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SuperSlayerVille: Season One 11b/12 
16th-Sep-2009 09:58 pm
SuperSlayerVille Season One
Title: SuperSlayerVille
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville/Supernatural
Pairings: Chloe/Angel, onesided Chloe/Sam, onesided Buffy/Giles, Cordelia/Dean
Rating: T
Discliamer: Don't own the characters or shows mentioned
Summary: When Chloe's father moved to Sunnydale he planned on forcing Chloe to have a safe, normal life...course, that's gonna be hard now that she's living on a Hellmouth and has some mysterious psychic connection with its mystic energies.

Chloe shivered as she stood before the Master. She’d been in his presence in dreams before, she knew this, but he was obviously even more terrifying in real life. Unlike in her visions, here, now, he could easily kill her and Chloe didn’t delude herself into thinking that her training would manage even a satisfactory resistance against him.

“Miss Sullivan,” the deformed creature announced congenially, clasping his hands before him. “How lovely to meet you. As you know, I don’t get many visitors down here, but I do plan on socializing more when I open Hell and get out of here to rule the world above.”

The blonde gulped, silent, not knowing what game the Master was playing, but unwilling to play along.

“You know, I could feel power above for so long and I couldn’t figure out who it was or why it seemed so familiar.” He announced conversationally, walking slowly around her, circling her like the predator that he was. “And then Darla discovered Angelus was here, and after following him around secretly, she ventured upon his little obsession with you.”

Chloe winced at the remembrance of the blonde who’d sunk her fangs into her neck with the intentions of siring her.

“I was initially against her plan of siring you, just killing you would have sufficed in my opinion…but then when she came back from having drank your blood I knew---I knew.” The Master grinned, his fangs bloody and terrifying. “The power that filled her from having drank from you, it was intoxicating. I drank some from her, and even though it was diluted in its corrupted, secondhand vessel it was unlike anything I’d ever had before. Except, of course, your mother.”

Chloe’s eyes widened in horror. “What?”

“What do you know about your mother, Miss Sullivan?” The Master asked.

“I—she—she left us when I was younger.” Chloe stammered, finally being drawn into whatever it was that the Master was trying to do. “How---how do you know my mother?”

“Ah, so you didn’t know that your coming here was in fact due to the fact that your mother’s family comes from Sunnydale.” The Master grinned, amused. “Before they left, your mother was a very naughty girl.” He tsked, shaking his head. “Dabbled in the occult, became afang whore.” He sneered at her. “Like mother like daughter, apparently.”

Chloe couldn’t even react to that insult, too shocked.

“Why, one of the reasons her family had to move was to get her away from all the things she’d gotten herself into.” The Master continued on.

Chloe’s whole body was shaking.

No---it couldn’t be.

“She was an extremely powerful natural-born witch, she could do things no other witch could do, things that seemed impossible, unheard of, and the darkness of the Hellmouth called to her, seduced her, used her. She was greedy for power and domination, and talented and powerful enough to know that with practice and the right connections she could achieve it.” The Master continued to circle her. “She formed an alliance with me and cast a series of spells to be the energies’ Vessel, the Hellmouth in human form if you may. The Hellmouth is eternal, and she had always envied that of vampires.”

Chloe shook her head, closing her eyes, unable to believe that the woman she remembered could be the same one the vampire spoke of.

“What she hadn’t realized was, of course, that when she finally did that final, binding spell…she was already pregnant.” The Master chuckled. “So instead of the powers entering her, instead of choosing her, they chose and entered the Vessel within her…they chose to bond with you.

Chloe’s eyes flew open in horror. “No…”

“Do you no understand the power you’ve been radiating since Darla’s attack?” The Master sneered. “It’s only because they know you aremine that other vampires haven’t attacked you. They know your blood is mine and mine alone, mine to drink and mine to strengthen me. Mine to release me from this hell.”

No!” Chloe took a step backwards.

“Why do you think your mother took you to Smallville that day of the meteor shower?” He sneered. “She’d done that spell to help me escape, but then she’d discovered that she was pregnant and her family took her away! She then met Gabriel Sullivan, married him, and raised you. But she knew, she knew what you were. She could sense it. Couldn’t stand living with the reminder of how she just wasn’t worthy enough to be chosen.

Chloe shivered, tears filling her eyes as she continued to back away, shaking her head.

“She knew about the meteor shower that was going to take place in Kansas, and she didn’t go there by accident, Miss Sullivan, she wasn’t there by chance.” He sneered, enjoying her pain, her denial. “She was there to kill you. To kill you both.

NO!” Chloe backed into the wall of the cave. How did he know that we were there in the first shower? I’ve never even told Clark! “My mother would have never---!”

