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SuperSlayerVille: Season One 2/12 
30th-Aug-2009 10:34 pm
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Angel, onesided Chloe/Sam, onesided Buffy/Giles, Cordelia/Dean
Rating: T
Discliamer: Don't own the characters or shows mentioned
Summary: When Chloe's father moved to Sunnydale he planned on forcing Chloe to have a safe, normal life...course, that's gonna be hard now that she's living on a Hellmouth and has some mysterious psychic connection with its mystic energies.

Chloe sat down in the library the next day with Buffy, Dean and Sam. They hadn’t made it on time the night before. Well, they had, but the vampires had escaped with the two humans.

Yes, two.

They hadn’t known that Jesse had been taken by the female vampire until it was too late.

So now Dean and Sam were beaten up pretty badly and had only agreed to return home that night when Buffy had promised them that everything was be explained the next day. That was why the four of them were in the library as Giles looked down upon them.

“This world is older than any of you know.” He began, twirling a globe as he spoke. “Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons, demons walked the earth. They made it their home, uh, their hell.”

Sam winced from where he sat next to Chloe.

“But in time they lost their purchase on this reality.” Giles continued, putting away books while he spoke. “And the way was made for mortal animals, for man. All that remains of the old ones are vestiges, certain magicks, certain creatures.”

“And vampires.” Buffy announced from where she was sitting on Giles’ desk.

“Ok, this is where I have a problem.” Dean finally spoke up from where he was leaning against the railing of the staircase. “We’re talking about vampires.”

“Dean, stop living in denial.” Sam sighed, tired and obviously hadn’t slept at all the night before. “We saw those things last night, okay man? Whether we want to believe it or not, those things exist, and they took Jesse.”

Dean winced, looked away, sighing, shoulders slumping. “I just---it’s just---vampires…dude!” He closed his eyes. He ran his hands over his face. “Okay. So vampires. They’re demons?”

“The books tell that the last demon to leave this reality fed off of a human, mixed their blood.” Giles responded. “He was a human form possessed---infected---by the demon’s soul.” Giles passed Dean one of the books to look through while he continued. “He bit another, and another. And so they walked the earth, feeding. Killing some, mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind. Waiting for the animals to die out and for the old ones to return.”

“And by animals, he means us.” Chloe pointed out.

“When Sam and I were ditching class yesterday we heard you three talking, but we thought you were all insane or a part of a role playing game or something.” Dean announced, surprising them. “What exactly is a Slayer anyway? Cuz I’m guessing it has nothing to do with the band, which sucks, by the way.”

“Slayer doesn’t suck.” Sam growled.

Dean snorted in disbelief.

This seemed to be an old issue between them.

“All you need to know about Slayers is that Buffy is one, you can’t tell anyone about it, and she hunts vampires.” Giles ignored the brothers’ spat.

“You’re forgetting one thing old man,” Dean announced, closing the book in his hands. “How do I kill one? A vampire I mean.”

“You don’t.” Buffy interrupted. “I do.”

“Look,” Dean turned on Buffy, eyes narrowed. “Jesse is my friend, and they took him. So either I’m going to go in and save him without any knowledge on how that’s actually done or I’m going to go in and save him with knowledge. It all depends on you.”

Buffy stood up, eyes narrowed. “Listen tough guy, it’s my job to rescue him. I’m the Slayer.”

“So I’ve been hearing.” Dean grumbled. “Doesn’t make any difference to me though. I’m going, whether the Slayer wants me to or not.”

“You wouldn’t be able to if I snapped your leg.” Buffy threatened.

Buffy.” Giles warned. “Slayers don’t threaten civilians, they protect them.”

“I am protecting him.” Buffy snapped, glaring still at Dean. “If he can’t walk he can’t go to the suicide mission.”

“Oh just try it blondie.” Dean snapped right back, clenching his fists, the muscles in his arms flexing dangerously. “I dare you.”

In a second Chloe was up and standing between them, one hand on Buffy’s shoulder and the other on Dean’s chest. “The longer you two fight amongst yourselves the less chance we have at finding Jesse and the girl taken along with him alive.”

“You think they’re alive still?” Sam asked, hopeful.

Chloe nodded. “Buffy said that the big vampire she fought with, Luke, was talking about an offering to the Master. We don’t know who or what this Master is, but if this isn’t just feeding then Jesse and the girl may very well still be alive.” She turned her glare on both Buffy and Dean. “And your squabbles aren’t helping their chances at staying that way.”

Buffy and Dean backed down at the same time, looking away, both seeming ashamed.

“Are you sure you have no idea where they would have taken Jesse?” Giles asked Buffy.

The Slayer ran her fingers through her hair. “I looked around, but as soon as they got clear of the graveyard they could have just…voom.”

Sam blinked. “They can fly?”

“They can drive.” Chloe clarified.

Oh.” Sam ducked his gaze, blushing in embarrassment.

