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What Is 3/? 
23rd-Apr-2009 10:54 am

Title: What Is
Sequel to: What Could Have Been
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Jimmy, Lucy/Bart, some Chloe/Oliver
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary: When Dean finally finds Chloe in the real world, nothing is as he'd expected it to be, and nothing is as it seems at first glance either. This Chloe is nothing like the one he was married to in the dream world---but he's only more fascinated with this version of her. How can he let go of her now that he finally found her, even if she IS supposedly married and expecting?


“You need a doctor to look at you.” Dean announced as he lowered her to the bed carefully.

“I heal faster than you think.” Chloe replied truthfully. Even though she’d been trying to retain her power dormant within her it’d rebelled and begun healing her while they were still on the lift, and by now the cut was closing up. In a few minutes all the pain would be gone and she wouldn’t even have a scar to show for it. “Sit.”

He seemed loathed to sit on her bed for some reason, but he was tired, obviously from blood loss. “I’ll mess up you and your husband’s bed.”

Wondering why there was a sneer on his face as he said that, Chloe just offered up a pleasant smile. “I have as much blood on me as you do, so sit down and let me take a look at your hands.”

He hesitated another second before sitting down, lifting his palms for inspection like a mischievous boy to his school marm.

She winced at how terribly shredded those hands were. “By now, you must have realized that people here aredifferent.” She knew Oliver was going to kill her for showing her powers to a stranger, but deep down inside she knew she could trust this man, so she placed her hands on him and watched as the nails went from pink to white immediately, the shredded, torn skin beginning to heal right before their eyes.

Dean gasped, eyes locked on his rapidly healing hands. “That blade guy---then the fast one---now you---you didheal me when we were attacked by the Djinn!”

“Djinn?” Chloe latched onto that. “You mean like a genie?” she pulled away when his hands were completely healed. “A genie nearly drank the life out of Lucy?” She suddenly grinned. “And to think her favorite cartoon used to beAladdin. Wait till she hears this.”

Dean was still frowning. “How are you all able to do those things? Demons? Christo.”

Raising her eyebrow at him in confusion, Chloe wondered if he was cursing at her. But she was also tense and wary within now. What exactly did this guy know about demons?

He seemed more relieved now for some reason, but still concerned. “Did your mother die when you were a baby? In a fire?”

Blinking, not exactly sure what one thing had to do with the other, Chloe tilted her head as she looked at him. “No. She---she left my dad and I when I was ten years old.”

“Oh.” Dean’s gaze lowered, looking confused and conflicted. “Sorry.” He then looked up. “How are you able to do this then? How was that guy able to---?”

“Well, you mightn’t believe this.” Chloe announced, getting up and going to the changing screening, beginning to take off her dress, forgetting that her figure could be easily seen on the other side of it. “But it’s all because of specific meteor rocks.” Pulling the material up over her head she left it on the ground and shook her head no at Rose (who was itching to put the dress in the garbage and not leave it littered on the floor).

Looking at her now completely healed stomach with a smile, Chloe reached for her housecoat and slipped it on, closing it tight, before leaving the screened area, pausing in confusion when she saw Dean. He was looking in her direction, eyes wide and slightly darker than before, fists clenched, lips parted.

He looked---looked like he wanted to grab her and throw her on the bed.

Clearing her throat and forcing herself not to blush at her wanton thoughts, Chloe raise her chin slightly and reminded herself that she was Oliver’s wife, and even if nothing happened between them she had to respect him.

Which meant no sex with this guy.

A part of her groaned.

It’d been so long---.

“Meteor rocks did this to people?” Dean finally broke the silence.

She nodded, glad for a distraction from her thoughts. “Yes, but only the ones that fell on Smallville, Kansas.”

Dean looked up at that name.

“Heard of it before?” Chloe asked, surprised.

An odd emotion cross his face. “I stayed there for little time.”

“Really? Was it recently? I don’t remember seeing you there before.” Chloe smiled, wondering why he looked away when she said that. “Then again, it might have been after I married Ollie---we moved to Metropolis around that time and I hardly have a spare moment to go back.”