“But it didn’t kill you----and then she started feeling the affects the meteors had had on herself. She felt powerful again, felt she could kill me on her own. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now that you are here, I know why she came to my Lair all those years ago trying to kill me.” He sneered. “She didn’t want me to know about you. About the Hellmouth’s bond with you, its merge with you. If I was freed I’d kill her for going against her word, and so she decided to kill me first and have dominion over the world herself.”

Chloe felt tears prickling at her eyes and dripping down her cheeks. “My mom came here?”

He nodded. “Her bones are here somewhere.”

No! Chloe shook her head, closing her eyes tightly. NO!

“And now, Miss Sullivan.” The Master’s breath was putrid and on her face.

Chloe opened her eyes and tried to scream as she realized he was right there in front of her, arms on the wall on either side of her face—but no sound came out. She couldn’t even move, it was as if he’d somehow paralyzed her without her knowing.

“Now it’s time,” The Master leaned forwards tauntingly. “To free your daddy.”

With that he sunk his fangs into her neck, and she could finally scream.


Outside the school, Buffy walked a short distance, looking all around, holding the crossbow and arrows she’d taken from Giles’ weapon pile before leaving Ms. Calendar to take care of the knocked out Watcher. Buffy felt horrible for having done that to Giles, but her heart was also bursting with happiness at the realization that Giles would have gone in her stead.

He would have given his life for hers.

And she’d finally kissed him.

If she died tonight, at least she could take that experience with her to the grave.

Not that she planned on dying.

Hearing a twig snap she looked up and saw a little boy before her.

“Help me.” The boy asked her in an innocent voice.

Buffy lowered the crossbow and walked over to him. “It’s okay.” She stopped before him. “I know who you are.”

Collin smirked, his face immediately showing the evil within. He held out his hand, and Buffy only hesitated a second before taking it, allowing the child to lead her to hell.


Dean and Sam had reached the library shortly after Chloe’s phone call, and had been surprised to find Giles unconscious on the floor and Ms. Calendar trying to wake him up.

Their computer science teacher filled them in on what had happened as Giles slowly came too.

“She what?” Dean asked, unable to believe it.

“And she knew about this prophecy?” Sam asked. “What do we do?”

“We stay calm, for beginners.” Jenny announced as Giles sat up, hand to his throbbing jaw.

“Calm?” Giles snapped.

“I think she’s right.” Sam told the Watcher.

Giles stood on shaky legs, shaking his head. “I can’t be calm. Buffy just went to her death!” He closed his eyes in self-disgust. “How could I have let her go?”

Dean snorted. “I think the soon-to-be-purple area of your jaw testifies to the fact that you did not just let her go.” He sighed. “Remember, English, she’s Tarzan, you’re Jane. There was no way you were going to be able to stop her if she’d made up her mind.”

“Uh, I’m sorry to bring this up, but we also have an apocalypse to worry about?” Ms. Calendar interrupted.

“Do you mind?” Giles snapped at her.

“How come she’s in the club?” Dean asked.

“Hey!” Jenny slammed her palms down on the table. “Once the Master gets free, the Hellmouth opens, the demons come to party, and everybody dies. I think everyone has a right to be in ‘the club’ at this point!”

“I’m sorry,” Giles got up and grabbed a stake and an axe. “I can’t let her die. You all stay here and try find a way to help everyone in case the worst should happen.”

“You don’t even know where she’s gone!” Sam called as Giles stalked out of the room.

“No.” Giles agreed. “But Angel might.”

They watched him disappear out the doors, stance determined.

There was silence before Sam got up, shaking his head, and went to the stacks.

“What are you doing?” Dean called after him.

“Research.” Sam’s voice came from the stacks, and there were a couple of moments of uncomfortable silence between Ms. Calendar and Dean before he returned, buried down with books. “The Master is as old as any vampire on record. There’s no telling how powerful he’ll be if he reaches the surface.”

“Okay, here’s my question.” Ms. Calendar looked up at Sam. “The Hellmouth opens.”

Dean snorted. “Not much of a question if you ask me.”

She ignored him, gaze on Sam. “Where? If he’s underground, and it’s right where he is, where’s it gonna open?”

“Good question.” Sam acknowledged after a moment’s thought. “You have a look through the Black Chronicles…” he handed her one of the books in his hands.

“Okay.” She nodded, taking it and opening it.

Sam placed the rest of the books on the table and passed a specific one to Dean. “This is the Codex that Angel gave Giles. This is supposed to have all the important details about the prophecies of Slayers and the various near end of times situations. Find ours and look for a loophole or something we can work with. Something where Buffy doesn’t die and Hell isn’t opened.”

Dean nodded, taking the book, watching his brother as he headed towards the library computer. “What are you going to do? There’s no internet, every communication system is down, remember?”

“I saved back issues of the Sunnydale paper and some other things to the hard drive just in case something like this happened.” Sam responded. “I’m going to look through them to check for any common denominators in locations of incidents and stuff.”

“Oh.” Dean blinked before grinning proudly. “My brother, the paranoid geek.”

