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Unholy Alliances 3/? 
28th-Jun-2009 12:45 am
Title: Unholy Alliances
Sequel to: Read: Meteor Shower
Pairings: Edward/Jacob
Fandom: Smallville/Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything mentioned
Summary: Jacob's a metahuman, and a completely oblivious one at that---at least when it comes to the fact that he's in love with his vampiric best friend Edward Cullen---or the fact that Edward is in love with him too. When Jacob's cousin Lana is sent to live with him after the disaster the meteor shower left in Smallville, she and the others try to get him to realize Ed's feelings for him, or die trying.

The Cullen’s house was a mansion.

Lana’s eyes widened as she looked around the inside of it, unable to believe it. She’d met Dr. and Mrs. Cullen and couldn’t believe people so young and beautiful could actually exist, or that they’d have foster kids that looked almost their age. And they were so nice! Especially Esme.

These people were almost inhumanly perfect.

“Okay, so we all know why we’re here.” Alice announced, standing up as everyone sat in the living room. “We’re here because everyone in this room is sick and tired of the yes/no thing going on between Ed and Jake. We want them to get together already and stop annoying us with either their obliviousness or cowardice.”

There were murmurs of agreement all around.

Lana bit her bottom lip to keep from giggling.

If only Jacob and Edward knew just how invested their families were in this relationship.

“Since, obviously, things aren’t going to work out on their own, we have to do some pushing of our own to get those two together.” Alice announced. “So first order of the day, or, err, night is to write down your suggestions as to what we can do to remedy this on the blank pieces of paper given to you before this assembly was begun.”

Everyone went quiet as they went to work seriously on their ideas.

Lana looked around her, realizing that she didn’t have a pen.

Something tapped her shoulder.

Turning to her right, Lana was surprised to see the other brother, Emmett, holding out his pen to her.

Her eyes widened and a blush covered her cheeks. “Thank you. You don’t need it?”

He gave her a sheepish smile and a half shrug. “It’s not like I’m the one whose idea is going to be used anyway. I’m horrible when it comes to these romance things.”

Lana smiled, taking the pen from Emmett. “Thank you.” Ducking her gaze, wondering why her heart was racing, Lana quickly wrote down her suggestions and then handed Emmett back his pen, feeling somewhat shy for some reason.

Emmett hesitated before writing down something in time for the pieces of paper to be taken away by Alice.

The pixie-like girl that reminded Lana somewhat of Chloe looked through the recommendations, shaking her head. “That one won’t work, they’re too oblivious.” She looked at another. “If we do that there’s too much chances of it backfiring.”

How could she be so sure?

It wasn’t like she could see the future or anything.

“Emmett!” Alice grinned. “Now that is a very good idea!”

Emmett’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really?”

Lana grinned. “See?”

He gave her a small smile.

Alice grinned brightly. “And Lana, good idea as well.” She browsed through the rest of them before smiling at Jasper. “Honey, you are cunning.” She raised those slips of paper. “We’re using the ideas of Emmett, Lana and Jasper. Thank you all for giving us support.”

“What about mine?” Billy pouted. “It was genius.”

“Yes, it was, Billy.” Alice nodded soothingly. “It’s just that I don’t think leaving them locked up in a supply closet for a couple of days would work. Edward would find a way to get out too easily if he felt Jacob was too uncomfortable or just to get out.”

Billy sighed. “It always works in the movies and books.”

“Yes, it does.” Alice nodded. “And it would have worked if Edward wasn’t so strong. He’d break that door with a slap of his palm.” She then went pale and sent Lana a quick look. “Because, of, um, that adrenaline rush he always gets whenever he thinks Jacob’s in trouble.”

Lana played naïve and oblivious but everyone in the room were looking at her tensely.

Once again she felt like she was being left out of something.

“We’re going to go with Lana’s idea first.” Alice announced. “Then Jasper’s, then Emmett’s.” She then smiled, waving Lana’s slip in the air. “Let’s discuss the details.”


