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SuperSlayerVille: Season One 3b/12 
2nd-Sep-2009 06:32 am
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Angel, onesided Chloe/Sam, onesided Buffy/Giles, Cordelia/Dean
Rating: T
Discliamer: Don't own the characters or shows mentioned
Summary: When Chloe's father moved to Sunnydale he planned on forcing Chloe to have a safe, normal life...course, that's gonna be hard now that she's living on a Hellmouth and has some mysterious psychic connection with its mystic energies.

Chloe and Dean didn’t have science with Amy, Buffy, or Sam, instead having History, so they weren’t there for Sam and Buffy to enact their ingenious plan on how to brew the needed potion during class, and steal some of Amy’s hair---also during class.

They weren’t there to see Buffy feign trip and drop the solution onto Amy, and they weren’t there to see it turn blue upon contact, and fortunately enough (in Chloe’s belief) they weren’t there to see Lishanne (one of the cheerleaders) lose her mouth.


One minute her mouth had been there and the next it, just, disappeared.

“Did you see Amy?” Sam has asked Buffy when they’d all gotten together afterwards. “She was as freaked out as the rest of us.”

“So it’s not her?” Dean asked, confused.

“Her skin turned blue where the potion landed.” Buffy pressed on, shaking her head. “She’s our Sabrina. She just---maybe she just doesn’t realize she’s doing it.”

“Do you think we should talk to her?” Chloe asked.

“No.” Buffy shook her head. “We should talk to her mother, let her know what her obsession has created.”


JockBoy says:

I’m completely failing every subject without you to cheat from.

Sully says:

That’s the only reason you miss me, huh, Pete?

JockBoy says:

You know that’s not true! ^Wounded Expression^

Sully says:

:D :P

JockBoy says:

Clark’s missing you, and he’s been sulking the whole day. Said you ignored his calls yesterday?

Sully says:

I had my phone on mute and I didn’t check it. I was making brownies with the boys.

JockBoy says:

Is that some codeword for something?

Sully says:

NO. It means I was making brownies with the boys. ^gives you a raised eyebrow^

JockBoy says:

Okay, good, because I don’t wanna come to California only to beat the crap out of some Cali boys for being fresh with my lil sister.

Sully says:

I’m beginning to see why I never got a boyfriend in Smallville.

JockBoy says:

Nah, that was ALL Clark. He might be sweet and puppydog like, but he’s got muscles, and guys were intimated by his death glare.

Sully says:

Death glare?

JockBoy says:

And you call ME oblivious. ^Wiggles eyebrows^

Sully says:

^shakes head^ okay jockboy, I find this delusion of yours quite interesting, but I have to go to bed. Goodnight, and tell Clark to stop sulking, he broods enough when it comes to Lana. He doesn’t need to start with ME now!

JockBoy says:

Doesn’t that say something to you?

Sully says:


JockBoy says:


Sully says:

Oooooookkkaaaaaayyyyy ^confused expression^ Gotta go. Try stay outta trouble!

JockBoy says:

This IS Smallville we’re talking about…

Sully says:

True that.


Chloe wasn’t exactly sure why Buffy had decided to wait until after school the next day to go visit Mrs. Madison, but she was sure that something was wrong with Buffy when she entered the gym to watch her friend practice, and the blonde with the pompoms started giggling madly when she saw her.

“Chloe!” Buffy jumped gleefully. “My best friend is here! I love my best friend! Hi! I’m over here! And full of cheer! Hey! That rhymes!” She giggled and then noticed everyone staring at her. “Hi…Oh…” She then got back in line and the routine continued.

Chloe shook off the surprise, though she kept her eyes narrowed, and went to sit down.

Was it her or did Buffy seem a bit looped?

Chloe sent the cheerleaders a worried expression as the continued with a series of assisted cartwheels. Buffy overthrew Joy’s aerial, sending the head cheerleader crashing into the gym wall.

Chloe winced.

Joy struggled to get up and Buffy hurried over towards her.

“Did I do that?” Buffy asked.

Joy pushed Buffy away from her. “You are so out of here!”

