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What Is 5/? 
29th-Apr-2009 05:00 pm

Title: What Is
Sequel to: What Could Have Been
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Dean, Lucy/Bart, some Chloe/Oliver
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary: When Dean finally finds Chloe in the real world, nothing is as he'd expected it to be, and nothing is as it seems at first glance either. This Chloe is nothing like the one he was married to in the dream world---but he's only more fascinated with this version of her. How can he let go of her now that he finally found her, even if she IS supposedly married and expecting?

“This came at a very bad time.” Oliver announced as they sat on their bed that night. He’d be leaving with Bart and Jimmy for Brazil early the next morning, with Bart making periodic visits back to check on them and make sure everything was alright.

“It’s never a bad time for justice.” Chloe grinned, using Oliver’s old words against him. “I’m going to be fine, and we’re going to uproot the bastard who poisoned you last month.” They knew it was one of his elite in Queen Enterprises, they just weren’t sure exactly who.

Oliver cringed at the memory. “If you hadn’t healed it out of me---.”

“Well, just be glad that I got to heal you before you died.” Chloe announced, hugging the pillow to her chest. “I can only bring the same person back to life once, and I wouldn’t have wanted to have your one time used already.”

Oliver nodded in agreement before frowning. “I know that Lois and Lucy, Sam and Dean, and the ghosts protecting you you’ll be fine, but I worry. I know they’ll strike you while I’m gone, they’ll think you’re more vulnerable then, I just---.”

“Trust us, we’ve all dealt with things much worse than money-hungry CEOs.” Chloe smiled at his concern. She really did love Oliver, and knew that he loved her as well---sometimes she thought life would have been easier for them if they’d managed to fall in love with each other, but just couldn’t see that happening.

“Don’t get overconfident.” Oliver chided brotherly.

“I know, I know.” Chloe smiled. “Don’t worry about me, I’m Immortal Girl, and I have a real league of extraordinary people taking care of me. I have two vivacious women, a family of protective ghosts, and two demon hunters.” She made a face. “About that, why did you really want Dean and Sam here taking care of me? What’s your ulterior motive?”

“Do I have to have an ulterior motive?” Oliver asked with an innocent expression.

“No, you don’t have to, but you always do anyway.”

He laughed. “You know me too well.”

“I am your wife you know.”

Oliver suddenly frowned. “Sometimes I don’t wonder if maybe we shouldn’t have done that, get married.” He sighed. “I lived a good life with Dinah while it lasted, but you haven’t had a healthy, lasting relationship. And I think I’ve made it impossible for you to have one even if you did find the right guy.”

“We did the right thing. We protected the League. In the end that’s all that’s important anymore.” Chloe frowned, looking away, stubborn.

“Chloe, the League is dead.” Oliver sighed, reaching over and clasping his hand over hers, squeezing it. “You and Bart are the only ones with power, and the rest, they help but it’s not the Justice League of Superheroes anymore. If anything we’ve started a new group.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” She asked, pouting.

“Nothing.” He assured quickly. “It isn’t the League without Dinah, Victor, AC and everyone, maybe we’re the League of Extraordinary People, or something like that, but Chloe, Chloe don’t you deserve to be happy if you found the right guy?”

Her eyes widened. “Are you---? Are you asking for a divorce?”

“What? No!” Oliver sighed, coming closer. “Chloe, I have no problem whatsoever with having you as my wife for the rest of my life, you’re my best friend and my most important person.”

“Then I don’t get it.” Chloe whispered. “Why would you talk about us parting? I haven’t found anyone---I---.”

Oliver just smiled knowingly at her and hugged her close. “It’s going to happen soon Chloe. Just trust me on that, okay?”

“I’m married.” She squeaked. “And pregnant—at least until the culprit tries to off me and our imaginary baby.” In whatever scenario the culprit tried to kill her she’d ‘miscarry’ and loose the baby…that was the plan. Not only would it make the culpability higher in the bad guy’s case, but it’d also make a big deal for the press, and it’d explain why she didn’t give birth in nine months.

Everything was coldly calculated.

“Let’s not talk about this, okay?” She asked. “You’re going tomorrow and we don’t know when we’re going to see each other again.”

“You’re right.” Pressing a kiss to Chloe’s forehead, Oliver smiled at her. “But can I say one last word on the subject?”

“Ok.” She sighed.

“I have no problem with an open marriage.” And with that he got up and went to the bathroom.

Chloe watched him go, frowning, wondering what exactly had gotten into him.


Sam hadn’t been able to sleep, just like last night. He was in a house filled with ghosts and his brother was behaving like a bitch. Dean somehow managed to control his insecurity and jealousy during the day, but these two nights at Queen Mansion had seen a completely different side to him.

