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Unholy Alliances 5/? 
30th-Jun-2009 07:42 am
Title: Unholy Alliances
Sequel to: Read: Meteor Shower
Pairings: Edward/Jacob, Lana/Emmett
Fandom: Smallville/Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything mentioned
Summary: Jacob's a metahuman, and a completely oblivious one at that---at least when it comes to the fact that he's in love with his vampiric best friend Edward Cullen---or the fact that Edward is in love with him too. When Jacob's cousin Lana is sent to live with him after the disaster the meteor shower left in Smallville, she and the others try to get him to realize Ed's feelings for him, or die trying.

Edward had been agitated all day.

Lana watched with curiosity.

When Edward and Jacob had returned to school later on in the day she’d been watching them closely, noticing the grim lines Edward’s lips were, and the guilty look on Jacob’s face. It was obvious that what Alice had predicted had come true.

Edward had a rival.

The pale boy had been distracted all day, and it would have been comical to watch him mess up everything if it wasn’t for the fact that Lana’s curiosity was killing her.

Who was the rival?

What exactly had happened?

“He came back smelling like someone else.”

Lana turned to see that Emmett was standing next to her, smirking in Edward and Jacob’s direction. “Really?”

How can you tell?

“Ed doesn’t like anyone else’s scent on Jacob other than his, it’s something territorial.” Emmett explained smoothly, arms folded over his chest.

“So that’s what the extra touchy-feely-ness is about.” Lana understood, keeping all questions and suspicions out of her voice, glad that Emmett didn’t seemed to have realized what exactly he’d told her.

Not only where they all horribly cold to the touch, and Alice could apparently see the future, but Emmett had told her that they had an extra-ordinary sense of scent and were quite animalistic in nature.

What exactly are you?

Hearing a giggle, Lana followed the sound to see Bella smiling at Mike Newton, who was saying something and looking at Bella as if she was made out of gold and bathed in chocolate.

Well, apparently she has no problems with blondes.

So into watching those two Lana didn’t notice where she was going and she gave a little cry as she tripped. Closing her eyes and waiting for impact, Lana went still as cold arms went around her with amazing speed, pulling her up against a large, stony, cold body.

Gulping, opening her eyes, Lana looked up into Emmett’s brown eyes, finding herself beginning to blush as she looked up at him. “Thank you.”

He seemed shocked with himself, before his gaze went to her lips, to the blush on her cheeks, and he abruptly let her go, clearing his throat and taking a step backwards, running his hand over his shortly cropped hair. “Try be careful. We don’t want you getting hurt. You’re so tiny it scares me to think what’d happen to you if you fell. You’d probably break every bone in your body or something.”

Add super fast to the list…and super cute.

Lana found herself smiling amused and somewhat tenderly at Emmett, who now seemed so shy all of a sudden as he babbled.

She’d never thought that the giant would babble when he was nervous.

It was so utterly cute.

Smiling at Emmett, Lana didn’t notice Alice and Jasper watching them, both smiling brightly.

“That scent.” Emmett suddenly sniffed the air and turned towards the entrance. “It’s him, the guy Jacob went to meet this morning.”

Lana turned towards the entrance of the school, and her eyes widened when she saw Clark Kent leaning against the fence, looking a little bored as he watched everyone who left the school. “Clark?”

Emmett frowned at the whispered word, but she didn’t notice. “You know him?”

“Yes.” Lana nodded, unable to believe this. “He’s my ex boyfriend.”

Emmett’s eyes narrowed further. “Oh.”

He’s Edward’s rival?” Lana turned to Emmett, only now noticing the scowl but not really paying any attention to it. She had other things on her mind. “He’s the one whose scent is all over Jacob?”

Emmett nodded solemnly. “That’s the guy Alice saw as being the ‘rival’.”

She ‘saw’He’s just confirming more and more without really realizing it.

“Uh oh.” Emmett muttered. “Edward’s gotten hold of the scent as well.”

Lana turned to see Edward’s gaze immediately go straight to where Clark was waiting, and her eyes widened at the way his eyes went, once more, from golden to completely pitch black in seconds flat. Jacob followed Edward’s gaze and he tripped, Edward grabbing his arm and keeping him from going all the way down.