Dean shook his head. “I don’t remember hearing a car.”

Giles took in a deep breath, hands on his hips. “Lets take an enormous intuitive leap, shall we, and say they went underground.”

“The vampires I had to deal with back in Smallville used to use sewer systems to get from one place to the other during the day, and sometimes also during the night because it made crossing around town easier.” Chloe nodded in agreement.

“But I didn’t see any access around there.” Buffy frowned.

Dean thought for a second before looking up. “Well, there’s an electrical tunnel that runs under the whole town.”

“If we had a diagnostic of the entire tunnel it might indicate a meeting place.” Giles ventured. “I suppose we could go to the building commission.”

“We don’t have time for that.” Chloe shook her head.

There was silence as everyone hit a dead end on what to do.

“Uh, guys?” Sam cleared his throat. “There might be another way.”

“What other way?” Giles asked, looking up in intrigue.

Sam nodded towards Chloe’s computer bag. “May I?”

Chloe nodded, pushing it towards him across the counter.

Sam smiled and pulled out the white Mac laptop and started it. He was silent as the machine started, the large picture of Chloe kissing Clark’s cheek and both grinning appearing as the background of her desktop.

“Who’s he?” Buffy asked, giving a little meow.

Chloe scratched the back of her head, embarrassed. “He’s my best friend back in Smallville, Clark.”

The picture disappeared thankfully as Sam accessed the internet and began to type codes, entering certain web pages, and suddenly they were into the Sunnydale database.

Chloe’s eyes widened and she grinned, realizing just how good a hacker she had in front of her.

A map came up on the screen of the tunnel.

“There it is.” Buffy announced, tapping the screen.

“It runs under the graveyard.” Sam agreed, typing some codes and enlarging it until it stretched to fit the screen.

“I don’t see any access.” Dean frowned, leaning over his brother and looking at the screen intently.

“It’s there alright.” Chloe murmured, leaning over Sam’s other side. “We just have to find it.”

“So all the city plans are just open to the public?” Giles asked from behind them, intrigued and confused.

“Um, well, in a way.” Sam was suddenly blushing. “I sort of stumbled onto them when I accidentally decrypted the city council security’s system.”

Dean snorted. “My brother, the Super Dork.”

“Jerk.” Sam grumbled.

“Bitch.” Dean grinned.

Chloe looked from one to the other with amusement.

Buffy, though, wasn’t amused. “There’s nothing here. This is useless.” Pushing away from the desk she growled and turned her back on them, walking away.

“I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself.” Giles announced slowly.

Buffy turned on him. “You’re the one that told me I wasn’t prepared enough!” She shook her head. “That was the understatement of the season! I thought I was on top of everything and then that monster Luke came out of nowhere and I didn’t even see him! I was facing the front of the mausoleum and I didn’t even see him coming in until he grabbed me from behind! I’m just so useless and--.”

Chloe suddenly frowned. “He grabbed you from behind?”

Everyone turned to look at her.

Buffy frowned slightly. “Yeah. I don’t know how he slipped by me. I should have been able to see him if he’d come through the entrance---.”

“And what happened to him after your fight? Did he run out the entrance?” Chloe asked.

Buffy pouted for a second, obviously trying to remember, before shaking her head. “No, it’s like he disappeared again. The guy has got to be extremely fast, even for a vampire.”

“Or he didn’t leave the mausoleum.” Chloe whispered.

Buffy’s frown darkened. “No, I would have seen him there. He had to have---.”

“Isn’t this the same mausoleum where Jesse and the girl were taken?” Chloe suddenly asked, interrupting the Slayer.

“Yeah.” Sam answered.

Chloe grinned.

“Share the secret, gorgeous.” Dean finally asked as everyone looked at her oddly.

“Don’t you guys get it?” Chloe asked, looking at them, smile still in place. “Luke didn’t just disappear and reappear, the vampires didn’t just take those students there to show them the inside. The access to the tunnels is in the mausoleum, it has to be, there’s no other explanation.”

Sam’s eyes widened. “It makes sense.”

“So what’s the plan, Slayer?” Dean wanted to know, reaching for the leather jacket he’d left resting on the back of Sam’s seat and pulling it on.

Buffy narrowed her eyes. “I go, I save, you stay.”

“You retarded.” Dean retorted. “Now, look. I know you’re the Slayer and I’m not and this is your duty, but you’re not getting out of this. I know where the entrance is. I’m going whether you like it or not.”

Buffy turned to the librarian. “Giles!”

Dean snorted. “If the Slayer can’t stop me you think a Watcher will be able to?” He gave the librarian a look. “No offense, England, but I could take you out in a second and you wouldn’t know what hit you.”

“None taken.” Giles assured Dean.

Buffy sighed.

Sam stood. “Dean and I are going with you whether you want us to or not. This is a job for you, but it’s a thing of honor for us. Jesse has been our friend since the first grade, and we’re going.”

