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When Tara Met Jason 3/4 
8th-Nov-2009 01:37 am
Title: When Tara Met Jason
Sequel to: Part Of The Team
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clay Miller, Jason Voorhees, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Ava Wilson & Jo Harvelle
Fandoms: Smallville/Friday 13th: reboot/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: A couple of months after Jo & Ava join the team, Clay Miller enters Tara looking for someone not only to believe his story, but to help him get rid of the monster who killer his sister once and for all.
Written for my Paranormal25 Prompt Table. Prompt of the Day #83: Revenant

Chloe’s first thought of Jason when the sun had gone down and the moon risen in the horizon, bathing them all with an eerie yet beautifully dreamlike luminescence, was that he was magnificent. He was tall, powerful, and whoever had risen him had done so with perfection for each detail. The way he moved just screamed predator as he circled the cabin they were in, mostly hidden, watching them as they watched him from the windows.

They waited tensely, watching, waiting to see if the first of their theories would prove true or let them down.

Jason circled ‘round to the front of the cabin, gazing down curiously at the symbols on the ground, before looking up when the door opened.

Chloe stepped out into the moonlight, wanting to get a better look of the monster they were going to hunt.

He seemed surprised that she would appear in front of him so fearless, and he obviously hesitated. Then her bravado angered him, this was his territory and she was trespassing…she could sense the animalisticdispleasure rising from him.

She pumped her shotgun.

The sound caused a growl of anger in him as the revenant charged at her---only to hit an invisible wall once he was about to step over the symbols---and be thrown back.

Jo let out a hoot as she and the others exited the cabin. “Take that!”

Lois grinned.

Clay watched in silent surprise as he went to stand at Chloe’s side.

Jason stood, shaking off the shock, before charging back at the barrier, being thrown away again.

“Amazing.” Clay whispered. “How--?”

“The Anasazi symbols were created by the Anasazi people, and put together in a circle they are protection against evil.” Jo explained, playing with a knife, smirking as Jason stopped in front of the symbols carefully. “Solid evil. Wendigos, werewolves, revenants…so that big boy won’t be able to cross over. As long as we’re in the circle we’re safe.”

Clay looked from Jo to Jason in silent shock.

“Not exactly true.” Lois replied from where she was loading something into her rifle. “He could throw something in here at us that could force us out of the circle. Like fire.”

“Sure, give him ideas.” Jo snapped at Lois, tightening her hold on her knife.

“What?” Lois looked up. “Where’s he going to get fire?”

Jo went silent as she shook her head and stormed back into the house, returning with the Naga Headhunter’s Dao the women had decided would be the best weapon for this hunt. Jo, the best when it came to fighting with bladed weapons, easily handled the heavy-ish weapon with the solid cast iron, sharp blade. Lacquered grip, swollen at pommel, and with ornate brass…it was quite a sight.

“Stay in here.” Chloe turned to Clay, face serious. “No matter what, stay in the circle and you’ll be okay. Even if he started a fire somehow you’d be able to douse it in time.”

“I want to help.” Clay frowned.

“Just---stay.” Chloe motioned for him to not move before turning to Lois.

Finally.” Aiming the rifle, Lois waited for a second before pulled the trigger. The bullet shot into Jason, causing him to throw himself at the barrier, even angrier, before backing out into the shadows of the trees around them.


“Damn,” Lois sighed, putting the safety on her gun. “That was one theory shot to ribbons. The bullets dipped in holy water only angered him.”

“Yeah, means I get to try out theory number two this time.” Jo grinned, rolling her wrist and twirling the headhunter blade. “I’m going in.”

Chloe reached out and placed a restraining hand on Jo. “Don’t go in so overconfident. You haven’t measured your strength against his or figured out if iron will hurt him.”

Jo pouted. “But boss…” She turned to look towards the darkness, where they all knew Jason was watching them, calculating his next movement from his near invisibility.

“You’re doing it my way or not doing it at all.” Chloe narrowed her eyes and tightened her hold. “I’m not going to let you go outside the protective barrier and face him in his territory with a weapon you don’t even know will be effective against him.”