Apparently the ability to scent things and the unnatural speed are a part of the familyAnd that’s the second time I see Edward’s eyes change like that.

She more completely sure the Cullens weren’t humans.

It didn’t scare her, didn’t even bother her. She liked the Cullens, knew they were good people, or, err, good whatever they were.

She was just curious.

Maybe Chloe’s Must Know attitude had rubbed off on her.

She wasn’t sure.

All she knew was that she was going to solve this mystery.

“Come on, we’re going to make sure nothing bad happens.” Lana announced, grabbing Emmett’s hand and leading the tall, cold giant easily.

She didn’t notice his wide-eyed gaze at her initiating touch with him.

They reached Clark around the same time a pissed Edward and a nervous Jacob did.

Clark!” Lana put on her brightest, most oblivious smile on her face and hurried between Edward and Clark, hugging her ex boyfriend. “It’s so good to see you! What are you doing here?”

Edward and Emmett narrowed their eyes at this, one in confusion and the other…

“Hey Lana.” Clark hugged her back, smiling, before pulling away. “I’m actually here to see Jacob. I’m, uh, I’m on a trip with my grandfather and Jacob and I saw each other the other day and he promised that he’d show me around.”

Really?” Lana continued to play oblivious. “That’s great! I know you and Jake were going to be close friends since the time you were in Smallville together.”

She heard a growl behind her and wondered if maybe she’d egged Edward on just a little too much.

“Well, Ed, I, uh, I’ll see you when you get back from your hunt, uh, camping trip.” Jacob sent Lana a look before going towards Clark. “Hey.”


Lana did her best to keep the frown off of her face.

The Cullens hunted?

Hunted what?

Edward opened his mouth, closed it, and turned and walked away.

“I’m going to go check up on him.” Emmett told Lana before going after his younger brother.

Lana turned to Jacob and Clark, noting how uncomfortable both were, and kept her questions silent, only smiling at them. “Have a great time, guys!” Turning her back on them she walked towards where Bella was leaning against the truck.

“Who’s that?” Bella asked, looking Clark up and down.

“My ex.” Lana admitted as they got into the truck and she started the engine.

“Really?” Bella asked. “He’s gorgeous.”

Lana raised an eyebrow. “What about Mike?”

“He’s a nice friend.” Bella replied, putting on her seatbelt as they drove out of the parking space. “Oh, guess what happened to me last night?”

“What?” Lana asked, merging into the street traffic.

“I was out with dad. He has some friends at the Rez and I met this one guy, really good looking.” Bella blushed, grinning slightly. “His name is Sam, and he just froze when he saw me and even though my dad was right there he came to me and introduced himself and everything.”

Really?” Lana asked, unable to keep the envy from her voice.

“Yep.” Bella nodded. “So we got talking and he asked me about who I knew in Forks since I’m new and everything, and when I mentioned the Cullens he changed completely. He told me not to hang out with them.” Bella frowned, obviously angered by this. “Said that they were dangerous and that the whole tribe stayed away from the Cold Ones and I should too. He practically ordered to! As if he can order me around!”

The Cold Ones?

Bella drove Bella home and they did their homework together and then went on the internet. Bella’s mother called and the girl went outside to use the phone, leaving Lana alone with the computer.

The brunette didn’t lose any time.

She went onto Google and typed in the words Cold Ones, hunt, scent, strength, speed, eyes that change color in seconds, extreme beauty, ability to see the future, and her eyes widened when she saw the webpages that came up as results.

There were all occult or folkloric pages.

And they had only one thing in common.

Lana froze as suddenly it all made sense to her.



“Sorry about coming to your school like that, but the plans changed.” Clark announced as they stood in the meadow. As soon as they’d walked to a place where no one was watching Clark had told Jacob to climb on his back, and just like Edward used to take him Clark took him at a speed even faster than Edward’s towards the secret meeting place. It’d only taken seconds. “Chloe’s soon-to-be-boyfriend is having some problems so she stayed to help him, and I offered to come and help you alone.”

“Thanks.” Jacob announced, feeling a little awkward and awed all at the same time. “So you’re power, it’s super speed?”

Clark hesitated for a moment. “One of them are.”