Buffy looked from Dean to Sam and back before shooting a look in Chloe’s direction. “Chloe!”

“I don’t think you’re going to win this.” Chloe shrugged.

Buffy pouted before glaring at the two boys. “You get eaten, it’s all your fault.”

They nodded.

“I want to help without having to go to some dark dank vampire lair.” Chloe piped up, earning her a grin from everyone present.

“Finally, someone with some common sense.” Buffy exclaimed.

“How are you with this thing?” Giles as Chloe, pointing to her computer.

She smirked. “Not as good as Hacker Boy, but I’ve been known as Research Girl in my day.”

“Good, you can help me.” Giles announced, sitting down next to her. “I’ve been researching this Harvest affair. It seems to be some sort of preordained massacre---rivers of blood, hell on Earth. Quite charmless.”

“I can imagine.” The blonde murmured.

“I’m a bit fuzzy, however, on the details.” Giles continued. “It may be that you can wrest some information from that dread machine.”

Everyone looked at Giles.

Chloe giggled. “I think I can handle it.”

“Good.” He nodded, turning to the others. “The chest over there, there are stakes, you will need them.”

“Not me, have my own.” Buffy pulled hers from her bag.

Dean and Sam however, went to the chest and took their own, looking extremely nervous and pale, but determined.

On instinct Chloe got up and hugged Sam, and then Dean, ending with Buffy. She smiled and pulled away. “You three take care, okay?”

Buffy smiled, Sam blushed, and Dean smirked.

They then left.

Chloe sighed, watching them until they were out of sight, before turning to Giles. “They’ll be okay, right?”

He sighed, watching the doorway they’d disappeared to. “God I hope so.”


Chloe had skipped her next classes.

It was her second day at school and she was already skipping classes.

I’m going to be expelled by the end of the week.

But somehow, a potential massacre seemed higher on her list of priorities than Chem and Geography, so she didn’t feel too guilty about it.

Her phone beeped.

Chloe looked down at it and flipped the lid, smiling when she saw Clark’s name.

Hey, how are you doing?

She entered a response. Studying in the library, how about you?

Mr. Mannings is drunk, sleeping at his desk again, so we can mess around. Pete says hi.

One day he’s going to get caught and fired.

Yeah…I miss you, Chlo.

She smiled softly, fighting a blush. I miss you too, Clark. So very much.

So how is the boringly idyllic life in Sunnydale?

Chloe snorted. Well, let’s just say I haven’t been bored since I started school. How about you? How’s Smallville?

Actually, we’re having some problems. I’ve been trying to solve it with Pete but we’re no good without you, Chlo. Could we send you the information after school and you look over it and give us your opinions?

I’m not there anymore and you two can’t survive without me (smug grin). Sure, send it, I’ll find time.

Her eyes still browsing the books, Chloe froze when that green gaze fell upon a sentence. “For they will gather and be gathered. From the Vessel pours life.”

Chloe paused, wishing Giles hadn’t left to go see Principal Flutie, who’d called him to his office.

“Pours life.” Chloe had lived in Smallville long enough to know that at a harvest things were gathered, and while she didn’t have any concrete evidence, this was speaking to her, telling her to pay attention, that this was it.

She turned the page back to the drawing she hadn’t paid much attention to before, to the picture of Satan (or something that resembled Satan) feeding power to a man.

“Pours life.” She repeated, reading the words beneath the drawing. “On the night of the crescent moon, the first past the solstice it will come…”Frowning, she turned to her laptop and began typing in codes viciously, checking lunar cycles and solstices, before the answer to her questions appeared, her eyes widening in horror. “It’s tonight.”

I have to find Giles!

Standing up rapidly, Chloe hurried out of the library in time for the bell to ring the end of school and students to flow out rapidly into the halls, blocking her way.

Hurry up! Get out of my way!

“And can that girl Buffy be any weirder?” A pretty brunette in front of Chloe was asking her acolytes, sneering. “I saw her at the Bronze, dressing completely ridiculous, with this big, pointy wooden stick---so harsh looking it must leave her hands all ickily covered in blisters---running out towards the cemetery with Sam and Dean.”

“Oh my god.” The blonde to her right whispered. “Really?”

“Totally.” The brunette ringleader nodded, her tone acid now, as if Buffy had insulted her personally. “And to think we wanted that skankin our group.”

“What’s her deal?” A redhead wanted to know, horrified. “I mean, I know Dean Winchester is like the totally the best looking guy in school---why else would you have gone out with him so long?---but to be such a slut as to take him and his brother on at the same time in the cemetery and with sex toys?”

“Well, she’s obviously crazed.” The brunette decided. “Dean doesn’t realize what he’s getting into with that tart. She’s obviously more than she’s letting on.”

“And obviously delinquent.” The blonde announced, surprised at the confused expressions on her friends’ faces. “Didn’t you hear about her old school?