Deciding she’d seen enough, Chloe got up and hurried down the bleacher’s to reach Buffy’s side, grabbing hold of her arm when the girl swayed slightly.

“It’s not her fault, she’s obviously not feeling her best, look at her, she’s swaying.” Chloe defended.

“Whatever.” Joy sneered before looking around and noticing Amy. “You, blonde girl with the sad belief that orange was ever in style. You just made cheerleader. Now get into rank!”

“Yes ma’am!” Amy smiled, hurrying to join the others.

“No, no, no.” Buffy shook her head, her words beginning to slur slightly. “You don’t want her! She’s a wi-----.”

“A wise choice.” Chloe plastered her hand over Buffy’s mouth, her other hand going around Buffy’s waist as the girl began to lean her weight on her, heavily. “Good luck Amy!”

“Thanks!” The blonde waved a pompom at Chloe.

“I’m just going to take this one to the infirmary.” Chloe announced, but no one was paying her any attention as she hurried out of the gym awkwardly, supporting Buffy’s weight as they waddled down the hall towards the library. Chloe had the sinking feeling that despite Buffy’s symptoms seeming to suggest she was drunk, that the Slayer was actually suffering the feelings of the next curse.

“She’s a witchy…” Buffy complained, words slurred.

“Yes, she sure seems to be.” Chloe agreed, ignoring the curious looks some of the students were giving them as they neared the library. “Come on Buff, help me here, don’t drag your feet.”

“I just got kicked off the team, didn’t I?” Buffy asked.

Chloe winced. “I don’t think it was your fault.” They rounded the corner and entered the library.

Giles stood up immediately from his desk when he saw them. “Good heavens! What’s happened to her?”

“I think she was the victim of the next curse.” Chloe groaned under Buffy’s weight as it got heavier and heavier, Buffy leaning more and more on her.”

Oh!” Buffy whimpered. “I—I don’t feel so good.”

“Buffy?” Chloe asked.

But Buffy’s only answer was for her eyes to roll in the back of her head and for her to collapse, her full weight sagging on Chloe and dragging them both to the ground.

Giles surged forwards and picked up the unconscious Slayer, hurrying to lay her on his desk. “Tell me everything that’s happened.” His voice was hard, unlike the Giles Chloe was used to.

Chloe quickly complied, worried as Buffy lay pale and lifeless on Giles’ desk. “We need to get her to the hospital.” She announced when she finished recounting everything.

“Doctors can’t help her.” Giles sighed, having gone pale during Chloe’s narrative. “This is a bloodstone vengeance spell.” He took Buffy’s pulse. “It hits the body hard like a, a quart of alcohol then it e-eradicates the, uh, immune system.”

“A vengeance spell.” Chloe whispered. “She’s trying to get even with Buffy?”

“Buffy’s methods of retrieving her hair must have tipped her off to Buffy knowing about her abuse of witchcraft.” Giles nodded, gaze still firmly, and worriedly, on Buffy.

“It makes sense.” Chloe nodded. Buffy wasn’t exactly the most discreet person. “The others Amy just wanted out of the running. But Buffy she wants to get rid of.” She frowned. “How much time do we have?”

Giles was serious, face hard. “A couple of hours. Three at most.”

“Not much time there for error.” Chloe worried her bottom lip. “Well? How do we reverse the spell?”

Giles finally tore his gaze away from Buffy’s pale face. “I’ve been researching these sorts of things since we realized that we had a witch on our hands, and I wanted to see what sorts of curses and such were common in this practice.”

Chloe nodded for him to continue when he’d paused, thinking that that had been extremely intelligent of him to do.

“We can reverse the spells if,” he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “If we lay our hands on Amy’s spell book.”

“And what if we can’t get a hold of it?” Chloe asked, hoping to hell there was a plan B.

Giles put back on his glasses. “The other way is to cut the witch’s head off.”

Chloe winced, hoping it didn’t get to that. “Where would she be casting these spells?”

Giles thought about that for a second. “She’d need a sacred space. A pentagram, um, a large pot.”

“Her home.” Chloe deduced. “Okay, good. We should go there now.”