“So, you heal?” He changed the subject, looking up at her.

Chloe knew she should have explained that that wasn’t the only thing she could do, but she didn’t want to look more like a freak to him than she probably already did, so she just nodded and left it at that.

“So that baby, since it’s inside you—is okay.” Dean asked slowly, looking genuinely concerned.

The blonde was just about to ask him what he was talking about, and then remembered the plan. He must have been serving when the announcement had been made---and they’d agreed that no one could know the truth, not even their few allies. It explained though, how he knew her name was Chloe and not Ann.

So she forced a smile and nodded, placing a hand to her stomach. “Yeah, the baby’s fine. A little shook up, maybe, but fine nonetheless.”

Darwin went through Dean and came to check on her.

Dean shivered, looking around him suspiciously. “You have a lot of cold spots in this house, is this something normal?”

“Everyday occurrence.” She tried to shrug it off. “It’s a big, old house. Drafts are normal and expected.”

“What about flickering lights? Strange noises?” Dean asked.

Chloe began to recite the story they’d fabricated for people who’d noticed these sort of things. “The electrical wiring is old, Ollie wants it redone sometime in the future and the piping---oh my god you’re a hunter!”

Dean’s eyes widened. “What do you know about hunters?”

Chloe couldn’t believe it. How had she not figured it out before? They were probably hunting that Djinn when it’d caught Dean! That’s how they knew what it was and how to kill it (without sucking out its life-force like she would have had to do if it’d been just her there).

Her eyes widened as she realized the real reason why he and his brother were here.

They were after her ghosts!

“Get out!” She nearly screamed, pointing to the door. “Get your brother, get your pay for tonight, get the hell out of my house, and stay out!”

Dean rose to his feet, raising his hand in way that seemed to tell her calm down. “I don’t know what bad experience you might have had with hunters in the past, but we’re here to help you. You mightn’t know the history of this house but---.”

“You think I’d be stupid enough to want a place I know nothing about?” Chloe snapped, feeling the spirits growing restless around her, wanting to manifest and drive him away but knowing the rule of not doing those things to outsiders. “I know this house and its history better than anyone, thank you very much! Now, thank you for saving me, but get the hell out of here!”

Chloe.” His voice cracked at her name. “Chloe---I’m not going to hurt you. I’d never hurt you. I’m trying to helpyou.” He took a step towards her.

And then Frankie, the young teenager of the ghosts, broke rank and went between them protectively, manifesting himself visually to Dean.

The hunter froze as he saw the teenaged ghost in front of him, his eyes searching the room quickly, and Chloe noticed the moment the gaze landed on the metal poker by the chimney.

She acted quickly. “You go for that poker and I’ll use it on you!” She snapped, surprising Dean into going still. “Frankie, you promised.”

The ghost winced and then turned to her, an apologetic and sheepish expression on his see-through face.

Realizing that they’d been discovered, the old nanny of the mansion Rose, the old butler Gregory, the young daughter of the past owner Anita, and the eccentric yet amiable old owner Darwin, appeared.

Dean’s eyes widened.

Frankie, Anita’s elder brother, went to stand next to his father, who was shaking his head disapprovingly at him.

Chloe sighed, hanging her head. “You weren’t supposed to see this.” She looked up at him and licked her lips nervously. “Dean, meet my ghosts.”

Your ghosts?” He asked, frowning.

“Yes, my ghosts.” She frowned, protective. “I asked Ollie to buy this place because they lived here. This istechnically their house still, even if they died centuries ago. It’s not right to want to drive them out because people don’t want to share.”

Dean looked at her, looked at the ghosts, and then collapsed sitting on the bed, looking at Chloe as if she were insane.

She probably sounded insane.

“Our first meeting mightn’t have been the most pleasant, but once they realized that we didn’t want to get rid of them but wanted to cohabit peacefully alongside them---because really, the mansion is big enough for all of us---we became housemates.”

Rose, now realizing that their cover was blown and she didn’t need to hold back anymore, went to where Chloe’s gown was discarded and picked it up, tsking and shaking her head at how it was destroyed. With a sigh she took it to the garbage and folded it before throwing it in.