Jo sighed before nodding. “Okay, okay. Let’s go.”

“And if it goes south, no matter what, run back here and regroup.” Chloe commanded.

“Yes ma’am.” Jo nodded, gaze serious.

The blondes, now in agreement, took in deep breaths, one twirling the blade with ease and the other pointing her shotgun at the darkness in front of them.

Clay watched them in worry as the girls stepped carefully out of the protection of the circle.

Lois turned to him and slapped his chest in what she obviously considered a comforting gesture. “Don’t worry. If these don’t work, we always have other theories to try out.”

Clay turned to her, unable to believe it, as the two blondes disappeared into the shadow. “Aren’t you at least a little worried about them? They could be killed!”

“Of course I’m worried, but truth is that they could get killed every single day at work.” Lois shrugged, going back inside and rummaging through the different assortments of weapons and such that she’d had him bring for them. “It’s a part of our lives and we’ve learnt to embrace it. Plus, knowing that you could die any second makes you enjoy every moment of breath that you have on this fucked up planet our asses were dropped down on.”

“Why do you do it?” Clay asked, leaning down and picking up a Japanese katana, whose blade was made out of something that left spots of red in it. “From what I can see you all are incredibly smart, talented, and beautiful women…why choose this sort of career?”

“Why not?” Lois asked, looking up from a grimoire she had been browsing through. “We help people, we’re good at our job, and we enjoy it. What other job could make us feel as accomplished as when we pull a terrorized child out of monster’s arms and then slay the beast? What other career could leave you feeling so satisfied with what you’ve done by the end of the day?”

Clay tilted his head, surprised, not having thought of it that way.

“And like you, we all had things that happened to us that made us decide that we wanted to kick supernatural ass.” Lois paused. “I had to kill my own sister before she could massacre everyone in Smallville. She---she’d been sent to boarding school in Europe to become cultured---the only thing it did to her was land her in the wrong company and end up with her being turned by a vampire.”

“I’m sorry.” Clay really felt sorry for her.

He thought about losing Jenna and then Whitney to Jason, remembered the pain and anguish, and then thought about having had to end Whitney’s life himself.

Would he have been strong enough to stop her and do what must be done?

“And you know what the worst thing was?” Lois asked, eyes tearing up slightly as she shook her head. “Chloe had dealt with vampires before, she knew of a coven that were vegetarians, didn’t kill, didn’t evengo near humans unless they needed to. My little sister didn’t need to be a monster, and she knew it.” Her grip tightened. “And she didn’t care.”

He was silent, letting her vent.

“Chloe realized what was going on, who was behind it, and she saved my life, coming into their lair while they were all asleep and freeing me from the cage I’d been placed in waiting my turn to be eaten. In the end I was the one who sliced Lucy’s head off though, and after that Chloe and I had some problems with the remaining members of the coven until we managed to get them all, but I was numb and angry and they gave me the reason I needed to vent my fury.” Lois sighed, taking in a deep breath. “When Lana went to Chloe and spoke about starting Tara I forced myself onto the payroll and into the job.”

He could see her doing that.

“It helps me up to this very day.” Lois admitted, looking up at him again, this time with a small yet genuine smile. “And it’s similar to Lana in a way. She married Lex, thinking they’d be happily ever after, and then she found out that his family had this ancestral pact with a demon that the woman who bared the heir would be sacrificed to some demon…really cooled down the romance.”

Clay blinked. “How did she get out of that marriage? He doesn’t sound like someone who would just let her go so easily.”

“Chloe.” Lois grinned. “She dug up some dirt on him and his father, and a way of turning the pact against them so that the demon would go after the heirs and not the mothers----which would mean Lionel and Lex. He couldn’t have divorced Lana sooner…and he gave her this ridiculously huge settlement to make sure she never came near him again! He even paid off Chloe. It was one of Chloe’s finer moments if I say so myself.”

Clay, leaning against the wall, still holding the katana, began to realize that Chloe was somewhat amazing.