“We can’t leave Buffy here by herself!” Giles announced, horrified.

“Well we can’t exactly take her with us, can we?” Chloe snapped. “We need to go to Amy’s house and get her book so we can perform the counter-spell or Buffy will die---in around three hours.”

Giles winced at the thought.

The doors to the library flew open and Dean entered, followed by Sam.

“We just went by the gym and saw Amy practicing with the others.” Dean announced, pausing when he saw Buffy’s unconscious form. “What the hell happened?!?”

“Bloodstone vengeance spell. If we don’t get the counter-spell she’ll die in less than three hours.” Chloe grabbed Giles’ tweed coat and shoved it into his chest before grabbing his keys. “We’re going to go get Amy’s spell book. You two stay here. I need Dean to find Buffy a less conspicuous place to be unconscious other than Giles’ desk and watch over her, and Sam, I need you to keep an eye on Amy.”

Both males nodded obediently in the wake of her supreme bossiness.

Giles took his keys from Chloe. “Keep Amy away from the science lab. We’ll need it to cast our counter-spells.”

The Watcher and Chloe hurried out of the school and drove in silence towards where the Madison home was. Giles seemed like a man on a mission, and Chloe kinda felt bad for Mrs. Madison because she had a feeling he was going to take out his frustration on her.

They reached the house and hurried out, Giles jogging up the steps and knocking loudly on the door. Chloe caught up with him and looked up when the door opened to show a pretty and worried looking redheaded woman.

“Who are you?” Catherine Madison asked, eyeing both of them nervously.

“Mrs. Madison.” Giles narrowed his eyes, all business, his English accent more pronounced with his anger. “We need to talk to you about your daughter.”

A strange emotion crossed over Catherine’s expression at this. “I’m not allowed----you’ll have to come back later.” She tried to close the door but Giles prevented her and pushed his way in.

Never had Chloe had been as attracted to a man as she was then as she followed him inside, closing the door behind them with determination.

Giles followed a nervous Catherine into the sitting room, eyes flashing. “Your daughter is meddling with something very dangerous, are you aware of that?”

“Uh, I, uhm, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Catherine stammered, unable to meet their gaze.

“Oh, I think you know only too well.” Giles accused.

By now Catherine looked terrified. “You’ve got to go. She’s gonna be home soon, and you…”

Giles interrupted, taking a menacing step forwards. “A wonderful young woman is very sick at the moment because of your daughter and she will die in the next couple of hours if things continue the way they are!” His voice was furious. “Now you will shut up and you will listen to me! Your daughter has access to some very powerful magicks, and somehow your obsession with cheerleading has made----.”

Catherine interrupted, incredulous. “I don’t care about cheerleading! It’s not my fault she’s doing stuff!”

Chloe paused, believing the feeling behind those words, trying to understand what exactly had bugged her from the moment she’d entered the house. Her green gaze surveyed the living room and landed upon a huge plate filled with brownies…

Oh my god.

Her eyes opened as her hand went to her mouth to silence her gasp of surprise as suddenly everything made sense.

“As her mother you should assume some responsibility for her actions.” Giles growled.

The woman laughed somewhat hysterically. “Well, you know, kids these days! I…” She calmed down somewhat. “She’s out of her mind. Ever since dad, her dad, left I can’t control her.”

But it wasn’t fooling Chloe.

The blonde just couldn’t believe it. “Amy?”

Catherine’s gaze swerved to her, eyes wide in shock.

Giles looked at Chloe, puzzled.

“She switched you.” Chloe whispered, finally vocalizing her realization. “She switched your bodies.”

Catherine looked down, defeated, eyes watering rapidly.

Giles’ eyes widened as the truth dawned on him. “Good Lord!”

“She wanted to relieve her glory days.” Chloe understood.

