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Claiming an Angel 2/? 
23rd-May-2008 10:07 am

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters
Title: Claiming an Angel
Part: 2/?
Series: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairing in Chapter: Chlam, minor Chlean
Rating: NC-17
Chapter Summary: Chloe and a certain Winchester give into their desires...


One minute Chloe had given into her desires, turning her head and capturing Dean’s mouth in an urgent kiss while Sam’s fingers, hooked in the waistband of her pajama pants, began to pull her pants down…

…and the next there was a gush of violent breeze and two groans of pain as the Winchester brothers’ bodies were thrown away from her.

Chloe, feeling drugged and heady, opened her eyes and blinked when she saw Dean and Sam sprawled on the ground, and an angered Clark Kent standing in front of her.

Clark?” What was he doing here? Chloe wanted him gone, she wanted to get back to what she’d been doing with Dean and Sam.

“Chloe, are you okay?” Clark asked, placing his hands on her shoulder, looking deep within her eyes in worry.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!” Dean hissed as he pushed himself off of the ground and onto his feet, staggering around as if he were drunk.

“What the hell is your problem?” Sam growled, already standing and leaning against the dirty wall of the alley while trying to regain some strength.

Clark glared at the brothers. “I knew I couldn’t trust you with Chloe! If I hadn’t decided to come and check up on her you two would have raped her!”

“No…Clark!” Chloe forced him to look at her, ignoring the twin growls from the brothers. “We…Meteor Freak…attacked…” She placed a hand on her forehead. “I’m so dizzy, I feel drunk.”

Clark froze. “A Meteor Freak? Chloe! What happened?”

“I heard this sound that woke me up--which really didn’t make any sense because it was extremely soft--and when Sam, Dean and I got out here we saw a shadowy MF with someone else.” Chloe tried explaining, voice slurring and fighting her body’s desire to jump the brothers. “When we confronted it, the person threw this green light at us and we were knocked down and when we could get back up we…”

Clark blushed, showing that she didn’t have to finish that sentence.

Dammit!” Dean cursed as he pounded his fist into the brick wall. “This is fucking hard to fight.”

Sam’s knuckles were transparent from the strength he was using as he fisted his hands, and he banged his head back against the wall, a muscle jumping erratically in his cheek.

Chloe closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against Clark’s arm, trying to regain control over herself.

Clark seemed to feel their distress and his anger disappeared just as quickly as it’d appeared. “Look, you guys should come to the house with me. We need to figure out what exactly that Meteor Freak did to you and how to undo its effects, and you obviously can’t be alone. So…”

“I’ll call Ollie and Bruce.” The only female cut in. “They can come and do get some samples and figure out what exactly that person did to us.” Chloe pushed away from Clark and forced herself not to look at Sam and Dean before heading back into The Talon.

Dean didn’t like them.

He didn’t like them at all.

The ‘male models’ Sam had once seen in a vision of Chloe, who’d most conveniently had been in Metropolis for business, were now at the Kent Farm, taking up Chloe’s time as she explained to them (once again!) what had happened.

Sam and Dean had been placed under the friendly, if not watchful, care of Martha Kent, Senator of Smallville, and Clark’s mother. Apparently Chloe only wanted to jump them, and them her, so they’d decided it to be safer if Chloe and the brothers weren’t physically close so Chloe was in the living room and the boys in the kitchen.

The distance had been Clark’s idea, which had been backed up feverously by Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen…so Dean hated the three of them. If that intrusive farm boy with the mean left hook hadn’t shown up when he had…

Dean moaned and closed his eyes, imagining the feel of his Angel as he slid within her.

“Dean, are you alright?” Martha Kent asked oh-so-motherly that it served to chill his passions.

The blonde opened his eyes and stared at the worried mother-hen. “Uhm, yeah, I’m fine.” I just want to kill the men in this place so I can take Angel upstairs and…

Hearing Sam growling, Dean frowned in curiosity and followed his gaze, eyes narrowing immediately when he found Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen on either side of his Angel on the sofa, one with a comforting hand on her shoulder, and the other with blatant teasing in his eyes.