“No!” The brunette exclaimed. “Dish!”

The blonde smirked. “Booted.”

The brunette snorted, shaking her head. “Well, I exhibit no surprise.”

“Why’d she get the boot?” The redhead wanted to know.

“Obviously because she’s a big skank.” The brunette sneered.

Having heard enough, Chloe reached out and grabbed the brunettes’ arm, the surprise swinging the girl around with a squeal, attracting the attention of everyone in the hall. “Take that back.”

The girl’s eyes widened. “How dare you? Let go of me!”

“And how dare you talk about Buffy when you don’t know anything about her yourself?” Chloe wanted to know, letting go of her hold on the girl. Buffy was out there risking her life and these skanks had no right to badmouth her.

“Do I horn in on your private discussions?” The brunette sneered. “No. Why? Because you are so nobody I don’t even know who you are.”

Her friends sniggered.

“Is that the best you can do, Prickly Priscilla?” Chloe asked. Somehow, trying going up against meteor freaks intent on killing you every week tended to make her thick-skinned when it came to ordinary bullying.

The three girls looked shocked that she wasn’t at all affected.

“Now, I know that Sunnydale is a little place with not much to do than go to school, the Bronze, and try make yourselves feel better by putting down other girls, but I really think you three should grow up.” Chloe announced, eyes narrowed, completely worked up by the situation and probably taking out her frustration out on them unfairly. “Buffy’s a great girl, she’s nothing like you were making her sound, and I’m sorry that the three of you are so insecure when it comes to yourself that the only way of reaffirming you queenship and stuff is to put others down.”

“Now wait just one second!” The blonde screeched.

“Okay, and the second has just passed.” Chloe continued on, the blonde blinking in confusion, chuckles of amusement circulating those watching. “And what makes you the queens of the school anyway? If it’s because you’re beautiful and perfect looking, well, you’d have to be after all your surgeries. It’s not natural, it’s as fake as you are. Your nose and lips are done.” She pointed to the blonde, who gasped and covered those features immediately. “No one’s boobs are that perky naturally, and they’re completely out of proportion with your body.” She told the suddenly blushing redhead. “Even Pamela Anderson had to do a reduction, that should tell you that breasts bigger than the rest of your body aren’t exactly in style anymore.”

“Now listen here!” The brunette announced as the redhead was feeling her own breasts and the blonde had pulled out her compact mirror and was looking at her nose worriedly.

“No, not interested.” Chloe decided. “And you. How are you the ringleader? Miss last season shoes and wardrobe that makes you look like Martha Steward’s personal hooker?”

The brunette’s eyes widened in horror as the chuckles were louder. “These are so not last season!”

“Really?” Chloe herself knew nothing about fashion, but she’d learnt enough from Lana. “Everyone! I’m giving you homework.” She then gave them the name of the catalog and the date to look up the shoes the brunette was wearing. “I want printouts of the shoes for tomorrow!”

“Yes ma’am!” A couple of boys called out laughing.

The girls, who had all obviously been bullied by the brunette and her friends, were sneering meanly at the trio.

“Now if you excuse me, I have more important things to do now than let your insecurity issues take up more of my time.” And with that she walked away, to the cheering of the people and the outrages screams of the trio.

She realized that she’d just declared war on the three Elite of Sunnydale, but considering everyone might die in a demonic sacrifice tonight that didn’t really scare her as much as it should.


After finding Giles and filling him in on her hunch, they’d both headed back to the library and studied the text, finding the books it referenced, and doing more in-depth studies. The information they uncovered left them cold, and as they waited for Buffy, Dean, Sam (and hopefully the two taken) to return, they kept reading, kept realizing in just how much shit they found themselves.

Hearing the door open, Chloe looked up from the volume she was reading, her heart skipping a beat as she saw Buffy, Dean and Sam returning, looking bruised and pale but alive.

“Did you find them?” Chloe asked, standing up yet not moving towards them.

“Yeah.” Dean whispered, head bent, dropping his stake.

“Were they dead?” Chloe asked softly.

“She was.” Buffy responded, sitting at the end of the table. “They’d turned Jesse. They knew we would come for him and they planted a trap for us. We barely made it out alive.”

“I’m so sorry.” Chloe told the boys.

Sam nodded silently, sitting down on the chair, stake still firmly held in his hand.

Dean growled and violently kicked a wastebasket, startling everyone. “Those bastards! I’m going to kill every single one of them! Jesse didn’t deserve that! He didn’t!”

Chloe wanted to go and hug him and Sam as well, both looked so broken, but she knew they needed their space, needed to mourn, so she left them alone.

Buffy sighed and turned to Giles. “So, Giles. Got anything that can make this day any worse?”

Giles sent Chloe a look before clearing his throat. “How about the end of the world?”

The Slayer made a face. “Knew I could count on you.”

