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Most Unlikely of Places 3/4 
26th-Oct-2009 10:12 am

Title: Most Unlikely Of Places
Sequel to: PossessionBeing Good Is OverratedMeeting Sam WinchesterTwistedPoint Of No Returnand Seeing Is Believing
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Sam Winchester
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own the show/characters mentioned
Summary: It's been 3 months since Chloe's disappearance, and Dean doesn't know what to do with his brother now, who is edgy, violent, and getting somewhat frightening. And then Dean discovers Chloe in the most unlikely of places.
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day #124: Siren


Dean decided that he wasn’t very smart.

He had hell looming over his head, and he knew that he should have grabbed Sam and Bobby and gotten the hell outta the small town, and yet when he got back to the motel he just laid down and fell asleep.

Not that he had a restful sleep, but it was sleep nonetheless, and when he woke up the next day to Sam sitting on a chair by the table, map on the surface and bloodstone hanging unmovingly over it, he knew he was the most idiotic man alive.

“What would you do if I told you that last night I went out and I might have seen your girl?” Dean asked, sitting up in bed, looking at his brother.

Sam’s body went tense as he dropped the bloodstone pendant onto the map and turned to face his brother. “What?”

Dean sighed, running his hand over his face. “I saw Chloe last night, man.”

In seconds Sam was up and in front of Dean, eyes narrowed. “Where is she? Is she okay? Is she still in town? Why the hell didn’t you call me right away!?”

“Because I needed to think.”Dean replied truthfully, not even looking up at his dangerously glaring baby brother. “Look, I---call Bobby in. We need to talk, the three of us. Where’s that Ruby bitch? She might be of some use.”

Sam, knowing how Dean hated Ruby, did as told, calling both Bobby and Ruby, obviously desperate to force Dean to talk while they were waiting but knowing he wouldn’t get a word out of his brother.

Finally, the moment Bobby and Ruby entered the room, Sam turned on Dean. “What the hell happened last night?”

Dean took in a deep breath, trying to figure out which details to tell his brother. Like the fact that Chloe was working (temporarily) in a strip joint? He was going to have to leave that part out. “I went out after we talked, I couldn’t sleep, and I saw her. She---she looked different, but now that I think about it that was probably the idea, to keep from being recognized.”

“Different how?” Sam asked, sitting down on the bed across from Dean, subdued for the moment, longing for a tiny morsel of information.

“Hair’s longer than in the pictures,” Dean responded. “And it’s red.”

“Red?” Ruby blinked. “Really? I can’t imagine that.”

Dean nodded. “She’s also got this punk bad-girl thing going on. It’s kinda hot, actually, once you get over the shock.” He failed to notice how Sam’s eyes narrowed possessively at that last statement. “She’s working the case, the same case we were. Apparently there were more than one siren in this town, and they dispatched the other.”

“They.” Bobby shucked his hands in his pockets. “Lois is with her?”

“Not only Lois.” Dean sent a cautious look in his brother’s direction, knowing that this is where things were going to get hairy. “There’s this dude traveling with them, seems mighty close, they call him Cas.”

Sam’s face went serious and dark. “Lois got a boyfriend.”

Ruby’s face went dark.

“Uh, noChloe seems mighty close to him.” Dean winced as a plastic vase in the corner of the room exploded. “But, uh, the upside is that I can almost completely assure you that they’re not getting freaky or anything.”

Sam was silent, eyes darkening to that purple, reminding Dean of the way Chloe’s eyes had gone demonic black the night before. “Oh?”

“Yeah.” Dean hurriedly went on, not wanting to test the theory in which Sam’s eyes could do the same if under intense emotions. “Because, I think heaven has some ‘no sex’ rule, right? Angels can’t have sex? Or is that some kind of misconception? I didn’t exactly go to Sunday school as a kid so I could be wrong I guess.”

Shit---meet fan.


“What do you mean?”


Three voices exploded at the same time.

Sam’s eyes were wide.

Bobby’s unbelieving.

Ruby’s terrified.

“There’s an angel in this town?” The demon asked, going to the window and peering out as if there was going to be a heavenly garrison outside just waited to be noticed. “Everything’s making so much sense! I’m out of here!”

“What?” Sam stood immediately, glaring at her. “What is making sense? Where are you going?”

She turned to look at him, fidgety. “Why do you think I couldn’t find her? Why you can’t? She has the freaken shadow of the lord over her, covering her! And if the celestial host have something in this, we’re in way over our heads! And I have to go. Everything’s black and white for these bastards. They’re not going to care that I’m helping the good side. They’re just going to want me dead.”

“Ruby----.” Sam began.

“Sorry Sam.” The demon whispered guiltily before slipping out of the room and hurrying away.

Dean smirked. “Well, at least ‘Cas’ was good for something.”

Sam turned to Dean, eyes narrowed. “Tell me more.”

“Well, it gets more complicated.” Dean warned.

“How can it get more complicated, boy?” Bobby wanted to know, taking off his cap and running his hand over his head. “We’re talking about angels here.”