“This isn’t funny Queen.” Chloe spat at the blonde, who was now smirking broadly.

“Oh, yes it is.” Oliver Queen smirked deeper. “Just yesterday Lois was going on about how you needed to get laid badly, and how she was going to have to sneak you into a sex club or something…and now you’re the Kink Queen.” He laughed when Chloe took a swipe at his shoulder.

“Queen, be serious for once.” The gravelly, masculine voice that was Bruce Wayne gave his fellow billionaire a glare before taking in a deep breath and turning to Chloe. “We’ll find a way to reverse these effects, Chloe. I’ll have my scientists study the samples we took from you all and work on an antidote immediately.”

Chloe was fidgeting, her eyes kept darting towards Dean and Sam in the kitchen as if she was making as tremendous an effort as they were to not knock everyone away and just give into her desires. “Thanks Bruce.” She then frowned and looked at Oliver. “Where is Lois, by the way?”

The smile disappeared from Oliver’s face. “She didn’t come home tonight. I called her on her cellular and she told me to ‘fuck off’ so apparently we were fighting and I didn’t even know it.”

Dean, not giving a shit about the blonde’s love life, turned his attention on Bruce Wayne, who had yet to remove his hand from Chloe’s shoulder and was staring at her silently, softly.

“Chloe,” The dark haired billionaire caught her attention once more. “Maybe you should stay at my penthouse in Metropolis until this is over.”

The Hunter narrowed his eyes and was readying to get up and storm over there to tell the rich boy to back off.

“Bruce, that’s an exaggeration.” Chloe laughed, and yet it was obviously forced. “I’ll be fine here. I know you have to return to Gotham, we all know why you’re needed there, but you have your scientists working on the cure and so does Ollie. I’ll be fine.”

The other man looked like he was about to challenge that but he graciously nodded his head and stood. “I should be going.”

Finally, Dean glared at them.

“Yeah, me too.” Ollie stood as well. “Although, Watchtower, his idea isn’t too bad, and if you don’t want to stay in his gothic place—which I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t—you could always stay with me. Maybe it’ll tempt Lois to come back out of either curiosity or jealousy.”

“Glad to know you think of me as a pawn to keep my cousin, Queen.” Chloe announced dryly as she ushered them to the front door. “Thanks, but no thanks. To both of your offers. I’m not in danger, and really, even if push comes to shove, the worst thing that could happen really wouldn’t be the ‘worst’ thing.”

Ollie’s eyes went wide and his mouth twisted in a large, shocked smile.

Bruce’s eyes narrowed and his mouth became a grim line.

“Now git you two.” Chloe laughed at them and shoved them out of the house, closing the door on them and turning to Martha, Dean and Sam, still safe on the other side of the house. “Clark should have been back by now.”

Dean narrowed his eyes. What was it with all these men with his Angel? Why couldn’t she be some girlie-girl that was surrounded by hot girl friends?

Mrs. Kent looked at her watch with suspicious casualness. “Well, Chloe, you know how these emergencies are. You never know when he’ll be able to be back.”

Dean frowned as he realized that there was something those two were saying that Sam and him had no idea of. He hadn’t thought much of it when Clark had been called away for an ‘emergency’ soon after they’d driven to the Kent Farm, but now that he saw the looks passing between Chloe and Mrs. Kent he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of ‘emergencies’ Clark took care of.

“Well, it’s late.” Mrs. Kent announced with a yawn. “You boys can bunk in the loft, and Chloe will have Clark’s room.”

“What if Clark comes back during the night?” Sam asked slowly, echoing the angered thought in Dean’s mind.

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s slept on the couch.” Mrs. Kent smiled brightly. “Now off to bed with the three of you!”

Chloe couldn’t sleep.

She’d tossed and turned for hours, trying desperately to close her eyes and open them to a brand new day and a cure, but Lady Luck had never had much use for Chloe Sullivan, so the blonde wasn’t even a teensy bit sleepy.

