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Meeting Sam Winchester 2/5 
4th-May-2009 03:23 pm
chlam--tender look

Title: Meeting Sam Winchester
Sequel to: Possession and Being Good Is Overrated
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Sam Winchester
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Summary:  Chloe has been seeing shadow people for three days now and knows that something is about to happen, but she never thought Sam Winchester would appear at her workplace, and wasn't ready for what he had to say...or the immense attraction and connection she feels to the man tortured by his own memories.
Note:  Written for My Paranormal 150 Prompt Table THIS CHAPTER'S PROMPT IS: #78. Demonology.


Despite her having given Sam the key to her apartment, Chloe couldn’t help but feel shock when she came home that evening and found him sprawled in her living room, books and tomes older than her scattered all over the table. The blonde closed the door behind her, awed at how at home he seemed in her apartment, and surprised at how her heart raced at the thought.

Honestly, it was ridiculous how she reacted to Sam Winchester.

She was acting like some kid with her first crush or something.

It was embarrassing.

She was a grown woman with a great job and maybe some demon blood coursing through her veins, she could handle a drop dead gorgeous hunk in her living room drinking coffee from her favored cup. Come on, Clark had done this how many times? But somehow, her heart just didn’t react to Clark the way it did to Sam.

And that was worrisome considering that she’d been in love with Clark for half of her life.


Blinking, realizing he was addressing her, Chloe made sure her smile was professional as she kicked off her high heels and headed towards him. “Hey, I see you had no problems with the directions.”

“Nah, found it easy.” Sam responded, making room for her next to him on the couch, putting the stack of books on the coffee table and turning to her. “You sure it won’t be any problem for me to stay here until I find a place of my own? I have no problem with staying at a motel.”

“No, my housemate, Lois, is in Florida chasing after the Chupacabra.” Chloe waved that off. “She’ll be gone for at least a month if I know her well, ad I do, so you’re good.”

Sam blinked. “The Chupacabra?”

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded. “She works for the Inquisitor, and whenever they get leads on UFO sightings or crop circles, or in this case someChupacabra sightings they send her to investigate the claims and hopefully find some evidence to back them up and make the claim into an attention grabbing article.” Despite having made up her nose when her cousin had first told her about taking a job at the Inquisitor, Chloe now was rather proud of her cousin. “She’s really good and is getting a large following.”

“UFO’s.” Sam chuckled, looking away. “Aliens don’t exist.”

Chloe bit down on her lip to keep from laughing, wondering how Clark would have reacted to hearing that Sam believed in anything paranormal but scoffed at the idea of intelligent lifeforms from other worlds.

“Changing the subject, how was work?” Sam asked.

“Great.” Chloe reassured, sitting down next to him, fighting the urge to gulp at their proximity. “So, uh, what’s all this?”

“These are my and my father’s collection of books of demons and monsters.” He replied. “I usually only go with the information in his journal, since it summarizing almost everything in these books by name, description, and how to kill, but I thought it’d be better if you went through the basics. Starting with demons.”

She blinked. “You’re going to teach me about demons?” For some reason, instead of being horrified she was excited. “Really?”

He grinned crookedly at her, chuckling slightly, before that surprised expression covered his face again. It was as if he hadn’t smiled in a long time, and it was weird for him to do so.

His gaze turned curious once more as he watched her before he shook his head and grabbed a book, opening it. “When my father taught my brother and I about this, this was the first book he used. I’ll follow his guidelines as best as possible. Stop me any time you have a question, okay?”

Chloe nodded, getting comfortable in the sofa as she listened to Sam as he taught her about demons, leaning the classification of the hierarchy of demons, their powers and weakness, attributes, names, and derivations. The ‘class’ went slow because every couple of minutes Chloe found herself interrupting, asking questions, but instead of being annoyed Sam just grinned, seeming impressed by her questions, and answering them to the best of his knowledge.

He still didn’t know much about demons either, most of what he knew gleaned form either his father, self experience, or from Ruby.

