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Disturbia 1/3 
9th-Nov-2009 01:36 am

Title: Disturbia
Characters: Spike, Chloe Sullivan, Drusilla, Moira Sullivan
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: T
Diclaimer: Don't own either shows
Summary: It's been years since Spike and Dru have seen Dru's human pet, Moira Lane, and Spike isn't too thrilled when suddenly Dru wants to go visit her. But then he meets 8 year old Chloe, and suddenly he's never been more confused or disturbed in his life/unlife
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day #135: Baku
Wanna thank theshortemberlight for doing the rocking chloe/spike video for me that helped inspire me to finish this! You can see it at:
Note: Paving The Way For Future Chloe/Spike.

William the Bloody cast an unimpressed look at the white picket fence home in the middle of the ‘burbs and then turned to his dark princess, a little put out at the way her eyes lit up in fascination. This wasn’t the first suburb they’d visited (or terrorized) but Spike preferred the big city, the noise, the violence…

The thought of having to be here and play nice was killing him.

And yet he could never say ‘no’ to his dark princess’ desires, and she’d wanted to come and see her pet. Honestly though, he didn’t know why she’d decided all of a sudden that she wanted to see the annoying human. Spike hadn’t understood why Dru had spared the life of the female in the first place.

He remembered the night they let Moira Lane live, and to this very evening he maintained his position that it’d been a waste of good blood. The bint was idiotic, annoying, and not even vaguely pretty…in his books at least.

She’d been in the wrong place at the right time and right as he was about to bury his fangs into her neck and bleed her dry his dark princess had gone into an unholy fit. She’d torn the woman from him, scolding him furiously for nearly ‘destroying the breeder’ and had then proclaimed Moira her pet. In exchange for her life, the teenaged human was to be Drusilla’s charge, to take care of her if she ever need or wish it.

Unfortunately, Dru had decided she wanted to spend time with her pet again for the first time in a decade or two, and Spike hadn’t been able to refuse her.

This was why they stood outside of the white picket fence, Spike sneering at the disgustingly homely home.

“How pretty a cage the birdie picked.” Drusilla giggled, going to the door and running her fingers over the doorbell before ringing it.

Spike sighed, taking in a deep breath of unnecessary air and lighting a fag.

There was the sound of soft, rapid footsteps, and then the door was opened. “Yes?”

Sending a glance in the direction of the child’s voice, Spike stopped, surprised to see a beautiful young girl with flowing golden hair and green eyes standing in the doorway. The light of the moon cascaded down on the golden locks, giving them the illusion of a halo, and her skin was white alabaster, unblemished and untouched by time.

The fag nearly slipped from between his fingers.

He’d seen many children throughout his long life—hell, he’d fed on countless—but never had he seen one with such beauty, such promise.

Dru smiled, bending down on her knees as she gazed up at the girl who looked around seven. “Hello my precious.” She reached up to curl her fingers through the golden strands. “The stars sing in the heavens a song just for you, do you hear them?”

The girl looked at Dru in contemplation before her gaze rose upwards towards the heavens, and she gave a little smile. “It is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Spike’s eyes widened, the fag this time managing to slip through his fingers and land on the pavement at his feet.

Dru’s smile grew.

“Chloe? Who is it?” That annoying and familiar voice asked as a woman, ravaged by time, appeared behind the girl, eyes wide as they landed on the vampires. “Drusilla…Spike.”

Drusilla smiled.

Spike sighed with impatience, nodding towards the bint.

“Please, come in.” Moira smiled, stepping out of the way and pulling the girl with her. “It has been years since you last visited!”

“Yes, the moon has done many dances since I last saw you.” Dru nodded in agreement, before turning her dark gaze on the child. “You had a puppy.”

Moira nodded, tightening her hold on the child, who wasn’t ashamed or hiding the way she eyed Dru and Spike. “This is my daughter, my only child, Chloe.”

“Who are they, mother?” Chloe asked, not taking her eyes off of Dru, apparently as fascinated with the vampire as Dru was with her.

“These are our guardians, my sweet.” Moira bent to her daughter’s level. “Remember I told you about them? These are the ones…the masters of the night, whom we serve.”

Chloe’s gaze returned to Dru and then to Spike, and he was surprised at the weight those green orbs held. She observed him in silence, as if analyzing him, weighing his worth.

What shocked and annoyed the vampire was the fact that he had to refrain from fidgeting.

He’d fed from things more terrifying and awe-inspiring, and yet this child with the ageless eyes made him hesitate, stop and wonder if he was being weighed worthy.

Dru looked at Chloe and Spike before smiling and turning to Moira. “Show me your golden cage my pet.”

“Of course, come in, please.” Moira beamed, reaching for Dru and taking her by the hand as they entered, talking.