Giles waited until everyone was looking at him, a sad Sam and determined Dean as well, before beginning. “This is what we know. Some sixty years ago a very old, very powerful vampire came to this shore, not just to feed.”

“It was because of this town’s mystical energy, it draws all supernatural and stuff towards it.” Chloe added.

“Quite.” Giles nodded his agreement. “The Spanish who first settled here called it ‘Boca del Infierno’. Roughly translated into the word ‘Hellmouth’.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Sam announced.

“And the choir says amen.” Dean took the seat next to his brother.

Chloe admired how well they were taking this situation. They’d just lost a friend who they’d risked their lives for. “It’s a sort of portal between this reality and the next.” She explained, giving Giles a couple of minutes respite. This situation had shaken him up quite a bit. “This vampire hopes to open it.”

“He wants to open up the portal.” Sam blinked.

“To bring the demons back.” Buffy blinked.

“And End the world.” Dean finished.

Thank god they all understood the gravity of the situation without much explaining.

“But the thing of the matter is that he blew it. Well, not him per se, but there was an earthquake that swallowed half of the town, and him, too.” Chloe announced. “According to the volumes we’ve been pouring over, opening a dimensional portal is a tricky business. Odds are he got himself stuck, like a, uh, cork in a bottle.”

“And the Harvest thing is to get him out.” Dean guessed.

Chloe nodded.

Giles cleared his throat. “It comes once in a century, on this night. The Master can draw power from one of his minions while he feeds. Enough power to break free and open the portal. The minion is called the Vessel, and he bears this symbol.” He drew a three-pointed star on the notebook Chloe had been scribbling down things on earlier.

“So, I dust anyone sporting that symbol, and no Harvest.” Buffy concluded.

Giles nodded. “Simply put, yes.”

“Okay, good.” Buffy announced, getting off of the table and placing her hands on her hips. “Any idea where this little get-together is being held?”

Giles frowned. “Well, there, there are a number of possibilities.”

Dean shook his head. “They’re going to the Bronze.”

“You can’t be sure of that.” Buffy countered.

“No, Dean’s right.” Sam stood, eyes narrowed. “All those tasty young morsels all over the place? It’d be too much of a temptation to pass over for the bloodsuckers.”

“And Giles did say last night that it was the perfect feeding ground for vampires.” Chloe nodded, taking the boys’ side on this one.

Buffy pouted slightly.

“Anyway,” Dean announced, looking at the Slayer. “That's where Jesse's gonna be, trust me.”

Giles didn’t wait for the destination to be approved by the Slayer. He grabbed his coat and headed towards his chest, grabbing a stake and passing it to Chloe, while also giving them crucifixes and bottles of holy water.

“Holy water, really?” Dean asked, making a face.

Sam looked over the crucifix before shrugging and putting it on.

Chloe took in a deep breath and put on her own, tightening her hold on her stake and wincing when she got a splinter.

I SO wasn’t made for this.

“Let’s go.” Giles announced after they were all as prepared as they could be, heading out of the library. “We have to hurry, the sun’s going down as we speak.”

By the time they reached the Bronze it was night and the entranced was locked.

“We’re too late!” Giles cried out, horrified.

“How about using this supposed Slayer Strength you keep bragging about and kicking down the door?” Dean wanted to know.

Buffy made a face at him. “I can’t kick that thing down.” She ran her hand through her hair before blinking. “Um…you guys try the back entrance, Chloe and I will continue looking around here.”

“Right.” Giles nodded. “Come on boys.” And with that the three of them headed around back.

Chloe opened her mouth to ask Buffy what she was planning on doing that involved the boys being far away when suddenly the earth beneath her and only her shook so that she crumbled to her knees.

Images flittered through her head of that horrible monster, who she now knew was the Master, testing his confines. The images were then of a huge vampire with the three-point start on its forehead feeding off of a girl inside of the Bronze, and then back to the Master.

Almost free!

She felt her body heave as she vomited.

Chloe! Are you alright?” Buffy knelt by her side. “What happened?”

“He’s feeding, and strengthening the master.” Chloe whispered, trying to clear her mind. “I can feel it, see it.”

Buffy frowned. “Why? Why are you so sensitive to the mystical energies of this place that you get sneak peeks?”

“I don’t know.” Chloe groaned as Buffy helped her to her feet. “So, what’s the plan to get inside?”

“See that window up there?” Buffy asked, pointing to a window way above. “I can climb up there, and you can ride my back.”

Chloe smirked. “I’m kinda seeing why you didn’t want the boys around.”

Buffy smirked back. “Exactly.” She gave Chloe her back. “Come on, get on.”

Climbing up Buffy’s back and tightening her hold around her neck, Chloe was surprised at just how strong Buffy was. She carried her as if she didn’t weigh a thing, and then they were climbing something that Chloe couldn’t believe was climbable, and with her free fist Buffy broke open the upper window and allowed Chloe to crawl in first before doing so herself.