Finally, annoyed, she threw the covers off of herself and got out of bed, wearing Clark’s old Crow’s Jersey. She was thirsty, bored, and utterly irritated, so she decided to go down to the kitchen to get a drink of water and pull out the laptop she’d brought with her to see if she could hack into Lex’s files. She’d done it enough times already and he probably had a hand in this anyway

So with that frame of mind she marched out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen, freezing when she saw a shadowed, shirtless figure by the sink, drinking from a glass and looking out of the window at the moonlit scenery. At first she thought it was Clark, but the body was leaner.


And he hadn’t sensed her yet.

She could escape if she was extra quiet.

And yet she was thirsty, bored, curious, and hadn’t gotten her daredevil reputation because she did things the safe way.

So she cleared her throat.

Sam’s body tensed and he turned to look at her, the glass in his hands shattering the moment his blue-green gaze rested upon her scantily clad body.

“Sam!” Chloe hurried forwards, eyes wide as she flipped on the kitchen light and reached him, carefully grabbing his hand and dropping the remains of the glass into the sink. “Are you okay?” She asked, eyes on his bloody hand as she pulled out two shards of glass that’d sunk deep into his flesh.

Not even realizing that he had yet to answer, Chloe searched his hand for any more shards and when she found none she placed his hand under the faucet and turned on the water.

Washing off the blood and once more searching for glass, Chloe tried desperately to ignore the coil of heat and desire in her stomach at the touch of his skin, ignore the way her hands were trembling, ignore how good he smelled.

Finally convinced that his hand was shard-free, Chloe reached across him for the towel that hung on the oven’s handle and wrapped it around him, staunching the flow of blood.

“There, close your palm over this and apply pressure--!” Chloe cried out when Sam’s hands went to her hips and he lifted her up onto the counter, situating himself between her thighs and his injured hand behind her head, bringing her face down to meet his desperately.

She whimpered, eyes closing on their own as she felt the heat in her body growing as her hands buried in his glorious hair, pressing closer to him, wanting him, needing him.

Chloe…” He whispered hoarsely against her lips as he pulled her completely against his hard on. “You should’ve left when you had the chance.

“Shut up.” She silenced him by smashing her lips to his, not caring that she didn’t truly know him. She wanted him, she wanted this, and she was sick of always thinking of others and denying herself of what she wanted.

He groaned and his hands went back to her hips, digging into her milky white skin, holding her in place as he slowly yet decidedly began to thrust against her heat.

Chloe arched against him, aroused and frustrated with the barrier created by her underwear and his jeans. She wanted them off, wanted him in

…and she wanted it now.

As if he could hear her thoughts, Sam chuckled hoarsely and pried his lips from hers, stilling against her just to antagonize her as his mouth ventured down her jaw-line to the beginning of her throat, sucking teasingly on her pulse.

Sam…” Chloe whispered, closing her mossy green eyes in pleasure as his hands journeyed slowly down her hips to her thighs and then made the trip back up agonizingly slow, slipping inside of the large jersey. Her skin became covered with goose bumps as his hands made their way up her ribcage to cup her breasts.

Her breath escaped in a gasp as his thumbs brushed against her hard, erect nipples, sending jolts of fire and electricity down to the vee of her thighs, and she rubbed against him in frustration.

Why had he stopped thrusting against her?

She needed the friction, needed it so much she was in pain.

Growling in growing frustration, Chloe’s hands abandoned the silky heaven that was his hair and journeyed down his bare chest, glorying in the way his muscles rippled at her touch.

This was the self-proclaimed ‘geek’ of the Winchester family?

If so, she would never look at another geek the same way again.

Fingers meeting the material of the waistband of his jeans, Chloe smiled in female pride at his moan against the skin of her neck when she unbuttoned the top of his jeans and pulled down the zipper, meeting the blue material of his boxer shorts.