Catherine, Amy, looked up, bottom lip trembling. “She said I was wasting my youth. So she took it.” She collapsed on her sofa, fighting the tears visible in her eyes. “I didn’t know anything about her powers. I mean, when dad was here they would fight and yell and he would---call her a witch and I---I thought he just meant… Oh God.” She closed her eyes tightly, a stray tear making its way down her pale cheek. “When he left I wanted to go with him, but she wouldn’t even let me call. She went crazy, I mean, she’d lock herself upstairs for days and she was always coming down on me, telling me I didn’t deserve to have it so easy, and that I didn’t know…how hard it was to be her. I guess she showed me, huh?”

“It’s going to be alright. We’re going to stop her.” Chloe reassured before frowning. “How long has this been going on?”

Amy wiped at a few tears and sniffled. “A few months ago I woke up in her bed. I—I didn’t know where I was and then I looked in the mirror…”

“She locked herself upstairs?” Giles interrupted, suddenly determined.

Amy nodded.

“Where?” He pressed.

“The attic.” The girl trapped in her mother’s body answered.

Giles took off upstairs but Chloe decided to remain with Amy below.

They stayed in silence until Giles hurried back down, a large ancient tome under his arm. “I believe we can reverse your mother’s spell.” Were the first words out of his mouth. “All of them, in fact.”

“You could?” Amy asked, eyes wide in hope. “Really?”

He nodded as he walked towards the door.

Amy’s smile collapsed. “Where are you going?”

“To the school.” Giles responded, turning back to her at the door. “And you’re coming with us.”

As Chloe followed the Watcher out of the door, she decided that the thing Buffy would most regret about this whole situation once she was healthy again was not the near death experience, but the fact that she’d missed seeing this side of Giles.


The game had started, Chloe knew that somewhere in the back of her mind as they entered the science lab and found Dean looking up from where he’d been guarding Buffy’s unconscious form.

“Mrs. Madison?” He nearly squeaked, standing up, looking confused and defensive.

“Hey Dean.” Amy smiled weakly before looking at Buffy, eyes wide in horror. “I can’t believe mom.”

Chloe turned to a confused Dean. “It’s Amy. Her mom switched bodies.”

His hazel eyes widened in shock. “What?” He looked like he didn’t know whether to be horrified or amused as he added: “You mean Mrs.Madison’s the one’s whose been trying to get into Sammy’s pants?”

Amy’s gaze turned horrified on Dean. “WHAT?!?”

“No time for this!” Giles declared, interrupting, going to Buffy’s side immediately as he took off his coat and spoke to her unconscious figure. “I’m gonna stop this. I promise.” He folded his coat and put it tenderly under her head. “You just hang on.”

Chloe watched this and smiled softly, filing this as yet another thing Buffy was going to be pissed about having missed seeing.

The watcher went to the box of books and things he’d brought from Catherine’s, and together he and Amy set up the things on the teacher’s bench. Giles reached in to get Catherine’s spell book.

“How is she?” Amy asked, looking at Buffy worriedly.

“We only have a few minutes left.” Giles responded softly.

“Where’s Sam?” Chloe asked Dean.

“He’s in the stand in the gym, keeping an eye on Amy---err---Mrs. Madison during the game.” Dean responded. “He keeps texting me updates every couple of minutes so I’ll know she’s there.”

“Good.” Chloe nodded. She wished she could do more to help, but since she had no idea what to do when it came to magick she left it in Giles and Amy’s hands, watching with a wince as Amy cut an eye from a frog, looking squeamish about it.

“Right!” Giles nodded at the potion before him. “Here we go!” He began to recite as he mixed the potion. “The center is dark. Centrum est obscurus. The darkness breathes. Tenebrae respiratis. The listener hears. Hear me!”

Chloe felt the world around her spin uncontrollably and her knees gave out as energy swirled all around her.

Dean hurried to Chloe’s side. “Chlo?” He quickly picked up her boneless body into his arms. “Chloe!”

“What’s wrong with her?” Amy asked, hysteric.

“She’s connected to the Hellmouth energy.” Dean held Chloe close, shaking her body slightly, looking into her open, unseeing eyes. “I think she’s reacting to the energies building up for the spell.”

Chloe saw the gym, saw Catherine in her daughter’s body, saw her stop in mid chant with the other cheerleaders and look around, startled. Catherine’s vision flashed to what Amy was seeing in the science lab, the book, the frog, and a dead-looking Chloe in a worried Dean’s arms. It was so weird for Chloe to see herself like that.