Jacob blinked, even more in awe. “You can do more things? Like what?”

Clark rubbed the back of his head in both embarrassment and nervousness. “Well, I have what Chloe calls Super Speed, Super Hearing, Super Breath, X-Ray Vision, Laser Vision, Super Strength, I can jump over skyscrapers, and I’m virtually indestructible.”

Wow.” Jacob grinned in amazement. “You, like, hit the jackpot when it came to powers!”

Clark chuckled softly, shaking his head. “If you say so.”

“Gees, I’m so glad.” Jacob sighed, sitting down on a large boulder. “Now that I know you’re a freak too and you’re not going about killing people…”

“Chloe’s a meteor freak too.” Clark admitted. “She discovered it right before the last meteor shower. She can heal other people, and she can also sense other people’s powers.”

“That’s how she knew exactly what my power was when I finally used it.” Jacob blinked, smiling softly. “Thanks, for helping me.” He sighed, looking away, smile disappearing. “When I realized what was happening to me, I was so scared…”

“Well, you’re not alone anymore, okay?” Clark placed his hand on Jacob’s shoulder.

Jacob looked back at him and smiled. “Yeah, thanks.”

So.” Clark pulled his hand away. “There a reason why that friend of yours looked like he was going to tear me apart?” He frowned. “You know, while I know for a fact that all things inhuman aren’t bad, you---you do know that his heart doesn’t beat, right?”

Jacob’s eyes widened. “You can tell that?”

“Super hearing, remember?” Clark shrugged. “So I’m guessing you’ve figured out that they are vampires, him and the tall guy Lana was with.”

Jacob nodded. “They’ve been my friends since I was a kid. Edward and Emmett saved my father and I when a group of rogue vampires tried to eat us in Alaska, and he’s been my best friend/guardian ever since.”

“So they don’t eat people.” Clark wanted to clarify.

Jacob shook his head. “Remember how I said I’d see him after he went hunting? He and the Cullens, his family, are vegetarian vamps, or in other words, they only drink the blood of animals.”

Clark was silent for a moment. “So Lana’s safe with them?”

Jacob nodded.

“Well, if he, if he wants anything to do with her he better tell her the truth before she finds out on her oown.” Clark decided.

“Huh?” Jacob asked, blinking, a little confused. “Who are you talking about?”

“The dark haired one Lana appeared with, he likes her.” Clark made a little face at it and sighed but then he smiled and shook his head. “He was looking at her the way I used to when I was in love with her---and glaring jealously at me the same your friend was.”

Jacob’s eyes widened. “Huh? Edward wasn’t glaring at you jealously, he was being possessive, he’s like that with anyone around me. It has nothing to do with jealousy.” He pouted, looking away. “He’s in love with someone.”

Someone.” Clark tilted his head to the side.

Jacob bit back the jealousy. “Yeah, he won’t tell me who it is though.”

Clark raised an eyebrow. “And they say I’m oblivious.”

“Huh?” Jacob turned to look at him in confusion.

Clark just shook his head. “How about we start training?”

“Sure.” The young meteor freak nodded. “So what do we do?”

“Just, try concentrating hard on manipulating the air around that twig over there.” Clark announced, pointing to the twig in question. “Last time you bombed because you were trying to move the rock itself, thinking you had TK, but since we now know that you manipulate the air try concentrating on that.”

“Okay.” Still a little unsure Jacob concentrated on the wind around the fairly thin twig on the ground and spent the next couple of hours just staring at it, or pointing his hands to it, or placing his hands to his forehead…anything he’d seen people with powers in movies do while using their powers.

Nothing was working.

“This is no use.” Jacob growled, turning his back on the twig and facing Clark. “I can’t move it. When I want it to work it never does! What kind of useless power is this?”

Clark chuckled. “It doesn’t come easy at first Jacob. My powers all came at different times and they were all hard to master at first. You just have to concentrate and put your all in it and it’ll work.”

“I am.” Jacob grumbled, folding his arms over his chest. “It’s just not working!”

“Okay, let’s do this, turn back towards that direction and close your eyes.” Clark instructed.

A little wary, Jacob did as told. “Okay.”

