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What Is 7/? 
1st-May-2009 10:05 am

Title: What Is
Sequel to: What Could Have Been
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Dean, Lucy/Bart, some Chloe/Oliver
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary: When Dean finally finds Chloe in the real world, nothing is as he'd expected it to be, and nothing is as it seems at first glance either. This Chloe is nothing like the one he was married to in the dream world---but he's only more fascinated with this version of her. How can he let go of her now that he finally found her, even if she IS supposedly married and expecting?

“Your mom?” Dean asked, voice hoarse.

“You’re not going to understand if I don’t explain everything from the beginning.” Sighing, Chloe rearranged herself in the sofa before continuing. “Before my birth my mother found out that she had a rare disease that caused all sorts of horrible things like softening of the bones and dementia before death.”

Dean frowned, leaning forwards.

“It was extremely rare, and since there was no known cure or treatment for it, the disease was completely fatal.” Chloe explained, taking in a deep breath. “She didn’t----she didn’t want to tell my father or leave him alone, but she couldn’t have children, and even if she could the disease could be inherited. Also, she didn’t want to die like she knew she would, like an animal.” Closing her eyes tightly, she remembered the vision Azazel had given her of that night vividly. “She kept praying, asking for a way out, for a solution to her problems, and when Azazel appeared to her she thought he was an Angel.”

Dean’s fists clenched but he remained silent.

Clearing her throat, Chloe rubbed her hands together. “He told her that he could grant her her heart’s wish. He couldn’t heal her completely from her disease but he could give her the child she wanted so much, could make sure that her child was not only immune from the disease she harbored in her body but from any other illness, and he would give my mother ten years of perfect health to spend it with my father and I before the price of the deal was exacted.”

Dean leaned forwards. “What was the price?”

Chloe chuckled darkly, looking away. This was why he was as good a hunter as John had told her, he always could sense things. “Her soul.” She clenched her fists, not sure how she managed to smile as she said that. “At the end of the ten years she’d die quickly and painlessly, and her soul would be his. As to the rest of the deal, he would be able to have limitless access to the child he’d help her bring into the world to help protect, nuture, guide and mentor that child without hindrance from any outside party. In other words, he wanted absolute rights to me upon her death.”

“Guide?” Dean’s eyes narrowed. “Mentor?”

Chloe shrugged, continuing. “And the last part of the deal was that my mother had to be with me in Smalville Kansas, just the two of us, on October 16th, 1989.”

“What happened on that day?”

“The first meteor shower fell on Smallville.” Chloe responded, shaking her head and smiling wryly. “My mother and I were driving when it happened. Our car upturned and we were buried under a mountain of fallen meteor rocks and stuck there for two days until we were found and rescued.”

“Your meteor power.” Dean whispered, making the connection, leaning back. “Azazel knew when the meteor shower would fall, knew what they’d do to you, and made sure you’d be there to get mutated.” He shook his head, obviously confused. “But why? Did he think you’d get a power other than healing? That power isn’t exactly useful for a demon.”

No, but my ability to bring people to life, and kill them is. But Chloe didn’t say that out loud, she only hugged herself, feeling a cold chill.

“So your mother accepted the deal, and what? They shook hands and that was it?” Dean asked, frowning.

“Not shaking hands exactly, but I’d think it would be something like that but in demon terms. Azazel never told me how exactly they closed the deal.” Yes, he hadn’t told her anything, but he’d shown the way her mother had sucked greedily at the blood gushing from the self-inflicted wound in his wrist.

By the time Moira Sullivan had returned to her home and had sex with her husband, immediately conceiving the child that would in nine months be born, her body had been completely filled and tainted by demon blood.

“She never told my father.” Chloe whispered, shivering. “We were happy, extremely happy, I remember that much. And Azazel wasn’t around, I never sensed him. I think mom probably thought maybe he’d forgotten, but on my tenth birthday I remember her being pale and shaky and very teary. She said it was because I was growing up to be a woman, but now I know the truth. He must have appeared to her to remind her of the deal when I wasn’t around.”