Amy gasped, feeling the energy herself. “It’s…it’s working!”

Giles continued reading. “Unlock the gate. Let the darkness shine. Cover us with holy fear.”

Amy staggered back and covered her face.

Giles raised his voice with authority. “Show me…”

The lights went out in the classroom.

“She’s coming!” Amy whimpered, sensing when her mother realized what exactly was going on.

Giles looked worried.


In the halls, Catherine turned at Sam’s voice. “Not now Sam!”

Sam hurries up behind her. “Don’t do it, Amy.”

“Don’t do what?” She snapped, stopping for a moment to glare at him. “Leave me alone, Sam. I have to do something!”

He grabbed her arm and swung her back, eyes narrowed. “Amy. Stop it. I know everything, okay? I know you’re a witch and you’ve cursed all those girls to get onto the cheerleading squad.”

Catherine’s eyes widened. “How did you---?”

“Now you’ve hexed my friend Buffy, and I can’t let you hurt her.” Sam’s grip tightened.

“Let go of me!” Catherine hissed, trying to jerk her hand out of his hold. “You like her! You’re going to leave me for her, aren’t you!”

“What?” He asked, confused.

“You men are all alike!” Catherine flung her arm towards him and used her power to throw him into the wall, knocking him unconscious.

Her face was a ferocious snarl as she starts running towards the lab.

Giles held up his arms and continued chanting. “Corsheth and Gilail! The gate is closed! Receive the dark! Release the unworthy! Take of mine energy and be sated!” He plunged his hands into the mixture he’d concocted.

The door handle rattled viciously.

Amy’s gaze went to the door, where someone was trying to yank it open desperately, and took a couple of worried steps backwards.

Giles took his hand out of the brew. “Be sated! Release the unworthy!”

Chloe felt like she was burning from the inside out.

Suddenly the yanking stopped, and there was a moment’s peace before something hard thudded against the door.

An axe.

Catherine must have broken the glass in the fire emergency kit in the hall.

“Release!” Giles commanded.

Catherine began to chop down the door.

Release!” Giles stressed the word harshly, voice tinged with desperation.

Buffy laid prone, lifeless, on the counter.

Chloe felt Dean shift so that his back was towards the others, protecting her with his body.

Catherine made a hole with the axe, reaching through and opening the door. She marched inside of the laboratory, axe in hand, straight over towards Buffy.


Catherine started to wield the axe, about to bring it down on Buffy, but stopped when there was a flash of light, and Chloe felt a scream tear out of her own lips at the scorching energy of the magic that flowed around her as the spells were all broken.

Chloe?” Dean’s voice was shaky, near hysterical.

The bright light died away into another, and Amy, now in her own body, stepped back and lowered the axe.

Chloe was trembling fiercely, yet had gotten enough strength to reach forwards and clench her hand in Dean’s shirt, her pained gaze meeting his worried one.

Buffy awoke, sitting up on the table in confusion, looking around. “What happened? Where am I?”

Catherine screamed and lunged herself at Buffy from the side, tacking her to the floor, the element of surprise giving her a moment’s advantage.

Giles advanced, holding his arm out and pointing. “You! You---!”

Catherine growled and looked at him. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly Giles flew backwards into a table, knocking him down and out in seconds.

Amy tightened her hold on the axe. “Mom! Stop it!”

“You little brat!” Catherine hissed like a snake, holding her hand and the axe flew from Amy’s hands to hers as she stood. “How dare you raise your hand to your mother! I gave birth to you! I gave up my life so you could drag that worthless carcass around and call it living?” She swung the axe into the lab table. “You’ve never been anything but trouble!”

Dean lowered Chloe to the ground carefully and looked around for something to use as a weapon before grabbing the chair and charging Catherine.

The witch must have sensed him because she twirled around and with a narrowing of her eyes she sent Dean flying into the desk, before turning to Amy once more. “I’m going to put you where you can’t make trouble again!”