“Shut up, jerk.” Sam grinned, switching on the computer.

“You’re such a little bitch, Sammy.” Dean grinned right back, sitting down to read from the Codex.

Ms. Calendar looked up at them over the Black Chronicles and shook her head with a wry grin before returning her attention to the book in hand.


Entering the Master’s Lair, Buffy looked back when the little boy stopped at the entrance. He pointed below, gesturing her to continue on, before turning and leaving the way they’d come. The Slayer watched him go and then turned, making her way down to the floor below. She looked around the darkened cavern, wary, eyeing every shadow cast by the hundreds of candles burning everywhere.

“Welcome.” The Master’s voice seemed to be coming from all directions.

Buffy tightened her hold on her crossbow, eyes narrowed, trying to find the source of the voice. “Thanks for having me.”

The Master stepped into the light to look at her. He was just as hideous as in the nightmares she’d had the first week of living in Sunnydale.

“You know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor.” Buffy tried for bravado to mask the terror she felt as she gazed upon the creature prophesized to kill her. “Looks like you got some water damage.”

“Oh good. The feeble banter portion of the fight. Why don’t we just cut to the…”

Buffy launched a bolt in his direction, watching in horror as he readily caught in it mid-flight right in front of him at chest level. The Slayer hurriedly reloaded the bow, disturbed by just how lightening fast his reflexes were. She’d never gone up against a vampire even close to his magnitude.

“Nice shot.” The Master sneered, throwing away the bolt. “You’re not going to kill me with that thing, though.”

“Don’t be too sure.” The Slayer snipped, aiming her crossbow at him once more.

“You don’t get it, do you?” He sneered. “You’re already too late. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I can open the Hell now whenever I want, I could have done so before you arrived like a sheep to the slaughter, but I wanted to wait, wanted to savor the victory of killing you before I stepped out of my prison as ruler of the new world I will create above.”

“Oh really?” Buffy snorted, trying for disbelief, but feeling hysteria instead. “And what exactly suddenly gave you the ability to leave the place you’ve been trapped in for ever due to your own inability to do it right the first time?”

The Master sneered and stepped aside, revealing the lifeless body of Chloe lying on the ground behind him. “I had a special little snack.”

Buffy’s eyes widened in horror and her hold on her crossbow loosened as she gazed in horror at her best friend’s dead body. “No.”


Sam frowned, turning off the computer, having found nothing helpful in finding a possible location for the Hellmouth. He swirled around in his seat to face Dean and Jenny Calendar, both sitting at the table studying their volumes. “Okay, let’s think about this for just one minute.”

Both looked up at him.

“The vampires have been appearing more and more these last couple of nights, right? They obviously know what’s going to happen and they’re gathering.” Sam stood, pacing the room, trying to think this through like Giles would. “They know the Master’s going to rise and they’re here to be his army.”

“Do you think they’ll gather at the Hellmouth?” Jenny asked, eyes widening, pulling a strand of dark hair out of her face.

“Well,” Dean frowned. “The last time the Master tried to rise was the Harvest. He sent a bunch of vampires to get him fresh blood.” His eyes then widened.

“Well?” Jenny asked him, eyebrow raised. “Where did that go down?”

“The Bronze.” Sam whispered, getting what his brother just realized.

“The DANCE!” Dean shot up. “What better place? How could we have been so stupid?”

“We’ve got to warn them.” Sam announced.

“No!” Jenny motioned for him to sit down. “Dean and I will go. You are our Rupert for now. You need to stay here and concentrate on demon killing.” She turned to Dean. “Come on, my car’s in the lot.”

“Stay close together.” Sam ordered as he forced himself to sit down, to grab the Codex from where Dean had left it. “And be careful.”

“It’s the vamps who have to be careful.” Dean announced, grabbing a stake on the way out.

Ms. Calendar paused for a second before grabbing one as well, looking at it warily as they left the library together, hurriedly, hoping that they would make it on time to warn the teenagers dancing happily at the Bronze.

Sam watched them go, worried, before shaking his head and forcing his attention on the Codex.

He had a job to do.


Chloe.” Forgetting everything, Buffy dropped the crossbow on the ground and hurried past the monster, dropping to her knees next to her friend. Tears welled up in her eyes to see how pale and lifeless Chloe looked, the side of her neck ravaged, still pouring blood.

Reaching forwards she pressed her fingers to the cold skin of the side of her neck that wasn’t ravaged, where Chloe’s pulse should be, but there was nothing.

No.” Buffy whispered.

She placed her hand over Chloe’s mouth and nose…and couldn’t feel breath.


And finally, she pressed her ear to the girl’s chest, clutching her hands in her clothes when not a beat could be heard. “NO!” Tear flowed down her cheeks freely as she shook Chloe’s body. “NO!”

She was dead.