A muscle in Dean’s cheek jumped.

“The next day she hugged me and kissed me and told me over and over again how much she loved me. I didn’t---I didn’t realize what was going on, I was too young, too naïve, and mom had always been very loving with me.” And Chloe would never forgive herself for that. She should have realized that her mother was going through serious pain, was in trouble. Chloe should have sensed that something was wrong, should have done something to help, and if she couldn’t, she should have been there so her mother didn’t die all alone and afraid.

“She left us that day, and went on her own to die. I---I grew up thinking she’d abandoned us, that she didn’t love us, until Azazel told me the truth.”

She must have been so terrified.

Chloe didn’t realize she was crying until Dean swore softly and rose from the loveseat before falling on his knees before her and pulling her towards him, engulfing her in his arms. She should have felt self-conscious, horrible, she hated anyone seeing her crying, but Dean gave her a feeling of care and comfort, and she found herself grabbing the front of his shirt and sobbing into his chest.

Dean was whispering things that were too soft to understand, but his tone was so soothing that she didn’t care, just allowed the texture of that voice to encircle her.

Those cooed whispers, that softness that seemed so out of place with the manly man that was Dean Winchester, soothed Chloe into sniffles, and she finally pulled away, embarrassed by her display of tears.

“It’s okay, love.” Dean whispered, face contorted in a mixture of impotence and sadness, calloused thumb wiping away at the last of her tears. “You couldn’t have done anything to help her. You were just a kid.”

“I could have stayed by her side.” Chloe whispered, fighting the tears that seemed to want to fall once more. “I could have held her hand through it.”

“Do you really think she’d want you to be with her when it happened? To see that?” Dean asked, shaking his head and sighing as he sat down next to her, placing his hand on her lower back, rubbing her soothingly.

“You’re really great at this comforting thing, Dean Winchester.” Chloe turned her head to look at him, smiling thankfully threw her tears. “Has anyone ever told you that you’d make a great dad?”

He froze, a sort of panic and fear crossing his face before he shook his head and it was gone. “Maybe one of these days I’ll get a little kid of my own, kinda hoping for two myself actually, a boy and a girl.”

“Really?” It was surprising. She hadn’t thought that someone like Dean would be interested in having kids, especially not from the stories John had told her about his eldest son. “Why a boy and a girl?”

He was silent for a moment before smiling sadly. “Want to name them Johnny and Risa.”

The tenderness on his face and the sadness in his eyes drew Chloe in, and she gulped, feeling her heart racing rapidly. More than anything she wanted to kiss him, wanted to feel his lips coaxing hers opened, wanted to have his weight over her---.

She blinked, blushing, looking away rapidly.

Calm down girl!

Clearing her throat, Chloe rubbed her hand over her face and smiled shakily. “Yeah, well, I’d never name my son Johnny.”

He looked shocked at that revelation. “Why not?”

“That was the name Lois would have given her baby if it’d been a boy.” Chloe admitted, once again feeling guilty for being unable to save the child as well.

“Oh.” And then Dean was silent for a moment before clearing his throat. “So, you and Queen have any names planned for the kid?”

“Huh?” For a moment she had absolutely no idea what in the world he was talking about. And then she remembered. “Oh. OH!” She felt a moment’s panic at the way his eyes narrowed suspiciously at her, but she pushed it away. “Um, names, right, for the baby, that I’m having, with my husband.” Yes, because that didn’t make her sound suspiciousat all. “Um, we’re thinking to go with Clark if it’s a boy and, well, Dinah if it’s a girl.” Of course, she was making thatup on the spot.

But it fit, somehow.

“Completely different names.” Dean whispered to himself before looking up at her. “So, uh, how did you come up with those names?”

“Clark was the name of a good friend of ours who was killed in a car accident a while back.” Well, at least, that was the official story. “And Dinah was Oliver’s old girlfriend and one of my closest friends.”