Dean watched on incredulously.

“She’s Rose.” Chloe pointed to the ghost as she returned to the fold. “She’s like our housekeeper. And the tall one in the snappy suit is Gregory, he used to be the butler before he died. The one with the moustache and housecoat on is Darwin, he was the old owner of Queen Mansion, and Anita and Frankie are his children.” As their names were called all of the ghosts had nodded to Dean, all except Frankie, who just snorted in disinterest.

Chloe bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Even as ghosts teenagers had too much of an attitude.

“Let me see if I get this right.” Dean announced, shaking his head. “You’re affected by meteor rocks, get attacked by other meteor infected, are friends with other meteor infected, and you live peacefully with a house full of ghosts.”

He was taking it all better than she’d thought. He wasn’t running to grab his salt-gun and----.

“Lady, you’re insane.”

She grinned. “Says the guy who spends his time chasing after things anyone with half a brain would be running away from.”

There was a moment’s silence in which Dean thought that over and scratched his head. “Well, you got me there.”

The door flew open, and Sam, Lois and Lucy appeared.

They froze when they saw the scene before them.

Sam’s gaze went immediately around them, spotting the poker.

Chloe opened her mouth.

But it was Dean’s voice that stopped his brother. “Sammy! Chill! It’s alright!”

Sam paused, looking at the five ghosts. “Um, Dean? I don’t see this as being all right.”

Dean shrugged. “They’re her pets.”

“Pets.” Sam’s eyebrow raised before he turned to Chloe. “Are you insane?”

“That seems to be the opinion of the day.” Chloe muttered. “Look, I’m not keeping them in my servitude or anything. We’re all here and living together peacefully of our own free will.”

“Uh, Cuz?” Lois asked, closing the door behind them. “Why are we giving out confidential information to strangers?”

“You knew about the ghosts?” Sam turned to her.

She raised an eyebrow. “Of course. Rose gives the best shiatsu massages.”

Sam frowned, confused.

Lucy was silent, eyes on Dean, a small smirk curving her lips.

Chloe wondered what that was all about. She then turned to Lois. “Sam and Dean are hunters.”

Lois went on the defensive immediately. “Get the hell out of here!”

Dean frowned. “Why is that everyone’s reaction when they find out we’re hunters?”

“We had a problem with a hunter some time back, Gordon Walker.” Lucy answered.

Both Dean and Sam winced.

“You know him.” Chloe realized.

“Yeah.” Sam nodded, looking uncomfortable. “We weren’t on the best of terms.”

“He tried to kill us.” Dean snorted at the understatement his brother had made.

“Tried to kill us too.” Lucy was just talking a lot right now, wasn’t she? “Thought Chloe was some ‘special child’ and wanted to off her.”

Sam and Dean shared a look.

“Why would he think Chloe was a special child?” Sam asked warily.

“No reason.” Lois glared at her sister.

“She can heal, Sammy, you were right.” Dean announced. “Healed my hands up right before my eyes. But she says it has to do with some meteor rocks or something.”

Sam frowned.

Lois glared at Chloe. “You told him?”

“He saw the metahuman who attacked me, and saw Bart in action. And I just couldn’t not heal him!” Chloe announced defensively. “He got hurt saving me for crying out loud.”

“Gees! Am I the only one in this room who realizes what discreet means?” Lois snapped.

Lucy and Chloe shared a look, trying to see Lois as discreet, and burst out laughing, causing the object of their amusement to glare at them heatedly.

Chill, big sis, these two are trustworthy.” Lucy announced mysteriously. Obviously she got the same feeling from them as Chloe did. “And, I mean, not all of the hunters we’ve met are fucked up like Walker. I mean, actually, most are really cool. Like Winchester.” She grinned saucily at her blushing cousin. “And you know you liked him while he was around and the feeling was reciprocated.”

“Shut up.” Lois was blushing and scowling at Lucy.

But Dean and Sam were pale.

John Winchester?” Sam asked, voice soft.

Chloe frowned at their reaction. “Yeah. You knew him?”

“He---,” Dean shook his head, running his hand over his hair in disbelief. “He was our father.”

