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Connor 13/? 
19th-Mar-2009 01:37 pm

Title: Connor - Part Two
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. She's tried fighting her attraction to him but realizes they're in love. Why should she fight it? And what's the big bad that's threatening their happiness NOW?

Lois Lane wondered once more at the life her cousin had made for herself. Up until a couple of hours ago vampires and demons and spells had seemed like only mythology to her, and yet here she was, standing next to Chloe, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred and Angel, observing the symbol Lorne had painted on the floor of the lobby.

The symbol was painted in thick white stroke in the form a two-foot diameter circle with seven evenly spaced three-foot spokes coming off of it. Lorne was now placing bundles of magical supplies and candles in each section.

“I don’t like this.” Gunn frowned. “Symbols on the floor of this lobby never means anything good for us.”

Lorne didn’t look up from what he was doing. “Check your bad vibes at the door, pouty britches, this is for Chloe.”

Gunn sighed and nodded. “Yeah, sorry.”

Fred hugged him and turned to Lorne. “Are you sure everything is going to work? We do have a bad history when spells are involved.”

“My parade is rain-proofed, baby doll.” Lorne stood and backed away, admiring his work. “My first reading since I got a hole drilled, and I find a spell to bring our little Chloe right back to us.” He grinned proudly. “Lo-lath ch-owrng ne bruun.

Lois raised an eyebrow, wondering exactly what the demon had just said. It definitely wasn’t English, or human.

Fred smiled at Lorne. “Kaya-no-m’tek.”

Lois looked at Chloe, about to ask her if she had any idea what they were saying to each other, but her blonde cousin seemed just as confused as she was.

“Did I miss the spell?” A new voice asked, causing Lois to turn in time to see a handsome man she’d never seen before with a scar down the side of his throat appear. He looked confused, narrowing his eyes slightly. “Did English go away?”

Everyone looked surprised to see him, everyone but Lorne. “No, it’s Pylean, crumpet. I said, “I may be prepared to shout a joyful chant”.”

Fred seemed to be considering something before sharing a look with Gunn, nodding, and then turning to the newcomer and giving him a genuinely friendly smile. “And I said, “May your words please the gods.”

Despite Lois’ former curiosity, she now ignored everything the others were saying and just looked at the man. He was handsome, amazingly so, and the scar on his throat only added to it. She found her throat suddenly dry, and had to remind herself to breathe when his sharp blue gaze turned to her.

“Ms. Lane?” His voice, completely British, was tinged in surprise.

“You—you know me?” Lois asked, surprised.

“Yes indeed.” He announced, coming down towards her and taking her hand, giving it a firm shake. “After I got to know Chloe I researched her and her family and came across you. I’d never forget your face.”

And Lois knew she was blushing.


“Well, you have me at a loss.” Lois tried smiling at him. “You know who I am but I don’t know who you are.”

He smiled. And it was beautiful. “Wesley Wyndam-Pryce at your service. Your cousin is my dearest friend.” He turned his attention to Chloe and his smile was reassuring. “I know you can’t remember me now, Chlo, but hopefully when this is over you will.”

Her blonde cousin nodded and smiled.

Lois just couldn’t tear her eyes from the Brit.

“Lets get this started.” Lorne announced.

The seven of them sat each on one of the painted spokes of the symbol Lorne had painted earlier. They were holding hands, with candles lit in front of them. Chloe sat between Lorne and Angel, while Lois sat between Fred and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and she couldn’t help but think that the beating of her heart had to do more with the fact that she was holding the Brit’s hand rather than that she was about to participate in her first spell ever.

“Ok, eyes on the bottle.” Lorne announced, referring to the bottle in the middle of the symbol, before beginning the chant. “We come in supplication and hope. Bring her back.”

The bottle started to move, to dance around the center of the circle. Suddenly, magical amber light streamed out of the bottle, a trail of the amber light shooting into each of those sitting on the symbol, causing them to fall back on the ground, losing grip on each other’s hands. Then the light stopped and the bottled fell over and spun in the corner of the circle.

