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Point Of No Return 1/4 
15th-Oct-2009 02:47 pm
chlam--kind mean/evil?

Title: Point of No Return
Sequel to: Possession, Being Good Is Overrated, Meeting Sam Winchester" and Twisted
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Sam Winchester
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own the show/characters mentioned
Summary: Not only is Chloe changing, but she realizes she's in love with Sam, and has some power over him. Then Oliver returns with the League in need of Chloe's help, and she realizes she isn't the only one who knows she's coming very close to the point of no return.
Note: Should be a three or four shot. Written for My Paranormal 150 Prompt Table . Prompt # 104: Deathbed Vision
Warning: Darkish

Chloe knew that she was getting out of control.

She didn’t need the worried looks Lois gave her, or the smirks Rubby sent, she didn’t even need Sam’s constant attention to know that she was spiraling out of control and was like a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

Ever since she’d lost those three months, being returned with no memory whatsoever of what had happened to her during that time or who had had her, she’d been different. The blonde had been more aggressive, more angsty, unable to stay in one place long.

She’d been colder too.

She noticed it, her friends noticed it…hell, even Clark and Lana noticed it, and those two were usually oblivious when it came to anything other than themselves!

Then again, thoughts like that last one just proved her point.

She was changed.

And she really didn’t like it.

Most of the time.

But sometimes it gave her an edge.

Most of the time it gave her an edge.

But lately, it wasn’t only her attitude that had her worried.

She was stronger, faster, harder to hurt and found it easier to hurt others. Her punches landed strong, her vision better than she’d ever seen, and her other senses were getting better as well.

Inhumanly better.

Well, maybe not Kryptonianly better, but it was still abnormally better.

She knew that Sam knew what was going on with her despite her not mentioning it to anyone, which really wasn’t surprising considering that they were connected the way they were. And while he was cautious about it, he seemed more relieved than anything else. It meant that she was less likely to get hurt, and while they both could guess that this new change in her had to do either with the demon blood in her veins or with those three missing months, Sam was obviously seeing it as a blessing.

Sam---Sam had been doing his own changes as well.

And Chloe knew it was all her fault.

She couldn’t really feel bad about it though, not even when Lois began giving Sam those looks she’d been sending Chloe. It was those looks that said ‘what are you doing?’ ‘why are you doing it like this?’ ‘you’re not like this.’ ‘why are you changing?’

Chloe knew why Sam was changing.

It was because she’d told him to.

And he’d listened.

He was changing because she wanted him to change.

The fact that she mattered this much to him, that her opinion of him mattered this much, it filled Chloe was a feeling of power that was nearly addictive.

She knew that Sam had the potential of being the most dangerous and deadly being in the whole world. Demons as old as time feared him, were trying to kill him now while he was still training with Ruby because they knew it too, knew that if they didn’t stop him now they never would.

Lilith herself had sent an ambassador to try and make peace with Sam.


Sam had considered it.

Ruby had said to take the deal, that it was the best option they had while Sam was still in training, and Lois had been on the fence about the situation, not sure either option was a good one.

But it had been Chloe that Sam had turned to for advice.

It was Chloe whose room he’d entered in the dead of the night to consult with, to ask her opinion.

We’re one’, he’d begun using that phrase with her more often since the day he’d told her that he was going to finally completely apply himself to this war. ‘We decide together.’

Chloe had never had Sam in her bedroom before, and yet it’d seemed natural for him to slip into her bed and turn to face her so they could whisper to each other in the darkness of her room. The shy, somewhat unsure man was gone. He wasn’t the one who seemed at eased in between her sheets, an arm slipping over her waist and curving around her, pulling her closer to him in the bed.

Her heart had raced like a runner in a marathon at the feeling of his heat around her, and his breath on her face. She could felt his heartbeat somehow, and it seemed in synch with her own.

Sam’s eyes were darker than they’d been when they’d first met. Chloe had begun noticing his eyes darkening at certain times, and she’d wondered if it wasn’t the demon blood in him changing him like that too.

She’d wondered, watching the anger make his eyes a blue so dark they seemed almost purple, if one day his eyes wouldn’t bleed black like a demon.

She wondered if one day hers mightn’t do the same as well.

And she wondered if she really cared if it did.

Even with eyes of ebony Sam would be Sam for her. Nothing would change.

He’d still be hers and she’d still be his.

Even now she wondered what that really meant.

What do I do?’ Sam had asked her, arm curved around her, foreheads touching, eyes closed, and breathing soothed now that he was near her.

Chloe noticed that whenever he grew agitated now he sought her out, as if she were his only source of comfort.

What do you want to do?’ she’d asked him softly, placing her hand on his chest, over his heartbeat, marveling at the feel of it beneath her fingers.

Because of her, Dean is in hell.’ Sam whispered, arm around her going tense. ‘Because of her he’s being tortured daily.

Chloe’s hand had trailed up his chest to cup his jaw as she’d moved her face slightly, caressing his cheek with her own. She’d inhaled the scent that was purely Sam, purely his, and closed her eyes, trying to impart her own comfort silently, to let him say what he needed to say, unbottle all of the feelings and thoughts he needed to unbottle.