Giggling at his mini-thrust, urging her to free him, hold him, all laughter died when she did so and had to pull away and look down to make sure her senses weren’t playing tricks with her.

Eyes widening, mouth falling open in surprise, Chloe couldn’t believe that a size that big could exist.

Geek her ass!

A moment of blind panic entered her body as she compared him to the only man she’d ever had, and nearly laughed out loud when she tried comparing his—his—monstrosity with the meager machinery operated by one proud Jimmy Olsen.

“You’re gonna rip me apart.” She then flushed red when he choked in laughter and she realized that she’d said that out loud.

“I’ve never heard that one before.” His voice was pure male pride as he nibbled at the curve of her neck.

“Asshole.” She moaned when he bit down on her neck, causing her to close her eyes and arch against him, not even realizing that she was pressing her heat against his hardness, the only barrier her flimsy, wet underwear.

“Ah, now I get why you’re so worried about ripping.” He laughed when she slapped him playfully for that.

Chloe opened her mouth to say some things that would surely deflate his suddenly inflated and Dean-like ego, yet all she got out was a mew of pleasure and shock when his finger slipped underneath her underwear and inside her slick, hot, ready channel.

“Oh God, Chloe.” He whispered, curving his finger as it slid out of her and hooked her underwear to the side. “I want you so badly…I—I’ve wanted you since I came back to life to your lips on mine.”

Her body trembled at his words, and at the feeling of him at her entrance. “Sam…”

“No, don’t say my name dammit. I won’t be able to control myself if you do.” He seemed in pain as he hid his face in the curve of her neck, his hair caressing her skin. “I need to tell you that this isn’t just the Meteor Freak’s powers forcing me to do this. I want to be inside of you. I’ve been dreaming about this for months.”

Tears sprung in her eyes at his confession, and Chloe pulled away slightly and forced his head up, tenderly pushing his hair out of his face, mossy green eyes meeting his bluish-green ones. Eyes never leaving his, Chloe’s hand traveled between them until she’d encircled him, stroking him softly.

Wrapping her other arm around his neck, Chloe scooted close to him--almost off of the counter, slowly burying him in her, before leaning backwards, forcing him to lean over her, forcing him to slide deeper until he was fully sheathed within and both moaned at the sense of rightness.

She didn’t know who moved first, but suddenly they were kissing violently, desperately, each trying to touch as much skin as possible, trying to leave their mark on the other as they moved against each other, fitting perfectly.

All her fears of pain due to his size disappeared as she was consumed by the indescribable pleasure he invoked in her with every thrust. She mewed and moved, vaguely aware that a couple of things on the sink had fallen and crashed on the floor, causing a loud noise, but she was beyond caring if anyone saw them.

Everything was Sam, everything was her, everything was Sam in her, and Chloe never wanted it to be any other way.

“Oh Sam…” The blonde whimpered as the coil in her stomach throbbed in intensity, warning her of the explosion which would soon occur.

Chloe…Fuck…God you’re so tight…” Sam’s voice was hoarse and deeper than usual as his thrusts grew in desperation and speed.

Sam!” Chloe screamed as the coil burst within her and she spasmed around him, triggering his own orgasm as he threw his head back and roared as he continued to thrust as deep as he could, cumming deep within her.

They stayed connected as he continued to throb softly within her, each breathing harshly, Chloe with her forehead against his sweaty chest and Sam leaning his cheek against the crown of her head.

The night was silent, a testament that despite it all no one had heard them.

Miracles did still happen!

“Sam--.” Chloe pulled away and looked up to tell him that he didn’t have to worry about what he’d said while under the effects of a Meteor Freak, when his lips crashed down on hers, yet instead of desperately it was possessively.

His hands slowly tortured her body, this time with no urgency yet the same desire was there.

Chloe wrapped her legs around his waist and held him around his neck as he picked her up, cock completely hard within her, and pressed her against the wall, beginning all over again.