Lois suddenly smiled and looked at Clay mischievously. “So, you single?”

“You’re not.” Clay pointed out, a little uncomfortable with the thought of telling someone who killed monsters daily that she just wasn’t his type.

“Not for me.” Lois snorted, looking him up and down in a way that let him know that he wasn’t her type either.

He was very relieved.

“For Chloe.”

Clay paused, straightening slightly. “She’s interested?”

You are.” Lois smirked.

Clay cleared his throat and went to look out of the window, ignoring Lois’ all-knowing and completely entertained smirk.

A scream filled the woods.

They both looked up in horror, forgetting the conversation they’d been having only seconds before.

Clay made to move for the door.

Lois side-stepped him, hand held out in front of him, blocking his path. “Shhh.” She seemed to be waiting for something.

Gunshots fired out into the night.

They waited tensely at the silence that’d descended.

LOIS!” Chloe screamed in horror from somewhere in the woods.

In a second Clay was out of the cabin and rushing towards her voice, Lois cursing and hurrying out behind him.

Rushing through the dark trees, Chloe didn’t bother looking behind her at her supernaturally silent pursuer. She knew he was there, plowing after her, sure of his impending victory in this little game of cat and mouse they were obviously playing. She’d known it’d been risky to insult his mother that way, but it’d gotten his attention…

She felt sick with worry about Jo, whom she’d had to leave unconscious and wounded on the ground, but she knew that Lois would have heard her scream for help and would be on the way with something to tend to Jo.

Chloe just needed to get the revenant away from there so they could take the blonde to the safety of the circle.

And yet she also needed to quickly try and figure out another way to kill Jason or she wasn’t going to make it through the night.

Iron nor silver worked against him.

What did?

Stopping, sensing something, Chloe ducked in time for his machete to swing into the tree right where her head would have been.

She gulped and turned around to see him there, huge, backlit by the moon.

He was still magnificent in a monstrous way, but she wasn’t admiring it at the moment.

“Aw, don’t tell me your feelings were hurt, Jace.” Chloe, realizing that running was only tiring her, and that he could have easily caught up with her if he’d wanted to, decided that the next tactic was to stall. “Don’t they say a real friend is a truthful one?”

He stared at her from behind his hockey mask, body ready like a predator about to pounce.

“Your mommy was a psychopath.” She pressed back against the tree when he took menacing steps towards her, grunting fiercely like some animal. “And no girl wants a mommy’s boy.”

Jason surged towards at her and Chloe ducked and ran, giving a scream when he easily caught her, obviously meaning business this time, and flung her into a tree as if she were only a doll to be played with.

That pissed her off.

Standing shakily, trying to ignore the agony of her body, Chloe wiped idly at the blood seeping down from the wound in her forehead. “So you like it rough, huh?”

He paused for a moment, hesitating, not exactly sure what she was saying.

She caught onto that and smirked. “Poor poor Jason Voorhees. Unwanted child, left to drown, even mommy was too busy getting her rocks off on a killing spree to really mourn after you, and what do you do when you were brought back by her malice and hatred? You don’t even get laid.” She sneered at his mask. “Not that I think you could find anyone that desperate.”

In seconds he was in front of her, hands on around her head, lifting her in the air and slowly pressing harder and harder, fracturing her skull slowly making her pay for that.

Chloe gave a scream in agony as he sneered at her and the sound of tearing filled the night as blood flowed.

8th-Nov-2009 08:58 am (UTC)
What is with the cliffhanger?!? Evil, evil I tell you *grins* Great update. Loved the Lois and Lana supernatural back stories. I so cannot wait for the next chapter!!
8th-Nov-2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm evil, I have learnt to accept that dark part of me *giggles* Glad you liked the backstories, since all of the people in this story have had bad encounters with the supernatural and you now know four of the six!

8th-Nov-2009 10:47 am (UTC) - Lovely~
I looked through your userpics and some of them just made me smile in glee. I loved the idea of Chliestly, Chliddick, Chlike (I was sad to find you had only written one), Chloe as Arthur reincarnated, and Chlictoria. If you haven’t noticed I love Chloe. I can pretty much read about her with anyone.

