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The Metahuman, The Ranger, And The One Ring 1/? 
11th-Jun-2009 10:06 pm
chlaragorn---chloe & aragorn

TItle: The Metahuman, The Ranger, And The One Ring
Fandoms: Smallville/Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Pairing: Chloe/Aragorn
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or LOTR
Summary: When Chloe bleeds into a Lord of the Rings book printed with kryptonite ink she finds herself sucked into that world, with only Aragorn as her protector and friend. But now a war is upon Middle Earth, and everything points to her playing a vital role...


Curling up in her sofa, Chloe looked at the first of three ridiculously large books. She sighed as she looked at the cover, where The Fellowship of The Ring was written in beautiful green cursive. She’d never read the Lord of the Rings books, and to be truthful, she hadn’t watched the movie either, despite men like Viggo and Orlando and Sean being stars in it.

So why was she all of a sudden deciding to take the weekend off to read them?

They were amongst her mother’s things, and her mother was dead.

Sighing, Chloe looked down at the cover before opening it, trying to think of anything but Miora Sullivan. She’d been doing so well under Oliver’s care, Queen Industries had even created a drug that kept her mostly aware and able to do things for herself.

During that time was when she’d begun reading fantasy novels apparently, and right before her heart had just stopped mysteriously she’d packed these books inside of a chest with things she’d left to Chloe.

Running her fingers over the words The Fellowship of The Ring on the inside cover, Chloe hissed as somehow her fingertips were cut, and her blood dropped onto the page before she could stop it, mingling with the green cursive letters.

“I’m such an idiot!” Chloe gasped, standing and holding her hand, calling herself a million foul words for already destroying one of the only things she had of her mother. What was wrong with her?

Going to the sink in the kitchen, Chloe let the water run over her paper cut and wash away the blood. Tears began to fall down her cheeks as she closed her eyes and just cried.

She mightn’t have known her mother for long, but she’d loved her so much, and now with her death she was truly an orphan since her father’s passing two years ago.

Lois, Clark and Oliver were worried about her, and while the two males had been understanding about her desire and need to be alone now during her mourning time, Lois was more bullheaded. Her cousin was constantly calling and texting her to make sure she was fine, eating, and getting enough sleep.

Wiping at her tears, Chloe sniffled and wiped her hands dry on the kitchen towel before heading back to the living room and picking up the book, observing the page and wincing at the way her blood seemed to have been soaked in by the large green letters, marring its once perfection.

Way to go, Sullivan.

Sighing, Chloe wondered why her life was so messed up right now. She was currently jobless, an orphan, and her meteor powers were going wonky on her. Not only was she now unable to heal other people, much less bring them back to life, but she’d realized she really wasn’t aging passed the day of her first death, or if she was, it was at a ridiculously slow rate.

At least I can now heal myself.

She could feel her fingertips healing on their own at that very minute, the tissues tingling as they regrew and reattached themselves.

It felt like her powers were changing or evolving, and it frightened her. She’d only just begun to get used to being a mutant Florence Nightingale when it’d just stopped working.

If it worked I could have saved mom.

She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head.

No, she’d promised herself that she wasn’t going to blame herself. She couldn’t have done anything, and she wasn’t going to delude herself or guilt herself into thinking otherwise.

Turning the page, Chloe suddenly blinked as the words began to glow bright green. She was shocked, sure she was hallucinating, but before she could even drop the book the world went black.


Jolting up into a sitting position, Chloe gasped in a deep breath of air and the first thing she noticed was that she wasn’t in her apartment anymore. In fact, at the risk of quoting one of her favorite movie, she didn’t think she was in Kansas either.

Looking around her at the ethereal beauty of an evergreen countryside that seemed to stretch for eternity all around her, Chloe looked up at the sky and noted that the moon was large and bright, the stars brighter than she’d ever seen them, filling the sky.

There wasn’t an electrical post in sight.

Deep countryside.