She opened that door and held me back…’ Sam had continued, shivering slightly as Chloe rubbed her cheek against his. ‘She laughed as he screamed, laughed as I cried...’

What do you want to do?’ She’d asked again, voice a sleepy rumble against his ear, knowing deep down what he wanted to say, knowing his feelings, because she felt them as her own. That same anger, that same hatred, it festered inside of her like it had him, and she knew it was aliveinside.

And yet Sam didn’t answer, just tightened his fisted hold on the back of her nightgown, causing the material to ride up her thighs as he bunched it up behind her unconsciously.

He was trying, he was, but he still wasn’t strong enough, still wasn’t there

You want to laugh as she screams…’ Chloe finally told him, voice deeper than usual, slightly husky, teeth nipping at the skin of his jaw.

Sam’s breath caught in his throat, his hold on her tightening nearly painfully as he tilted his head slightly, unconsciously, granting her teeth easier access. ‘Yes…’ he whispered in answer to her words, voice a husky grumble that reverberated in his throat before escaping out of his parted lips.

Chloe smirked against the skin of his jaw before biting down a little harder, the hiss mixed with a mewl that escaped Sam causing her to bite back her own whimper.

Her whispered words were the ones he dared not say, and she wondered what it said about her that she could say them so easily, with a smirk on her face and the voice of a temptress.

You want to laugh as she cries…’ She continued, voice muffled somewhat by her lips against his skin, nipping, tongue dashing out quickly to get a taste.

Both groaned.

Chloe wondered when Sam had tightened his hold on her so much that she was now pressed up against him, feeling him throbbing against her abdomen desperately.

A grin of utterly evil delight spread across her lips at the power this knowledge filled her with.

Sam had the potential of being the most powerful and deadly being in the whole world…and he was completely in her power.

If she told him to do something he would do it to make her happy, even if---even if it went against his principles. He might fight it at first, but he would succumb to it just to please her, to keep her close.

Sam held the world in his hands and she held him in hers.

The knowledge was heady, powerful, seductive, but it was also frightening because Chloe was beginning to wonder if she could be trusted with that power.

If she could be trusted not to misuse it.

She didn’t know if she had her own moral compass anymore, and doubted that she could be the moral compass of someone else. She didn’t trust herself, not completely, not with Sam, not with his trust.

She tried to protect Sam from herself, even though he didn’t seem to want that protection.

It was times like these when she wondered if she’d fallen in love with him.

And, as she realized that he’d fallen asleep sometime during her troubled thoughts, arm around her possessively, breath on her face, still somewhat hard against her abdomen, Chloe smiled tenderly and took another whiff of his scent, burrowing closer to him.

She probably was in love with him, had been long before she’d even realized it.

Which made this even worse, now that she thought about it.

When she’d met Sam he’d been a broken shell, blaming himself for his brother’s soul being dragged to hell, blaming himself for not being able to stop it. Chloe knew that Ruby had brought her into his life so Sam could have something else to obsess over, and the demon’s plan had worked. Now that Sam knew of their mysterious demonic connection he’d transferred all that obsessive worry to Chloe, worrying about keeping her safe, about keeping her close to him…keeping her happy.

In everything he felt he’d failed Dean, Sam tried to make up for with her.

It’d nearly shattered him all over again when she’d been kidnapped by only Samael knew what (or who) and held captive for three months, because Sam had felt that once again he’d been unable to protect the one person he was meant to take care of.

Chloe breathed in his scent and fell asleep, smiling at Sam when the next day he’d told the demon messenger to tell Lilith to fuck herself. Ruby had thrown a fit, storming out of the motel room, and Lois, sending Sam a curious yet supportive expression, had followed after the blonde demon to try and calm her down.

Sam hadn’t noticed either’s reaction, he’d turned to Chloe, and when she’d smiled at him he’d smiled back.

And everything was perfect.

Ruby had returned much later, calmed, and actually complimenting Sam for his guts, and Lois had sat down next to Chloe, smiling, admitting in a soft voice that she wouldn’t have said anything if Sam had agreed to the treaty, but she wouldn’t have liked it one bit.

They’d continued the way they were, Ruby training them, and somehow it became a routine for Sam to slip into Chloe’s room, into her bed, in the dark of the night to talk. They never did more than talking, and Chloe didn’t really know what to think about that.

On one side she enjoyed it because it showed how much of a gentleman Sam was, but on the other hand it was confusing, because she wanted him, she wanted him badly, but Sam wasn’t making any moves. Sure, he’d get hard, but he never tried anything with her, and she wondered if it wasn’t just his body reacting to being in bed with another warm body and not that he was genuinely attracted to her.

What if he was only seeking the comfort she offered him?

What if he didn’t see her like a woman?

What if she’d fallen in love with yet another man who only saw her like a sister?

What if he was nothing more than another Clark Kent?

