune to him it would have to be her. “We were looking for you, actually. To, to thank you. You, you saved Sammy and I from death.”

Something in Dean’s voice must have caught Chloe’s attention because her smile disappeared and she turned to look at him seriously for the first time since she’d closed the door behind her. “You’re welcome.”

Sam watched Dean’s face heat in what would apparently be a blush, and he couldn’t believe it. Dean. Blushing.

Then again, he could understand Dean’s reaction to Chloe, not only was he attracted, he was also grateful. Not only had she brought back Sam, but she’d saved Dean, and her kiss had done something unexplainable to both of them.

It’d helped Sam with his visions. He had more control of them and they didn’t hurt like they used to.

And she’d given Dean his soul back.

Damn, that’d pissed the Crossroads Demon off to no end when the soul ‘was torn’ from her and ‘shot’ out back into Dean.

The brothers had been surprised when they’d been confronted by the pissed off demon, since neither had realized that Dean was no longer a slave of fate. They’d realized that Chloe’s powers were of healing, and when she’d healed Dean her powers must have considered his being soulless as a sickness or injury and had taken care of healing him completely.

They both had so much to thank her for.

And instead both were blushing like idiots.

“Somehow I would have figured you two to be more chatty.” Chloe teased as she reached behind her and opened the door once more. “Sit down, I’ll get you two coffee and we can talk.”

“I’ll help ya.” Dean took a step forwards.

Chloe raised her hand, stopping him in his tracks. “You look too much like Jason, you’re lucky no one recognized you.” Her mossy eyes fell on Sam. “But you could help me.”

Sam felt his blush flaming back to life. “Sure.” Shooting a smile in his scowling brother’s direction, Sam followed Chloe out of her apartment and down the stairs into the busy coffee house below.

“Lois!” Chloe called over a brunette (not the one who’d been looking at Dean earlier) and the taller girl in an apron came over.

“Hey little cousin, and tall, handsome stranger behind little cousin.” The beautiful woman with amazing curves announced with a smile as she came over to them. She looked Sam over with a smirk before turning to Chloe. “I told you breaking up with Jimmy would broaden your horizons.” She’d said broaden while looking at Sam’s shoulders.

“Behave.” Chloe blushed slightly. “I want my regular.” She turned to Sam. “What would Dean and you want?”

Sam opened his mouth.

“You have another handsome guy with you?” Chloe’s cousin asked in mock-horror before nudging the blonde mischievously. “Didn’t take you to be into kink. I’m. So. Proud.”

Lois!” Chloe’s blush had darkened, and Sam couldn’t help but chuckle while all the while thinking that she looked so cute.

“We’ll have two blacks.” Sam turned to ‘Lois’, giving her a friendly smile. He was going to have to make sure Dean met her.

“SHELLY!” Lois screamed behind her at a scared-looking redhead. “TWO BLACKS AND A CAPPUCCHINO! NOW!”

“Y-yes L-Lois!” the girl scrambled away to do as ordered.

Chloe and her cousin began talking, and Sam took the time to look around the coffee house, surprised at how many people were there. It was as if the whole town had an addiction to the dark liquid.

His dark eyes went over the crowd, feeling a sensation of unease, and his gaze landed on the brunette who’d been eyeing Dean, and the bald man next to her—the same man that Chloe had been arguing with in her apartment.

Sam didn’t like either of them--nor did he like the way the bald guy looked at Chloe despite the fact that the brunette with him was obviously his girlfriend or something.

Arm going around Chloe’s waits protectively, Sam only realized what he’d done when she stiffened, but before he could turn to her, eyes wide in horror, and stammer an apology—or at least pull away—she’d sent him a smile and relaxed in his hold, returning to her conversation with her cousin, who was eyeing him with approval and mischief.

Sam smiled slightly to himself at that, unconsciously tightening his hold on his petite little Angel. While Dean was the Casanova out of both of them, he actually had the lead. Not only had Chloe accepted his touch, but her family liked him.

“H-here y-you go Lois!” The redhead whispered, hurrying up to Lois’s side, balancing the three Styrofoam cups. “Two blacks and Chloe’s order.” She looked up at Lois, eyes begging for acknowledgement. It was obvious that she worshipped the older girl.

“Thanks Shelly.” Taking the cups from the girl, Lois passed them to Sam and Chloe, dismissing the redhead silently. She giggled at Chloe. “If Ollie and I weren’t a couple, I’d be jealous.”