A fire blazed and crackled to her right, and Chloe noted the nearly spent supply of firewood next to it. Almost in a daze she stood up to place the last pieces of wood into the fire, and then something fell off her to the ground.

Turning her attention to it, Chloe bent and picked up the surprisingly soft and warm material that’d been placed over her as a blanket as she lay (unconscious?) on the grass. It---it looked like a cloak.

Who wears cloaks these days?

Deciding that some D&D fanatic must have rescued her, Chloe hesitantly pulled the cloak over her shoulder and fastened it in place, smiling at how warm it made her, although it was ridiculously large on her.

It smells so good.

It was a musky, natural scent.

Bending to her knees and throwing the firewood into the flames, Chloe noticed two horses tied to a tree nearby, both creatures watching her in fascination.

She blinked.


Where exactly was she?

And how had she gotten here?

She’d dreamt about going over her mother’s things and finding some books, but what exactly had happened before that dream?

How had she ended up here?

The fact that I’m taking this all in stride and not freaking out is a sad sign and testament to how insane my life is.

Sighing, Chloe warmed up by the fire, waiting for the appearance of her savior, or, er, saviors. There were two horses and the things around the campfire insinuated more than one person had been there.

Maybe Clark will know what happened.

Reaching for her pocket she pulled out her cellular and frowned when she saw how it didn’t even have a cell of reception.

Piece of crap Nokia.

Seeing the bushes move she got up and pocketed her cellular, freezing when she saw the two males who stepped out of the shadows with their hands filled of firewood.

They were not what she’d been expecting.

Real D&D maniacs.

One was old, with long grey hair and beard. He had a staff in one hand and some pieces of wood under his other arm. He smiled softly, quite fatherly, as his blue gaze fell on her. “I see you are awake, miss. You gave us quite a fright.”

“I’m, uh, sorry?” Pulling the cloak around her tighter, feeling a little protected in its heat, Chloe turned her attention to the older one.

He didn’t have skin tanned from days under the sun, rich dark hair slightly longer than hers, or crystal blue eyes that contrasted with the rest of his coloring. He didn’t look like some breathtakingly handsome warrior able to sweep any woman off of her feet and make her forget her own name with just a brush of his lips against hers.

Don’t get attracted to lunatics, Sullivan. She took in a deep breath. Nice and good looking though they be, they’re dressed like they think we’re still in the middle ages or something!

“Are you well now, my lady?” Even his voice was dreamy and manly.

Don’t you DARE!

Chloe forced a neutral smile on her face as she nodded. “Uh, yeah.” She looked around them. “Uh, this might sound Hallmark Movie-ish, but I think I lost my memory.”

“You do not know who you are?” The younger one asked, taking a concerned step towards her.

“No, no, that’s not it.” Chloe shook her hands out in front of her to both show that he didn’t exactly get what she was saying and to keep him back. “I remember my name, who I am, but I don’t exactly remember where this is or how I got here.” She frowned. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, huh?”

“Kan-sas?” The younger one pronounced it oddly, turning to look at the elder one with confusion. “What is this Kan-sas?”

Chloe blinked. “Uh, the State?”

“The state of what?” And he was asking her this was a genuinely confused yet earnest expression.

A sudden feeling of fear entered Chloe’s heart. “Where exactly am I?” She closed her eyes tightly. It CAN’T be. “This wouldn’t be Middle Earth, would it?”

The elder one watched her in concern before speaking. “Of course.”

Chloe’s legs collapsed beneath her and she found herself on her knees in the grass, looking ahead of her in shock. She vaguely noticed the young male and older male hurrying towards her, worried, asking her if she were hurt.

I’m in Middle Earth.

Her eyes were wide.

She mightn’t have watched the movies or read the books, but that didn’t mean she knew nothing about the Lord of the Rings.

I bled into a book filled with green kryptonite ink. She closed her eyes tightly, shaking her head in horror. That has to be it. That has to be the only explanation. That dream wasn’t a dream. That really happened!