Dean took in a deep breath. “Well, apparently Chloe made a pact with Cas to get me out of Hell.”

Sam looked up, wide-eyed. “What?”

Bobby frowned. “You’re leaving something out. Why would heaven make a deal with Chloe? What did she offer in return for them springing you out of the pit?”

“Well.” Dean ran his hand over his shortly cropped head. “In return for getting me out of the pit, Chloe promised to leave Sam and never see him again.”

Sam froze, face paling, and eyes darkening. “What?”

Dean warily watched those purple orbs push their limits, darkening, the pupils widening slowly, pulsating. “Apparently heaven told her she’s evil.”

“Poppycock!” Surprisingly enough, it was Bobby who exploded. “I’ll freely admit it, the girl has a dark streak, but there is no way that she is evil! She’s the sweetest thing I know, and she’d lay down her life for her friends in a second!”

To have gained this sort of loyalty in Bobby was proof enough to what sort of girl Chloe Sullivan was.

“Well, you might be sure, and her cousin might be sure, hell, even the angel is beginning to doubt heaven’s words, but Chloe isn’t.” Dean responded, standing up. “Apparently, from what I heard, her powers have changed, and it’s something not very pretty. She thinks she’s evil, and she was told that she has no salvation, but Sam does. She was told that if she wanted to save Sam from the demon in him she had to be away from him and not ever see him again. That she was the catalyst to the darkness in his soul and his only salvation was to remove herself from his life forever.”

Sam was silent, gaze lowered, a muscle jumping dangerously in his cheek. His eyes pulsated darker and expanded similarly to Chloe’s eyes the night before, and yet not enough. “She told you all of this?” His voice was whispered, but harsh nonetheless.

“No. I overheard them talking when they thought I was unconscious.” Dean ignored Bobby’s raised eyebrow. “And to tell you the truth, the Chloe I heard while I was pretending to be out was completely different from the Chloe she turned into when I opened my eyes. She was mean and a queen bitch, saying all these horrible things…but the thing is that when she thought I couldn’t see her…I could see thesadness deep in each feature.”

Agony crossed over Sam’s face, his clenched fists beginning to shake.

“She tried to make me hate her, tried to get me to leave here with you without telling you about seeing her. She did everything in her power to make me turn and run.”

Things in the room began to tremble slightly.

“And I didn’t fully understand it until the angel made me leave, and Lois found me.” Dean, realizing that Sam was dangerously close to losing it, sent a worried look at Bobby. “Lois told me that heaven only got me out of hell to keep Chloe away from Sam, and that if she and Sam got back together heaven wouldn’t have any use for me any more. They’d send me back downstairs. That’s why Chloe is trying to get us to leave so desperately. If the angels get wind of us being in the same town, Lois is scared they’ll panic and send me back to the pit.”

Everything in the room fucking exploded.

Dean and Bobby ducked and covered, and when the dust had settled they looked up to see Sam. He hadn’t moved an inch, eyes completely black and deadly furious, skin pale, expression scary enough to have angels backing up in terror.

“Boy?” Bobby asked worriedly.

Sam turned those demon eyes on Dean. “Where is she?”

Dean gulped and then told Sam the name of the motel in which he’d walked away from last night.

Sam turned and stormed out of the destroyed room, opening his fist as he walked through the door, Chloe’s bloodstone necklace shooting straight into his hand before he disappeared.

“What is that eejit going to do?” Bobby asked, wiping the dust from off of him as he watched Sam disappearing around the corner. “He can’t face her like this! He’s going to scare her! Or possibly hurt her!”

“He won’t hurt her.” Dean stood and dusted himself off as well, frowning. “I make no promises for the angel though.”

Bobby turned to him in surprise. “But it’s an angel. What could he possibly do to it?”

Dean frowned. “Did you just see what Sam did to this room without even raising a finger? Bobby! There’s a reason heaven and hell both seem so goddamned scared of Sam and Chloe that they want to keep them apart!”

Bobby, thinking this over, went pale. “We better go make sure he doesn’t start a war with heaven---we’re still dealing with the one we have with hell.”

Dean nodded. “Good call.”


No one was at the motel.

Dean winced as Sam turned to him and asked him if he knew of any other place they could be.

And other than having left town (which Chloe had insinuated wasn’t in the plans) there was only one other place that Dean could think of.

“Why would she be at the strip club?” Sam asked, voice a growl.

Dean winced. “Because, um, she works there?”

Sam’s eyes went a black so black it seemed endless as he turned and began to stalked in the direction of the strip joint.

Bobby blinked. “She strips?”

Dean leered at the memory.

Bobby raised an eyebrow at him and smacked him up the back of the head.

Both men hurriedly caught up with Sam as he reached the strip joint in the small town, and entered, Dean’s gaze finding Lois before Chloe. Lois was in a Sailor outfit, serving a couple of drinks to some patrons and looking like it was all she could do from knocking them out as one patted her behind.

Lois looked up and saw them, eyes widening in horror.

Her gaze then cut to the right.