Sam looked at Shelly and noticed the dark scowl on her face at the mention of this ‘Ollie’, but the young man was glad. When Chloe had mentioned ‘Ollie’ before he’d wondered if she’d left ‘Jimmy’ for ‘Ollie’ but at least he knew now that Ollie was with Lois.


Trying to set up Dean with Lois had seemed like such a great way to get his brother out of the picture.

“Well, run along you two, I have a business to run for baldie.” Lois shooed them away with a smile before turning and nearly running into Shelly, who’d stayed behind her. “Hey!”

“Sorry Lois!” Shelly cried out.

“Stop apologizing all the time, kid.” Lois rolled her eyes at the high-school girl. “Relax. You keep acting like I’m gonna eat you or something!”

Sam was sure he heard a sinfully amused snort coming from Chloe at those choice of words when Shelly went beet red and muttering ‘oblivious’ to Lois, Chloe turned to him. “Let’s go? I don’t think Dean’s someone safe to leave by himself for an extended period of time.”

Sending a look in the direction of the bald man who was scowling darkly at him and his arm around Chloe, Sam smirked and followed the blonde back to her apartment.

Chloe rolled her eyes at the farm boy and silently vowed revenge on her cousin.

She’d been having a surprising good time with the hunters before Clark appeared. While they’d tried keeping some semblance of anonymity of what they did, when she freely shared her adventures with them (except the truth about Clark) Sam and then Dean had both opened up to her. Stories and flirtations had been exchanged between the three of them throughout the day and into the evening.

The blonde changed into some more comfortable clothes and the three of them had ended up sitting on the floor, eating pizza and sharing stories. The brothers shared insults every couple of minutes, but the fact that they obviously reluctantly cared for each other and really didn’t mean the insults other than playing made it oh-so-cute.

Then, Clark had appeared knocking at her door furiously.

Apparently, Lois had talked to him on the phone and when he’d asked why Chloe wasn’t picking up her phone, her cousin had nothing better to tell him other than ‘She’s probably too busy with her ménage à trois’ and then added ‘She has a sex life you know—you should try get one too’.

Of course, that had had Clark super speeding to Chloe’s apartment before even hanging up his call with Lois.

Chloe didn’t know why the three men were so uncomfortable around each other. What had been a fun evening was suddenly a “Whose-dick-is-bigger” contest between the brothers and her overprotective best friend.

“It’s dark outside.” Clark announced oh-so helpfully. “Where are they sleeping?”

“With me.” Rolling her eyes when Clark turned beet-red and began sputtering, Chloe took in a deep breath. “In the apartment with me! Clark, I never thought you had such a perverted mind!”

An arm went around her shoulder, and suddenly Dean was besides her, holding her as if she belonged to him, as if he had every right over every inch of her body. “Now, Angel, you don’t have to try and hide the fact that you want me in your bed.” He drawled in his low, sexy voice. “Didn’t think you’d want to include Sammy though—but for you I’d make the exception.”

Clark glared at Dean.

Sam glared at Dean. “Stop being such an idiot man!”

“Just for that, Samantha, you’re sleeping on the floor.” Dean shot back.

“As are you.” Chloe couldn’t keep the laughter at hold and she shook her head, giggling at Dean and his flirtations. While he’d stopped calling her ‘sweet-cakes’ and ‘baby’ she couldn’t him or Sam to stop calling her ‘Angel’…and to be truthful she liked the name, liked the feeling they put into the word when it left their sexy lips.

Stop thinking like that!

But it was hard when she was in the company of such sex-gods.

Dean gave her a mock-wounded look.

A cellphone rang and Clark frowned, reaching for his. “Yes?” He paused. “Mom? Huh? Yeah. I’ll be there.” Ending the call he glared at Sam (who’d unknowingly gone to stand on Chloe’s other side possessively) and Dean before returning his attention to the short girl. “Chloe, you don’t know them.”

“Clark, we are not having a ménage a trois!” Chloe explained, hoping Clark didn’t have super scent because he’d be able to smell the fact that her body was reacting to the thought. “Dean and Sam are going to sleep on the pullout sofa bed and keep me company for the night.”

Her friend wasn’t convinced.

She smiled at him. “Go and help Mrs. Kent.”

Clark frowned and sighed before nodding his reluctant consent. “Call me if you need anything.”

“Won’t be any need of that.” Dean announced in a clipped voice. “We’re here.”

Clark glared at him. “That’s what worries me. I didn’t trust Jason and I don’t trust you.”