“So if I say Christo someone possessed will react by flinching and their eyes going momentarily demonic?” Chloe asked, intrigued by that little piece of information.

Sam nodded.

They were now on the floor, eating the pizza that they’d ordered. Neither Chloe nor Lois were much in the cooking department, so they really didn’t have anything in the cupboards other than cereal.

“And holy water hurts the demon but not the host.” Chloe recapped, making sure she had that fact right.

“Yep.” Sam grinned around his piece of pizza. “You’re doing pretty good.”

“I’m research girl, the one who has to remember everything around here.” Chloe responded, not at all boasting. “I had to have my mind like a steel trap.”

“Rusty and illegal in 37 states?” Sam suddenly quipped, and both of them froze, surprised, before they laughed. “I made a joke.” Sam muttered between laughs, shaking his head in awe.

Chloe grinned.

Sam grinned back.

And then the mood was ruined by a knock at the door.

Chloe sighed, about to get up.

But Sam beat her to it.

Gone was the smile, instead it was replaced with a steely, determined stance as he headed towards the door. Chloe had noticed the way he moved, as if ready to face any predator on the other side of the door, and she couldn’t help but let herself admire that fine ass.

Great. I’ve become a pervert. She groaned slightly and threw herself on the floor. I’ve been living too long with Lois!

Oh, if Lois had been here she’d have eaten Sam alive, the guy wouldn’t have had a chance!

And something inside of Chloe went queasy at the thought and was glad her cousin was gone for a whole month---whereas earlier on in the day she’d been sulking about the very same reason.

“Yes?” Sam’s voice wasn’t extremely harsh, but it wasn’t welcoming at all.

Tilting her head to the side to get a better view of whom could have gotten such a cold reception from her guest, Chloe blinked when she saw Lana Lang. Her gaze then went to Sam’s face in surprise, seeing his cool gaze, seeming completely unaffected by the petite female who seemed to have the power to make every man around her fall head over heels and psychotic over her seconds after meeting her.

Lana herself seemed surprised, but whether it was at the cool greeting or the fact that there was a handsome strange guy (or as Lois would have put it UFOUnidentified Fuckable Object of lust) in Chloe’s apartment was up for debate. “Uh, hi. I’m Lana Lang, Chloe’s friend. Is she, uh, home?” She paused. “I thought Lois was gone.”

Chloe cringed.

Was it really so surprising to think that Chloe might have a gorgeous guy with her? Why immediately assume that Lois was the one in here with Sam?

“I’m Sam.” The tall male announced, stepping out of the way to show Chloe lying down on the floor, amidst books. “Chloe, you have a visitor.”

“Yeah, I realized.” She flinched, standing up. “Uh, hi Lana. What brings you here?”

“Chloe.” Lana blinked, surprised, before smiling and stepping into the apartment over the discreet line of salt Sam had placed all around the interior of Chloe’s abode. “How are you doing?”

Chloe could read the look in Lana’s eyes.

It said Who is he? Tell! Tell!

“Fine Lana, and you?” Chloe asked.

“Uhm, well, I’m okay, I think.” Lana sent Sam a quick look before returning her attention to Chloe. “I’d wanted to, uh, talk to you about some things, but you’re busy at the moment with your friend.”

Chloe knew what Lana wanted to ‘talk’ to her about. The Clark/Lana saga was still going strong, with them breaking up “for good” one week and getting back together the next. It was getting on Chloe’s nerves because while it was their lives they liked to involve her in it too much. Whenever they’d fight Lana would come to her to complain, Clark would come to her to complain, and despite knowing that she was friends with both of them they kept acting betrayed that she was still on good terms with the other person.

“So…what are you guys…uh…reading?” Lana asked, bending down and picking up one of the books, raising an eyebrow when she realized the title was in Latin. “Uh, Chlo, are you learning a new language or something?”