Normally Spike would be insulted by the way Moira always seemed to snub him like this, but his attention was on the child as Chloe walked up to him, hands clasped in front of her properly.

The blonde tilted her head slightly as she looked up at him. “Are you really William the Bloody?”

He had to admit, he was a little proud of the awe in her voice as she looked up at him. Spike finally nodded.

She smiled before reaching out her small hand towards him. “Come in.”

Spike raised a pierced eyebrow at the hand, hesitating for a moment, before placing his larger, cold hand into her tiny warm one.

A jolt of electricity filled his body, and if only for a second, his heart beat.

Spike pulled his hand from hers, eyes wide, looking at his warm palm.

The girl looked at him curiously. “Are you alright, Master Bloody?”

He blinked, not sure what surprised him more, the fact that his heart had beat while touching the child, of the title she was bestowing on him. “Master…Bloody?”

“Would you prefer for me to refer to you as Master William?” Chloe asked, clasping her hands in front of her once more. “Or maybe Master Spike?”

Moira didn’t refer to them as Mistress or Master, so Spike was a little unsure of how to proceed---though his ego quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t as if that bloody ponce Dracula was the only one who deserved a title, right?

“Master Spike will do just fine, luv.” He smirked, not trusting himself to touch her for right now as he walked passed her into the house, making a face at how normal it was. It was boring and as uninteresting as he’d thought it might be, considering that the bint had decorated it.

“Would you like anything, Master Spike?” The girl child asked, closing the door behind them and appearing by his side. “Would like to lay down maybe? Rest?”

“What’s the hunting like in this area?” He asked before really remembering who it was he was asking. A child like this wouldn’t know or understand---.

“It would be better if you went into the city to hunt, you wouldn’t want a trail of bodies so close to your resting place, would you?” Chloe asked him, going to the living room, leaving him no choice but to follow her. “I’d recommend the night clubs there. I’ve never been in any, I’m obviously too small, but I’ve been reading in the newspapers about disappearances and such there. A couple of more missing shouldn’t be too surprising for anyone.”

“You read the newspaper?” Spike stood in the threshold, looking at the child as she sat down on the sofa, looking up at him expectantly. “How bloody old are you, luv?”

She blinked. “Eight?”

“Bloody young to be reading the rag don’t you think?” He asked, sweeping into the room, duster trailing behind him, and sitting on the edge of the seat across from the sofa. “Shouldn’t little birds your age be playing with dollies or something?”

She made up her nose at him. “I’m not four.”

He chuckled, amused by this child, leaning back on the seat. “True. But you’re not much older if you ask me.”

“You’re ancient, Master Spike, even at eighty I’d still seem like a child to you.” She replied in that respectful tone.

Spike chuckled, deciding that the bird’s father must have been the interesting one, because the bint she had for a mother was boring and dislikable but he quite enjoyed the golden-haired child. “Pro’ly so.”

She smiled up at him, sitting on the edge of the sofa as well. “Will you be here long, Master Spike?”

“Dunno.” He replied truthfully, pulling out another fag and lighting it. “It was Dru’s fancy to come and visit the bint. I don’t know how long she’ll decide to stay here.”

“I hope you stay.” She surprised him by saying, getting up and going to sit by his feet, looking up into his eyes.

Spike breathed out the smoke and then looked down at her curiously. “You know what I am, don’t you, luv?”

“A vampire. A Master.” Chloe nodded, smiling up at him. “You feed on human blood and you are the master of the night. You are vicious and cunning and destroy anything that remains in your path.”

He grinned. “That I am.”

She tilted her head slightly as she gazed up at him. “Will you tell me a story of something you have seen or done?”

A little unused to such interest, yet utterly flattered by it, Spike began talking about his early days as a fledgling, and while at first he’d subconsciously kept back more of the gory details, but then he found himself slipping more and more into detail until the stories were at their goriest.

And yet the child only looked up at him in fascination.

And he reveled in her attention.

“Ah, look, the puppy and her Master.” Dru giggled from the doorway, Moira standing behind her, frowning slightly. “Come little puppy, show us our place of rest…the nasty golden sun is driving my friends from the sky.”

Chloe nodded, placing a hand on Spike’s knees for leverage as she stood.

Though it wasn’t skin on skin contact, the warmth of her touch left his knee hot long after she’d removed her hand.

The vampire looked up at the child questioningly.

“Please, come this way.” She motioned for them to follow, and Spike stood, smiling at Dru as Chloe led them towards the basement.

The vampire was skeptic about whatever accommodations could have been prepared by the bint, but as Chloe lit the candles in the room he stopped on the steps, admiring what he beheld. A large bed lay in the middle of the room, and the room was furnished with an antique desk, two chairs, and a bookshelf filled with old tomes about vampires and lore.

There were statues and other things in there he found bloody interesting.

