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Wendigo 4/5 
24th-May-2009 06:50 pm

Title: Wendigo
Sequel to: Mothman
Pairing/Characters: Chloe/Sam, Dean, Ava, Andy, Lana, Pete, Shawn, Diana, and mentioned past Whitney Fordman/Adam Milligan
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Summary: A lot has happened since 18-year-old Chloe Sullivan last saw Sam Winchester. She now has new hunting partners, new friends, and a new monster on her hands. After a chance reunion, Sam and Dean most come to her rescue, and Sam and Chloe's mutual attraction blossoms amidst the newest hunt. But who's hunting who?
Note: Written for My Paranormal 150 Prompt Table PROMPT of the day: #142. Writer's Choice: Wendigo
A/N: Would have gotten this chapter out LONG AGO BUT MY INTERNET'S BEEN DOWN FOR DAYS AND JUST GOT UP THIS INSTANCE! Sorry for the wait.


Groaning at the pain in her head, Chloe opened her eyes and blinked at the darkness. It took some moments for her eyes to grow accustomed to it, and she took those moments to remember what in the world had happened and deduce where she was. Memories of the camping trip and the wendigo returned to her rapidly, and the blonde sat up on the admittedly comfortable bed of sleeping bags that the creature had obviously collected from its many victims and laid on the ground.

Eyes now used to the dark, they narrowed as she looked around her, realizing she was in the creature’s lair, and the fact that the thing had left her alive and unbound on its bed, and not strapped up and dead like the rest of its victims proved that, at least some of her power had affected it before Sam had broken her concentration and connection.

After making sure that the creature wasn’t anywhere in what she was sure was some sort of mine, at least not in the section she was in, Chloe stood and looked around the room. It was large and dank and obviously its main quarters, but there was nothing but the sleeping bags in it.

Still, if the creature had kept the sleeping bags it meant it might have kept the other things as well, which meant that her backpack could be here as well, and she had to find something in there that could serve as a weapon.

She was going to need it.

If she didn’t have a clean connection the first time it only served to agitate and turned even more aggressive whatever creature she tried a second time, she’d learnt that the hard way.

Sighing, Chloe looked all around her before finding a vein in the tunnel and following it out of the dead end. She dulled her senses because just as it helped her sense it, it also helped it sense her, and she kept her ears and eyes alert on the shadows. The thing could have gone back for her friends or it could be watching her now in confusion.

There was a fork in the road and Chloe followed her instincts, taking the left tunnel. She remembered when her power had first manifested itself. She’d been ten years old, and hadn’t understood what was happening. Worst of all, it’s manifested during a hunt she, her mother, and two friends of her mother’s had had on a vampire nest.

Worst creatures ever to have this happen around.

Chloe remembered the nest being larger and more cunning than the previous checks had indicated, and somehow she’d gotten separated from her mother and the others, without even her crossbow and quiver filled with arrows tipped in Dead Man’s Blood. It’d been dark and cries and death were all around her, and she’d hid.

But her fear was enough to attract the predators, and she’d found herself cornered in the darkness with the leader of the pack, Mathias Weston, had appeared, fangs lowered, smirk enhancing his ethereally beautiful yet terrifying face.

Chloe had known she wasn’t going to live, even at ten she’d already trained for enough years with her mother to know about the thought extinct vampires, and unarmed she knew that she would be tortured and killed. Tears of terror had filled her eyes but she’d bit her bottom lip to keep her sob of fear silent and connected her eyes with his.

She wouldn’t die crying and begging for her life. She wouldn’t shame her mother that way. She’d die defiant to the end.

Mathias had smirked in amusement, black eyes on her green ones, and this Chloe had sensed a tingle in her eyes, not knowing at the time that they’d bled black, or that that was the reason why the vampire and stopped and blinked in surprise.

Chloe had sensed something inside of her taking control, like a self-protective switch having been turned on, and she couldn’t tear her gaze from the vampire. All she knew was that the vampire wasn’t moving, he wasn’t even blinking, just staring back at her slightly as if…as if he was in a trance

Finally, whatever it was that’d happened had stopped and Chloe hadn’t been able to keep from looking away. She was more terrified now than ever, not knowing what exactly had happened to her, and knowing that she was going to die a horrible death and she hadn’t even gotten her first kiss yet.