Dean frowned. “You were friends with Oliver’s old girlfriend?”

“Ollie and I have been friends for many years.” Chloe smiled softly. “He’s known my few partners and I’ve known his.”

“So, um…” He seemed uncomfortable. “Where’s this Dinah person now?”

“Dead.” Chloe felt her smile die as she turned to look at him. “She got possessed by a demon and began, began killing people, our friends.” She pushed away the memories, trying to keep in control of her emotions. “When that happened we didn’t know that demons were real so we couldn’t understand what was happening, why her eyes were black and what was going on.”

Dean seemed to sense her inner pain because he continued to rub her back soothingly, quiet, letting her continue.

“Oliver tried to get through to her, begged her to stop, that he loved her.” Chloe’s eyes began to water once more. “And he got through to her, for a second, and she used that second to beg him to kill her. And then the demon was in control again.”

That hand ran up her back, soothing her.

“At first Oliver didn’t want to do it, but the way she was killing people she was leaving nothing of them for me to bring back to life.” Her voice caught in her throat but she cleared it and continued. “And then she turned on Lois, and before Dinah could kill my cousin, Oliver shot Di multiple times.”

Dean’s hand on her was tense, shaking with his fury.

“And then this black mist just streamed out of her mouth and left and she was Dinah again, dying.” Chloe’s bottom lip trembled, head bowed. “And I couldn’t heal her.”

“Oh baby…” Dean whispered, pulling her close again, wrapping his arms around her and pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Everything bad that’s happened is not your fault.”

“I just couldn’t heal her, the most important person in Oliver’s life!” Chloe cried against him once again, not understanding how she could trust this near stranger so much. “She lived long enough to tell Oliver she loved him, and to thank him for stopping her, and then she was gone—along with the rest of our te---friends.” Chloe held on tighter, stuttering her words. “Only Ollie, Lois, Bart and I made it out alive.”

“So that’s how you got involved with the supernatural.” Dean sighed against her hair.

“Yes,” Chloe nodded. “After that I researched for months until finding out what had happened. We tracked down that demon and it was still too strong, it would have killed us if your father hadn’t shown up.”

Dean was quiet, listening.

“He took us under his wing and taught us how to hunt, how to protect ourselves should we come up against demons or other creatures again.” Chloe didn’t realize that she was rubbing her cheek against his shirt almost catlike or that he had tightened his hold on her. “He and Lois hit it off instantly, and he attended Oliver and my wedding the next day.”

Dean loosened his hold on her. “How long after Dinah’s death did you and Oliver get married?”

“Nine months.” She replied. “We found comfort in each other.” Well, they had, but in the sense she was insinuating.

“Nine months seem to be important dates in your relationship.” Dean pulled away and stood up, clearing his throat and running his hand through his hair. “Try and cheer up, okay? It’s not good for the baby.”

She wanted to say ‘screw the baby’ but that wouldn’t sound motherly to anyone, would it?

Chloe sighed. She hadn’t thought how much faking a pregnancy would take out of her. “Yeah, you’re right.”

What she couldn’t understand was why she felt so cold and alone now that his arms weren’t around her anymore.


Hmmmm. If they keep it up like that I won’t have to do anything myself. Lucy thought as she spied on Chloe and Dean in the sunroom. She’d convinced Anita and Gregory to keep watch for her so that no one would find her snooping (a talent she’d discovered she’d inherited from Lois). I know Dinah’s and the rest of the League’s deaths happened two months before I met Bart, but it still hurts me to hear about it. Bart---his face shows his pain so much.

Sighing, she leaned against the door and began to walk away, deciding to think of better things and plan her Get-My-Sister-And-Cousin-With-Alive-And-Hot-Men-Who-Love-Them-Like-Women-And-Whom-They-Love-Too plan. It just wasn’t right for her and Bart to be the only truly in love couple in the mansion. Jimmy was nice, and liked Lois, but she wasn’t in love with him and he wasn’t hot enough for Lucy’s sister (at least in her opinion). And Oliver and Chloe loved each other, but not as man and wife. They needed to end this fraud of a marriage and find someone they couldlove that way.