Everything shifted, blurry, and Lois couldn’t concentrate. She felt completely drugged, trance-like.

“What’s going on?” Cordelia’s voice was odd, sleepy-like.

“I feel a little…” Lorne began to crawl away.

Lois looked around, vision swerving, realizing that everyone seemed confused, entranced, or just plain buzzed. They broke the circle. Lorne crawled behind the counter and passed out.

“What’s happening to us?” Gunn asked, looking at his hands as if they were the most interesting things ever.

Angel somehow got to his feet and stumbled outside, leaving the others.

Inside, Fred was inspecting a houseplant quite caressingly. “This is important. It’s so beautiful…” She then wretched inside of the plant’s pot.

Gunn got to his feet and practiced martial arts moves, stumbling throughout most of them.

Lois threw her head back and laughed, beginning to undo the buttons of her shirt. It was horribly hot in here anyway.

Wes was still sitting next to her. “We’ll just wait to see if there are any side effects…” And then he burst into giggles.

“What’s happening?” Chloe stood, stumbling. “We can’t just…we have to…” Walking dizzily, the blonde smashed the bottle with her foot…and suddenly Lois realized she was on the floor of a strange place, unbuttoning her shirt.

The brunette’s eyes widened and she sat up again, buttoning her shirt and looking around her, not recognizing anyone but her little cousin Chloe.

Chloe? Lois narrowed her eyes in confusion. Why isn’t she in Smallville?

“What the hell is going on here?” An older woman with short, dyed blonde hair growled, summoning Lois’ own thoughts.

“What’s your name?” A British voice asked.

Lois turned to the man sitting next to her and her eyes widened. Yummy, yum yum.

The dyed blonde, now standing, frowned as if surprised he didn’t know who she was. “I’m Cordelia Chase, dumbass. And if this is some sort of sophmore hazing prank where I get doped up and left with a bunch of proto-loser, then my parents are gonna be suing the entire population of Sunnydale. Comprendez?”

Chloe made her way to Lois’ side, helping her up, eyeing everyone else warily. “Lois, where are we?” She whispered.

“I have no idea.” Lois whispered back. “But I doubt this is Smallville or Metropolis.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” A handsome dark man asked the dyed blonde.

The woman turned on him. “It’s called kidnapping a minor, hair club for men.” She sneered. “And if you think for a second I’m gonna be putting up with this, well, you don’t know Cordelia--.” She paused when the doors opened and a handsome white male entered. “Cordelia…” She tried again, but her eyes were wide and on the male. “Hello salty goodness.”


The one with the British accent had taken charge of the situation, and Chloe was glad. She was confused and irritated. Where was she and why was she there? Why didn’t she have a good memory of what was going on? The last thing she remembered before waking up here was deciding in her room to sneak into a nightclub in Metropolis to investigate some suspicious murders happening there.

“All right. Hang on.” The Brit turned to the dyed blonde with an attitude. “You’re Cordelia Chase, you’re a high school student and you live in Sunnydale. Is that correct?”

“Right.” Cordelia nodded.

The Brit turned to Lois. “And you, miss?”

Was Lois blushing?

“Um, I’m Lois Lane, and I recently graduated from highschool in Metropolis.”

“I’m Chloe Sullivan, high school student.” Chloe answered when the Brit’s eyes turned on her. “I live in Smallville.”

“One from California, two from Kansas.” He muttered to himself before turning to the dark man in their midst. “So. Who are you?”

The man narrowed his eyes. “I’m the guy that’s gonna be kicking a whole mess of ass if somebody don’t tell me what’s going on.”

Cordelia snorted. “What do they call you for short?”

The dark man glared at her.

She seemed completely unimpressed.

“Does anyone here recognize anyone?” The Brit asked, sighing with annoyance.