Lois’ eyes widened. “What?”

Lucy snorted. “Wow. How awkward can this possibly get?”

Lois elbowed Lucy in the ribs but her sister only continued to laugh.

“John’s your father?” Chloe asked, sitting down on the bed in shock. She looked up at the brothers. “Sammy and Dean---why didn’t I make the connection before? You’re the sons he would talk about!”

“So you---you knew our father how?” Sam asked, ignoring the ghosts completely now.

“I’ve known him for years now.” Chloe whispered. “From before I realized I was a metahuman. He saved me from,” she looked away, breathing in. “He saved me and a couple of years later I was on a job out of town and ended up saving him. He---he saw me use my power.” She just didn’t mention that it was the killing one. “We realized that we were similar in occupation and other things, and neither of us believed in coincidences. I was getting married to Oliver the next day and he attended the wedding.”

“Wait, what?” Sam asked. “Dad attended a wedding?”

Dean had looked away at that, seeming conflicted again.

Chloe nodded.

“He also hooked up with Lo. Multiple times. And loudly. Bart and I had to move rooms.” Lucy helpfully pointed out, wincing when her sister elbowed her harder in the ribs.

Dean and Sam turned to look at a blushing Lois in surprise.

“Yeah, well, he left for a hunt and we never heard from him again.” Lois replied in false disinterest. “Then Jimmy and I got closer and yeah. It’s not like I care that he didn’t have the galls to call and---.”

“Our father’s dead.” Dean cut in.

And suddenly Lois’ face crumbled before their very eyes. “What?”

Dean was silent, gaze on his feet. “We were,” he looked at Chloe. “Did he tell you what we were hunting? The demon that killed our mom?”

She nodded, knowing all too well what he was talking about. Suddenly his question about her mom made more sense.

“Well,” he continued. “We had a chance at getting the fucker, but, but things went wrong and there was an accident. I—I should have died, but dad made a deal with the demon and sacrificed his life---and the only weapon that could kill the fucker---to save me.”

Chloe felt her whole world caving in on her, fighting the way her body trembled on inside as those words echoed throughout her head. That idiot! How---how could he have done that after knowing what--? She closed her eyes tightly and fought the tears.

The sound of a door slamming caused Chloe to look up and realize that Lois wasn’t in the room anymore.

Lucy’s face had fallen, and she was pale. “I---I’m so sorry for your loss. John---John was awesome cool.” With that she left to go and find her sister, Rose and Anita having hurried out behind Lois, worried.

“She was in love with your father.” Chloe whispered, forcing her gaze on the brothers. “Jimmy is a rebound, even heknows it.”

“We never knew---dad had his own separate life---.” Sam whispered.

“She lost his child.” Chloe didn’t know why she was telling them this.

Sam and Dean went pale.

“After John left the last time she found out she was pregnant. She was really excited, and nervous.” Chloe wiped at a stray tear that fell down her cheek. “But then we were attacked, and Gordon Walker shot her in the stomach with a M16. I---I could save her---but I couldn’t save the baby.” Chloe clenched her fist at the memory. “Walker---he escaped while we were trying to save Lois.”

“That son of a bitch!” Sam hissed.

Chloe nodded her agreement. “She waited for John to come back, but he never did.” She sighed. “At least we knowwhy now.”

The brothers were silent.

“Look, tonight’s been hard on all of us, both physically and emotionally.” Chloe announced, standing. “Stay the night, we’ll have more to talk about tomorrow.” She turned to Gregory. “Could you please show them to a room and get them something clean to wear?”

The ghost nodded and turned to Dean and Sam expectantly.

The brothers hesitated.

“No one in this house will hurt you, whether they be dead or alive.” Chloe promised them. “But I have to go find my cousin, so if you could please excuse yourselves?”

Sam continued to hesitate.

Dean grabbed his arm. “Of course. Come on Sammy.”

Sighing, Sam let his brother drag him away as they followed Gregory---who floated through the door.

Chloe turned to Darwin. “Can you let Oliver know what just happened and that the Winchester brothers will be our guests for tonight?”