Chloe frowned, wondering what was going on with him. “Clark, you were friends with Jason, you just stopped liking him when you found out that he was with Lana.”

Clark had the grace to look ashamed. His cell phone rang once more. “I—I gotta go.” With that he turned and left.

Chloe frowned, watching him go, wondering what was wrong with him before shaking her head and closing the door. Turing to the brothers, she froze. They both watched her in silent intensity, and she felt naked.

Unconsciously rubbing her thighs together, Chloe looked up at them. “So, where were we?”

Jolting awake in her bed in the dead of the night, Chloe gasped, sweat soaking her clothes and had them sticking to her skin. Terror filled her soul as she got up from the bed and hurriedly stuffed her feet into her bunny slippers and threw the bedroom door open.

Normally, she would have taken time to admire how cute Dean and Sam looked sleeping on the pullout bed, on opposite corners, obviously having fallen asleep that way. But she didn’t have time to admire the handsome and amazingly sensual brothers, instead rushing passed them and throwing open her apartment doors with a bang (unknowingly waking her guests) and running down the stairs as fast as her bunny slippers would allow.

Downstairs The Talon was bathed in darkness, but Chloe’s eyes, accustomed to the darkness, shredded through the black easily. Closing her eyes tightly she concentrated on the sounds, wishing she had Clark’s ability of super hearing.

Concentrating she could hear the thudding upstairs as Dean and Sam hurried to get out of bed. She heard a cat hissing somewhere outside, and then she heard it.


Who was outside at this time of the night?

Unlocking the back door, Chloe hurried out into the back alley and froze. A shadowy figure loomed over a prostrate form on the dank ground, and the person on the ground, shrouded by the dark of the night, whimpered softly in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

At first Chloe wondered if this was a vampire feeding, but she realized that it wasn’t.

Then she wondered if this was just two people about to have sex in the back alley, but then she noticed the soft green glow of the attacker’s hands and lips.

Meteor Freak

Just like me.

That still hurt, but Chloe remembered the words Clark would whisper to her whenever she was close to a break down and fearing that she’d someday become like the other meteor freaks she knew. You are good, Chloe, you are the incarnation of good. You help people, would die—if you could—to save someone. The day you become evil is the day I become a fashionista.

Sam and Dean burst out through the back door, Dean holding The Colt high and looking around him rapidly before narrowing in on the Meteor Freak and his/her victim.

For a moment he leered at what looked like an amorous activity before he suddenly noticed the glowing fists/lips too. Hazel eyes narrowed and he aimed the Colt at the MF. “Step back bub.”

The shadowy figure tore his/her lips from the victim and a female whimper of protest sounded. The next thing Chloe knew a bright green light shot out towards them, throwing them back against the door so violently it knocked the breath out of them.

The blonde whimpered at the pain in her head as well. She could hear the Winchester brothers groaning next to her, trying to get the strength to stand. Chloe didn’t understand what had just happened, but her body was inflamed, fire racing through her veins and heat pooling at the vee of her thighs.

Opening her eyes, her gaze immediately rested on Sam and Dean. The moment her gaze focused, she took in their features and her heart started beating so rapidly it was painful. She wanted them, she wanted them so badly her body ached.

Deep within her she realized that the meteor freak’s attack was manipulating her, but Chloe couldn’t control her body, her urges, her desire for them.

Chloe…” Sam’s voice was husky as he pulled her to her feet and against his chest. “I…can’t…stop…” His eyes begged her to understand before his lips claimed hers, fingers digging into her hair.

Chloe whimpered into the kiss when she felt Dean plaster himself against her back and brought his mouth to the curve of her neck, nibbling on her smooth skin, lathering it with his tongue. “Angel…”

She knew that they were all being manipulated by the power of this odd Meteor Freak, and that while they were trying to fight it they were losing horribly.

A groan of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt them growing hard against her stomach and ass. The hair on her body stood on end as their hands traveled over her, squeezing and touching places she’d never allowed another to touch, inflaming her.

And as Dean’s ministrations to her neck made her wild, Sam’s thumbs hooked in the waistband of her pajama pants and began to lower them down her hips. Chloe closed her eyes.

None of them paid attention as the Meteor Freak and the victim disappeared into the darkness of the night.

To be continued…

11th-Jul-2008 06:56 am (UTC)
lol... very glad you decided to write more for that story... seriously loving this and I hope there's more! ;D
11th-Jul-2008 09:04 pm (UTC)
lol, as u already know, there is another
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