Chloe raised her hand, catching everyone’s attention. “Lois is my first cousin on our mother’s side.”

There were murmurs at that.

The male that Cordelia had found so appealing had yet to come down the steps into the lobby. He crouched down, balanced on his tiptoes, and hugged his chest.

“Anyone else?” The Brit asked.

No body else recognized each other.

A skinny girl with dark hair spoke up. “I’m Fred Burkle.” She turned to Cordelia. “I’m also in school in San Anton.”

Cordelia snorted at that. “Oh, we’re both I school. Oh, gosh, let’s be best friends so I can lose all my cool ones.”

The Brit narrowed his eyes at her. “There’s no need to be snippety, Miss.”

She narrowed her eyes in disgust at him. “This is a clarion call for snippety, Princess Charles.”

“Will you just shut up for once?” Lois snapped at Cordelia. “I know you like hearing the sound of your own voice, but it’s annoying and nothing you say is constructive. At least he is doing something useful.

Cordelia narrowed her eyes at Lois.

“Thank you.” The Brit smiled at Lois. “And my name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.” He grabbed his lapel and puffed up with pride. “I am from the Watcher’s Academy in southern Hampshire. In fact, I happen to be head boy.”

“Gee.” Cordelia muttered. “I wonder how you earned that nickname.”

“I’m warning you.” Lois growled.

Wesley didn’t seem to realize the innuendo in what Cordelia had said because he just smiled at her and replied. “A lot of effort, I don’t mind saying.”

Chloe couldn’t help but giggle.

The dark man suddenly sighed and folded his hands over his chest. “Gunn.”

Wesley panicked, ducking, looking around him. “Where?”

“That’s my name.” Gunn replied with a roll of his eyes. “The short version.”

Ah.” Wesley straightened up, clearing his throat. “What school do you attend?”

Gunn rolled his eyes again while Cordelia scoffed.

Cordelia, obviously deciding that Wesley wasn’t worth her attention, went to the male sitting on the steps, smiling at him. “So we’ve heard form the socially handi-capable. What’s your story?”

“Mad.” The man stood, pointing his finger at all of them. “You’re all mad. These clothes. Your speech. This place.” He paused, looking around him. “What land is this?”

Lois raised an eyebrow. “What ‘land’ is it supposed to be?”

“Yes,” Wesley took a step closer. “Where do you hail from, friend?”

The male scoffed, making up his face in disgust. “I’m not your friend, you English pig. We never wanted you in Ireland. We don’t want you now.”

Gunn raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “You Irish?”

Cordelia made a face. “You don’t sound Irish.”

The man scoffed. “For most certain, I sound exactly--.” His eyes widened in shock and his hand went to his throat. “Something’s wrong with my voice.”

Wesley sighed. “Well, what’s your name?”

“Liam.” The man announced, his face growing concerned as he held his throat again at the sound of his non-Irish accent.

Cordelia took a look at him and then dismissed him, obviously his good looks weren’t enough to keep her interested. “Great. We’ve all got names.” She walked towards the door. “Bye, now.”

“I wouldn’t be so quick, Miss Chase, to leave.” Wesley’s voice stopped her. “Clearly, we’re all victims of some nefarious scheme.”

Liam, from where he was now sitting on the stairs, muttered to himself, obviously trying to figure out what’d happened to his accent. “Liiiiaaaaammmm…”

Wesley ignored him, pointing to the door. “I’ll lay odds that that door is bolted shut. And who knows what peril lies outside it.”

Liam was still sitting on the stairs, muttering to himself. “English pig.” He tried again when the voice was still markedly American. “English pig?”

“Before we do anything, I suggest we gather as much information as we can.” Wesley announced, grabbing his lapels once more.

Liam continued to ignore them. “Liiiiiaaaammm…”

“The important thing is to start with the facts.” Wesley announced. “We’re all from different cities, we’re all of an age…” He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Judging from the amount of facial hair I’ve grown, we’ve all been unconscious for at least a month.”