Suddenly something grabbed her by the back of her neck, drawing her roughly up to her feet. Buffy reacted, swinging with her elbow, knocking his hand away as she tried to run, but the Master outstretched his hand towards her and she froze…unable to move a muscle.

He approached her, making slow twisting motioned with his hand, before appearing behind her. “You tried. It was noble of you.” His voice dripped with condescension as he taunted her. “You heard the prophecy that I was going to break free and you came to stop me, but we both know how this ends.” He paused, considering, as he trailed a finger down the curve of her neck. “I would have given you an honorable death like any vampire would a Slayer…by fang. But I’m afraid I’m rather full on your friend. It took such a long time to drain her dry.”

Buffy tried struggling, desperate to kill him, but she couldn’t move a muscle.

She then frowned.


But Buffy had seen blood seeping out of the fang wounds on Chloe’s neck. She’d been sure of that!

“Oh well, any death will do I guess.” The Master sighed, obviously a bit disappointed to end it this way, before dragging Buffy to a pool of water by the entrance. “Goodbye now.” Dropping her face down into the pool he laughed.

Buffy wanted to struggle, tried to hold her breath, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. Her lungs burned, begging for oxygen, her vision blurred, and in her panic her heart raced desperately in her chest.

And then she began to feel tired…so tired…her lungs so hot…her head so fuzzy.

The last thing she saw before everything went black was the bright explosion of light as the Master’s confines dissolved into nothingness and he left his lair, victorious.


In the school parking lot, Jenny dug into her bag, searching for her keys, high heels tapping loudly as she and Dean headed towards her car. So many worries and thoughts were filling her mind at this moment. What if they couldn’t do this? What if they couldn’t stop the Apocalypse? What if the world as they knew it ended tonight?

Had she truly lived her life to its fullest? Was she ready to die?


“What if we don’t get to the Bronze before they do?” Jenny asked Dean, still searching in her bag and not paying attention to much else as she voiced one of her many fears.

Dean stopped ahead of her, body going tense. “I don’t think we have to worry about that anymore.”

“What? Why?” Jenny looked up at that.

“Because they’re not goin’ to the Bronze.” Dean tightened his hold on his stake and got into a defensive position.

Cold chills running up and down her spine, Jenny followed his gaze and gasped in horror as she saw, on the field, a hoard of vampires approaching. Her gaze went across the parking lot and saw more coming.

They’d never make it to her car on time.

“I can’t stake all these by myself.” Dean stated the obvious. “We have to get back inside and warn Sam.”

They turned to head back yet stopped when they realized that even more were blocking their way to the school.

Jenny gulped.

They were surrounded.


In the tunnels, Angel and Giles witnessed the burning bright light as they came out of an adjoining tunnel. They both froze, turning to look at each other in horror as they realized what the light meant.

No.” Giles whispered, his eyes going haunted, knowing that Buffy would have never let the Master break free…were she alive.

“It’s too late.” Angel sighed. “He’s gone up.”

Buffy.” Giles whispered once more, in shock, in denial.

Angel was about to try and comfort the Watcher when he froze, catching the scent of blood in the air...particular blood...blood he’d hoped to never have smelt again.

His body clenched in horror as he realized that Buffy hadn’t been alone with the Master.


What?” Giles gasped.

Angel broke out into a run towards the Master’s lair, getting there before Giles thanks to his vampire speed and terror, not even giving the Slayer’s body (floating face down in a pool of water) a second glance, his eyes flickering gold in fear as he desperately followed that scent…and finally found her.

He stopped, eyes wide, not believing it as he saw her lying on the ground, immobile.

Buffy!” Giles rushed to the Slayer, pulling her out of the water. He held her close and tried to listen for breathing. “No…no!” He lowered Buffy’s body to the ground and checked her neck. “No---no bite wound?” His eyes widened in realization. “She drowned.”

Taking off his jacket and laying it over her, Giles knelt down by her face and looked at her for a moment, as if promising her that everything was going to be alright, before pressing his mouth to hers and blowing into her lungs. He then let go and began to pump her chest, repeating the process furiously. “Come on Buffy!”

But Angel didn’t process that.

He collapsed to his knees besides Chloe’s body, unable to see anything else. The vampire reached for her and pulled her into his arms, her head falling lifelessly against his chest.

Chloe.” His voice cracked with emotion.

Freeing one hand, Angel wiped away at the blood on her neck, knowing it’d only torture him…but he wanted to see the bite that’d taken her life.

He softly rubbed the blood away…but only found unmarred, untouched skin beneath.

His eyes narrowed, confused.

If---if she hadn’t been bitten---where had all the blood come from?

And then----and then he could hear the sound of her heart beginning to beat once more, and in seconds’ Chloe’s eyes opened and she jolted up in his arms, gasping for breath.

Angel looked down at the blonde, shocked, unable to believe what he’d just seen.

She---she’d just come back from the dead.

He didn’t hear Buffy coughing up water and gasping for breath behind him, didn’t hear Giles crying as he hugged the Slayer to him.