Taking a puff of his pipe, Darwin disappeared.

Frankie sniffed at Sam and Dean’s backs as they closed the door behind them, obviously not impressed at all with the sons of John Winchester.

Chloe chuckled softly at him. “Teenagers.”


23rd-Apr-2009 05:04 pm (UTC)
Haha, Lois and John!? At first I was like, dude, no! But then I thought about it, and they totally WOULD be together. Oh John, keep it in your pants. But it's awesome how Lucy knows what's going on. And I can't wait for more. :D
23rd-Apr-2009 05:06 pm (UTC)
Please, I don't see John and Lois together and them keeping ANYTHING on. They're just passionate characters.
23rd-Apr-2009 05:14 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Just awesome. Lois and John love child, ghosts as housemates and color change finger nails.

I love you.
23rd-Apr-2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Aw, really? I feel so intensely loved! lol. I was a little worried about how this would come out considering I'm writing with an extreme dizziness, but glad you liked!
23rd-Apr-2009 05:42 pm (UTC)

oh WOW!!!!

uhm. yeah.

*waits for more*
23rd-Apr-2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
23rd-Apr-2009 05:55 pm (UTC)

i also now have this fic on my sidebar under "... i'm reading" :)

i love the ghosts and that Chloe lives with 'em. i love everyone's reaction to Dean and Sam and hunters, and i love Lois' comment about being discreet.

since i'm not a John-fan, and have only seen Lois in SV S4, i can't really comment on that part though.
23rd-Apr-2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Really? You don't like John? *holds hand to heart* I'm feeling faint! lol. usually when I write spnxsv crossovers i like chloe with the boys and lois with john.

Wow, thanks! My story is side-bared! lol. It's an honor!
23rd-Apr-2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
nope, don't like John. Something Wicked started it, IMToD kinda finished it.... that, and in Something Wicked, Dean and Sam were 9 and 4, and interestingly enough, my kids were about 9 and 4 as well....

yep, in my sidebar! :D
23rd-Apr-2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
Aww, poor Lois. Awesome awesome chapter. I'm assuming by Lucy's smirk that she remembers what she saw about Dean and I can't wait to see what happens when she reveals it.

You are fantastic...just thought you should know *grins*
23rd-Apr-2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
Well, she won't reveal it to Chloe, at least not right away. That'd take away all the fun. lol
23rd-Apr-2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
oh wow lois was with john wow . oh i hate gordan walker alot . what will dean think if and when he realizes that chloe and oliver are not really in love ? PPMS
23rd-Apr-2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
*grins* you KNOW Dean, if and when he figures it out.....*grins evilly*
23rd-Apr-2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
Hoo boy.

Also, man, while I get that the Chlollie marriage is one of convenience, poor Chloe. I mean, there's Dean and she can't even jump him. And the way things are, you're going to be explaining things to everyone for chapters.

I love everyone's reactions and I can't wait for more.
23rd-Apr-2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
Yes, the marriage was never a problem before since there was no one of interest to her...but now?
(Deleted comment)
23rd-Apr-2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Gordon is probably the person I hated the most in the series, I had nothing against YED surprisingly enough. He was a demon, it was almost expected for him to be evil, its like the job resume, you know? But Gordon was human and such an asshole!
23rd-Apr-2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
Okay, now I really have to watch Supernatural, just so I can see what's so good about John that Lois would like him, lol
23rd-Apr-2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
lol, there's a lot nice about John!
23rd-Apr-2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
love this! (have work to do or else would squee more...)
24th-Apr-2009 02:31 am (UTC)
grins, go ahead and work, it's a necessary evil!
24th-Apr-2009 08:48 am (UTC)
Oh, poor Lois. Stupid, evil Gordon!!

*giggle* Lucy knows!!!

Love the bantering between Lois, Lucy and Chloe.
24th-Apr-2009 12:19 pm (UTC)
Life with all three sullivan-lanes can NOT be boring, AT ALL
25th-Apr-2009 12:57 am (UTC)
wow, wasnt expecting lois and john but suprisingly it fits hehe..

love the chap, cant wait for an update and yeah i know im pushy lol
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