“You wouldn’t make me go through that again, would you?” Chloe whispered, peering in Sam’s peaceful, sleeping face.

Once again he’d crept into her room and fallen asleep while talking to her about the plans for tomorrow, his arm around her, their bodies nearly touching, his grip strong and protective.

She cupped his jaw, softly trailing her thumb over his cheek, careful not to wake him up.

Leaning forwards, she closed her eyes and brushed the tip of her nose against his lips, giving into temptation and slowly tilting her head upwards, slowly bringing her lips ever so much closer to his---.

Suddenly her cellular rung, causing the blonde to jerk guiltily away from the sleeping man and scold herself for having even thought of kissing him when he wasn’t even conscious. Chloe pulled out of Sam’s arms and reached over to the side table, grabbing her cellular and blinking in surprise when she saw the Caller I.D.

Sam groaned a complaint in his sleep as he turned in bed and covered his head with a pillow to try and block out the noise.

Quickly flipping the lid open, Chloe slipped out of bed and shucked her feet into the bunny slippers Lois had gotten her as a gag gift. The blonde didn’t even think to grab her housecoat, instead hurrying out of the room in her underwear and baby T.

“Hello?” She whispered, trudging through the dark apartment the four of them were sharing in Metropolis.

“Sidekick.” Oliver Queen’s voice was raspy and nearly foreign to her ears.

He and the whole League had been gone on a very important mission from before she’d even met Sam, and this was the first time since their departure that they’d been able to communicate.

She couldn’t help but smile as she went through the living room to the balcony, stepping outside, not very self-conscious about her state of undress. “Ollie.” Chloe closed her green eyes, smiling happily, her heart skipping a beat in relief to hear him and know he was alive. “It’s so good to hear you. I’ve missed you so much.”

The moonlight bathed her in its light.

“Chloe, I need your help.” Oliver’s voice broke with emotion. “It’s Bart.”

Chloe’s eyes opened, widening in horror. “What happened? Where are you now?”

“Clark gave me the address of your new apartment, and I’m turning into the street behind it. I need you to come right away Chloe, he’ll die if you don’t.”

The sound of a motorcycle sounded in the night and Chloe looked up to see the light of the black motorcycle she knew so well as it skidded to a halt beneath her.

There was a sound in her bedroom.

A voice called her name from inside.

The noise must have awoken Sam.

Oliver dismounted the bicycle and pulled off his helmet, looking up at her in desperation. He looked older and thinner, paler, than she remembered him. “Chloe! We need to go now!”

She looked back at the apartment and then nodded, closing the lid of the phone and climbing slowly over the railing of the balcony. It was a long enough fall but she knew that Oliver could catch her.

Chloe?” She heard a voice behind her.

Chloe nearly slipped with the shock, only managing to grab hold as she turned and saw Sam in the darkness of the living room, eyes narrowed, worried and confused.

“What are you---?” Sam asked, coming towards her rapidly to help her back over the railing.

Knowing that there was no time to spare, but that if she continued to look at Sam she’d somehow buckle to his demands, Chloe closed her eyes tightly and let go of the railing just as he reached for her, biting down on her little scream as her body plunged through the air---only to be caught by Oliver.

Chloe!” Sam’s voice was terrified as he hurried to look over the railing, freezing in shock at the sight of Chloe in (what would be to him) an unknown blonde male’s arms.

“I’ll explain everything when I get back!” Chloe promised as Oliver let her back down, mounting his motorcycle.

“Chloe!” Sam made as if he was going to jump down after her.

The blonde quickly mounted behind Oliver and gripped onto his leather jacket in time for them to speed off. She hid her face in the leather and told herself that she’d made the right choice. Bart’s life was the priority here…

…but she couldn’t keep down the feeling of guilt in her stomach for leaving Sam worried and confused that way.

15th-Oct-2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
Oooh Yay! A new chapter! Poor Chloe. Its so hard seeing them dark like this, but so much fun! And the confusion? Awsome! Can't wait for more. Also? The fic you put up yesterday? I forgot to comment on that, it was awsome and I like everyone I believe would LOVE to see a sequel ;)
15th-Oct-2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
It's really fun writing this series, specially the confusions due to the darkness! Thanks! I'm glad you liked both fics :D
15th-Oct-2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
This is great. Can't wait for more.
15th-Oct-2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
Great! Will try to update soon! :D
15th-Oct-2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
This is great! I can't wait to see what happens next!
15th-Oct-2009 11:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you, hopefully I don't disappoint you! :D
16th-Oct-2009 12:06 am (UTC)
Awesome!! Like them being dark. Sam is not going to be happy that Chloe is gone especially that she left without saying why and with a guy!!

Can't wait for more.
16th-Oct-2009 12:42 am (UTC)
....and you forgot, in her underwear! lolololol
15th-Jun-2015 12:06 am (UTC)
Oh sweet lord no! Sam's is gonna have a complete freak out and probably go all dark sam when chloe comes back. I'm excited!
18th-Jun-2015 02:45 am (UTC)
Oh... you know it!
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