“I hate you.” Edward grumbled as he laid his forehead on the table of the restaurant Jacob was getting something to eat in after finishing the movie. “I really hate you.”

“The vampires weren’t that bad.” Jacob grinned, enjoying the look of revulsion on Edward’s face as he finally looked at him. “Sure, they were hairier than werewolves and stupider than, uh, something very stupid…”

“They broke out into songRepeatedly. While feeding!”

Jacob couldn’t keep in his laughter as he remembered that one. It’d been hilarious in itself, and yet to see Edward’s expression of pure horror throughout it had been the real prize.

“And what’s this about us not being able to have sex because we don’t have enough blood in us to get a hard on?” Edward wanted to know, completely outraged as he continued to think about the movie. “Vampires are known for being extremely sexual creatures! Can’t get it hard my ass!”

Jacob paused, looking Edward up and down slowly.

Vampires were really sexual creatures?


Now that he thought about it, Jacob knew that Esme and Carlisle, and Alice and Jasper were always very affectionate and touchy-feely with each other, but Emmett and Edward hadn’t shown any, well, any desire.

Very sexual creatures.

Edward was so into his rant he didn’t seem to pick up on that thought. “And then vampires are supposed to go poof in the sunlight and become these little neat piles of dust that can be swept up or vacuumed??? Really? VACUUMED?”

Now that Jacob thought of it, ever since Edward had moved to be with him the girls at the school had all been kinda dazzled by him, even some of the guys had admitted to being fascinated by the bronze-haired guy. Edward had once told Jacob that he was the perfect trap, that he body even let out some sort of pheromone which he could use to lure in human food by enticing them.

But Edward didn’t even need to use that.

He didn’t use it and the only reason the whole school weren’t trying to gang rape him was the fact that he had a stink attitude when it came to anyone who wasn’t Jacob. The young mortal knew for a fact that Tyler was one of the guys who’d had an infatuation with Edward only for the vampire to sneer in his face and tell him point blank he was completely not interested.

Jacob also knew that Tyler used his friendship with Jacob to get back at Edward, and while it bothered Jacob he was still friends with Tyler because sometimes he needed some semblance of normality in his life.

“How are you two doing?” The waitress reappeared by Edward’s side, again, batting her eyelashes at him. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can get for you, honey?”

Jacob tore his gaze from them and bit back a growl, stabbing his chicken with his fork. He didn’t understand why he was so bothered by the flirting waitress.

It wasn’t as if he wasn’t used to the women acting this way around Edward, but for some reason it’d started bothering him more and more lately.

He figured he was just being selfish and wanting Edward’s attention to always be on him, like it had been ever since he’d looked up as a kid, trembling and covered in scratches and blood, as Edward, also covered in blood, extended his hand to him, snow falling around them and the bodies of the vampires that’d attacked him lying all around them.

Ever since he’d been the brat who’d taken Edward’s hand, not scared of the vampire though he’d seen him massacre the others, Jacob had always felt that Edward was his vampire. It hadn’t bothered him how Edward had become a constant in his life after that, he’d lovedit, he loved it still.

Edward made him feel like the most important person in this world, and now that Jacob thought about losing that devotion to some girl…well…he lost his appetite.

“Hey, are you okay?” Edward’s voice was worried as he leaned forwards and placed his cold hand on Jacob’s arm. “Are you feeling ill? Do you want me to take you home? You look like you’re about to cry.”

“I’m not going to cry you idiot.” Jacob sniffled, wiping at his indeed moist eyes. “Remind me never to order the spicy chicken again.”

“You ordered the spicy chicken? Really?” Edward blinked. “I hadn’t realized.”

“Yeah, it’s making my eyes water a little.” Jacob lied, suddenly realizing that the waitress was gone. “So, uh, is that your type of girl?”

Edward went still. “Huh?”

“The waitress.” Jacob clarified. “Is she your type?”

Edward cleared his throat and pulled his hand away.

Jacob missed its coolness.