Buffy jumped up behind Catherine, finally figuring out what had happened. “Guess what?” She smirked when Catherine turned to face her. “I feel better!” She punched the older woman, sending her flying through the air, landing on one of the lab tables, and rolling off, hitting a shelf full of bottles along the way.

Catherine quickly got up, hissing at the Slayer. “That body was mine! Mine!”

“Oh grow up!” Buffy sneered.

Clearly offended by that suggestion, Catherine growled, holding her arm out towards Buffy and used her powers to send her flying against the wall. Buffy hit the wall and fell to the ground, quickly getting back up and craning her neck.

The excess of magic was tearing at Chloe deep inside, leaving her squirming and crying on the floor, gasping for breath and clawing at her own neck, desperate.

“I shall look upon my enemy!” Catherine began to cast a spell as she looked at Buffy, her eyes bleeding black. “I shall look upon her and the dark place will have her soul!”

It was like molten lava eating Chloe from inside, and she couldn’t even scream.

Buffy looked all around her for a way to stop Catherine. She spotted the pole holding up a mirror above her.

“Corsheth!” Catherine cried out. “Take her!”

Buffy did a standing hook kick, knocking the pole out from under the mirror and letting it flop down. Catherine’s spell leapt from her hands and reflected in the mirror back towards her.

The last thing Chloe heard before the darkness consumed her was the sound of Catherine’s scream.


Chloe was sick of fainting.

Hugging herself tightly, she stood before the case with Catherine’s picture and the trophy. The blonde had awoken a couple of hours ago in the library, with Giles, Sam, Dean, Buffy and even Amy going over books and tomes and ancient texts trying to find a spell to somehow lessen the effects Hellmouth magic seemed to have on her.

They hadn’t found anything.

Chloe hugged herself tighter and continued to look at the trophy, the tips of her fingers still sensitive from the overload of magic and energy.

“Catherine the Great.” A voice said behind her.

Chloe turned and saw Amy standing there, looking a little nervous.

From what Chloe had been told, when Catherine’s spell had rebounded on her she’d disappeared with a roar and a flash of light.

“That last spell…” Amy stepped forwards until she was standing next to Chloe, staring at the picture of her mother with a shiver. “She said that I’d never make trouble again. Hopefully, wherever she is---hopefully we never have to worry about her again.”

They both looked at Catherine’s cheerleading trophy.

“Your dad’s coming to pick you up, right?” Chloe asked.

Amy nodded, smiling. “Apparently when Giles broke her spells, he broke the one she had on dad to keep him away from me. He called me right away.”

“Everything’s going to be okay now.” Chloe assured Amy as they turned, heading back towards the library. “Catherine won’t be able to get to you anymore.”

“Wherever she is.” Amy whispered.

Chloe decided that Amy didn’t need to know that the reason Chloe had been drawn to the trophy was the residue of Hellmouth magic surrounding it. And she couldn’t help but feel relieved that Amy hadn’t realized that the trophy’s eyes were now those of her mother.

2nd-Sep-2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
This chapter was amazing! I loved the brownie scene between the Winchesters and Chloe. "Your father doesn't mind that your alone with two teenage boys?" "No, he's used to it." I loved that line. lol. I also like the crush that Buffy and Chloe have on Giles, its cute. You do a really good job at keeping this like the first season, but with your own twists to fit the new characters. I can't wait to read more!
3rd-Sep-2009 03:35 am (UTC)
Since Chloe and Buffy already bonded I wanted a ChloexWinchesters bonding scene---and brownies just said it for me! lol And truthfully, if I'd been in that group I would have had the hugest crush on Giles myself, lol, so I had to write it in!
3rd-Sep-2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Oh, I totally agree. I would have been so completely in love with him too. He has that whole sexy intelligent older man thing working for him. Not to mention the british accents, lol. Giles really should have been getting a lot more action than they showed on Buffy.
2nd-Sep-2009 05:37 pm (UTC)
This is so fantastic. I love that Chloe and Buffy are crushing on Giles because seriously, who wouldn't be? *grins* The Chloe/Winchesters brownie scene was adorable and do I sense some sexual tension between Buffy and Dean or is it just me? It amazes me how you can hit so many of my ships in one chapter *grins* there was some Chlark, some Chlam, some Chlean and some Chloe/Winchesters (which you know is my favorite *grins* who doesn't enjoy a threesome). Now I'm looking forward to some more Chloe/Angel. Awesome, awesome job and I can't wait for more.
3rd-Sep-2009 03:36 am (UTC)
Exactly (about the Giles-crushworthiness comment)! Well, there might be some tension between Buffy and Dean, but I don't really see anything happening between them, sorry!
2nd-Sep-2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
I love love love this!