“We had this room ready for you in case you came.” Moira was telling Dru. “Forgive us if you find any trinkets in here, this is Chloe’s favorite room in the house, and she spends most of her time down here.”

“Master Spike?” Chloe asked. “What side do you sleep on?”

“The right.” Spike’s attention went to the girl, who was pulling something over her head and putting it under his pillow. “What’s that?”

She paused and pulled out the pendant to show an odd creature carved into it. It had an elephant’s head, tusks, and trunk, but it also had horns and tiger’s claws. “It’s a baku, a dream-devourer.” She held it out for him to see better. “I place it under my pillow at nights so that it can devour my nightmares.”

Moira smiled as she stood next to Dru.

“Mother taught me from my earliest memories that we must care for you and make your stay, if you should ever come, pleasant.” Chloe responded, replacing the little amulet under the pillow once more. “So I lend you my baku. Simon.”

“Simon.” Spike was amused, going towards it and reaching under the pillow, pulling out Simon. “And this little wanker is going to eat my nightmares?”

Chloe nodded, going to stand next to her mother when Moira motioned her to her side. “He is dependable.”


Spike turned to look at the child once more.

How bloody old was she again?

She was like a little old lady trapped in a child’s body.

“Come, Chloe, let us leave Dru and Spike to their rest. It’s almost dawn.” Moira tightened her hold on the girl’s shoulders, turning them to leave.

Spike frowned, realizing that indeed it was close to dawn. “What were you doing awake and dressed at this time of the night?” He asked, exhaling the smoke from his fag thoughtfully. “It’s a little late for the girl to be awake, don’t you think?”

Moira’s gaze wandered down to her daughter, who was looking up at her in silence, before she turned a practiced smile on Spike. “We were---bonding. Whenever my husband is off on business we have special girl activities.”

Chloe looked away, silent, face grave.

Spike narrowed his eyes. “Is that so.”

Moira nodded.

Spike’s gaze remained on the child, who was now clasping her hands in front of her and her heart beating quicker, her pulse racing. Being with him, hearing the stories of his deeds hadn’t scared her in the least bit, but right now she was terrified.

It disturbed him that her reaction disturbed him.

Why should he care that the bint was doing something that terrified the child?

He was the Big Bad.

He thrived on the fear of others.

It was almost as good as a feed.

And yet he didn’t care for this child’s fear.

In fact, he disliked it.

And that disturbed him greatly.

Spike waved them away.

Dru plopped down on the bed, giggling and chatting to another of her unseen companions.

Spike leaned against the wall, exhaling smoke, watching mother and daughter as they slowly walked up the steps.

Right before they went through the door Chloe turned and looked back at him, her green eyes connecting with his, before she looked away and the door closed, separating them.

“What do you think, my Dark Knight?” Dru asked him from the bed, smiling. “Were the stars not right in telling us to come here?”

“I don’t know, Dru, luv.” He replied, putting out his fag and going to the bed, pulling off his duster. “I don’t see what fun we can have here.”

Dru pouted. “But I’m having fun already.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Why’s that, pet?”

Dru just brought her finger to her lips before giggling and throwing herself harder down against the bed, giggling.

Spike watched her, confused.

Stripping to his skin, the vampire laid down and fell asleep, and despite his troubled thoughts he had one of the best sleeps he’d ever had.

Apparently Simon was dependable.

Yet it was around midday when he woke up to an odd sound upstairs.

Frowning, he stood from the bed, pulled on his jeans and grabbed his duster, going up the stairs and cautiously opening the door, surprised to see the whole house as dark as if it were night.

Pulling on his duster, Spike followed the odd sound through the house upstairs, finally reaching the door that stood between him and the sound. He kicked the door in, stepping back behind the wall in case there was sunlight, and then entered when he realized that like the rest of the house it was dark.

And in the middle of the room, Chloe sat, looking up at him with huge, teary eyes, holding a kitten to her heart. “You’re awake.” She hiccupped, standing quickly and wiping at her eyes. “Do you need anything?”

His gaze went down to the purring kitten. “I am a bit hungry.”

At first she didn’t seem to understand what he was saying, and then her eyes widened further and she hugged the kitten to her chest tighter, shaking her head no.

He sneered. “I thought you knew you had to do as I wished. And I am hungry.”

Chloe looked near tears once more, before she finally walked to her bed and put down the kitten. She then took in a deep breath and walked towards Spike and in slow movements, began to roll up the sleeve of her dress.

Spike didn’t understand for a moment what she was doing, and then it struck him and he was speechless, eyes widening.

The child closed her eyes and looked away, body tense.

Again he was disturbed.

He’d killed and fed despite age or sex, he’d never batted an eyelash before at draining the life out of an infant, and yet here she was offering her own blood freely and he was hesitating.

“Please…feed.” Her voice trembled with her fear.

And once again he hated it.