“My type.” Edward picked up Jacob’s unused knife and began to play with it listlessly. “No. She’s not my type.”

Jacob didn’t understand his relief. “What is your type of girl then? What does she look like? What does she have to be like?”

“Why all the sudden are you interested in knowing this?” Edward sounded a bit annoyed.

“Well, I realized lately that we’ve talked about everything, Ed, but never girls.” Jacob announced, shoving the chicken back and forth on his plate. “So I thought, we’re best friends, we should be discussing things like this.”

“Ever since you went to Smallville you’ve been getting these weird ideas in your head.” Edward growled, obviously unhappy. “Have you never thought that maybe there’s a reason to why I never talk about girls with you?”

“Yeah, actually.” Jacob ducked his gaze, feeling shy. “I think I know why.”

“You do?” For some reason Edward sounded hopeful.

“Yeah.” Jacob cleared his throat. “You have a girl you already like, don’t you, Ed?”

There was silence. “Oh.”


What kind of answer was Oh?

Jacob looked up at his best friend. “Don’t lie to me Ed, you have someone you like, don’t you?”

Edward opened his mouth, closed it, opened and then closed it once more before sighing and nodding. “Yes, there is someone I’m in love with.”

In love with.

This---this was serious.

Jacob fought with hysteria, winning the battle, at least it seemed so on the outside. “Do I know her?”

“I don’t feel comfortable with talking about this, Jacob.”

“Why?” Jake fought with the anger he was suddenly feeling. “I’m your best friend, Ed, you should feel comfortable telling me about everything, especially this!”

“Well I don’t!” Edward stood up. “I’ll be in the car, come out when you finish eating, I’ll pay the bill.”

Jacob opened his mouth to apologize, to ask Ed to stay, but then he closed it and looked away stubbornly as the vampire went to pay.

What was his damage?

Why was Edward acting like this?

Jacob was trying to be reasonable, trying to be a better best friend.

And how did Edward repay him?

By treating him like that.

Sighing, Jacob continued to play listlessly with his food as Edward left the restaurant, all hunger completely gone.

He must really love her if he reacted like that with me.

Jacob was jealous.

It surprised him to realize it but he was jealous.

It was hard for him to think of someone else taking priority in Edward’s life.

It hurt.

Then again, he should have seen this coming.

He should have realized that Edward wouldn’t be his forever.

Edward and Emmett would both eventually find their own vampiresses and make the Cullen clan complete and Jake would grow old and die while he watched Edward and his vampire bride live for eternity in happiness.

A woman screaming, followed by another scream and another, brought Jacob out of his dark thoughts and he realized, eyes wide, that everything in the restaurant was floating.

And he also realized that his hands were glowing green.

Unclenching his fists Jacob gasped and shot to his feet when the furniture came crashing down.

Oh shit.

There was chaos and panic, and yet a body pushed inside while others were pushing out, and Edward was by his side, eyes wide, pulling him to him.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked, voice worried. “I heard the screaming and everyone’s thoughts are terrified! The furniture all hovered and then crashed down?” He was obviously listening to their thoughts, picking out bits and pieces and figuring out what’d happened. “Come on, it’s not safe for you in here. I’m so sorry for leaving you alone. This is my fault. You’re safe now, I’m here.”

Jacob let Edward lead him out of the restaurant, and he knew he was probably going into shock so that dulled his thoughts and thankfully Edward seemed unable to make any sense of them or he just wasn’t trying to read them.

When they got to Jacob’s home his dad and Lana were apparently out, which Jake found odd, but neither male really thought about it as they went to the boy’s room and Jacob changed into his pajamas.

Getting into bed, still in shock, Jacob hugged his pillow, eyes wide, staring ahead of him, as he remembered how his hands had been glowing green and the moment he’d opened his fists they’d stopped glowing and the furniture all came crashing down.

His meteor power had just manifested itself.

He needed to speak to someone who would understand…

But who?

Maybe, maybe Lana knew of a meteor freak who hadn’t gone insane or ended up killed?