Cordelia reached up and touched her short hairstyle, eyes going wide in horror. “Oh, God. Oh, God. My hair. My hair!” She started crying. “Whoever did this gave me bad hair!”

“Lois hair never used to be that dark either.” Chloe pointed out the darker color before fingering her own hair, eyes widening as she realized that strands went passed her shoulders. “And mine isn’t this long! My hair is flippy, hair this long doesn’t flip!

Wesley frowned. “Perhaps the whole point of this experiment is hair.” He touched his chin stubble.

Gunn raised an eyebrow at Wesley before turning to the others. “I vote he’s not in charge.”

“It’s the devil.” Liam whispered to himself before looking up, his voice growing stronger with his conviction. “It’s the devil.”

Cordelia was still crying. “My hair?”

Liam ignored that as he stood. “My father said I was a sinner…that I’d come to a bad end.” His eyes widened. “Now I’ve come to hell.”

Gunn snorted, looking around the place they were in. “Well, hell’s a lot nicer than my place.”

“I think it’s a hotel.” Lois announced. “This looks like a lobby.”

“Maybe it’s Motel Hell.” Fred giggled and snorted.

Chloe raised an eyebrow at her before shaking her head and looking around, eyeing the odd symbol and stuff on the ground. “Well, wherever this is, we were supposed to be here. This was planned. Look at this symbol. This might be some satanic cult or something.”

“Oh my god.” Cordelia’s eyes went open. “What if they’re going to virgin sacrifice us or something?”

Fred whimpered.

Wesley turned to Gunn. “Let’s get the lay of the place.”

Gunn snorted. “Don’t be giving me orders. I run my own crew.”

Wesley looked somewhat condescending with his smile. “I’m sure your seafaring adventures are very interesting, but I have experience of things you couldn’t imagine.” He paused. “I’m not head boy for nothing.”

Gunn sneered, getting in his face. “You ‘bout to be headless boy, you don’t get out my face.”

“Intimidation.” Wesley uttered a nervous chuckle. “Points for effort.” He pulled back a little. “Perhaps a little kar-ate technique will put you in your place.”

Wesley then began a pretty bad demonstration of karate martial arts, impressing no one. During one of his moves he bent his wrist downwards and a dagger shot out of his forearm.

No one gasped in surprise as loud as Wesley as he jumped back, staring at his forearm with large blue eyes.

“What the hell was that?” Lois asked, going to inspect the thing sticking out from Wesley’s forearm.

“A clue?” Wesley squeaked, obviously just as confused as the rest of them.

“Is that…a wooden stake you got?” Gunn asked, all hostility gone, replaced with worry.

“Apparently, yes.” Wesley frowned, worried as well. “Which changes the scenario quite a bit.”

Fred tried karate moves of her own that were so horrible they made Wesley’s seem like a masterful art. After a couple minutes of making herself look like a fool she stopped and inspected her hands, clearly disappointed. “I didn’t get one.”

“Nobody got one except English here.” Gunn narrowed his golden eyes. “Why’s that?”

“I don’t know.” Wesley admitted. “I suggest we look about for weapons of some kind though.”

Gunn was silent before nodding. “Yeah, that part works.”

Lois and Chloe nodded, going towards the stairs. Liam stayed where he was on the steps. Fred and Gunn walked around to the back of the front counter, while Cordelia stayed right where she was and Wesley tried to get the weapon on his forearm to go back to its hidden location.

Suddenly Fred screamed, and Wesley’s concealed weapon started going haywire. A sword came out but it was too unwieldy for him.

“Aah!” Fred screamed.

“AAH!” Wesley screamed, finally getting his weapon under control, freezing. “All right. Nobody scream. Or touch my arms!”

“Are you alright?” Lois asked, hurrying down to his side, leaving Chloe on the steps with Liam.

Wesley looked up at Lois and nodded. “I’m just worried about moving and activating this contraption again.”