The blonde closed her eyes and met each of his lazy thrusts. She felt the edge of the power controlling her dwindle until the desperation, the violent necessity was gone, and all that was left was the desire, the want—all that was left were the feelings that’d been there from before.

Either the effects of whatever that MF did to us wore off on its own--or Sam and I making love did.

She knew Sam had realized the same thing, yet neither commented, since their mouths were being used for more pleasurable, important matters as they worshipped each other until they reached climax once more, stifling their twin cries of pleasure with their mouths.

“Chloe…” He whispered between soft kisses as he withdrew from her with a groan and lowered her until her feet touched the ground, resting his forehead against hers. “You should go to Clark’s room before I take you again, and you know as well as I do that my inability to resist you has nothing to do with the Meteor Freak power’s anymore.”

“I’m not complaining.” She smiled softly at him before standing on her tip toes and pressing a soft kiss on his lips before going to Clark’s room, wishing that she wasn’t going there alone.

10th-Jun-2008 12:12 am (UTC)
Wow...that's all I got at the moment. I think the awesome, awesome Chlam smut broke my brain.
10th-Jun-2008 12:25 am (UTC)
u know, i never really even gave chlam a second thought until I had to write it for this, and afterwards, I'm like...I like them together.
10th-Jun-2008 12:33 am (UTC)
I know. I love Chlean but the is something about Chlam that makes them perfect for one another. And Dean/Chloe/Sam *shivers* good stuff ;)
10th-Jun-2008 12:39 am (UTC)
Quote: "And Dean/Chloe/Sam *shivers* good stuff" End Quote

;D don't you know it!
11th-Jul-2008 07:10 am (UTC)
I LOVE CHLAM!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO much for writing it! Yayness! I really adored this chapter! ♥
11th-Jul-2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
your welcome! I'm trying to write the next chapter (which should be chlean) but only god knows when it'll be finished!
12th-Jul-2008 02:57 am (UTC)
Awesome... I'm hoping this ends either Chlam (not enough fanfics for this pairing) or Chloe/Sam/Dean (hehe^^)... either way, I can't wait to read the next chapter... whenever its finished & believe me I know the feeling... ;)

BTW, I updated my rec list with some of your stories ;)
(Deleted comment)
13th-Jul-2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
Thanx! Despite the fact that when I started this fic I was only really into the chlean, this next chapter is evading me for some reason!
21st-Jul-2008 07:25 am (UTC)
i read this on ff.net. loved this so much . the sex secen between chloe and sam was so hot . can not wait for the one's between chloe and dean and chloe/ sam/ dean . quick question where is clark during all of this? is lois the one with the meteor mutant infected and being used for sex by it ?
21st-Jul-2008 01:17 pm (UTC)
lol, for some reason the chlean smut is evading me!! *smashes head against wall* and I NEED to do the chlean smut before I can do the 3some...sighs....Clark was out doing things for the League...and Lois...lol...I'm just going to leave you to read the next chapppies (whenever they get out) and find out!
21st-Jul-2008 07:28 am (UTC)
who will chloe end up with sam or dean ? i vote for sam .
21st-Jul-2008 01:18 pm (UTC)
I am surprised by how much people like chlam, since chlean is supposed to be so much more popular
24th-Apr-2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
Any more to this series? And I'm with everyone else, I really like this Chloe/Sam :)
24th-Apr-2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
Its on hiatus for now, but isn't abandoned.
30th-Jun-2009 06:07 am (UTC)
/sigh... this was just so hot /laugh.

bumping for more :)
30th-Jun-2009 12:32 pm (UTC)
I REALLY need to update this, I know! *hangs head in shame*
15th-Dec-2009 04:58 am (UTC)
this is good...I like the awesome green rock...I wonder if the effects are really gone, or just gone between her and Sam and when she encoutners Dean she will be all crazy again!!!!

This is good..loved to see more...and do I sense Clark got feelings for Chloe!?
15th-Dec-2009 05:10 am (UTC)
Oh, the feelings aren't gone! Its just a little less intense for her and Sam right now :D
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