All Angel could hear was Chloe’s steady, healthy heartbeat, the sound of her breathing, and all he could see was her looking up at in him mild confusion after a mere second’s terror from her place in his arms, before she smiled up at him.

Hey.” Chloe whispered, eyes sparkling as she looked up at him. “It’s you. It’s always you.” She closed her eyes tiredly and leaned her head against his chest, yawning, as if she’d only been sleeping moments ago and not dead.

“You’ve got to stop getting yourself into these kinds of situations.” His voice cracked with emotion as he looked down at her hungrily, so desperately happy to have her back that he didn’t care how this had happened. “You look horrible.”

She laughed, and it was beautiful.


In the school parking lot Dean tightened his hold on the stake, knowing he couldn’t keep an eye on all of the advancing vampires, much less stake them all.

“Why are they coming here?” Ms. Calendar asked, having pulled her own stake from her handbag, holding it in her shaking hand.

“Not caring.” Dean responded bluntly, trying to figure out which vampire would attack first. If he was going to die here tonight, he was going to take as many of these bastards with him…for Jesse…for everyone who’d been victims of them and their evil.

A car sped towards them, breaking through the vampire circle, sending bloodsuckers flying left and right before coming to a screeching stop behind Dean and Ms. Calendar.

The window rolled down to show Cordelia Chase in the driver’s seat. “What are you waiting for? Get in you idiots!”

Dean didn’t know what exactly Cordelia was doing there (because wasn’t she supposed to be at the hospital with Chloe?) but he didn’t question this sheer luck as he and Ms. Calendar rushed into the car, locking the doors behind them and making sure the windows were up.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean snapped at his ex from the backseat.

He’d wanted her safe and yet here she was, defying even his mental commands!

“Chloe was kidnapped from the hospital by guys with messed up faces just like these. Some guy who calls himself the Master wanted to see her or something. I thought you all would want to know that.” Cordelia snapped, glaring at him through the rearview mirror. “And be more grateful! I just saved your butt out there mister!”

“Oh please. I had a plan.” But suddenly Dean realized what Cordelia had said. “Wait? What?” His heart fell to his stomach. “The Master’s got Chloe?”

They all screamed as a vampire jumped on top of the car.

“What do we do?” Ms. Calendar asked.

Dean gulped, thinking fast. “Giles, Angel and Buffy went to confront the Master. Chloe will be alright. But for now, we need to get to the library. Fast.”

“Library! Great!” Cordelia grinned somewhat wickedly, shifting gears and burning rubber as she made a fast U-turn, throwing the vampire off of the roof of her car, and heading towards the school building. The car’s engine raced as she gunned it towards the doors.

Dean’s eyes widened.

Ms. Calendar gave a little scream and lifted her hands in a protective gesture as they crashed through the doors and into the hall.

Cordelia, for her credit, only gave a loud giggle as she continued to shift gears, car going faster and faster, as she plowed through the hallways of Sunnydale High. They crashed through yet another set of doors and skidded to a stop in front of the library.

Dean, momentarily frozen in his seat, shook it off and looked behind them, frowning as he saw the vampires running into the hall after them. “We need to get inside the library and barricade the doors now!

Sam opened the doors, obviously having heard all the noise they’d made, eyes wide and on the car in disbelief.

The trio got out of the car, the females screaming, as they ran into the library. They pushed the door closed just as the vampires got there. They leaned against the door, trying to use their weight to keep it closed despite the bodies slamming into them from the other side.

“What’s happening?” Sam asked, still utterly confused.

Guess!” Dean snapped, back pressed against the door, eyes searching the room for something to use as a barricade.

A vampire punched through the small round window in one of the doors and grabbed at them. Dean left the others at the door and hurriedly grabbed a bookcase, carrying it back over to the doors. Cordelia grabbed a sign and started hitting the vampire’s arm with it while Dean got the bookcase in place, grinning that it was the perfect height to jam in against the handles.

Sam rushed to the copier and pushed it over as well, adding more to the makeshift barricade. “Why are they coming here?”

They were so worried trying to keep the library doors properly barricaded that they failed to notice two very important details.

One was that a green tentacle was beginning to worm its way up through the cracks in the floor in the back of the library.

And two was that, on the roof, staring down at them through the glass skylight with an evil, fanged grin, was the Master himself.


The four stood together in the Master’s lair, Angel keeping a curious, watchful eye on Chloe, while Giles supported a weak, disoriented Buffy. Chloe hugged herself, knowing she should feel tired, knowing she should feel pain, knowing she should be dead.

When she’d awoken in Angel’s arms she’d been terrified because she’d thought she was still with the Master, and when she’d seen Angel she’d been terrified at the thought of the Master having sired her, but then she’d realized that her heart was beating furiously with her terror and she’d calmed down, confused, wondering exactly what had happened and how she was alive.