“I, uh, I think I found another clue.” Fred announced, looking down at something behind the counter.

“She ain’t wrong.” Gunn announced from behind her.

Cordelia hurried behind them and gave a little cry. “Ok, this is even less funny. What the hell is that?”

Chloe and Liam exchanged a look before they hurried along everyone else to look behind the counter. There was a green thing with horns passed out on the floor.

Chloe’s eyes widened in shock.

Oh my god.

“I knew it.” Liam announced from her side. “It’s the devil.”

Fred tilted her head to the side, frowning slightly, eyes on the creature. “Why is the devil sleepy?”


“This ain’t your business, kid!”

“No.” Connor growled, grabbing the vampire and throwing it against the wall on to follow it, pinning it there, his clenched fist pounding mercilessly into its face. “This is my bad mood.”

Sensing the vampire’s friend hurrying towards him Connor jumped into the air and kicked both vampires in the face at the same time, sending them back. The one charging realized that it was no match for Connor and ran away, but the second was trapped, and Connor grabbed him by his lapel before throwing him against some garbage cans and pulling out a stake.

This is my business.” He brought down the stake into the vampire’s heart and watched as it exploded into dust, before turning to the woman the vampires had attacked. “Are you okay? Were you hurt?”

“They were gonna kill me.” She said to herself, getting up from her hiding place. “Bastards.”

Connor snorted. That sounded like something Chloe would have said. “Well, you’re safe now.” He turned to walk away, there was still a lot of anger in his system and he needed to find more vampires to dust before he’d be calmed enough to look for Chloe and take her back home.

“Whoa. Hey.” The woman reached out and grabbed his arm, hurrying in front of him. “Baby, you saved my life.” She smiled at him and touched his chest. “Don’t you want your reward?” She leaned in so that they were face to face. “I can give you a nice reward.”

Connor raised an eyebrow at her, intrigued to realize that no, no other woman’s touch made him feel anything. It was only Chloe’s.

“I already have a nice reward.” He replied, stepping out from her embrace. “And she’s all the reward I’ll ever need.”

The woman pouted. “You don’t know what you’re missing, kid.”

“No, I do know what I’m missing.” He replied, suddenly realizing what he had to do. “And I’m going to get her back right now.”


They’d ducktaped the green thing to the lobby bench and then it’d all come out. Apparently there were vampires and demons in the world, and Gunn had been fighting them since he was 12 and Wesley was studying in a school that taught him all about them. He’d identified the demon as some long name Chloe wasn’t even going to begin try and remember, and then a fight had broken out between Wesley and Gunn as to leadership.

The fight had been horribly pathetic and Lois and Cordelia had ended it by both hitting the men in the back of their heads, causing the males to pull apart and whine at the pain. Right after that Fred and Liam found a weapon’s cabinet, and Wesley had explained what he thought was really happening.

This was some sort of test by the Watchers Association. They’d put people with a deadly vampire in the house and the people had to either kill the vampire or get killed.

When Cordelia had wanted to know why they shouldn’t be leaving Liam had had the answer. Obviously they’d been changed somehow. People’s hair and accents were different, and as Fred had pointed out, Chloe was the only one who could still pass for a teenager, everyone else looked in their early twenties.

They’d then decided to split into three groups, each with a male a female. Gunn and Fred went one way, Wesley and Lois the other, and Liam and Chloe headed upstairs. They’d gone to check some rooms and then Liam had gone to the bathroom and things had been odd.

He’d been making odd sounds in that bathroom, had muttered a little panicky that he was invisible, and then he’d locked the door to make sure she couldn’t go in after him.

“Are you okay, Liam?” Chloe asked, worried.

“Yes—yes, of certain.” But his voice was wobbly.

He later came out and they ventured downstairs to join the others only to have Liam run out on them with a hurried goodbye. And then he was back, rushing forwards, closing the door behind him and crying out about numerous noisy, shinning demons being outside.