And then one of his nest had charged at her in bloodlust and she’d looked up in shocked horror as Mathias turned on his comrade and tore his head off viciously. She’d thought that maybe he’d wanted to kill her himself, but any of the vampires that came after her he tore apart viciously, killing his friends without a second thought, back to her…

Protecting her.

During that time she’d been ignoring strange emotions inside of her, but as the fight drew on they’d gotten too strong to ignore. There was a burning in her stomach, in her throat and the smells in the room were just too strong. She’d lid down to the ground, huddled, grabbing at her throat and whimpering in pain.

Bloodlust, anger, hatred, evil, enjoyment of the carnage, of the sight of broken limbs and the scent of the blood splattering everywhere filled her. Her stomach wanted to revolt at her disgust but that something foreign was in power, and a sense of amusement and entertainment filled her as Mathias chuckled, the handsome 20-something vampire folding his arms over his chest and watching as six of his nest slaughtered one of her mother’s friends.

Chloe began to cry, the sound attracting Mathias’s gaze, and she felt worry, but it wasn’t her own.

She felt him in front of her, kneeling, hands over her face, sniffing her, and she’d cringed, terrified at his touch. She’s refused to look at him, refused to watch him, he was so close to her. He---was it time? Was it time for her to die?

But I haven’t begun to live yet!

“CHLOE!” She’d heard her mother screaming.

Her eyes had opened and she’d begun struggling against the vampire for the first time since he’d cornered her. “Mom!”

There was a vicious snarl from the vampire and he’d stood, throwing her over his shoulder as he stood. She’d seen one look of her mother’s terrified and agonized face as Mathias stormed into the night with her struggling body, leaving his nest to finish off her mother and the one friend left.

She’d ended up staying with Mathias and the survivors of his nest for a whole week. The others had wanted to kill her and drink her dry but none would go against Mathias, who’d kept her chained in his room, and who he’d bring food for and kept like a pet.

She knew he was tempted to kill her himself most of the time, but something was keeping him from doing it, something was making himprotect her, and she realized it had to do with that sensation she’d felt when their eyes had met and she’d felt hers tingle.

The child had gone over the memory over and over again, looking at herself in the mirror in the old abandoned farmhouse the vampires were using, and with every day she tried she noticed her eyes go darker, darker, and then, on the seventh day, they bled black.

She’d terrified herself but the shock of the door downstairs being kicked open had her eyes going natural once more, and she’d huddled in her corner, not knowing what was happening. The vampires had gone out on a hunt and no one was supposed to be here.

And then the door and flown open…

…and it was her mother.

She’d come to a nest alone to find her daughter.

They hadn’t had time for a tearful reunion until after Moira had unchained her daughter and gotten her the hell outta there, going to a witch friend to help shadow their scents so the vampires couldn’t track them. And then, when they were safe, there’d been crying and breakdowns, each having thought the other had been tortured and killed.

The only good thing that’d come out of that experience was the awakening of Chloe’s power, and while it really put her in more troubles by connecting her to the monsters she was fighting, it had saved her life more than once.

Stopping once she reached another fork, Chloe went down the right one this time, looking around her uneasily, wondering what that awful scent was.

And then she stumbled into the ‘kitchen’. Dead bodies were strung up all around, in various stages of decay. She couldn’t believe that so many people disappeared and no one had heard. Probably most of these were tourists who’d come here camping, so the locals didn’t realize that they’d gone missing.

She had half a mind to turn back and try the other tunnel, but the hunter in her had her entering amongst the bodies, searching them, going to the relatively fresh ones and checking for pulses, any sign of life.

There were none.

But when she’d gotten to the back of the room she noticed a smaller one behind it…and backpacks and equipment inside.

Eyes widening, Chloe hurried towards it and was momentarily shocked as the amount of backpacks and things there. This thing had been doing this a long time and had a room of things that it had stored.

How am I going to find my backpack among all these?

Only after a moment’s hesitation Chloe bent down and started to search through the multiple backpacks, realizing as she treaded through the countless packs that it would be impossible to find hers.

Gaze going over the closest packs to her, she searched for something that would prove its owner was an intelligent, experience camper and not just some college kid coming out to have fun. She found it and treaded towards the worn backpack in question, opening the backpack and going through the contents, smile widening as she found a flare gun and spare shots.