Heehee Buffy likes Giles, awesome.
3rd-Sep-2009 03:37 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm so happy you approve of the Buffy/oblivious!Giles! lolol We should be having some more of that in later chapters.
2nd-Sep-2009 11:06 pm (UTC)
totally loved this second part too! You've got a knack for writing those characters!
3rd-Sep-2009 03:37 am (UTC)
Thank you so very much! I try!
2nd-Sep-2009 11:41 pm (UTC)
Hey another great one. I loooove the Smallville bits especially chatting with Pete was funny. I like how you change the real episode into your story it's amazing how realistic this is. (Usually Crossovers and Rewrites tend to chase me away) I just think you're the perfect writer for my taste. I real a lot but no book made me want to read it as much as your fanfiction does. I noticed myself refreshing your journal very often >.< Have a nice day and upload soon can't wait^^
3rd-Sep-2009 03:39 am (UTC)
I love Pete---was sad when he left the show. I'm so relieved you find it realistic! I fight with each chapter to make sure it stay true to the episode and yet be MY version of the episode---and make sure the characters try and stay as in character as possible! Thanks so very much!
2nd-Sep-2009 11:51 pm (UTC) - hey :)
I just started reading your Angel/Chloe crossover a few days ago and I have to say I love it! It's one of the few fics I ahve read of this pairing and I have to say yours is the best I have ready by far! I cannot wait to read more =]
3rd-Sep-2009 03:29 am (UTC) - Re: hey :)
Thank you so much for that compliment! I'm glad that you're enjoying my Angel/Chloe, since I have a soft spot for them! Well, I have a soft spot for Chloe/Vampires....lol
3rd-Sep-2009 04:36 am (UTC)
I really like the way you're working all the 'verses together, and weaving Chloe and the Winchesters into the Buffy episodes. I'm just a little sad at the lack of Willow, but I get it. Sam and Dean are like your Willow and Xander in this fic.

Any chance we might see a Gabe/Joyce love connection? They could commiserate over the trouble both daughters seem to run into on a daily basis. Chloe and Buffy as step-sisters could be fun.

I'm really enjoying the vid conferences and IM's between Chloe, Clark and Pete too.
3rd-Sep-2009 05:01 am (UTC)
Actually, I'm considering, if I go pass Season One, to bring in some Gabe/Joyce, so its really cool that you ask about it while I'm trying to decide! :D
3rd-Sep-2009 05:50 am (UTC)
Well, you know what they say about great minds. :)

BtVS is one of my all-time favorite shows, and strangely enough I don't have the DVDs. Well, I didn't. I just swapped for the 1st and 7th seasons at Swaptree, so I can go back and bone up on the old shows that you're writing about now. Ahhh, good times, when the Hellmouth was under the library, and the Angel roamed Sunnydales shadows.

Oops, forgot to say it earlier, but of course I'm looking forward to more.
3rd-Sep-2009 05:17 am (UTC)
This is so awesome!!! I'm really loving how you weaved Dean, Chloe and Sam into the Buffy verse.

3rd-Sep-2009 05:28 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm enjoying fusing them into the story and trying to make it so that they don't stand out or seem out of place.
4th-Sep-2009 07:09 am (UTC)
Oh this is great! Please more soon? *is now addicted* Am i bad for wanting more chloe/sam? LOL yeah I think I am.

I Loved the brownie scene!
4th-Sep-2009 07:30 am (UTC)
lol, chloe/sam is LOVE so NO, you aren't bad for wanting more! lol
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