Fred had then asked if the vampire wasn’t supposed to be looking for them instead of them looking for it---which was a really good question and should have been obvious to them from the beginning.

And that was when Wesley let them in on his newest theory.

The vampire was one of them.

That was when the demon woke up---and everything went to hell. One minute the demon was talking to them as if he knew them, and then he pointed out Liam as the vampire, and when Liam’s punch sent the demon and the chair flying across the room there was no turning back.

At first Liam had claimed that he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but then Wesley shot a stake through his stomach and Gunn charged with the axe. Liam turned and fought Gunn, throwing him against the wall, knocking the black man out before turning to Wesley.

“If it’s a vampire you all want, then it’s a vampire you’ll get.” He announced, cracking his neck. “I’ll feed from all of your bodies---starting with the women.”

“Ladies.” Wesley had announced, weapon out. “Run.”

And they had. They’d all taken off in different directions and Chloe had lost track of the others. She didn’t know where they were or what they were doing or if they were even safe.

Chloe hurried into a storage room, feeling him behind her. She didn’t know why she could feel him so easily, but she ducked behind a container.

“You’re good.” Liam announced as he came down the stairs into the darkness of the room. “Move swift like the wind and silent like shadows, but I can feel you.”

Her eyes widened from where she hid.

So this connection was two-sided?

Why was that?

“You know, you give me a hunger unlike the one when I look at everyone else’s neck.” He declared, voice closer, footsteps sounding louder. “It’s different.”

Chloe gulped and closed her eyes tightly.

“Why don’t you come out from behind that box? You look uncomfortable.”

His voice was right above her.

Eyes flying open, Chloe looked up and saw him sneering at her. She tried to scurry away but he reached down and grabbed her, pulling her out and pinning her to the wall.

Chloe screamed at the pain in the back of her head as it collided with the wall, the scent of her blood saturating the air. “Let go of me!” She tried to kick, hit, scratch him somehow, but it was impossible.

He was just too strong for her.

And there was something, something that told her he wouldn’t hurt her.

And how stupid was that?

“I like you.” Liam announced, face changing before her eyes, fangs descending. “I think I’ll change you, make you one like me. You’ll be Eve to my Adam.”

Chloe’s eyes narrowed and she snapped her teeth at him, feeling a tingling in her gums, wondering why those now golden eyes widened in shock.

“You---you’re like me.” He whispered in awe.

Chloe froze. “What?”

Liam supported her whole weight in one hand and brought the other to her mouth.

Chloe bit down hard on the digit, eyes widening when his blood spurted into her mouth and it was familiar. She knew that taste.

“My my.” Liam chuckled, pulling his finger from her mouth when she let go, admiring the fangs marked in his finger and showing it to her. “My little kitten has claws of her own.”

No.” Chloe whispered. “I’m not your kitten! I’m not like you!”

He sneered. “Then let me fix that.” And with that he leaned forwards and bit down savagely on her throat.

A scream pierced the air and Chloe bucked, trying to get him off of her, screamed for help, for someone, and then someone rushed Liam, the surprise attack causing him to release his hold on her and sending him across the room.

Chloe collapsed to the ground, shivering, hand to her profusely bleeding.

“Yes! That one!” Wesley hurried down the stairs, tripping, and tumbling the rest of the way down. “Kill that one please!”

The newcomer, a young male, glared angrily at Liam and when the vampire charged, he threw him through the window, making him land on the floor below, the kitchen.

He then went down on his knees in front of Chloe, blue eyes worried, angry. “Are you alright? Why did he attack you?”

Chloe shivered, looking up at him, frightened. She felt him pulling at the hand she had on her neck, and she let him pull it away so that he could examine the bite.

“The bastard.” He hissed. “He had no right to bite you like that! You’re all torn open!”

Chloe closed her eyes, knowing she was somehow going into shock. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was his worried blue eyes and his voice calling her name.