Hello firepower.” Grinning she loaded the gun and pocketed the spare shots, and turned, taking in a deep breath.

It was time to go hunting.


While Sam had wanted nothing more than to go after Chloe the hunter in him knew that she’d pulled another stunt like when they’d been hunting the mothman to save the civilians, and so he forced himself to help the others along until they’d gotten to the cars.

Lana, Pete and Whitney were hurriedly shoved into the backseat of the range rover, and Andy jumped into the driver’s seat, keys to ignition. “Ava!”

“I’m staying.” She announced, motioning to Dean. “He’s going with you.”

What?” Sam, Dean and Andy all asked at the same time in the same disbelief.

“Look, you need two hunters in case the thing starts to follow you, and I’m the only one who can lead anyone towards the underground mine that thing took Chloe to!” Ava announced, eyes narrowed, voice an I-dare-you-to-offer-a-better-deal. “Sam isn’t going to let Dean take his place going after Chloe, and Andy has no idea where this thing is, so it makes more sense for Dean and Andy to take the others to safety and get the things we’ll need to kill this fucker and Sam and I will go to the mine and try keep it from either killing Chloe or---.”

Sam narrowed his eyes at her. “Or what?”

“We’re wasting time.” And with that Ava placed a hand to her head and concentrated, before the vision took hold and she was getting a general direction to the cave. “It’s this way. Start moving.”

And with that she started moving towards the mine, hand still on her head, concentrating.

Dean opened his mouth to say something.

“Don’t bother my friend.” Andy whispered, worried but determined as he watched her move away. “She’s beautiful and so painfully right…and the longer we argue the longer Chloe’s alone with that freak.”

A muscle in Dean’s cheek jumped before he turned to Sam. “Be careful, I’ll be back to kick that thing’s ass.” And with that he went inside of the car, slamming the door shut.

Sam turned and hurried after Ava, both of them with their senses activated. “Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?”

“Yes, and I have a head-splitting headache to prove it.” She announced before sending him a sideways glance. “Before Chloe left, she told me to tell you not take so long this time.” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. “What did she mean when she said that?”

Sam’s face hardened. “Did Chloe ever tell you about how we met?”

Ava nodded. “A mothman case. Your parents teamed up together.”

“Well, my dad and I were trapped inside of the mothman’s lair, my dad knocked out unconscious and I was weaponless, and Chloe returns from taking her injured mom and an injured Dean out and calls the mothman loudly, catching its attention.” A muscle jumped in Sam’s cheek. “And then she sliced open her arm, saturating the air with the scent of her blood and took off running in the opposite direction.”

“Activating its predator tendencies to chase what’s running, kinda like what she did here.” Ava shook her head, smiling wryly. “That soChlo.”

“Yeah, well, I got dad to safety and went back for her, and she was there, staring eye to eye with the creature.” Sam frowned as he remembered it, and he turned to Ava about to say something when he noticed how she was pointedly looking away from him. “She was using her power on it, wasn’t she?”

The brunette took in a deep breath and nodded. “Most probably.” She stopped, looking around her, closing her eyes tightly, and then she changed their direction slightly, continuing to walk.

Sam looked behind them, eyes dark, before returning his attention her. “Back there you said that that creature would either kill Chloe or---and you stopped. And every time I try get Chloe’s ability out in the open something always happens or people don’t say anything. What is Chloe’s power? What was she doing with that mothman that day and what did she do to the wendigo?”

Ava made a face. “It’s Chloe’s right to say, not mine.”

Ava, I need to know what to expect!” Sam snapped, stopping and grabbing her arm, swinging her around to look at his dark and deadly face.

The girl narrowed her eyes and looked away before sighing. “Valentine.”

Sam blinked. Confused. “Huh?”

“Her nickname?” Ava jerked her arm out of his hold, continuing to walk towards their destination. “We call her Valentine.”

Valentine?” Sam made a face, matching her stride easily. “Why would you----?” His eyes widened. “You’re shitting me.”

“I shit thee not.” Ava sighed. “Look, it’s not exactly an accurate term for what she does, but in the end the things usually end up with an unhealthy fixation for her.”

Sam frowned darkly. “Explain.”