I have read almost all of your stories. {I’m pretty sure the only ones I haven’t read in-depth are your stories involving Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. I just don’t like them.} I especially loved your stories with the pairings river tam/richard b. riddick (Like Chloe I can ship River with anyone), sam winchester/boaz priestly, chloe/wolverine, chloe/lana lang (Even though I don‘t particularly like her), chloe/leah clearwater, chloe/lex luthor, chloe/jack mcalister (the cave), chloe/connor (angel), chloe/davis bloome, chloe/dean winchester, arthur/merlin (Arthur is also like Chloe and River. Can be shipped with anyone), and bella/alice/jasper.

You are probably one of the best crossover writers I’ve had the privilege to find. *bows* Can’t wait for more~!

PS: Jason.vs.Chloe=squee
8th-Nov-2009 04:59 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
I'm so glad you liked my icons! I have them up there because they're the stories I plan on writing so I made them beforehand. I'm still really new at iconmaking but its fun so...well...keep an eye out for those stories in the future! I have at least TWO Chlikes half-written that I need to try and get the inspiration to work on...

OMG...your review just made my day (and made me giggle quite insanely with glee) thank you so much :D
8th-Nov-2009 05:58 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
You plan to write them? You have just made my day! The only thing better would be that I was able to already read them.

[I have at least TWO Chlikes half-written that I need to try and get the inspiration to work on...]

If you need inspiration I could make a small Chlike vid for you. That sound okay?
8th-Nov-2009 06:10 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
Yeah, any of the pairings you see in the icons I made are pairings I plan on writing soon.

You could make a chlike vid? Really? I'd love that!
8th-Nov-2009 06:54 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
I already have one like a minute long to the song Stellar by Incubus. Oh, and though I have a lot of Buffy and Angel clips, I only have a few Chloe clips. So, if I make another it probably wont be very long. Is there anything special you want about it?
8th-Nov-2009 06:59 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
Nope, nothing in mind. As long as its chlike its cool w/ me :D
8th-Nov-2009 09:34 pm (UTC) - Re: Lovely~
Okay, it is done. Now it's only like 59 seconds, but I hope you like it anyway~!

You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcYqRR76Wuc
8th-Nov-2009 03:16 pm (UTC)
No you cannot leave it there!

So far this is really good. I love the new backstory with Lois and Lana. Is Jo and Ava in the ghost ass kicking business the same as from the show or are there stories different too? Can't wait to see what Chloe does and what the ripping means!
8th-Nov-2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
I did, I did *mwahahahahahahaha* lol

Their stories are different, or, well, kinda slightly different with similarities.
8th-Nov-2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
Ummm....excuse me? I think I've spoken to you about this before....cliffhangers are evil and make tanza cranky.
8th-Nov-2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
*pats tanza carefully* down tanza...good tanza...*grins*
8th-Nov-2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
I just want to note for the record that they could have checked the iron/silver/whatever thing by pitching stuff at Jason from inside the circle. I'm pretty sure that would have gotten good test results. I'm surprised Chloe didn't think of it. Say, iron or silver bullets, knives . . .

Now that the criticism is done, I loved it. I look forward to whatever resolution to your cliffy you decide on, as well as the possible relentless yenta-ing of people at Tara.
8th-Nov-2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
LOL. I know, I just wanted them to get injured. I didn't want it to be TOO easy...because it just wouldn't seem right somehow :D

yenta-ing....I like that word... *random* lol

Edited at 2009-11-08 08:18 pm (UTC)
9th-Nov-2009 08:55 am (UTC)
That's just a mean place to leave it!!!

Love seeing Lana's and Lois's stories and what got them to Tara!!

Now come back!!!
14th-Jan-2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, does this mean that in your 'verse, Chloe still has the healing ability? I can't wait to find out! On to the next....
14th-Jan-2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
*singsongs* You'll have to read and see.....
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