God, he hoped so.

So deep in his thoughts, Jacob didn’t notice Edward sitting on the bed watching him in confused worried. The vampire was silent, watching Jacob until the boy finally fell asleep.

Edward sighed as he got more comfortable in the bed and a soft smile curled his lips when Jacob turned in his sleep and wrapped his arms around him.

Running pale fingers through Jacob’s midnight black hair, Edward looked down at the boy and couldn’t help but feel so bittersweet at the moment. On one hand Jacob was curled up all around him, and on the other, this meant nothing to the other boy.

He was his best friend and he wanted to start talking about girls with him.

God, if You even exist, stop torturing me already.

How was he going to talk about girls with the one person he loved with all his heart body and soul? Well, if he had a soul, but if he did, it belonged to Jacob completely.

It had ever since that moment in Alaska when he’d come across that group of vampires attacking Billy and an extremely young Jacob. Something inside of him had gone furious in bloodlust and he along with Emmett, had slaughtered the vampires before they could truly hurt Jacob.

Billy had lost his ability to move that day due to what those things had done to him, but Edward had managed to save Jacob, to protect him.

Jacob had become his that day, and Edward didn’t want to ever let him go.

Especially not to some girl.

Sighing again, Edward closed his eyes.

You’re going to be the death of me, Jacob Black.

28th-Jun-2009 06:39 am (UTC)
Those boys... they aren't the sharpest tools, are they? It's a good thing they have a family like this...

You can't help but, love them though.
28th-Jun-2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's a good thing they have the alliance---even if they don't know about it! lol
28th-Jun-2009 07:12 am (UTC)
jake with superpowers...kinda awesome.
oh ed always angsting just kiss him already! that'll give him a clue...or make him think that you're experimenting...possibly become insulted ignore you and wallow in self pity and angst before realising his love for you...*sigh* you boys are so difficult XP
i can't wait for their plans to unfold!
emmett/lana is...interesting
can't wait for the next part :3
28th-Jun-2009 02:14 pm (UTC)
hahahahahahaha! Hilarious, Jake probably would react like that.
28th-Jun-2009 02:32 pm (UTC)
Awesome update!!!!!

28th-Jun-2009 02:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Glad you approve.
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jun-2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
*nods* Jacob needs to be shaken or slapped or told out right with a lot of evidence to back the claim of Edward's love.
28th-Jun-2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
Wow. i am absolutley in love with this story. Its super great.
28th-Jun-2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
Glad you do, thanks for reviewing!
28th-Jun-2009 11:26 pm (UTC)
Aww that was so cute. Lol Jacob's telekinetic then is he? Awesome. I don't even watch Smallville, but I love the spin.

It was so cute when Jacob curled up next to Edward, if only I had a best friend like Edward, ahaha.
29th-Jun-2009 12:07 am (UTC)
If we all had best friends like Edward we wouldn't have time to read/write fanfiction----sighs...
29th-Jun-2009 05:01 am (UTC)
This story is like a slow burn and I appreciate that. I quite like naive ignorance of both our boys to their feelings. It makes for such entertaining sport! Hugs, Shell
29th-Jun-2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
And wait till next chapter, when phase one of the Unholy Alliance begins without them even doing anything! *giggles evilly*
29th-Jun-2009 05:44 am (UTC)
I have a question...you gonna make Ed. Bite Jacob...? cuz... he is not immortal...he as powers but idk...or will he be able to move stuff and immortality too? =] ...I don't want poor Jacob dieing in the future. >']
Anyway...love Lana and Emmett,
The Allience
and the ending of this story... hehe
29th-Jun-2009 12:43 pm (UTC)
I'm contemplating what to do about Jacob's mortality, I haven't figured out what to do about it as yet, but he shouldn't be dying, so don't worry about that.
29th-Jun-2009 05:44 am (UTC)
I mean the ending of this chapter. =P
29th-Jun-2009 12:43 pm (UTC)
lol, I got you!
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