She was in a book.

“Why do these things always happen to me?” She bemoaned, covering her face with her hands. “No wonder my cell doesn’t getting any reception! I’m not even on the fricken planet anymore!”

Chloe knew that she must have seemed like an insane person to those two, but to their credit they stayed next to her in silence and let her rant and rave about the situations she got herself into—even when she wasn’t even looking for it!

Finally, finally, Chloe calmed down enough to look at the two men, who’d made themselves comfortable, sitting down on the ground next to her, both silent with concern.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, wiping at a tear and trying her best to smile valiantly at them, though she was sure it looked more like a wince. “My life’s been extremely hectic lately. My mother died, I lost my job, and now I got sucked into a book.” She took in a deep breath. “My name is Chloe Sullivan.”

“I am known by many names,” the older man announced, smoking his pipe, the smoke coming out like many different shapes. “But I am mostly known as Gandalf the Grey, and this is my good friend, Aragorn, also called by many as Strider.”

Aragorn brought his hand to his heart in some sort of greeting.

Chloe was fascinated by it.

Shaking her head and blushing when she realized she’d been staring at the young male, Chloe took in a deep breath. “Magic exists here in this world, right? I read the summary right, right?”

They looked confused.

She didn’t blame them.

She was confusing herself.

So she started, slowly, from the beginning. She explained how she was from a different world, and she explained to them what her world was like. She’d nearly laughed when Aragorn had innocently asked if all females in her ‘land’ dressed as males and cut their hair so short. It should have insulted her, it should have, and yet she’d answered his answer with a smile and the explanation of women’s rights and such.

Gandalf was extremely fascinated with her cellular, and how it helped her communicate with others far distances without the help of carrier pigeons or the such. He looked the device up and down and wondered what sort of magic it was.

Chloe couldn’t explain the difference between electricity/technology and magic to them, so in the end she just left it at that and finished her fanciful tale with how she’d been about to read the book when she’d been apparently sucked into it.

And then Gandalf had happily told her how there’d been a clap of lightning and then she’d fallen from the sky into Aragorn’s lap, scaring him and his horse so much the beast had thrown them off.

Thankfully she’d landed on Aragorn, so she really hadn’t had a harsh landing.

“I’m so sorry.” She blushed, looking in the young ranger’s direction.

“Do not be bothered by this.” Aragorn gave her a small smile. “I am glad that I was able to cushion your fall and you were not injured.”

That blush grew and Chloe looked away, clearing her throat. “So, uh, what do I do now?” She turned to Gandalf since he seemed more like the one in charge.

“I am not fairly certain.” The wizard responded truthfully, still smoking his pipe as he thought it over. “There were rumors of someone with a similar tale as yours that crossed the barriers of time and space into our world from another, but it is kept very secret and not much is known of that person or what became of him or her.” His old, wise gaze turned on Chloe. “I would bring you to my elders but my heart tells me you would be safer here in the wild while I am away.”

Chloe looked all around her, making a face. “Safer? Here?” She frowned. “I thought the summary spoke about monsters? Shouldn’t we---wouldn’t we be safer inside of a fortress, town, something?”

“No where is safe, my lady.” Aragorn responded, face grave. “I know the forest better than any orc, gobblin or rogue, and while you are with me and under my protection you will be safe.”

It was only habit that had her opening her mouth to inform him how she didn’t need his protection, but then, considering just what was out there, she bit her bottom lip and kept it stuck in her throat.

Just this once she’d accept an offer of protection without complaint.

“There, Aragorn doesn’t mind watching you.” Gandalf sounded quite pleased with himself as he stood and started walking towards where the horses where. Only then did she notice a wagon unhitched in the darkness. “I best be off sooner than planned. My friend Bilbo, a hobbit from the Shire, is having a celebration I must attend, and right afterwards I will ride to Saruman and tell him of your situation. He is a wise man, and will know what to do.”

“Saruman?” Chloe asked, wondering why the name felt so familiar.