“Easy. Easy.” Giles chided Buffy softly as she leaned against him, very weak.

Chloe looked at the Slayer.

She should be weaker than Buffy.

But she wasn’t.

She was strong, stronger than she’d been before.

And she felt different.

When the Master had drained her dry something inside of her had snapped, breaking in two, and had flowed inside of her like a river. And now…now Chloe somehow knew she was changed, different, never to be the same again.

She hugged herself tightly.

How---?” Buffy asked Chloe.

Everyone’s gaze turned on her.

Chloe hugged herself tighter.

This was it.

She could tell them what the Master had told her.

She could confide his horrible taunt.

And now it’s time…to free your daddy.’

“I—I’m apparently a meteor freak.” Chloe found herself saying instead, unable to get the other words past her throat. “I never told you, Buffy, but my mom was driving through Smallville the day of the meteor shower. Our van got turned over and we were buried under a pile of meteors for days until they managed to find us and get us out. Apparently it gave me strengthening, healing blood.”

That’s why the Master wanted you.” Giles announced. “Fascinating.”

Chloe nodded. “He drank to his full and got strong. He—he’d seen Darla before Angel staked her, so he knew it worked. He---he said the strength in it would help free him.”

“The Master…” Buffy tried to push away from Giles, to stand on her own. “I need to stop him.” But she would have collapsed if Giles hadn’t grabbed her.

“No.” The Watcher shook his head. “You’re still too weak.”

“I have to stop him, Giles!” Buffy whispered.

Chloe gulped. “I----I think I can help you with that.”

Everyone turned to look at her in confusion.

She sighed. “Magical healing blood, remember?”

Buffy made a face. “I’m not a bloodsucker.” She’d been touchy about that ever since the nightmare world had made her a vampire for a couple of hours and she’d drained dry the nightmare version of the abusive Coach Matthews.

Chloe winced.

Would Buffy make that face if she knew Chloe might be the daughter of a vampire?

The blonde squared her shoulders, glaring at Buffy. “The Master was strong originally and when he drank my blood he got stronger. Youcan hardly stand on your own. You go up against him the way you are now he’ll kill you before you take a breath.”

Buffy winced, seeing the truth in those words.

Chloe stepped forwards and reached for the knife hanging on Buffy’s belt. Eyes never leaving the Slayer’s, she brought the blade to her palm.

Buffy hesitated. “Chloe---it—it doesn’t matter. He nearly drank you dry. He has more power in him anyway.”

Chloe paused, blade pressing into her skin. “Don’t ask me how I know this, maybe it’s just because it’s my body, but I do.” She sliced a clean line across her palm, blood springing up into it immediately. “But blood freely given, is a hundred times stronger than blood taken by force. It’s different, it’s better, the Master---you’ll be stronger. I just---I just know.”

Angel cleared his throat and had to move away, the blood bothering his demon.

Buffy turned to look at Giles questioningly.

The Watcher nodded. “It’s an ancient belief, if blood was freely given, or if a person allowed themselves to be sacrificed, then it was a hundred times stronger than if the victim was tied down and murdered. That was why in so many of the ancient cultures you will find that the sacrificial victims went freely to their deaths, even happily, believing that they would help bring better lives for their people.”

“Just drink it, already.” Angel snapped, back to them, hand over his nose.

Buffy gulped before reaching for Chloe’s now cupped hand. The Slayer looked into Chloe’s eyes before smiling at her, trustingly, and drinking the metallic liquid that had accumulated there.

The Slayer made a face at the taste yet continued to drink until she finally pulled away, blinking, hand to her head. “Whoa.”

Angel was immediately at Chloe’s side, ripping the hem of his shirt to make a makeshift bandage for her hand.

Buffy grabbed onto Giles tighter, closing her eyes, before her body gave a jerk and then she was standing by herself, looking around her. “Wow. I feel---I feel good. Strong---stronger.” She grinned brightly. “Let’s go find the Master. We have an Apocalypse to stop.”

“He’ll head towards the Hellmouth.” Giles nodded, relieved to see the Slayer like her old self once more.

“But we don’t know where that is.” Angel announced.

“Um, actually,” Chloe announced, concentrating in the direction of where she could feel most of the mystical upheaval. “I think I do.”


Piling up more things in front of the door, Sam looked at the back of the library when he heard something and noticed vampires trying to get in.

He pointed towards it. “They’re coming in through the stacks!”

Jenny turned to Dean. “Come on!”

They both ran to the back of the library, looking around, trying to think of something to do to keep the vampires from getting in.

“The bookshelves!” Dean announced.

They lifted a bookcase against the French doors that led to the stacks and leant against it.

“Giles’ office…” Sam’s eyes widened, remembering the entrance there, as he hurried to secure it, leaving Cordelia alone at the main doors.