“I feel the Master’s strength growing!” A voice below reverberated.

The blondes exchanged looks before going to the railing and looking down below at the gigantic vampire standing on the stage, bodies all around him.

“That’s the Vessel.” Chloe whispered. “That’s the one I saw.”

“That’s the vampire I fought.” Buffy whispered back. “Luke.”

“I feel him rising.” Luke announced. “Every soul brings him closer! I need another!”

Sensing something to their left, Chloe turned in time to see a vampire patrolling the upper level see Buffy and her, and growl. “Buffy?”

Buffy turned to the vampire and grumbled under her breath before going towards him, both beginning to fight.

Despite the fact that Buffy was fighting with a vampire at the moment, Chloe found her attention drawn to down below, fighting the slight dizziness she felt.

She needed to get control over this---over whatever this was.

“Tonight is his ascension.” Luke continued, completely unaware to the fact that the Slayer was fighting one of his men above his head. “Tonight will be history at its end! Yours is a glorious sacrifice! Degradation most holy!” None of the horrified humans within stirred in the crowd. “What? No volunteers?”

A blonde female vampire stepped onto the stage, carrying the struggling brunette Chloe had argued with that day (whom she’d later had been told was Cordelia Chase) with her. “Here’s a pretty one.”

Cordelia screamed when she saw Luke up close, saw his demon’s deformed face. The creature caressed her face before leaning down, about to bite her, when Buffy kicked the vampire she’d been fighting down from above them, capturing everyone’s attention.

Luke watched the vampire land with a thud before looking up and his gaze connected with Chloe’s before moving to Buffy as the Slayer approached the railing.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Buffy announced in mock worry. “Were you in the middle of something?”

You!” Luke growled.

“You didn’t think I’d miss this, did you?” Buffy snarked.

He sneered. “I hoped you’d come.”

Awwww. Someone sounds like he has a crush.” Buffy announced in a mock-taunt stepping onto the railing.

“Be careful, Buffy.” Chloe whispered.

Buffy grinned and nodded before executing a roundoff to get down, landing on a pool table. A vampire immediately attacked her from her right but Buffy did a front walkover off of the table, grabbed a pool cue on the way, and when she landed she thrust it into her attacker.

The vampire gave a scream and exploded into dust as it began to fall to its knees.

“Okay, Vessel boy.” Buffy turned to Luke, removing her jacket. “You want blood?”

Chloe groaned at the Slayer taunting a vampire that way.

“I want yours!” Luke growled, releasing Cordelia and throwing her away. “Only yours!”

Buffy batted her eyelashes at him. “I think we’re still a little too early into this relationship to be talking about commitment.”

And then the fight began.

Chloe couldn’t concentrate on the fighting since her position had been betrayed and there were vampires hurrying up to where she was, but thankfully there was a loud breaking sound from the back of the Bronze, alerting the vampires all around them to the fact that the door had been broken into.

“Hurry!” Giles could be heard telling the people, who were now racing towards the exit.

Dean and Sam ran in, and although they had no true training, their stakes were plunging and there were screams as vampires went up into dust and ashes.

The vampires on the railing turned to look down at the brothers fight, and then up at Chloe, and down again, before deciding that the two human boys were more of a danger at the moment and needed to be taken care of.

“Hurry up! Come on!” Giles was ushering the people out. “Through this door! Come on! This way!”

Chloe made her way down below, not sure what to do, knowing she wasn’t a warrior. She was trembling, terrified, so ashamed that she was only being a burden to her teammates.

Not even the vampires were taking her seriously.

“Stop it! No! Let me go!” Cordelia’s scream reached Chloe.

The blonde looked up to see the vampire form of Jesse pinning the brunette to the floor, face demonic, fangs drawn, trying to bite her. The girl beneath him struggled and he grabbed her arms.

“Hold still!” He hissed. “You’re not making this easy!”

Chloe doubted she could reach them on time, and didn’t think she’d be of much good anyway, so she looked around and noticed one of the balls on the pool table. Grabbing it she prayed she proved to have a better aim than she did in P.E. and threw the ball.

It resounded with a deafening crack as it made contact with the back of Jesse’s head.

“FUCK!” The vampire growled, hand to his head, looking around. “Who did that?!?”

Chloe gulped as his eyes met hers.

“You’re dead meat!” He hissed, getting up and hurrying after her.

Chloe didn’t even think.

She didn’t stop to consider.

She just turned around and started darting back up the stairs, heart bursting in horror and terror as she heard him hurrying up behind her.

I’m going to die---I’m going to die.

Back in Smallville Clark would always show up and save her life at the last moment, but she didn’t have that anymore.

I’m going to die!

“You’re trapped.” Jesse sneered, not the happy-go-lucky and somewhat geeky boy she’d met through Dean and Sam.

He was evil wearing skin.