And Dean loves Chloe already and she’s attracted, so, yeah.

Of course, she felt guilty about Jimmy and Oliver ending up alone, without the awesomeness that was Lois and Chloe, but once she was sure her sister and cousin were in happy, healthy, and sex-crazed relationships Lucy vowed to herself to find two nice girls for Oliver and Jimmy.

She would.


But now she had to concentrate on Lois and Chloe.

Somehow, she felt Chloe mightn’t need much help in that department, but Lois? Lucy felt her sister was onto her.

That was so not good.

Especially not good for her health.

Or her sex life.

Not that she was going to have a sex life with Bart gone with Oliver. Then again, Bart had promised to sneak away often and superspeed over here to have some hot bunny sex weekly, so she’d have to make do with once a week.

Somehow she’d survive the sex-deprivation.

She had to!

CHLOE!” Lois’ voice screamed from upstairs.

Lucy looked up, surprised to see her sister hurrying down the stairs, face pale as paper. “Lois? What is it?”

“Where’s Chloe?” Lois gasped, tears welling in her eyes. “I need to talk to her now!”

“She’s in the sunroom, filling Dean in on the deal and all that sensitive stuff.” Lucy was getting worried. “Why? What’s wrong? What happened?”

And then Lois said the words that froze her heart with fear.

“I just answered the phone, it was a call from Queen Enterprises.” Lois’ whole body was shaking in her terror. “Oliver’s plane was attacked midair. There was an explosion.” Lois’ voice cracked with emotion. “They’re saying no one made it out alive.”

No.” Lucy whispered, eyes wide in terror. “Bart.”

“That---that can’t be true.” They heard a whisper behind them, both turning to see a pale Chloe standing with Dean behind them. Obviously she’d heard Lois screaming for her and had hurried to see what was wrong. “Oliver can’t be---they were supposed to come after me. Me. Not him!”

“Chloe?” Dean asked, worry and confusion deep in his voice as she swayed on her feet and he caught her.

But she didn’t answer because she’d fainted dead away.


1st-May-2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
"... and he wasn’t hot enough for Lucy’s sister ..."

Oh Lucy. Of course, that's the important thing about Jimmy.

Also, they killed Ollie! Those bastards! Although, I have to wonder since I'd think he'd have backup plans just in case of such an event. So . . . is Dean going to have hysterics of protectiveness in the next installment?
1st-May-2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
Well, that's just how Lucy's mind operates! It's all the superspeeded sex I tell you! lol

1st-May-2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
oh man loved the way dean was with chloe. oh poor chloe about what her mom did to have chloe and live for awhile ? awwwww lucy your planning may work out . oh no about ollie, bart and jimmy ? PPMS
1st-May-2009 07:23 pm (UTC)
Yes, Lucy the Mastermind, who would have thought?
1st-May-2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, you meanie, please tell me Ollie's not dead, sniff! I love the way you build the suspense. Please keep going!
(Deleted comment)
2nd-May-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
Oh, no! Pooer Ollie (but you know, I'm hoping this is just a fake-out!)
2nd-May-2009 01:50 am (UTC)

2nd-May-2009 03:44 am (UTC)
oh no im getting excited and sad all at the same time... lol..
great chapter
2nd-May-2009 06:47 am (UTC)
Okay, Lucy SO reminds me of one of my more scheming friends it's ridiculous, and I absolutely love it! Also, evil! How could you leave us there? They aren't really dead are they?
2nd-May-2009 08:24 am (UTC)
Loving Lucy!!

But damn please tell me that Oliver, Bart and yes Jimmy too are okay!!!!

Come back now!!!
3rd-May-2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
Nooooo not Ollie and Bart... (I don't really care about Jimmy lol)
Great chapter, great chlean, can't wait for more
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