It was times like these when Sam wished he knew how to do magic more than know about the theory of it, as Ms. Calendar was teaching him. If he knew magic he’d be able to at least put up a protective shield around them, but no, he was fairly useless.

No one noticed a tentacle inching towards Jenny’s leg.

Another vampire punched through the other library door window, grabbing Cordelia’s arm, causing her to scream.

“Cordelia!” Dean turned towards the scream, but couldn’t do anything but watch, needing to keep his weight against the bookcase to keep the vampires from getting in.

The brunette hit at the vampire’s hand and when that didn’t help any she bit it as hard as she could. The vampire screamed in surprise and let go, pulling his hand rapidly back out through the window to safety.

Cordelia snorted, spitting out the taste in her mouth. “See how you like it!”

Dean grinned proudly, and somewhat amazed, at her.

“This won’t keep ‘em out for long!” Jenny grunted from where she was putting all her weight into the bookcase. She looked down in time to see the tentacle everyone had managed to miss wrap itself around her ankle, and scream loudly.

Dean turned towards her and cursed, making a grab for her, holding her back as the tentacle gave her a sharp pull towards it. “SAM!”

Sam came running out of the now secured office in time to see a huge, green, multi-headed and tentacled demon burst through the floor. His eyes widened as suddenly everything made sense. “The Hellmouth…” He whispered, unable to believe it. “THIS IS THE HELLMOUTH!

Cordelia gazed upon the demon with three heads that reached all the way to the ceiling. Her breathing grew more ragged, her eyes widened in terror, and she let out the loudest scream she ever had.


Reaching the stairs leading to the roof of the school, Buffy could sense him now that she was close enough. The Master. It’d taken some slaying on all of their parts to get this far, the grounds completely covered with vampires, but Buffy felt stronger, more sure of herself now, and she knew that this was it.

She’d fulfilled the prophecy, she’d died.

Everything from now on was fair game.

She turned to the others. “You wait here and keep the rest of the vampires off of me.”

Giles nodded.

She looked at Chloe, clasping the crossbow Buffy had used to confront the Master earlier, Giles with his axe, and Angel with his game face on. They were her only backup against a multitude of vampires…and yet she was confident that they would be enough.

“I’ll be back.” With that promise the Slayer headed up the stairs to the roof. Her footsteps were silent, and as she stepped onto the roof she knew that the Master not only hadn’t heard her, but couldn’t sense her. Not the way she could him.

He stood next to the skylight over the library, looking down, clasping his hands idly as he gazed inside at the hell breaking loose within. “Yes.” He grinned. “Come forth, my child. Come into my world.”

She snorted.

The arrogance.

“I don’t think its yours just yet.”

The Master turned his head and stared at her in surprise. “You’re dead!”

“I may be dead,” Buffy announced, hands on her hips. “But I’m still pretty. Which is more than I can say about you.”

He hissed, eyes narrowing. “You were destined to die! It was written!”

She snorted, shrugging. “What can I say? I flunked the written.”

The Master growled and reached his arm out to use his hypnosis on her again. “Come here!”

Buffy tensed, waiting for the control he had over her, but then, there was nothing. She was about to taunt him with his failure when an idea came to her. She slowly approached the Master, doing her best to pretend to be hypnotized.

He grabbed her by the throat again. “Did you really think you could best me here when you couldn’t below?” He let go of her neck, sure of his control.

Buffy looked at him curiously. “You have fruit punch mouth.”

What?” The look of confusion on the Master’s face was hilarious.

Smirking, Buffy swung a wide hard punch to his mouth, feeling deep satisfaction as he fell down. “That was for trying to kill Chloe.”

Trying?” He asked, getting up as she did a swinging roundhouse kick that connected squarely with his face. He swiped at her and she jerked back, but he managed to slice her with his fingernails across her upper right chest, drawing blood.

“Naughty boy.” Buffy chided after a quick look down to assure herself that it was only a minor scratch. “I don’t go that far at least until the third date!” She punched him in the kidney.

The Master retaliated by punching her in the jaw.

Grunting, Buffy tried to punch him again, but he blocked her and punched her in the face, sending her flying backwards into the wall behind her.


Inside of the library, unaware of the fights going on outside and above them, Jenny screamed as the Hellmouth creature tried to tear her out of Dean’s hold.

Sam!” Dean grunted, his grip on the woman slipping.

Already going through Giles’ pile of assorted weapons, Sam pulled out an axe and rushed up to the stairs to their aid.

“SAM!” Dean struggled to not let go.

Sam reached them and swung the axe into one of the heads, the creature roaring in agony as Jenny continued to scream. Sam raised the axe once more and swung again, and again, hitting the creature over and over. He tried it once more, but the creature knocked him off of the mezzanine and onto the large table below.

The table broke as he hit it, and one side fell over onto its end, leaving a huge spike pointing upwards. Sam rolled with a groan, opening his eyes when he felt something slimy dripping onto his face…only to find one of the creature’s heads hovering over him while another faced Jenny and laughed.