“You could say that.” Chloe smiled easily, hiding the fact that she was nervous. Sure, she’d given Lana the anti-possession necklace, but that didn’t mean that she’d really explained it or the reason behind it to the brunette.

She hadn’t wanted to.

Because somehow Lana would find a way to have it all revolving around her. She mightn’t do it on purpose, but that was just how Lana functioned, and Clark functioned the very same way. If they found out about the existence of demons they’d both decide that Lana was a target and needed to be protected.

Then again, with Lana’s track record when it came to possessions, kidnapping, and attempted murders, well, they might have a point.

Still, to save herself the headache, Chloe and left Lana and Clark very much out of the loop, with only Lois as her sole confidant---although Oliver did have more inside knowledge on the topic than Clark and Lana.

“So, you’re her tutor?” Lana asked, turning to Sam, still holding the book. “What got you interested in Latin?”

“Family hobby.” Sam announced coolly, standing by the still opened door. He leaned against the wall, arms folded over his chest, looking impatient yet trying to hide it bravely.

“Oh. Mine used to go to the Talon every weekend when it was still a theatre.” Lana announced, looking through the book curiously, making a face when she saw the obscure, demonic looking pictures. She closed it, shrugging, before returning her attention to Sam. “They were killed right before my eyes during the meteor shower when I was a kid.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.” And Sam did seem sorry, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t seem less impatient.

Lana nodded, completely oblivious to anything but her story. “But my Aunt Nell took good care of me, and when she left Chloe and Gabe took me in.” She grinned at Chloe. “They’re like family to me.”

Chloe smiled back.

Lana had a really sweet side to her, which was probably the only reason Chloe was still her friend despite her sometimes very self-centered side.

“So, Chlo, learnt any words yet?” Lana asked, referring to the book.

“Yep.” The blonde nodded. “Christo.”

Lana blinked. “Sounds like Christ.”

“Because it is, in Latin.” Chloe explained slowly before taking the book from her friend’s hand and placing it back on the coffee table. “I don’t mean to throw you out, Lan, but---.”

“No, no, don’t worry!” Lana announced, heading towards the door. “You’re studying, totally understandable.” She grinned, sending Sam a long look before returning her gaze to Chloe. “I, uh, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Oh, I know you will.

And with that, Lana closed the door behind her and left.

Chloe sighed, beat. “Come on, let’s continue this until her curiosity gets the better of her anger against Clark and she calls him to ask him if he knew I was studying Latin and didn’t think to tell her.”

“Clark?” Sam asked, frowning at the thought of another interruption.

“Her boyfriend, my childhood best friend, extremely overprotective, Lana has him wrapped around her pinky and knows it.” Chloe waved that off as she sat back down and grabbed the book Sam had been translating for her. “So who’s the demon in the highest point in the hierarchy that you’ve come face to face with?”

“Easy.” Sam announced, sitting down next to her so he could look at the book as well. “That would be Lilith. I was once told that you didn’t get much higher than her, that if you did you were digging into Lucifer territory.”

Chloe’s eyes widened. “Lucifer is real?”

“I’m hoping that was only a comparison to give an idea about how powerful she is.” Sam admitted, turning to look at her. “But talking about Lilith, she’s different from most demons, one of the biggest differences is that when she shows her demon’s eyes, they’re white, not black that normal demons.”

“So black eyes are lower class demons and the lighter the eyes the higher they are in the hierarchy?” Chloe asked. Seeing the surprised look on Sam’s face she explained her question. “Normal demons, black eyes, Azazel, higher up, yellow eyes, Lilith higher than Azazel,white eyes.”

Sam frowned for a moment before running his fingers through his hair. “I---I hadn’t thought---I hadn’t made the connection.” His blue/green eyes turned on her as if he was seeing her for the first time before he grinned, shook his head, and reached over for his father’s old journal. “I’m going to make a note of that and ask Ruby about it later. I can’t believe I never noticed that before.”