“How I got it when she tried explaining it to Andy and me, was that she somehow connects with the monster, as long as she’s looking in its eyes long enough.” Ava replied, never having truly understood it as well. “She confuses it, her scent changes, her abilities shift, she can sense its thirst, its pain, its hunger, and its can sense her as if it were a part of her as well. But that’s if the connection is established properly. Some creatures she’s successfully connected with have thought she’s one of them. They---,” Ava paused, frowning. “It’s interesting because when it happens the creature gets disoriented and confused and mostly tries to protect her, to keep her, and it doesn’t understand why. That confusion gives us the advantage we need to kill it.”

Sam frowned. “She told me that I’d laugh when she told me about her power. That’s not laughable. It’s actually kinda disturbing.”

Ava grinned. “Well, how Chloe puts it, she says her power is catnip for monsters. Calls herself Mrs. Monster sometimes even. She’s kinda embarrassed of the power, says its lame and she wishes she had something ‘useful’, like being able to create fire or something.”

Sam shook his head, still unable to believe it.

Ava paused and then frowned. “Why haven’t it come back for us yet?”

Sam frowned. “Good question.”

A scream pierced the air.

They shared a look and started running in that direction as fast as they could.


She’d reopened her senses a little too late, and when she’d sensed it behind her she’d swung around and the flame gun had been slapped out of her hand by the monstrous creature. A scream of anger escaped its lips as it grabbed her by her throat and slammed her up against the wall, lifting her so that she was holding onto its hand and swinging her feet in the air.

Its grip could be tighter, she knew that, and it was her only comfort as she swung her feet up and her shoe connected with the mouth of its skeletal stomach.

The wendigo screeched and let go of her, doubling in pain.

Leaving the gun behind, not having seen where it’d fallen, Chloe made a mad dash down the tunnel, not knowing where she was or where she was going but knowing that she had to get as far away from the thing as she could.

She stopped, feeling her heart miss a beat, when she found herself in a dead end. Turning around rapidly she turned in time to see the monstrous humanoid silhouette in the darkness, breath rapid and harsh. She was going to die, she was going to die!

Not without trying it again.

Sickened at the thought of having to connect with this thing, Chloe narrowed her eyes and caught it’s as it started towards her, feeling her eyes tingle momentarily as they bled black.

The wendigo snarled, trying to fight it, agitated, confused.

The eternal hunger woke up in her and she licked her lips, feeling the cramp in her stomach from its need to feed, but she fought it, keeping her gaze on its and never looking away.

Not dangerous. Not appetizing. She pushed these words and fragments into the link. She knew that most of the creatures she did this to never understood the words themselves, but somehow the intentions got forth, and as she felt its anger, hunger and confusion, she pushed forwards her forced tranquility, trying to impose it on the creature.

“CHLOE?” She could hear Sam calling for her but she didn’t take her eyes from the creature’s this time. Sam’s voice was far away and she was still not completely done with the connection.

The blonde felt revolted as images of herself as the wendigo came to her mind, living its deeds through its memory, watching herself stalking innocent people, capturing them, killing them or eating them alive as they screamed for help and pleaded for mercy.

She hated this part of the connection the most, the part where, even if only for a couple of minutes, she became the monster.

And then there was a shot, and the wendigo screamed, tearing its gaze from her, breaking the connection, as it caught on fire. As it crumbled to the ground, Chloe noticed Sam and Ava standing behind it, Sam holding the flare gun she’d lost during the confrontation.

She wanted to thank them, but her stomach revolted completely and she turned to the side, bending, vomiting the snack bars and chips she’d had for breakfast. The blonde vaguely realized that the two brunettes were next to her in seconds, talking at once, worried.

Holding up a hand to silence them, Chloe finally stood up once she was empty and wiped her mouth with the back of her palm before leaning against the wall and glaring up at Sam. “You took longer than last time.”

His worry turned into an incredulous expression as he chuckled and shook his head. “You’re unbelievable. Next time you plan on doing something stupid like this, don’t.”

She ignored him and turned to Ava, smiling. “I knew you’d be able to find me.”

Ava grinned as well, proudly. “Well, that’s me, Vision-Girl. I rock. I know.”

Sam turned to look at the little remains of the wendigo and then at Chloe. “So…your power…Ava told me what it was.” He frowned. “What part of it was supposed to make me laugh?”