Up above, the Master and the Slayer continued to fight.

Picking herself back up, Buffy launched herself into a front tuck over his head and landed between him and the skylight. She kicked him in the side with a side snap kick, but he quickly turned around and grabbed her by the neck once more.

Apparently a vampire’s neck fetish extended even into battle.

“Where are your jibes now?” He sneered.

Buffy looked behind her, at the battle going on below, worried about her friends inside the library, and noticed the upended table through the glass of the skylight.

She grinned, letting loose a little chuckle.

This seemed to offend him greatly. “You laugh when my Hell is on Earth?”

“If you’re that amped about Hell…” Buffy announced, grabbing him by the neck, relishing the shock on his face. “Go there!”

Lifting him up, Buffy flipped him over herself and through the skylight’s glass. She stepped aside and peered over the edge as the Master fell the distance to the ground below and was impaled on the table.

Slowly, he turned to ash until only his skeleton was left.

The Hellmouth creature below quickly disappeared back into the floor, sucked into Hell as the Mouth closed, and Buffy watched the vampires that’d been trying to enter the library begin to back away before hurrying as far from there as possible, sensing the death of their Master and terrified.

She smirked.

Apocalypse evaded.

The Slayer turned to go back towards the stairs to join Giles, Chloe and Angel so they could go inside with the rest.

Not only had she killed the Master, stopped an apocalypse, and managed to not get killed in the process---but Buffy had kissed Giles.

She grinned brightly.

All in all, tonight hadn’t been a bad night at all!

With those thoughts in mind, Buffy began to whistle happily to herself as she headed down the stairs.


17th-Sep-2009 04:04 am (UTC)
This was so unbelievably awesome!! Yay for the Giles/Buffy kiss. I didn't see the whole thing with Chloe's mom coming so awesome job there. I'm can't wait to learn more about that. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
17th-Sep-2009 04:20 am (UTC)
Ah yes, the last chapter in this story....*sighs* this whole chapter was 60 pages long *grumblegrumble* and so I was just SO GLAD when it was finished *laughs* and I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. :D
17th-Sep-2009 06:04 am (UTC)
That was frigging awesome hun!! Well done!!

Looking forward to see how you resolve this and start the sequel :) :)

17th-Sep-2009 12:28 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked!
17th-Sep-2009 06:29 am (UTC)
omg chloe's mom was with the master .so was the master really chloe's father ? yay for the giles / buffy kiss . will we see more chloe / angel in the near future ? just put dean and cor toghther already lol . put sam with that witch girl that's mom was crazy or something ? why was sam and dean's dad so harsh to them eapically sam? PPMS and write a sq to this one when this one is done . PPMS
17th-Sep-2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
The Master Question and the John Question will be addressed in the sequel (whenever it comes out), and it's funny because I already have outlined for Chloe to try and get Sam/Amy together, though I'm not sure she'll be successful.
17th-Sep-2009 06:39 am (UTC)
Holy freaking WOW!!!!!!!

Was not expecting Moira's story being so messed up. OMGAWD!!!!!!!!

This is so beyond awesome!!! Can't wait for more!!
17th-Sep-2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, just When Chloe thought her night couldn't get any freakier, it does!
17th-Sep-2009 06:51 am (UTC)
I was a little wary at starting another fic of yours while I'm still into so many of your WIP's but, you covered the whole season and you did a wonderful job. I can't wait for the epilogue or whatever consists of chapter 12. Your characters were spot on. And as a big Chloe/Dean fan, I can honestly say you won me over on the Cordelia/Dean relationship which was a lot harder to swallow than the Chloe/Angel one. Loved it all.
17th-Sep-2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
Oh my, I feel guilty now with my WIPs! *ducks head in shame* glad you gave this a chance though! And I' so glad you grew to like the Cordelia/Dean---Angel/Chloe is the hotter to write for me, but Cordy/Dean is the funniest to write, I enjoy their banter waaaaaaaaaaay too much! :D
17th-Sep-2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
SO amazing! I was wondering how you were going to do this with both Buffy and Chloe playing such big parts, but you pulled it off wonderfully! And the stuff about Chloe's mom, so unexpected and so great! I wondered what her connection to the hellmouth was, but I never expected it to involve her mother or the Master, at least in that sense. lol. Loved the Buffy/Giles kiss and his reaction to it. lol. And Angel was so cute when he was so worried about Chloe and he kept asking Giles if Chloe was in danger when he called him. Well, off to read the next one...
17th-Sep-2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
Yay! Yes, I kept wondering how to balance the Buffy/Chloe bits since they're both important in this story yet in completely different ways.
2nd-Jan-2010 07:50 am (UTC)
Totally awesome, though I feel sorry for the monster in the box (Angel). That blood has to be driving him nuts. Plus the kiss with Giles amused me to no end.
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