It was killing Dean to think of whatever it was Mr. and Mrs. Queen were doing in their bedroom at night. Sam had tried to explain that whatever they did was their own business, Chloe might have been Mrs. Winchester in Dean’s dream world but she was Mrs. Queen in the real world. He’d thought he’d gotten through to him last night but this evening Dean had been completely stubborn once more.

Hearing giggles echoing off the hallway, Sam looked around, wary.

There you are! Thanks Anita.” Lois Lane stomped towards him, eyes narrowed, looking determined. “Listen to me and listen to me good, Winchester. I’m not sleeping with you!”

Sam blinked, confused.

What in the world was she talking about?


Lois sighed, running her hand through her tussled hair. “Okay, I’m doing this wrong, as usual.” She turned back her attention to him. “My sister just told me in her faux innocent way that you remind her of John, and that was all I needed to hear to know what’s going on through her retarded little sexed up mind!”

Sam continued to keep quiet, waiting for her to clarify what she’d figured out.

“She’s going to try and hook us up.” The curvy brunette declared seriously. “And we’re not going to let her. That’s why I’m telling you from now that I’m not interested in sleeping with you.” She paused, looking away, face pinched with sadness. “I fell in love with one Winchester, and that’s enough for me.”

This was one of those moments, in which Sam felt completely out of his element. He really wanted to ask, but knew that it was a very personal question.

Still, it was about his father.

“Why did you fall in love with him? Dad I mean?” Sam asked, curious. His father had never been the most loving or lovable person. “I mean, you’re young, very attractive---why hook up with someone old and crabby and set in his ways?”

“I liked his ways.” She smiled, turning towards him. “John’s---was---John was amazing. He had this aura that just screamed of a capable male specimen and the moment he entered the house behind Chloe that first time I fell in lust. I mean, he was yummy.”

Sam cleared his throat, kinda uncomfortable with the description. He tried to think of ‘yummy’ and ‘John Winchester’ in the same sentence and he shivered.

The woman leaned against the wall, amused by his reaction. “You don’t find a lot of guys who have gone through as much weird stuff as us, and he’d seen more, knew more! I felt like an entranced student sitting at the feet of her hunky master and learning the freaky-deaky truths of the universe.”

Well, one thing was for sure, Lois had truly cared for his father. That much was completely obvious.

“He would talk about you guys a lot. About Mary.” Lois surprised him by saying. “He always said that she’d be the most important person he would ever love, and then came his boys. I accepted that.”

“Really?” It was hard for Sam to believe. If Jessica had said something like that about her ex-boyfriend he wouldn’t have been able to take it so calmly.

“I won’t say that I wasn’t a little jealous or resentful sometimes, but things like that were what I loved about your father. He was one of the most loyal men I’d ever met.” Lois sighed, leaning her head against the wall and looking up at the darkness above. “When I found out I was pregnant I thought, ‘wow, I’m not ready to be a mom yet’. But then I thought, ‘John’s gonna love this baby as much as he does his family’ and that made me happy.”

There was silence between them.

“I’m sorry, for what Walker did to you.” Sam whispered, feeling very angry at the moment and wishing that he’d offed the bastard despite the fact that he knew he’d done the right thing by giving him into the police. “I---I would have had a little brother or sister.”

Lois smiled shakily, tears gathering in her hazel eyes. “I wanted a boy myself, but I know your daddy would have wanted a little girl.”

Sam smiled at the thought. “Had you picked out any names?”

“Yeah, actually, I didn’t have anything concrete because I’d wanted to ask John and get his opinion, but I’d thought of naming him Johnny Samuel, after John and my dad the general, or Mary Ellen if she was a girl.” There was a moment’s silence. “My mom’s name was Ellen.”


Sam was shocked, and touched. He opened his mouth to say something but he couldn’t get anything out, so instead he just ran his hand through his hair and smiled shakily at her.

“Yeah, so, as I was saying before, you and your brother better keep your pants on in this place.” Lois announced, wiping at her moist eyes and pushing from the wall. “Don’t think I don’t see the way he looks at my married and pregnant baby cuz. She might be blind to the whole hormonal male gaze, but I’m not, and I don’t like it.”

Sam had to admit this girl was tough. “My brother just likes your cousin.”

“He’d like her naked and under him---or over him, whichever’s his kink!” Lois snorted.

And Sam realized he was blushing.

Yep, he was seeing more and more how she and his father could have gotten together.


“Is here to protect her, not undress her, okay bub?” Lois got into Sam’s face and jabbed at his chest with her finger. “You look like the most sensible of the two so I’m telling it to you straight. You keep an eye on your raging stud of an older brother. John told me all about his womanizing, heartbreaking ways, and I am not going to let him hurt my cousin. Capiche?”