“Maybe you were just too close to the subject.” Chloe responded. “And all you needed were a fresh pair of eyes.”

Sam looked up from where he’d been writing in the journal, silent, before smiling and looking back down, continuing to write.

Not sure why she felt she’d made a breakthrough with him, Chloe just contented herself to the wonderful feeling, grinning like an idiot. She didn’t know why his opinion of her mattered so much, he was probably with Ruby anyway.

She reached for her last piece of pizza and began to nibble on it contentedly, enjoying this study session. Usually when something happened she was left to do the research while Clark did the whole saving of the world (or Lana) part, so it was amazing to have found someone who was as good as, and who enjoyed research and learning as much as she did.

Suddenly there was a strong knock on the door.

Chloe groaned. “That’s Clark. Lana must have called him at the farm.”

Sam frowned from where he was writing. “She just left five minutes ago. It’d be impossible for him to get the phone call and reach here this quickly.”

Once again Sam was on the alert, and Chloe couldn’t help but feel sorry for him because of all the things that’d happened in his life to make him this suspicious human waiting for an attack at every knock.

“He’s fast.” Chloe announced cryptically as she forced herself to her feet and walked to the door, gazing through the peephole and smirking when she saw Clark on the other side. “Told you.” She sing-songed to Sam before opening the door to Clark Kent. “Hey Clark, what a coincidence to have you and Lana come within minutes of each other.”

A sheepish expression crossed those baby blues before Clark’s gaze went to Sam like a heat seeking missile. “Hey, I’m Clark Kent, Chloe’s best friend. You are?”

Chloe shook her head. Clark was as subtle as a flashing neon sign.

Sam frowned, standing. “Sam.” Like with Lana, he didn’t give his last name. He was that cautious.

“How long have you been friends with Chloe?” Clark asked, trying to sound innocent.

Clark.” Chloe groaned, turning to her friend. She loved him, she really did, but sometimes she just wanted to choke him. With Kryptonite. “Clark, Sam and I have been Internet buddies for a while now, we’ve had mutual interest with dead languages and researching things and teaching me Latin was just an excuse for us to meet face to face.”

Sam blinked, looking impressed at how easily she’d woven that tale.

Clark frowned slightly. “Why didn’t you tell me you were writing someone?” He could be dangerous…the words didn’t need to be spoken.

“Because I like to have some secrets.” Chloe announced, feeling like she should just sigh again. Clark did that to her sometimes. “Would you like some pizza?”

Clark looked around, eyes narrowed, at the books, at Sam, and then his eyes went wide. “Chloe, can I talk to you outside for a moment?”

Knowing that in his overprotective state Clark had used his x-ray vision on the books and Sam, Chloe sighed, wondering what he’d seen that’d worried him so much.

“What is it, Clark?” Chloe asked as she stepped outside and closed the door behind her.

“He’s got a gun on him, Chlo.” Clark whispered. “He’s dangerous, we have to get you out to safety and then I’ll come back and---.”

“Clark Kent will you stop?” Chloe growled, not having the patience for this, but knowing that he was doing it out of his love for her and his inane need to be constantly looking out for her. “I know he’s packing heat, he told me and asked me if it was okay and that he’d put it away if it made me uncomfortable, but I understand that he feels more comfortable with it and I don’t care.”

“Comfortable?” Clark asked, obviously surprised and confused. “Exactly why is he using a gun and why would he feel more comfortable with it?”

And she made a quick decision. “He’s a bounty hunter.”

Clark blinked. “A bounty hunter?”

“Yep.” Chloe nodded. “Family business.”

“So he’s a bounty hunter who is fluent in Latin.” Clark was obviously trying to wrap his head around that concept.

“Family hobby.” Chloe was doing her best not to sweat.

“That’s one interesting family.” Clark murmured to himself before sighing. “Are you sure he’s okay? Have you ran a check on him? Are you sure he’s not a metahuman, possessed, or just plain psychotic?”