Chloe winced.

He looked angry.

“And what’s it with you and being and idiot and running away to face the monsters by yourself?” He wanted to know. Now that he was over the relief that she was okay he was seriously getting pissed. Sam turned to Ava, a muscle jumping in his cheek. “Has she done this with you and Andy before or just she just reserve it to scare me half to death?”

“Hunters Creed 101, civilians come before everything.” Ava muttered.

Sam narrowed his eyes. “If you’re dead who’s going to take care of the civilians?”

Ava made a face. “Don’t take it out on me Gigantor, I just follow the rules her mom taught me.”

And that had turned the attention right back on Chloe.

Which, of course, had obviously been Ava’s plan all along.

Sam narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to continue.

Chloe raised her hand and silenced him. “Can you continue this later? We need to get to town.” She looked behind him, remembering the dead bodies and the room of backpacks. “We need to call the authorities and let them know about the ‘cannibalistic serial killer’ who lived in the woods and preyed on campers.” She sighed. “There are a lot of families out there who deserve to know what happened to the ones they loved.”

Ava nodded, face just as glum, continuing on with the story they were going to have to give the authorities. “It’s a good thing we fought back and got to him and shot him in self defense with a flare gun, which will keep them from identifying who he was.”

“All they’ll be able to analyze from the tissue was that he was human. Once. A long time ago.” Sam sighed, relenting for now, placing an arm around Chloe. “Let’s get out of here.”

She nodded in agreement, resting her forehead against his. “The upside to this is that I found where it kept the millions of backpacks from alls its victims. So we should be able to get our stuff back.”

Ava blinked. “How are we going to explain the weapons to the authorities?”

Chloe and Sam stopped and looked at her.

“She has a point.” Sam told Chloe. “If you pack like I do, you’ll have an arsenal in your bag.”

Chloe groaned. “We’re going to have to go searching through all those backpacks now, aren’t we?”

Ava nodded. “I’d offer to try and See their location for you, but my head’s killing me from finding this place, and finding which tunnels you’d gone through, so we’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and search one by one.”

The three adults looked at each other and groaned as they followed Chloe, the blonde leading the way.


25th-May-2009 12:27 am (UTC)
poor guys! but yay for the wendigo being dead!

awesome chapter!
25th-May-2009 01:03 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed, next chapter should be the last.
25th-May-2009 01:40 am (UTC)
aoijfowaeijf;eowaijfj NICE! Very creative with Chloe's power, that's something I never would have thought of!

Totally random, but you should try your hand at some Chloe/Castiel. That might be fun ::wiggles eyebrows::
25th-May-2009 02:06 am (UTC)
You're the second person to tell me to try some Chloe/Castiel! But I have only seen one episode with him *the one where he reveals himself to Dean* so I don't think I'd have his character right as yet. I think I'll wait until I order the 4th season as watch it over first...
25th-May-2009 02:17 am (UTC)
And when you had them calling her Valentine, I half expected the Wendigo to be trying to find a mate. Just think, Yanni CDs, candlelit dinner, Chloe, Bob the Wendigo (I name everything Bob). I'm special that way.

Anyhow, that was very fun, and I'll try not to send disturbing mental images your way too often.
25th-May-2009 02:29 am (UTC)
You forgot to add the Chianti.....lol.
25th-May-2009 03:34 am (UTC)
Awesome chapter, that is one creepy power Chloe has.
25th-May-2009 03:54 am (UTC)
Thank you! Glad you think it's creepy, I was going for that. lol
25th-May-2009 06:51 am (UTC)
I loved this! And Chloe's power was not quite what I expected, but still awesome and Hella disturbing. :P I can't wait for more of this!
25th-May-2009 12:58 pm (UTC)
Great! I wanted it to be disturbing :D
25th-May-2009 09:48 am (UTC)
yeah poor guys . oh wow that was so awesome loved it. can not wait for more talk between chloe and sam . PPMS
25th-May-2009 12:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, after all that running they have to go over a million backpacks and equipment. lol.
26th-May-2009 07:48 am (UTC)
WOW!! You amaze me. You always come up with something new and different.
26th-May-2009 12:01 pm (UTC)
*bows* thank you, thank you very much. :D
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