“Dean wouldn’t hurt Chloe like that.” Sam narrowed his eyes, realizing it was true. He’d never seen his brother hung up over a woman before, and was beginning to believe that he might very truly be in love with the tiny blonde spitfire.

“Right. The he’s changed story.” Lois snorted. “Do me a favor and keep a hold on him. Chloe’s going to be without Oliver for an indefinite amount of time, that will make her somewhat vulnerable, and I don’t want Dean taking advantage of that.”

Sam didn’t want Dean taking advantage of that either. He just---he didn’t like the thought of breaking up a happy marriage. He loved his brother, wanted him to be happy, but it was the idealist in him that found this whole thingwrong.

“You want to get a drink?” Sam surprised them both by asking.

Lois raised a suspicious eyebrow at him.

He threw his hands in the air and grinned sheepishly at her. “Pants stay on at all times, belt firmly buckled.”

And then Lois broke out into a large grin. “Five dollars say you’re a lightweight and I drink you under the table.”

He looked at her and snorted. There was no way she could out drink him. “Make that ten.”

She grinned. “Oh, you’re so on!”

And with that they walked towards the home bar, issuing friendly threats and jibes all the way.


The figure in the darkened room looked over the files on the table with the one lamp. There were files on Oliver Queen, on Chloe Queen, and an ultrasound that proved the existence of an heir.

“This is most unfortunate.” The person declared, head tilted. “At least with Queen gone tomorrow it will give me an advantage.”

A wicked smile curved those lips as the person reached over and turned off the light.


30th-Apr-2009 12:46 am (UTC)
OMFG! Lois and Sam drunk, spilling secrets maybe? :P Also, 'Open marriage'!!! You know you want to Chloe *waggles eyebrows*
30th-Apr-2009 01:04 am (UTC)
haha, yes, Sam and Lois trying to out-drink themselves----fun times!
30th-Apr-2009 02:44 am (UTC)
I am loving this story. I don't really understand how you update so quickly unless it's all written already, but I like the tension that exists between everyone, and the friendship and mutual respect between Chloe and Oliver. I love that they are each other's most important person, and that they love each other as friends. I just enjoy that relationship, and him seeing something in Dean that entices him to ask Dean to take care of Chloe. I like the idea that he wants her to have something like what he so enjoyed with Dinah, though I imagine it would still be painful for him to 'lose' her, no matter how happy she will be.

Can't wait for more.
30th-Apr-2009 04:21 am (UTC)
actually, i'm posting this as I'm writing this *sheepish smile* nothing is finished about this story at all. Yes, it would be difficult for Ollie to lose CHloe since he's had her unconditionally for so long.
1st-May-2009 04:02 am (UTC)
wow. I can't believe how quickly you're writing! That's incredible! well done!
30th-Apr-2009 02:47 am (UTC)
Could I ask a favour? Please please please can Sam not be a lightweight? I mean, it's just becoming too much of a convention that he can't hold his liquor. I don't mind if Lois outdrinks him, just, can he not have two beers and be completely gone?

Anyhow . . .

Hah! Open marriage. That's going to be in Chloe's mind every time she talks to Dean. Oh! And the faux miscarriage on the way! That's going to kill Lois, (will Sam comfort her?) and Dean, and then Dean's going to kill her and . . .

I have to stop speculating. Stop making me speculate. You're far too good at this.
30th-Apr-2009 04:24 am (UTC)
lightweight was Lois' assumption, I think they both will be surprised at how well each other holds down liquor. Lol, I'm the evil specualting!inducing writer, lol
30th-Apr-2009 05:20 am (UTC)
lol about lois and sam lol. so ollie and chloe are not really in love and he's trying to hook her up with dean ? is lex or someone else after chloe and ollie ? PPMS
30th-Apr-2009 12:30 pm (UTC)
SOMEONE is planning some mischief. lol. That's all I'm saying as to not spoil anything!
30th-Apr-2009 06:59 am (UTC)
Yay, another chapter, you're on fire!
I wonder who's going to win the contest :p
The night will be very very long! Are we going to see what happened that fateful night full of booze?
More Chloe nd Dean in the next one?
Btw i added you :)
30th-Apr-2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
I think I might add the drinking scene, and yes, there should be chlean in the next one---I think!
30th-Apr-2009 07:41 am (UTC)
Oliver is sweet, trying to get Chloe to realize she needs more than just playing a role.

Sam and Lois are hilarious. I say they both end up drunk and Lucy takes pictures.
30th-Apr-2009 12:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Oliver loves Chloe, and he wants her happy and in a real relationship for the first time in her life
30th-Apr-2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
heee.... loved Lois and Sam... i giggled.

and the plot thickens... *waits for more*
30th-Apr-2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
am in the process of writing the next chapter, so you shouldn't have to wait too long for it.
30th-Apr-2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
oh yaay that's awesome!! thanks. :D
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