She grinned, reaching forwards and hugging Clark close, surprising him by the unexpected move. “I love you, you know that, right, you big overprotective alien teddy bear, you?”

Clark gave in and chuckled, hugging her back. “I love you too, Chlo.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I’m sorry for always doing this to you, but you’re my only friend and if anything ever happened to you because I wasn’t paying attention---.”

“Won’t happen, trust me.” Chloe grinned, pulling back enough to grin up to his face.

Clark grinned back down.

The door opened. “Chloe, your cellular is ring---.” Sam paused in the doorway, a frown on his face as he watched them.

Chloe didn’t think much of it since he always seemed to be frowning when other people were around. “Thanks.” She turned her attention back to Clark and stood on her tiptoes as she planted a kiss on his cheek. “I’m okay. Now go and suck up to Lana before I have to listen to the two of you whining about each other for days before the glorious make up.”

Clark blushed. “I don’t whine.”

“Yes. You do. It’s like a super power of yours.” Chloe teased him with a cheeky grin. Letting go she stepped back and stood next to Sam, whose body was tense, his face emotionless. “Try keep the peace for more than a month this time.”

Blushing darker, mumbling about not being a whiner and being able to not fight with his girlfriend for more than a month, and with a wave to Sam, Clark turned and trudged away.

Chloe snorted and shook her head at her best friend before turning and going back inside the apartment, picking up her cellular and wincing at the number. “She called Lois.”

“Lana?” Sam asked, closing the door behind him.

“Yeah. She went all out.” Chloe mumbled as the cellular began to ring loudly in her hand. “Oh bother.” Sighing, the blonde answered the phone. “Hey Lois.”

Who’s the gorgeous but suspicious hunk with dubious choice in books sitting in our living room that Lana felt was suspicious enough to call me all the way in Florida about?” Lois didn’t even bother with a hello. “What’s his name? Why haven’t I heard of him before? Why didLana get to see him before me?”

Chloe rubbed her forehead, stressed. “He’s Sam.”

There was a moment’s silence. “Ruby’s Sam?”

She nodded, then remembered that Lois couldn’t see her. “Yes, Ruby’s Sam.”

Okay, now I understand your sudden desire to learn Latin of all things—and the ‘freaky’ pictures in the book.” Lois announced, snorting. She then went serious. “You okay?

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She was wondering what it was about her that made those around her so overprotective though. Even Lana, Ms. Must Be Protected At All Times, was calling up people trying to figure out who was all alone with Chloe and if he was psychotic.

Well, I’d like to know more, but I have an appointment in ten with the first person to spot chupachupa over here, so I’ll call later for all the nitty gritty.” Lois sighed.

“Okay, have a good interview.”

Thanks.” And with that, Lois hung up.

Chloe grinned and put down her phone, turning to Sam. “Okay, that should be it with the nosy interruptions. Wanna keep studying or would you rather do something else? Like rest?”

Sam looked around, uncomfortable.

He obviously wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to say it, which surprised Chloe. Sam gave off the air sometimes of not really caring about how he came off, like he was tired and just didn’t care about anything anymore.

“So, do you own a Winchester?” Chloe asked, breaking the silence with the first question to come to her mind.

Sam blinked, looking surprised, before he grinned. “Yeah, actually we do. Dad said it would be sacrilegious not to at least have one.”

The blonde grinned. “We have a shooting range close to the DP, you should teach me to shoot sometime. You’d have thought I would learn to shoot before given how many times my life has been in danger in the past, but I never got the opportunity.”

For a moment Sam was emotionless, and then he grinned. “Okay then, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

Not exactly sure why she was suddenly blushing, Chloe cleared her throat nervously and picked up the book they’d been studying. “Okay, let’s pick up where we started.” She sat down on the sofa.

Sam was still for a moment before going to sit next to her, and although they’d been sitting close all evening somehow this felt different. “You ready?”

She turned and realized their faces were way closer than they’d ever been. “Uhm, yeah.” She looked away nervously, focusing her gaze on the book.