Dean followed it to Chloe.

And he winced.

Chloe was wearing thigh-high boots, a black corset top, black fingerless gloves and tiny hot pants. She was cradling a tray to her hips, which were jutted out provocatively, as she grinned up at Cas and another dude, black, severe and condemning-looking.

She seemed to be taunting and/or tormenting the black man as he tried to scold her with little success, as she seemed completely unfazed by whatever it was he was saying to her.

“You have to leave here now before they notice you!” Lois arrived by their sides, looking desperately between a glaring Sam, a confused Bobby, and an interested Dean. “Those are angels, if they see Sam here---!”

Chloe smirked and walked her fingers up the black angel’s chest before playing with his tie, saying something that just made him shake his head tiredly at her and crack a smile.

Sam growled, just radiating dark energy, his body trembling with power.

The black man grabbed Chloe’s hand and brought it to his lips in a move that obviously shocked Chloe out of her playful flirting, a look of utter shock crossing her features.

Dean blinked. “Oh boy.” He pushed Lois behind him in time for every single glass or mirror in the place to explode.

There were screams as the shards of glass flew, and people tried to get out as fast as they could.

In the end all that were left inside were the two angels, Sam, Bobby, Lois, and Chloe and Sam, who were looking at each other, Chloe with wide-eyed terror and Sam with possessive fury.

The black angel’s eyes widened when he saw Sam, and Cas winced.

Lois sighed and leaned her head forwards against Dean’s back. “Shit—meet fan.”

Despite the fact that hell was just about to break loose, Dean couldn’t help but grin.


26th-Oct-2009 03:49 pm (UTC)
Got the email alert but having technical difficulties ao I thought I'd review here. This story is great so far. I can't wait to see what Cas does in this situation due to his questioning of the divine plan and all. What was up with Uriel though? Was he just trying to knock the look off Chloe's face or was that something else? Oh, and Sam...hot damn! He his great when in a possessive rage. Can't wait to see what happens next.
26th-Oct-2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
Cas...he SO wanted to avoid a situation like this for the time being---and Uriel....hmm...still on the fence about that actually *grins* And yes, Sam is IMPRESSIVE when in a possessive rage *sighs dreamily* Thanks for reviewing and have a great day :D
26th-Oct-2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
OMFG!!! Hahahaha Have I told you how much I love your writing before??? Forget 5000 thumbs up, 100,000 thumbs up! ♥ ♥

I can *NOT* wait for the next chapter!!
26th-Oct-2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU! *does little dance of joy*
100,000 thumbs up! Aha! Aha aha aha!
26th-Oct-2009 04:02 pm (UTC)
AWESOME!! Sam's powers have expanded as well as Chloe's--no wonder the angels are so fearful.

What the hell is Chloe going to say to Sam--I'm almost afraid to ask :):)
26th-Oct-2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there IS a reason why both Heaven and Hell are scared of the chlam! *grins evilly*
26th-Oct-2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
yay yay yay an update . loved the way sam lost it after knowing that chloe was so close . also loved his reaction to an angel kissing her hand . more please .
26th-Oct-2009 06:00 pm (UTC)
Sam's been barely holding on these last three months that he was BOUND to snap---especially after finally finding her, and finding her in that sort of situation :D
26th-Oct-2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
Your stories are always SO good. I wonder what Chloe and Sam are going to say next chapter... I wish I knew more about Castiel though. I have an idea but I haven't seen past Season 2 :(.

Thanks for updating!
26th-Oct-2009 06:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much for that ! It was a wonderful compliment :D

Castiel...let me just say that I LOVE Sam Winchester...but after Season 4 my love for him was SERIOUSLY in peril due to my growing infatuation with Castiel *giggles evilly*
26th-Oct-2009 06:38 pm (UTC)
You are my hero for continuing to write this fic!!

I love it.

Lol, poor Sam. Imagine finding your long lost girlfriend in that situation, no wonder he exploded (literally)
Love where this confrontation is going.

So happy to see the writers block is no more!!
26th-Oct-2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
*dons hero cape and puffs out chest in pride as the anthem plays in the background and the flap sails high on the breeze*


Somehow I alway send up doing the most retarded things...*shakes head*

Im glad you like it XD
26th-Oct-2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
So much amazingness in this chapter! I loved Sam's reaction to finding out about Chloe and his powers going crazy. I'd be scared of the Chlam if I was heaven or hell too, together with all those brains and powers they could totaly take over the world. I can't wait to read more!
26th-Oct-2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I figured that Sam was on edge for months and this was just too much for him to handle---he was gonna snap! :D
26th-Oct-2009 11:30 pm (UTC)

This just keeps getting better and better.

Can't wait to see all hell break loose.
26th-Oct-2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
I'll try update soon :D
15th-Jun-2015 01:16 am (UTC)
Oh my god SAM NO BAD BOY! this idiot obviously doesn't care about anything but what he wants. Selfish bastard. And poor chloe is gonna be caught up trying to do the right thing and failing because Sam's an asshole.
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