“There’s no where you can go.” He taunted, coming towards her.

Chloe looked down at the flask of holy water in her pocket and pulled it out quickly. Taking off the cover she sprayed it on him and Jesse screamed as soon as the water hit him, steam rising off of his skin as if she’d thrown acid on him.

“You bitch!” He screamed, clawing at his own face, fury radiating form his body. “I’m going to make you beg for death!”

Chloe, noticing the broken window she’d gotten in through, hurried towards it and without even thinking threw herself out of it.

Anything but the torture she’d get by the hands of Dean and Sam’s best friend.

Screaming at the world whooshed towards her at a sickeningly rapid speed, Chloe closed her eyes and her breath was forced out of her body violently when she made contact with something, but it wasn’t the asphalt of the street.

“Are you okay?”

Trembling, Chloe opened her eyes to see worried brown eyes looking down at her.

guy had caught her before she’d hit the ground. “Y—yeah.”

“What were you thinking? Throwing yourself out of the window?” The handsome young man asked angrily.

“It was either that or being vampire meat!” Chloe snapped back.

He looked surprised at her anger so soon after her terror, then he grinned. “Feisty. Can you stand?”

She nodded, though she was shaky on her feet. “Thank you.”

“The Slayer should take better care of her friends.” He announced with a frown. “And what Slayer has ever had people helping her anyway?”

Chloe’s eyes widened at the disapproval and in the split second she wondered who the hell he was and how he knew Buffy was a Slayer---that’s when she figured out who he was.

Tall, dark, annoyingly handsome. “You’re the guy who told Buffy about the Harvest!” She frowned. “What are you doing here?”

He was silent for a moment before watching as people raced away from the Bronze. “Coming to see how things ended.”

Chloe opened her mouth to tell him off for just being so cryptic and not helping them when the ground around her shook once more, and she would have fallen to her feet had the man not grabbed her, wincing as he did so as if he’d been given an electric shock.

Chloe tried to gasp in breath but found she couldn’t as her eyes glazed over and suddenly she was seeing something completely different from the alleyway next to the Bronze.

Buffy grabbed a microphone stand and held it like a javelin.

Luke sneered. “You forget, metal can’t hurt me.”

Buffy sneered back. “There’s something you forgot about too. Sunrise!” With that she threw the stand at the window behind Luke. He ducked and it broke the window, a bright light pouring in through.

Buffy spied the stake she’d dropped on the stake and picked it up.

Luke got up and shielded his face with his hands, expecting to be burnt, but stopped when he realized that the light coming in was only from a bright lamp outside.

Buffy lunged at him from behind and jammed the stake home before getting off, sneering. “It’s in about nine hours, moron!”

Luke staggered off of the stage.

Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Master tested the strength of his confines.

Luke continued to stagger.

The Master continued to test, impatient, wishing to be released. How much longer?

Luke fell from the stage and exploded into ash and dust.

The Master felt Luke’s death the minute it happened, and he fell to his kness. “Noooooo! Nooooo!

“She did it.” Her rescuer’s soft, awed voice broke the spell and Chloe’s eyes unglazed. “I’ll be damned.”

Chloe then looked up at the young man. “You saw it too?”

He nodded, face solemn, arms still around her keeping her standing. “What are you?”

Human?” She whispered back.

He continued to watch her in silence before speaking carefully. “Can you stand on your own now?”

Chloe nodded, the dizziness was completely gone. “Thank you.”

He nodded, watching her oddly, before shaking his head and turning to leave.

“Where are you going?” Chloe called after him.

“I have things to do.” He responded, stopping but not turning to look at her.

Chloe made a face. “What’s your name? Buffy and I can’t keep calling you: ‘The Handsome But Annoying One’ forever.”

He was silent for a second before he was suddenly chuckling and looking over his shoulder at her. “Angel.”

That’s a pretty name.

But she wouldn’t say something so corny out loud, so she just watched him until he disappeared around the corner, and she was still looking when a hand came down on her shoulder ten minutes later, scaring her into a scream.

“Chloe! Calm down! It’s me!”

Chloe looked up at Dean and brought a hand to her heart. “I’m sorry, I--.”

“How are you okay?” He whispered, looking at her, worried. “I---I saw Jesse come after you, I tried to work my way up to where you were but I got there in time to see you jump out of the window!”

“What happened to Jesse?” Chloe asked, feeling a worried feeling in her stomach.

Dean looked away, sadness in his eyes. “I tried to reason with him, tried to get him to see that just because he was a vampire didn’t mean he had to be a monster, but he wouldn’t listen. Giles was right. He wasn’t Jesse anymore. He---I---it was self-defense.”

Heart breaking over the pain in Dean’s voice, Chloe pulled him into a tight hug, feeling tears fog her vision as he held onto her tightly, obviously trying his best not to break down and cry. “I’m so sorry, Dean. So sorry.”