“Now relax.” Clark ordered, going behind him and grabbing his hands holding Jacob’s arms out in front of him. “Don’t think about moving anything, just try and concentrate try to feel the wind in a three-dimensional way.”

“You’ve just lost me.” Jacob chuckled wryly.

“Sorry, you start talking like that after spending enough time with Chloe.” Clark chuckled as well before trying to say it in a simpler way. “Try to feel the air as it moves around us, as it blows through the trees, can you feel it?”

Jacob was silent for a moment, sighing. “No.”

“That’s okay, just keep trying, it’ll be hard at first but nothing good happens without hard work and determination.” Clark encouraged, glad that he was able to help Jacob this way. “Try to block out all the background noise, just listen to my voice and try to feel the air around you, feel its pulls, the direction it’s going, and try push it upwards.”

Jacob made a little annoyed sound but he did as told, silent, and for a couple of minutes there was nothing…

…and then the twig began to hover into the air---as well as the large boulder Jacob had been sitting on before, as well as other boulders all around them.

Clark grinned as he saw things all around them begin to float, even the water in the small crystal lake was floating incredibly upwards, as were Jacob and he.

The trees seemed to be trying to do so as well, but their roots were far too down in the air, anchoring them.

Jacob growled. “I can’t do this!” He then opened his eyes before Clark could warn him and suddenly they were all crashing down, good thing they hadn’t been too high.

Clark pushed himself up into a sitting position on the ground and saw the shocked look at Jacob’s face, grinning. “What were you saying?”

When the water had come crashing down it splashed all on them, and the dust that’d exploded everywhere as the boulders came crashing down had covered them, so they were both kinda muddy by now.

But they were grinning.

“I---I did it?”

Clark nodded.

Jacob laughed in disbelief. “I did it.” He then threw himself at Clark and hugged him. “I did it!”

Clark laughed, amused and understanding. He remembered his own glee when he’d finally mastered his own powers, and he was kinda proud of Jacob for being able to do that on his first day.

“I did it!” Jacob continued to chuckle, excited.

Sensing something coming at them fast Clark looked up in time to see Edward Cullen break through the forest into the meadow, and stop dead when he saw them on the ground, Jacob half on top of him, both dirty and holding each other as they laughed.

Clark had half guessed that evening that Edward might be in love with Jacob, and if the hurt and anger in his black eyes had anything to say it, it only confirmed it for the alien.

And what was worse, the obviously possessive and jealous guy had read the situation all wrong.

But before Clark could warn Jacob or say something to Edward the vampire growled angrily. “What the hell are you doing?”

Jacob went stiff before pulling away from Clark and turning to look at Edward. “Ed? What are you doing here?”

But Edward ignored him, glaring at Clark with eyes that fiercely told him to stay the hell away from Jacob or else he’d kill him.

Clark wondered how his Kryptonian powers would hold up against a vampire since he was vulnerable to magic and stuff and this vampire looked like he wanted nothing better than to tear him to pieces.

Clark got up slowly, warily, hoping to god that he wasn’t about to find out who’d win in a fight to the death between a vampire and an alien.


30th-Jun-2009 01:15 pm (UTC)
Hi, I stumbled across your Twilight fanfiction after watching Twilight last night, and I wondered if there was any fanfiction on the net.

:) I really really enjoy reading the Unholy alliances stories, but I have to be honest, I can't belive that you left this story with a cliffhanger....damn I wanna know what happened next, will Jacob realise that Edward is in love with him, before Edward gets in a battle with Clark?? Please?? :)

Well-written, and I look forward to reading more of yours. :)
30th-Jun-2009 01:47 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it! I'll try get the next chapter of Unholy Alliances out soon so you don't have to wait too long with the cliffhanger! :D
30th-Jun-2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
I never noticed it before, but Emmet is so cute that he probably gave me diabetes.

In other words, I LOVED IT.
30th-Jun-2009 01:47 pm (UTC)
hahahahaha! I'm feeling bad! Diabetes is serious sh!t. lol
30th-Jun-2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Cliffhanger...NOOOO! =D
Can't wait to find out what happens.
30th-Jun-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
You KNOW I love cliffies---when I'm WRITING them of course! lol
30th-Jun-2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
Hate to be the one to point this out, but since I'm so keen on spelling and grammar, there are quite a lot of typos in this one. "Bell tokk Bella home . . . " etc.