He’s only doing this because he feels guilty and needs to redeem himself somehow and you’re his ticket to that redemption. Do not fall in love with him. You’re only going to get your heart broken and your ass kicked by a jealous demon.

So deep in her thoughts Chloe didn’t notice the way Sam’s gaze lingered on her face before he looked away, cleared his throat, and began to teach her from the book once more.

Somehow it just wasn’t the same after that.



4th-May-2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
Arrggh just when i think i'm a fellow chleaner, chlam comes and sweeps me off my feet!
4th-May-2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
chlam DOES have its appeal, doesn't it? I used to be completely chlean until a reviewer requested a chlam oneshot with NO chlean in it, and somehow it developed into the champions series and I fell in love with chlam. lol. The winchester boys are just too yummy...
4th-May-2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
Oh, Lana. *shakes head* She would tell a total stranger the story of her parents' death.

Anyway... Really enjoying this one. Chlam has become a favorite of mine recently, and there's just not enough of that pairing. :) Looking forward to more.
4th-May-2009 11:17 pm (UTC)
lol, yes, I see Lana doing that, and she references her parents and their death and the whole "oh woe is me" so much on the show I find it practically canon of her to do something like that.
4th-May-2009 11:13 pm (UTC)
Love this fic! I love Chlam just as much as Chlean if not more sometimes. I'm always excited about a new Chlam fic there's so few. Loved seeing the different reactions to Sam lol.
5th-May-2009 01:40 am (UTC)
Sam is just so yummy...love your icon by the way! its really nice!
5th-May-2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Wow! Fantastic writing. And you are quick!!! I was reading your other short Fic last night, What Is, all in one sitting, that is spectacular too.

I'm loving this so far.
Thank you.
5th-May-2009 01:38 am (UTC)
Thanks! I try to update as quickly as I can because I know as a reader how horrible it is to wait and for an update. Glad you like What Is as well! I find it amusing to be writing a chlean and a chlam at the same time. What can I say? my fav otp is Winchullivan, be it chloe/sam, chloe/dean, or better yet, sam/chloe/dean lol.
5th-May-2009 04:51 am (UTC)
"Why did *Lana* get to see him before me?"

why do I get the feeling that that's the most important question on the list? And Clark . . . does he X-ray everyone automatically? And if he does, that means he's probably looking at girls naked which says all sorts of interesting things about him . . .

Sorry, tangent.

Anyhow, Sam and Chloe. Shooting lesson. Why do I get the feeling that's going to be right up there with pool for foreplay? Adjusting her stance, her grip on the gun, how to sight down the barrel . . .
5th-May-2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
Oh you KNOW that's the most important question to Lois! *laughs*
and about the shooting lessons... *grins evilly*
5th-May-2009 06:19 am (UTC)
Love it.


“Who’s the gorgeous but suspicious hunk with dubious choice in books sitting in our living room that Lana felt was suspicious enough to call me all the way in Florida about?” Lois didn’t even bother with a hello. “What’s his name? Why haven’t I heard of him before? Why did Lana get to see him before me?”

Lois in rapid fire mode!!

Me thinks that Sam was jealous!!

Can't wait for more.
5th-May-2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
I tried to update the latest chapter last night but it wouldn't allow me *sulks* so I'm updating it this morning *or at least TRYING to*
28th-Dec-2009 09:04 am (UTC)
Yup, gotta love Sam. Interesting how their interaction is going so far and of course everyone is up in Chloe's business. I just wonder how long Sam will stick around.
28th-Dec-2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
yep...you REALLY gotta love him :D
26th-Sep-2014 12:36 am (UTC)
"UFO: Unidentified Fuckable Object of lust" -> rotflmao Lois always crack me up :)
14th-Jun-2015 11:14 pm (UTC)
She is totally gonna fall for him and I'm here to enjoy the show. Thank you for this and please keep chloe love in your mind!
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