Gandalf nodded as he and Aragorn hitched his horse to the wagon. “He is the Head of my Order.”

“Oh.” What else could she say as the horse was ready and Gandalf was smiling at them before getting on?

Gandalf turned to Aragorn, his smile gone, eyes serious. “Take care of her, Estel.” He then slipped into a language Chloe didn’t understand, but if the serious feel of the conversation had anything to say it was important, and most probably about her.

A little uncomfortable that they were saying things about her that she couldn’t understand, Chloe pulled the cloak around her tighter. Deep down inside she felt that she could trust these two near-strangers, but still her survival instincts were screaming at the switch of languages.

“Trust Aragorn, Chloe daughter of Sullivan.” Gandalf finally slipped back into a language she could understand. “He will protect you with his life until you have done what it is you were brought here to do.” And with that, he flicked the reigns and off he was, smoking his pipe as he went.

Chloe and Aragorn stood in silence, watching until Gandalf’s wagon disappeared into the shadows.

“What…” Chloe turned to look at Aragorn. “What did he say to you?” She asked, frowning. “What language was that?”

“Elven.” The Ranger responded, motioning for her to follow him back to the fire. “It is one of the many languages of Middle Earth. Does your land have only one tongue?”

“No.” She shook her head, going to sit down across from him, feeling a little awkward now that they were there alone in the middle of the deep countryside in the dead of the night. “What did he tell you that needed to be said in Elven?”

He hesitated for a moment before his blue eyes rose and met hers amidst the flames burning between them. “To train you.”

That was so not what she’d been expecting to hear. “Train me?”

“In the use of the bow and of the sword.” Aragorn responded, face serious. “I do not know what it is he senses, but Gandalf is wise beyond measure. He said that what he knows of this other being to cross the veils of time and space was that the person had a very important role during the Second Age, and the fact that you have managed to cross over as well means that you will play an important role in something that will soon happen.” He took in a deep breath as he stoked the fire. “Thus he asked me to teach you to protect yourself, as soon will come the time when I may not be able to protect you on my own.”

“But I’m not going to be here long.” She protested. “My friends in my world will realize I’m gone, and it might take them a little, but eventually they’ll figure out what happened to me and will find a way to get me back home.” Of that she was certain. “I don’t play any grand role in this story. Believe me, if there had been a character named Chloe Sullivan in this story I would have been teased sinceprimary.”

“Primary what?”

Chloe groaned, realizing how different their worlds were even more.

How was she going to survive this?

There was the sound of shifting, and then Aragorn was sitting next to her, face serious. “You have been brought here for a reason, milady, you will survive this. I promise you this on my oath as a Ranger.”

Chloe looked up into his blue eyes before looking away and sighing. “Bow and arrow, huh?”

He smiled and nodded.

She looked down at her feet.

Suddenly she felt gloomy.

If the monsters in this forest didn’t kill her his smile would.

Of that she was sure.


Sighing, Lois Lane looked up at the lights on in Chloe’s apartment window. Obviously she was still up there even though she wasn’t answering her phone, and it took all the control Lois had not to go up there, kick down the door, and demand Chloe allow her to grieve and mourn alongside her.

“She wants to be alone.” Clark Kent, Chloe’s best friend and the thorn in Lois’s side, announced softly, as if reading her thoughts. “We should respect her wishes.”

Lois snorted. “She’s in shock, Smallville, she doesn’t need to be alone right now.”

Lane.” Oliver Queen, Chloe’s other friend, and Lois’ ex boyfriend, announced warningly, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Alright, alright.” She mumbled, letting them lead her away. “But it’s not good for her to be alone. If she doesn’t answer her phone tomorrow, I’m bringing in the cavalry.”

The men thought she didn’t see them shaking their heads at her, but she’d only let that slide because she was worried about Chloe.

Lois looked back at her at the window one last time, a worried frown on her face.

Why did she have such a bad feeling?



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Yay, glad I won over your confidence!
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