But I loved it. Seems kinda like Clarke and Jacob have a little bit of fling goin on, but I know that's not the case. I'm just looking at it from Edwards point-of-view, lol. As bad as this sounds, I'm hoping there is a battle between the two of them, it'd be so epic. :)
30th-Jun-2009 03:39 pm (UTC)
lol, you're evil!
And sorry about the typos, usually I'm able to fine-comb through but I had no time today so I just posted as was...
(Deleted comment)
30th-Jun-2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
haha, thanks! Yeah, it'll shock Jacob out of his pout when he stops being so oblivious!
30th-Jun-2009 06:07 pm (UTC) - uuber SQUEE!!!! :) :) :)
So.. yeah. Pretty much in LOVE with this!!! :) You're AMAZING! I looovee Jealous Edward! He's just so.... Funny?? and Oblivious Jacob.. :P How... true to his nature! :P lol Can't wait for the next update! :)
30th-Jun-2009 06:57 pm (UTC) - Re: uuber SQUEE!!!! :) :) :)
wow, not even a *squee* but an *uber squee* !!! yay! Glad you're liking!
30th-Jun-2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
The above was from me... i forgot to log in *blushes*
30th-Jun-2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
lol, no worries!
30th-Jun-2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
As always you deliver:) Can't wait till the next chapter:)
30th-Jun-2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you *bows, trips, stand quickly and makes sure no one noticed before bowing better*
30th-Jun-2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
i'm kind of interested in finding out who would win between an alien and a vampire. sounds a bit like it could be a video game. alien vs vampires.
oh jake...so clueless, so confised. oh ed...so possessive, so angsty. they both need to get laid.
clark needs someone too.
great part/chapter thingie can't wait for more
30th-Jun-2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
you will figure the answer in the next chapter...or at least you should.
1st-Jul-2009 12:08 am (UTC)
Well, I am away from the computer one day and I get two updates. :) A girl may need to stay away more often. I am not normally into crossovers but I am enjoying this one. I don't have a reference base for the Smallville characters so maybe that is one reason I am able to enjoy this crossover. Great job, as always! Hugs, Shell
1st-Jul-2009 01:42 am (UTC)
Glad you're enjoying, sneaky, who knows how many updates you'll have waiting for you next time?
1st-Jul-2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Yay, Not a long wait at all :D I love super-close-together-updates. They give me continuous reading :) Can't wait to see how crazy Eddie goes before Jake just blasts him away XD
1st-Jul-2009 01:43 am (UTC)
I try to write as soon as inspiration hits, and thankfully I'm very inspired for this.
2nd-Jul-2009 03:05 am (UTC)
recently hooked on this.
gah i fucking hate cliffhangers!!!!
but this is a good one so its okay.

ha oblivious!jacob is quite funny,
and kudos to clark for catching on so quickly.
OH SNAPS! lana has figured everything out!!!

can't wait for the next chapter!!
2nd-Jul-2009 12:39 pm (UTC)
I'm very glad you like! Thanks for reviewing!
2nd-Jul-2009 04:36 am (UTC)
I just stumbled across your story, read it all in one go, and have to say I can't wait for the next part! Edward and Jacob are ridiculously oblivious, just kind of shake them so they'll wake up lol I'm digging the whole possessive!Edward thing - you'd think one of them would buy a clue from that alone.
2nd-Jul-2009 12:39 pm (UTC)
hahaha, I"ll have to shake them very hard then!
8th-Jul-2009 12:11 am (UTC)

Hey, I've just read all of this series (and the first story obviously) and I can't wait for more to be posted. I love the idea of this. I wasn't the biggest Smallville fan, but I've seen enough to Xover them in my head.

<3 Please post more sooooooon.
8th-Jul-2009 12:26 am (UTC)
I will try to as soon as I can get inspiration for the next chapter.
8th-Jul-2009 04:22 am (UTC)
This is lovely~ I don't even like Twilight all that much but I love your fic :D, it's most excellent~ Thank you very much!
8th-Jul-2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
yay! Im' so glad you enjoyed this despite your not-so-love of Twilight! lol and thank you for taking time out to review, made my day!
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