When Chloe woke up, she was in pain, and had a bad taste in her mouth. Memories flooded back into her mind of her past, of her present, and of what’d happened that night. She jolted into a sitting position and cried out at the searing pain in her neck.

The door to her room flew open and Connor and Angel hurried inside, followed by the rest of the Fang Gang.

“Chloe?” Angel asked, voice worried, eyes dark with guilt.

Connor was by her side in a second, pulling her gaze back to him. “You are awake.”

She smiled slightly at him. “I’m sorry about what I said. I was, I was nervous.”

Connor seemed confused as to what she was talking about before he suddenly grinned and shook his head.

“So you remember everything?” Cordelia asked, from where she was standing between Fred and Gunn.

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded, then frowned. “How exactly did I get my memory back anyway?”

“Lorne here made this thing that tasted horrible, but returned our memories to us.” Lois announced. “He fed some to you while you were unconscious.”

So that was the taste in her mouth.

Chloe, suddenly remembering her cousin, turned to the brunette with tears in her eyes. “Lois…”

Lois cleared her throat, eyes suspiciously moist as well. “Me too, Baby Cuz.”

“We should all let Chlo rest.” Wesley announced softly.

Everyone filed out of the room, Angel and Connor the only ones left.

Chloe…” Angel’s voice cracked with emotion, eyeing her bandaged neck with dark guilt. “I’m so sorry.” He closed his eyes. “If Connor hadn’t arrived I---.”

“I would have been fine.” Chloe smiled at him, reaching up for his hand. She squeezed it once the vampire held hers. “Now go, I need some sleep and I won’t be able to do it with you brooding next to me.”

Angel nodded, and hesitated, before leaving the room.

“How can you forgive him so easily?” Connor asked, voice dark, head bowed, hair falling into his face.

“Because I love him.” Chloe responded, reaching out and touching Connor when he froze at that. “I love everyone here and would forgive them anything, you included.”

He looked at her hand, which was resting on his.

Chloe smiled softly at him. “Thank you, Connor.”

He looked up in surprise. “For what?”

“You’re always there when I need you.” She squeezed his hand. “You’re my champion.”

A faint blush crossed his cheeks before he smiled at her.

Suddenly a jolt of fear entered her body and a flash of heat, painful heat and ugly eyes raced across her mind before it was gone.

Chloe’s eyes widened.

What was that?

Why had it seemed so familiar?

Had she seen it before?

“Chloe?” Connor asked, worried.

All of a sudden, she didn’t feel so safe here anymore. “Connor,” she tightened her hold on his arm. “Can you take me back home?”

For a minute Connor seemed confused, and then he smiled.


19th-Mar-2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
oh wow . what did chloe see that made her scared ? lorne is crazy lol. i can not wait for more.
19th-Mar-2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
will try to update sooner than I did last time! *sheepish smile*
19th-Mar-2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
*wiggle dance of joy*
20th-Mar-2009 12:13 am (UTC)
*laughs* i KNEW you'd be happy
20th-Mar-2009 05:20 am (UTC)
i'm so happy! an update!
20th-Mar-2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
yay! glad youre happy!
28th-Apr-2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
Just re-read this....*is so in love with Chlonnor*

It's just such an awesome fic.
28th-Apr-2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
lol, I really have to update this!
2nd-Nov-2009 07:02 pm (UTC)
Oh my, I love it- love it! Are you still working on this fic of yours? I've never thought that these two characters would work together, but you make them seem like the natural course.
2nd-Nov-2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
I'm actually rereading to try and update this since there are few chapters left to finishing it. So hopefully when that's done I'll quickly be able to update a new one.
2nd-Jan-2010 02:27 am (UTC)
Awesome chapter. Hope Lois pounces Wes soon. They make a good couple. I can't wait to read what happens next between them all.
2nd-Jan-2010 03:08 am (UTC)
I keep saying I need to finish this story *it isn't even supposed to be the last in the series!* but for some reason I keep putting it off!
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