Entering the room, Spike gave the kitten a look before turning his attention to the child and going on his knees before her, holding her arm.

It seemed so fragile in his.

She trembled.

Spike watched her face, scrunched up, pale, waiting for pain.

The whole situation bothered him, and yet there was something else about this that bothered him…though he wasn’t exactly sure what it was. It was nagging him in the back of his mind, and he was sure in a couple of days he’d be able to figure it out.

Still, he could hear the blood rushing through her veins, and he was hungry.

Face shifting into that of his demon he pressed a kiss to the racing pulse in her wrist before biting down on the veins.

She gave a little whimper as she exhaled, making a fist.

The first taste of her blood on his tongue sent a shock of electricity like a thousands megavolts throughout his body, and his heart began to pump, steady, strong. He could feel true warmth in his body for the first time since he’d been sired, and he felt himself in a way he’d never before.

Not only was this blood delicious in a way he’d never tasted, but Spike felt himself stronger, more alive than he had for centuries, and he forced his eyes open as he fed, watching the child watch him as he drank her blood.

She didn’t look terrified.

Just…surprised…and a little disturbed.

He felt relieved that he wasn’t the only one unsettled as he carefully extracted his fangs from her veins, lapping at the blood until it stopped. His heart slowed to a complete stop once more. But that wasn’t his only reason to be surprised.

He was…full.

And on so little blood.

It was yet another disturbing thing.

Chloe pulled her hand to her, holding the wrist, which must be throbbing her at the moment. “Do you need anything else, Master Spike?”

“No.” He shook his head, looking at the window, noticing for the first time that the reason everything was dark was because thick black curtains covered the windows. “I---…” he turned and left, confused, licking his lips to get the last hint of blood.

At the top of the basement he turned and looked back towards the direction he’d come from, before shaking his head and opening the door, going back down to join his sleeping princess, banishing all questions, and that nagging doubt, back to the furthest corner of his mind.

At least for now.

9th-Nov-2009 07:29 am (UTC)
Yay, more Chloe/Spike, I have been waiting for more of this ship since you wrote "Forever" (which was fantastic BTW). This is awesome and I am very intrigued. It is a very interesting way for Spike and Chloe to meet and I can't wait to see where you go with it. I especially want to know why Chloe is so scared of her mom.
9th-Nov-2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
Apparently a lot of people had been waiting for more chlike! I had had some half finished story ideas, and finally was able to at least get ONE ready for posting!
9th-Nov-2009 07:44 am (UTC) - Nice one!
I love Chloe and Spike! I wonder if the reason Moira leaves is because Dru and/or Spike is going to make her leave to keep Chloe safe from whatever Moira is doing to her? I can't wait to find out!!
9th-Nov-2009 05:24 pm (UTC) - Re: Nice one!
*grins* I can't say anything, now, can I? You'll just have to wait *grin turns evil*
9th-Nov-2009 08:05 am (UTC)
yay chloe and spike . omg dru knew that spike would end up with chloe ? what is moria doing to chloe that scares her ? PPMS
9th-Nov-2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
*pulls on cape and speaks with ominous voice*....Dru knows everything....lol
9th-Nov-2009 01:24 pm (UTC)
This was rather intense! Moira seems to be as insane as Dru is, and while I like that Chloe knows all about vampires from hr mom, I'm worried that Moira seems to almost want to sacrifice her in some way.

But them Moira seems worried that Spike seems to like Chloe, so maybe that isn't it. Maybe Moira just wants Chloe to interact with Dru?

Please let us know what is happening in this fic--it's quite disturbing :):)
9th-Nov-2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
Moira Moira Moira...hopefuly EVERYONE will be shocked by the revelations of what mommy dearest has been up to...
And yeah, Moira doesn't want Spike near Chloe since she and Spike have a mutual dislike/resigned acceptance thing going on.
10th-Nov-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
That child is quite clearly a powerhouse. I agree with Spike, she's a little frightening. Moira is just plain creepy though. I don't even want to know what the girlstimebonding involves. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
10th-Nov-2009 03:52 am (UTC)
*nods* Chloe IS a little frightening and Moira creepy...
Just updated the next chapter!
4th-Dec-2009 12:04 am (UTC)
Wow..this is very cool...I am so enthralled w/ whats coming next!!! really really great!
4th-Dec-2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
This fic was so fun to write----it was insane. :D
8th-Apr-2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
Femslash whore that I am, I'm so surprised at how much I am loving this story and this pairing. I love little Chloe, but I fear for her. I was about to cry at the thought of Spike eating the kitten, but the fact that Chloe chose herself over the kitten, that was interesting. I also loved the affects the feeding had on both of them. I can't wait to click on the next part.

8th-Apr-2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
I was evil...even *contemplating* giving the kitten to Spike---but I couldn't go through with it! Chloe just wouldn't let me!
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