Me too.” He whispered before giving her a little squeeze and pulling away, wiping at his eyes and sniffling.

“Chloe!” Buffy could be heard, and in seconds she was hugging the blonde. “Where were you? I got so worried! Are you okay?”

“Yeah” Chloe smiled, hugging Buffy before pulling away and seeing Giles and Sam smiling at them.

“It’s over.” Giles took in a deep, satisfied breath.

“We won.” Sam nodded, cut and bruised but smiling.

Even Dean was smiling by now.

“We averted the Apocalypse.” Buffy flung her arm around Chloe’s shoulders. “I give us points for that.”

“We should probably head home.” Giles announced. “Your parents will all be in fits at the fact that you’re all out late into the night.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a look. “Our dad won’t notice. He’s not in town.”

Buffy winced. “My mom won’t like it at all.”

Chloe turned to the Slayer. “You could tell her you forgot to tell her you’d sleep over at my place. My dad’s used to me being out late at school, and he’ll be happy for me to do something normal like having a sleepover.”

Buffy grinned. “Girl time! I love it!”

“Well, it’s settled then.” Giles announced. “Let’s go, we all have school tomorrow.”

With a collective groan at that thought, the fivesome walked together into the shadows.


Somehow Chloe wasn’t surprised that the next day everything seemed normal in school. She’d spent the rest of the night of the Harvest with Buffy going over the information Clark had sent her about the newest things happening in Smallville, and she’d concluded that they had a meteor mutant who could steal the body out of people and due to the victims she’d even sent Clark possible suspects.

Other than that she really couldn’t help him.

The girls had then talked about Angel, both deciding that even though they had his name they’d still call him the Handsome Annoying One, and then went to sleep and were now walking the halls of Sunnydale High.

Chloe turned as she heard Cordelia’s voice, talking to a girl she’d never seen before. “Well, I heard it was rival gangs. You know, fighting for turf? But all I can tell you is they were an ugly way of looking. And Buffy, like, knew them! Which is just too weird. I mean, I don’t even remember that much, but I’m telling you, it was a freak show!”

The girl she was talking to sighed. “I wish I’d been there!”

Cordelia nodded. “You should have been there. It was so creepy.”

She then seemed to notice Chloe and Buffy, and she shocked Chloe by giving her a small, thankful smile, before walking away with her friend.

“What was that all about?” Buffy wanted to know.

Chloe just shrugged, smiling.

Buffy didn’t have time to question further since Giles, Dean and Sam met up with them, obviously having been looking for them.

“This is insane.” Sam announced. “No one remembers anything. Or, well, they’ve repressed it to gang fights. Gang fights. In Sunnydale.Really?”

Chloe giggled at his bewilderment.

“What exactly were you expecting?” Buffy wanted to know.

“I don’t know, something.” Sam muttered. “I mean, the dead rose. We should at least have an assembly.”

Dean chuckled, messing up his brother’s hair affectionately. “You’re such a dork, bro.”

“Cut it out, Dean!” Sam protested, smacking his hands from his hair and trying to fix it unsuccessfully.

“Sam, people have a tendency to rationalize what they can and forget what they can’t.” Giles sighed.“But we don’t have the privilege of doing that. We have to be prepared for next time.”

“Next time?” Dean narrowed his eyes. “What next time?”

“We prevented the Master from freeing himself and opening the Mouth of Hell.” Giles spoke. “That’s not to say he’s going to stop trying.”

“Giles is right.” Chloe nodded, sure. “The Master is stuck in a magical cage in the bowels of the earth, it’s not like he has better things to do with his time.”

“So.” Dean sighed. “More vampires.”

They stopped walking and looked at each other.

“Not just vampires.” Giles shook his head. “The next threat we face may be something quite different.”

“Yipee.” Sam deadpanned.

“I can hardly wait!” Buffy added with fake cheerfulness.

“We’re at the center of a mystical convergence here.” Giles made a face at the youths’ attitudes. “We may, in fact, stand between the Earth and its total destruction.”

There was silence as that soaked in.

Buffy suddenly spoke up. “Well, I gotta look on the bright side. Maybe I can still get kicked out of school!”

The bell rung and the four grinning teens made their way to class, Giles standing behind and watching them go.

“That’s a plan, we can all get expelled and move because not a lot of school are on Hellmouths so any other is better than here, right?” Sam asked, grinning brightly.

“Exactly my point.” Buffy nodded.

“Maybe you could blow something up.” Dean offered his two cents on the matter. “They’re really strict about that sort of thing.”

“What about a more subtle approach, guys?” Chloe offered. “One that won’t land us in jail till we’re eighty? Like, I don’t know, excessivenot studying.”

“You know,” Buffy thought it over. “That could actually work.”

Giles sighed as he shook his head and turned to go back to his library. “The Earth is doomed.”


31st-Aug-2009 07:36 am (UTC)
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